What I’ve learned this week . . .

Dear Diary . . . (and fabulous readers)

I’ve learned a few life lessons this week.  Not all of them useful in any major sort of way, but all of them are probably important in one form or another.  Let me elaborate:

I’ve learned (yet again) that there are some adverts on the Television that make my skin crawl and infuriate me.  This is the current one: (turn sound up a little so that you can enjoy it) …

That    TV advertisement drives me insane.  And … it’s not just me.  Mr. Cobs admitted today that he  “. . . cannot abide this  &*%£*)@  advert!” – as he dived across the room to grab the remote and turn on ‘mute’.

I’ve learned this week. . .  that I really don’t much like my neighbours cat, Missy.  She’s an antagonist of the first degree.

Alfie (aka Alf Capone our HUGE great, black cat with a white diamond on his chest (looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo – in the style of James Bond) – is absolutely a lover, not a fighter.

Alf Capone.   Used Furniture Dealer 

Where-as Maisie Dotes, our teeny weeny, little wittle,  butter wouldn’t melt, wide-eyed, elegant looking, princess tippy toes, DIVA – is an out-and-out fighter of huge proportions.

IMG_20160330_100158 copy

Two unknown cats visited our garden a couple of days ago, when both Alf and Maisie were in the conservatory.  Alf looked up from his feed bowl (breakfast no. 4)  looked at them both, then sat down by the window, with a very soft body pose, not bothered at all that these two intruders were in our garden.  He was only interested in what the entertainment was going to be.

Where-as . . .   Maisie … oh…. my …  goodness!!!  She had been fast asleep, but had obviously heard the hiss and spit which began at a low-level.  So low that we couldn’t hear it, but she could.  Her head spun around like a possessed thing.  She glared out of the conservatory windows and took on an indignation like no other cat could have achieved with their posturing.

She was out of that bed, and at the door within seconds, demanding that she be let out.  “Ohhh ho ho ho… not on your nelly Miss Maisie.  You can fuss all you like, you are absolutely not going out there!”  I told her.

“But … but …. they’re in  our  my garden!!!”   She said, over her shoulder, but not taking her eyes off these two shocking, alien invaders.

Then ….  a third cat appeared.  Ohhh My Stars!!!  This was the one which got Maisie scratching and banging her paws on the glass door, demanding that it be opened because she had to kill that cat!

This cat we knew.   She was called Missy

Missy lives in the cottage to the back of ours.  In the next road along.  She’s a brazen thing and cares nothing for boundaries or correct, polite behaviour.  NOR does she care that we have a dog.  Her belief is that our dog is fair game and she’ll take it on if it dares to challenge her.

One of the ‘new’ intruders had obviously come across Missy before, and when she appeared on the top of her owners shed, right at the bottom of their garden, the one intruder turned slowly, and made its way carefully along the fence and away from any trouble.   Missy smirked.

The other cat obviously didn’t know Missy at all,  for he, the daft thing,  walked along the top of the fence and towards her.

Mr. Cobs and I were both now trying to talk to the cat and tell it to  ‘RUN AWAY… RUN AWAY!!!”  …  but it either didn’t hear us, or it just decided that it felt he could take this stroppy individual on single-handedly.

There followed a long drawn out period of BIG hissing, spitting, and meeooaawwl  growling, before I could take no more and walked to the conservatory door, and opened it and closed it again, fast and loudly.  The intruder cat jumped down and ran off …  but  Missy … well she sat there and told me to  “Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!”.

After 5 minutes of everything being quiet, I finally opened the door and let Maisie out … thinking that Missy would have got bored by now and gone home.  Nope.  Wrong.  Maisie jumped to the top of the fence and began a hunched over, “get ready, I’m going to box your brains out!”  warning sound, and started moving REALLY fast down the fence.

…  “Cobs!  Cobs!!! come and get her she’s going for it!”   Mr.Cobs had to rush out of the house, and grab her off the fence.  Now … she didn’t take kindly to this.  She didn’t want to come in.

He picked her up one-handed (she’s really very tiny, more like a kitten than a cat)but she was having none of it.  She shouted  Noooooooo”  –  and reached out with one paw and Velcro’d that paw to one of our big Pine trees.

Cobs Snr. tugged and tugged and couldn’t get her to let go of that tree.  His left hand was around her tummy and body, so with his right hand he reached up and unhooked her claws from the tree – only for her to reach out her other paw and grab the tree with her claws on that paw.  No one was going anywhere.

I glanced at Missy …. and I could actually see that cat smirking at our cats situation.

Mr.Cobs eventually won, and,  despite her best efforts to make him let her go,  Maisie was brought back into the house and the door was firmly shut behind her.

She was as mad as a box of frogs!  She whined and moaned for England.  Had it been a moaning contest, she would have won a Gold Medal.

So … although I learned that I don’t much like the neighbours cat, Missy, . . . 

I also learned that I have more dedication to the safety of our little cat Maisie than she appears to have herself.  Had there been a punch up – Maisie would have had her ears  well and truly boxed by Missy,  for Missy is a big, bold as brass, killer cat, with evil intent.  She runs this neighbourhood with an iron paw!

Well … that’s pretty much the major lessons I’ve learned this week … oh … apart from … …  why is it, when you’re having a great day and everything is going right … why does something – a letter, a phone call, someone or something ….  always come along just to be the fly in the ointment?  [insert grumpy face]. Yeah … I learnt that this week too.

Other than that … it’s been a truly grand week!

So … what have you learned this week?  Do tell!

Thank you so much for coming and sharing a coffee with me.  I love having your company.  Wishing you a wonderful Friday and an even better Weekend!

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43 thoughts on “What I’ve learned this week . . .”

  1. Oh my! Is that really an advertisement for a grocery store????? Wow! I probably would have clicked over to another channel if I saw that again. I’m not sure who that is aimed toward…my first thought was that it was for a video game for a child. Really???? Oh my….and then there is the cat story! I was watching everything from my chair here, chuckling and then worrying about the poor little thing so wanting to protect your garden! It must have been a sight! I can just see the “cat” game of unhooking one paw when the other reaches out to snatch hold to be repeated and repeated! LOL! You have such a way of telling a story that you can actually see it as it is happening! Love it! 🙂

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    1. Hello Nancee!
      No, not a grocery store. lol…..
      Moneysupermarket.com Group PLC is a British price comparison website-based business specialising in financial services. The website enables consumers to compare prices on a range of products, including mortgages, credit cards and loans.

      But … the adverts drive me nuts. Not just this one but any of their adverts. There is a tone to them which is just so ‘cheap’ and ‘down-market’ – and yet I know that TV ads cost a pretty penny, so they’re not cheap. It’s just the Ads come over as cheap as chips and really lacking in any class or ‘niceness’. They’re all so tacky and give me the creeps.

      The cats …. oh my! What a mornings entertainment THAT was!

      The two new ‘alien’ to us, cat visitors were quite beautiful to look at. Groomed, sleek and with lovely collars with ID tags attached. Obviously well cared for and much loved.

      The Cat known as Missy …. is normally called “that bl**dy cat” in our cottage. She’s a real brut. She’s had her nasty paws, claws and teeth onto and into Maisie before now, and Maisie came home in a dreadful state one day. Poor darling.

      I would have thought that that encounter would have put Maisie off going anywhere near her ever again … but Maisie seems intent on getting even with her. She’s twice the size of little Maisie so I don’t think getting even is on the menu. I do wish Mais would give it up as a bad idea.

      Aww, glad you got a chuckle out of the re-telling of the story.
      Maisie hung onto that tree for grim death. It was like a cartoon but in real life. I could not believe that she could stretch that far, or hang on like she did. I was worried for a moment that her arm would pop off her body!! eeeek! LOL

      Thanks for coming Nancee and for staying for a chat. Love talking to you.

      Have a blessed day my friend.
      Sending hugs and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


  2. Good morning dear Cobs!

    Maisie truly sounds a force to be reckoned with, somewhat like my princess Charlie…She thinks SHE should be the only cat in the whole entire world…difficult when she lives with three others!

    What have I learned….oh yes…despite taking hayfever tablets religiously all year I still fall prey to the pollen peril. Therefore ALWAYS make sure I carry at least three packets of tissues with me wherever I go or things get…well, I’ll leave that to your imagination actually!!

    Have a wonderful day and lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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    1. Morning Samantha! 😀
      Maisie, I think, is trying to get the score even between her and “that bl**dy cat” (Missy), – as we call her in our house.

      Maisie had a run in with her a while back, and came home in the most dreadful state. Bleeding from all over her head, neck and ears. Took a long time for her to heal properly. And we know it was that bl**dy cat, Missy who did the dirty deed.

      I think Maisie is set on getting her back for it. REALLY set on getting her own back. Trouble is … Maisie really is no match for her. Maisie is tiny. Missy is a big, blousy brut. A total bugger. She fights nasty.

      Mabel (dog) went out for a tiddle at around 10.30pm the other night. Now Mabel has a sight problem – she has cataracts – and cannot see very well during the daytime (she looks at things out of the side of her eyes) – but put her in the dark and she’s pretty much onto a loser – so we’re careful about moving things around in the garden as she knows the ‘layout’.

      Missy was (unknown to me) in our garden when I let Mabes out into the garden the other night.

      Mabel wandered along the garden path, sniffing and stopping every now and again to try and peer into a shrub or bush …. she got to the end of the garden and there was a big HISSSSSSSSS …. and Mabel froze. I heard Missy jump up the fence and hiss again.

      I called to the dog and she couldn’t move. She was SO terrified that she’d froze to the spot. I had to go and stroke her and talk to her in order to get her to come home. Poor baby.
      Bl**dy Cat! Grrrrrr!!

      Aww sorry to hear about your problems with your Hayfever. That sounds really bad Sam. Have you seen the doctor about it? Can they do nothing to ease your symptoms? In this day and age, you’d think that by now, they would have sorted out a really helpful thing to sufferers such as yourself. It must be total misery.

      Aw … I’m sending cool winds to blow the pollen in the opposite direction to you Sam. I have this image of a sort of ‘hat’ which holds a loo roll on top of your head, to aid your snotty problems. Not terribly fashionable, but very helpful. 😀

      Aww…. Thanks for coming. Love chatting with you.
      Sending heaps of love and squishy stuff ~ Cobs. xxx 😺 ❤

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      1. Lol! Love the hat idea – it’s slightly better today so I am somewhat less festooned with tissues and toilet roll than I was the other day, much to my mother’s relief – (“Really Samantha, do you have to snort and roar like that – it’s disgusting!”) Apparently you can have injections now to help, although our area is one of those postcode lottery NHS deals…however, I do take antihistamines all year round and as a last resort I stick vaseline up my nose…I’m such an appealing sight at this time of year!

        Poor Mabel! I hope she’s all right now, cats can be hideously scary. My little dog went deaf, so I had to retrain her with hand signals which only really worked when she was looking at me…

        Hmm…would the neighbour’s cat fall for something like one of those cat deterrent statue things with the glass marble eyes? Or a mirror tile, placed at strategic points to scare her back? As a last resort, lie in wait with a water pistol… And why is it always the tiny cats that have the tiger complex…Lily is only little but she’s the fiercest while Tooty is the biggest but has all the fierceness of a marshmallow…

        Hope you’re having a good evening – I’m playing Catch Up with comments and blogs now I’ve stopped sneezing… 🙂 xxx

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        1. The hat … I think it should be invented. You could be the one to wear it and advertise it. Maybe it would make us millionaires. We could go on Dragons Den!!! I’m sure they’d all love it and want one of their very own.
          (sniggering here at the thought of seeing them actually wearing a loo roll on their heads!!).

          Dog, Mabel … is rather wary of the bottom of the garden at night time, since it happened. But otherwise … she’s a little star. (Love her to pieces!)

          I’m watching The Windsors on 4+1. It’s a bit of a laugh. All done in fun. I’ve developed an interest in this Royal wedding coming up on Saturday, so this programme is a bit more of a ‘light entertainment’ and something that I felt was needed, given the current situations going on regarding the Bride to be.

          Sending big love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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          1. Good morning!

            Had strange dream last night that involved me wearing a knitted woolly hat with a wreath of toilet rolls around it and being laughed at by Deborah Meaden..hmm..

            I watched The Windsors too! Lol…the portrayal of Camilla…savage!!

            Have a good day and lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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            1. Actually laughed out loud at your dream.
              I wonder what a dreams interpreter would make of that dream?! LOLOLOL

              Tell you what though . . . I’d pay good money to actually see you in a knitted woolly hat with a wreath of toilet rolls around it. 😀 😀 Cor what a vision you’d be! LOLOLOL!!

              Ohhh I’m so glad you thought that the portrayal of Camilla was savage – I thought it was a little on the unnecessarily unkind scale of things too.
              Everyone else who they portrayed, was played with tongue stuck firmly in cheek and some of their ‘real characteristics’ put under a magnifying glass and blown up in order to bring about the funny aspect of the programme (a bit like a living Spitting Image – if you’re old enough to remember that). But Camilla … like you say – savage indeed! :/
              I’m glad that it wasn’t just me who felt like that.

              Overall though … it was a bit of fun and I wish now that I’d have recorded it …. to watch again at some point in the near future.

              Have a brilliant Wednesday, Sam.
              Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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              1. Thursday catching up – I do wish the Time Ogre would stop eating up all my hours…

                Yes indeed I remember Spitting Image! The Douglas Hurd puppet terrified me… but I think Camilla has behaved quite impeccably to be fair in a difficult situation and I genuinely think she looked lovely when they got married – fab hat.

                Right…now I’ve sat down for a minute… off again! Lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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                1. Ohh, Loved that hat/fascinator thing …. and am still to this day really envious of that duster coat she wore.

                  I think we need Spitting Image to be back on TV again. We should start a petition. I could see it working today … we have so many odd and strange celebrities which S.I could have a ball with … and I reckon that a Harry S.I. puppet would be a hoot! LOL. (can you imagine a Piers Morgan puppet … and maybe a Kim Kardashian one too? I’d be rolling on the floor laughing). C. xxx

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                  1. Good morning dear Cobs, I must get my finger skates on and catch up with you…

                    Not enough foam rubber to make a Kim Kardashian puppet (lol perhaps I am being a little mean..)

                    Did you catch Camilla’s hat for the wedding? Another fab confection! I wish I could wear hats…I just look slightly demented and a bit hairy rather than sleek and elegant which is ideally what I would like!

                    Have a wonderful Sunday, and lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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    1. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! You LOVE the ad???


      What have you done with Samantha??? Where is she??? I demand to know!!!

      love the advert… tsk tsk. It’s the hayfever talking. Has to be.

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      1. Lol – oh no, it’s most definitely me! There’s a story behind it though…do you remember the preceding advert where Skeletor and He Man were performing the iconic dance from “Dirty Dancing”? My partner was highly indignant when he saw this, as he loved these macho character when he was a kid: so to see Action Man doing this dance was the last straw…hehehe…the song was also used in the film “Priscilla Queen Of The Desert” and his straightforward male sensibilities were injured lol by my hysterical laughing…oh dear…you had to be there really..I’m laughing even now!! 🙂 🙂 xxx

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        1. Ooohh Kaaayyyy…
          well . . . I’m laughing now too!!!
          Aw bless his little heart. All his childhood dreams crushed by the bad Ad Men, and the film guys. Grrrr. (no… no…. trying not to laugh. Try to look indignant Cobs.!) Grrrr.
          Sorry Mr.Samantha. I’m trying. I’m really. really trying.
          (Mr.Cobs tells me I’m trying too – so I think it’s a good thing. erm… I think.)
          xxx ❤

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  3. There is a reason why some pets,especially cats, need to remain indoors. There is always a bully in the area . we once had a wonderful cat,,and she would ring the bells that hung from the front door when she wanted out. of course eventually she didn’t come home. The vet told us to keep a cat your better keep them inside. All of my present cats are wild outside cats and I do wish I had a lap cat. I think the grands would learn to love pets if I did.
    What did I learn this week.?..Sometime we just don’t get anything done no matter haw hard we try. LOL

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    1. Awww, I know those moments Bev. :/

      I have thought about keeping cats as ‘house cats’ – but it just feels (to me) cruel. Bit like keeping your children indoors and letting them look out of the window at other children playing and riding bikes, and telling them that they aren’t allowed.

      Maybe you should purchase a pedigree cat, Bev. That way you’ll get a house cat, which is used to being handled, so far more friendly, rather than an out doors cat, which doesn’t see folks as anything but food and water delivery people. LOL.
      Sending squidges, Cobs. xxx


  4. Fabulous post as always. Totally agree about the action man advert. It has now ruined one of my childhood memories. They have no imagination to think new things up anymore. Poor Maisie!! Have a wonderful weekend dear Cobs.
    Hugs Flo xx

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    1. Hello Flo. I was only thinking about you today! How’s the moving into your new home going? I’m sure it has to be a challenge, and I don’t envy you. But … the Isle of Wight is such a beautiful place and the beaches are so lovely. Especially Ventnor (think I’ve spelled that correctly). I have many fond memories of the Isle of Wight.

      Sending much love and a bucket of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


  5. So as far as the ad goes, it’s very silly and kinda reminds me of the song Y.M.C.A. with the Village People, except the ad is done with G.I. Joes! I don’t know what it has to do with money or money finders or groceries, or whatever the hell it’s about.
    Now for cats. My 7 toed cat, Toes, is always fighting with the neighbours cat, Tom. These two have had a hate on for each other every since Tom has grown up. Toes is a whimp tho but I swear, the both go looking for each other as soon as they are let outside. The neighbours and I are good friends and as long as the cats don’t bite each other (that would be an abscess) or claw an eye out (that would require surgery), we let them sort it out. BUT if it gets too loud, we both have hoses handy too, just to tell them both that it’s not exceptable behavior!They sit face to face, inches from each other yowling away and screaming toward the end, then it’s a swat and its all over. The two of them get quite upset if we intervene but some times it is very necessary. It can get quite embarrassing as well. I am learning to ignore. It is just past being “jump up from whatever you are doing and go get the cat”! The other neighbours know who it is and just shake their heads. Just withing maybe 6 mobiles there are 11 cats!!! So to live here, you gotta love cats. I am truly more of a dog person, but I do love my kitties.
    Thanks for the lovely post Cobs and I do hope your weekend is as lovely as ours is going to be weather wise. Summer is well on its way.

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    1. Yup …. I’m in agreement with you Soozy … Summer really is on its way!

      Yours and your neighbours cat sound like an entertainment factory! lol. But … I like your idea of the water hose for when things get too out of hand.

      Here where we live, everyone seems to have a cat … lots of dog owners too.

      I think we’re all just a great big bunch of softies. But … I wouldn’t be without animals. They give such a lot of love back. (Even if they do queue up outside the loo door, waiting for you, when you go to have a tiddle! lol)

      Aw thanks for coming Soozy, and for the lovely comment. Love chatting with you.
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx


      1. Murphy’s Law, when you are “busy” doing something else, you are needed outside!!
        I wouldn’t be without animals either Cobs. So loyal, full of love and that is all they want in return, well, plus food and a warm place to sleep of course. 🙂
        Off to shower all the sweat and dirt from cutting the grass, changing sawdust (Stan’s toilet area) outside, vaccuming etc. I got very hot doing all that outdoor activity.
        hugs to you and yes I enjoy our chats too.

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        1. Coooo… what a busy girl you’ve been! I always look on busy days like that as ‘fun days’. I kind of used to work against the clock. I would give myself a certain ‘set’ time to get a particular job done in, and then I’d race against the clock in order to try and beat it. I wasn’t allowed to cut any corners or leave anything out. I had to do the full job, but it just made the whole thing into a kind of game, and so made it fun.

          Although … yes, like you experience – sweaty. lol. Ahh a shower is one of those things that I give thanks for it being invented.

          Have a blessed Saturday Soozy. love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  6. We had a Missy in our neighborhood as well. The only difference is that “Missy” was our cat. Any dog who wandered into our yard was a fool, and only made that mistake once. I will never forget the day she was laying on the picnic table when an unsuspecting German Shepherd ventured near the table, exploring. The next thing I knew, “Missy” had jumped on his back and rode him as if she were a rodeo cowboy.

    It would not have been so bad if she only claimed our yard as her territory. No, that was not enough for her reign. The neighbor’s cat was graced with a cat door so he could go in and out of the house at will. Imagine our neighbor’s surprise when she found our cat in her house. She had chased their own cat away.

    That tough old girl lived to a ripe old age of 19. She never did get bested in a fight. It’s hard to believe that is the same kitty that would happily make biscuits and sleep in my lap so innocently.

    Now that I am an adult with my own cats, we are an indoor kitty only home. That way I don’t have to worry about my furry friends being victims or the neighborhood terrors.

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    1. Ohhhh Scrappy Esc. I’ve sat here giggling and laughing – particularly about her helping herself to use the neighbours cat flap and shooing said neighbours cat off, out of the house! Ohhh Bless her heart. Bossy though it may have been.

      Aww, what a character your Missy was!

      I’m jealous of your cat sleeping in your lap. Neither of our cats do that. Alfie because he’s far too big and I don’t have enough lap for him. (He doesn’t even fit on a chair… bless him.)

      Maisie doesn’t like sleeping on my lap, but instead she likes to be babied. She clambers up and begins by me having to balance her on my left hand, while she ‘sits’ upright, against my body, while she makes little ‘meew’ noises and nudges my chin.

      After a short while, she literally throws herself sideways and onto her back, and I have to then have her lay along my arm, from wrist to elbow, and rock her like you would rock a baby.

      If I forget to rock, or stop for some reason, she will instantly wake up and meeeww to remind me that I’m not doing my half of the ‘job’. lol.

      We are sooo well trained by our animals, aren’t we!! LOL.

      Thank you so much for coming, and for taking the time to leave such a fabulous comment and share your lovely cat, Missy, with me.

      Have a blessed Saturday Scrappy.
      Love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  7. Eugh, my cat turns into a possessed thing at seeing another cat dare to step foot in our garden or, God forbid, walk across our fence. It’s an awful howling mewling noise that turns my stomach. What drama these cats cause!!

    I hadn’t seen that advert before. I’m not quite sure what to say. I almost want to like it (though maybe that’s the music and my lack of sleep causing this) but it seems in such bad taste to basically be set in a war zone. Don’t think that dude would be renewing his car insurance on his combat phone while in the middle of all of that. Bad move, Moneysupermarket.

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    1. Hello Invisibly Me. 😀
      The ‘Moneysupermarket’ advert. . . all their adverts seem (to me anyway) to be so awful. They’re ‘cheap’ looking, and they ‘feel’ like a project that a group of 15 year old school children have put together for an exam and, had they been put together by 15 year olds, I’d have said a hearty “Well Done!”.

      But these are being put together by advertising executives who are paid a high fee for making them …. and yet they all look so dog darn awful cheap!!! I reckon they’re being ripped off. The word ‘gullible’ springs to mind. lol.

      I’m so happy to hear that I’m not the only person with a bossy boots for a cat. They’re SO territorial aren’t they!! Bless ’em.

      Thanks for coming Invisibly. It’s truly lovely to chat with you.
      Have a blessed Saturday!
      love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  8. We had a Missy in our neighbourhood, too. His name was Ambrose, and he lived two doors down. He was a psychotic misanthropist who once hid in a hedge and waited for my mother to walk by. Out he shot and attached himself with all four paws to her leg, tree trunk-style, and simply would not let go. She still has the scars.

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    1. Some of these cats are rascals, however … some of them, I swear, are deranged, unhinged, or just certifiably out and out crazy.

      Alfie can plot some rascally things – but you can clearly see that he’s not crazy … he’s just out for a little fun. He likes to play (what I call) cowboys and indians with Maisie, so he winds her up just enough by tapping and spying on her (which gently freaks her out) and then the game begins.

      With us …. he’ll tempt Mr. Cobs to tickle his tummy … but old Cobs has learned his lesson the hard way. Alf just uses his warm, soft, squidgy tummy as a ploy to grab Mr.C around the arm and swing from it like Tarzan on a vine. LOLOLOL…. ok, I’m laughing – but that’s only because Alfie doesn’t dare do it to me. He only has to hear me say “A….A…. Aaa!” to remember who he’s dealing with, and that he’d better not ‘hiss’ off the mummy unit. LOLOL.

      I know I shouldn’t … but I would soooo love to have been watching from the window the day Ambrose snaffled your mother. It must have been funny to watch. LOL…
      (aw Cobs. . . don’t laugh! That’s so rude!)

      Sending squidges to you Gillyflower. Thanks for the giggles and smiles. ~ Cobs. xxx

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  9. Well, I learned why you say Mr. Cobs is your rock; it’s a good man who will voluntarily come between two cats intent on a fight, patiently and eventually control one, and then return inside without a scratch!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. OMG That pesky brat……. some cats lol have interesting personalities for sure. They act like they are royal =) Least my Jasmine always thought she was. We thought she might like a friend and brought Leo home. Nope.. She would have been perfectly happy all by herself. He was a sweet cat and she would beat him up.. Run from behind things and wack him with her paws and run off … leaving him standing there like.. What was that! … in confusion. LOL… Mmhmmm Just like i said.. Royal personality! (royal pain in Leos behind)

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I just laughed about your Maisie/Missy story! We always had cats when I was a kid and yes some are definitely feistier than others.
    I was literally visualizing the “action” as I was reading the account of the cats. When I got tot he part of Mr. Cobs trying to unhook the cat from the tree I just had to laugh. I have had that same issue myself when it comes to cats and trees.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww heck … Mr. Cobs and the cat permanently fixed to the tree … even I laughed (afterwards) at the scene. It looked like he and the cat were re-enacting some scene from a Disney movie. LOL. So, so funny. The scene keeps playing on a loop inside my head. 😀
      Much love to you Chicken ~ Cobs. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  12. What an indignity Action Man has suffered! My husband is appalled that is once manly hero has been made so effeminate. I guess there will be similar adverts to come from this LGBT finance company. But at least he wasn’t wearing high heels and bum-hugging denim shorts 🙂

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  13. Cats are fabulous characters, aren’t they, Cobs? So unique and funny (and in some cases a tad terrifying!) but always a pleasure to know.
    My least-liked advert at the moment is the ‘buy one get one free’ windows advert, but the one you mention is just slightly behind it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I fear I must be getting old Tom, for adverts are the current cause of my Victor Meldrew moments. Just about any advert can set me off on a stream of niggles about the stupidity of the people who pay for this infantile sort of advert – and then onto how those people who make those adverts are coining it in and must be laughing all the way to the bank.

      Aw… see …. I’m on a slow, bubbling boil now. LOL

      Agreed … cats really are fabulous characters … unique, funny and yes, sometimes terrifying – but again, always a pleasure to know.
      (But then I feel like that about my dog and most animals. …. apart from lizards and Iguanas. Iguanas in particular scare the living snot out of me!)
      Hot hugs from here in Dorset (my skin currently wants to go and lay in a paddling pool somewhere – but my bones want to lay in bed – with the fan(s) on …. steaming gently)
      Sweet dreams! (oh heck, you’ll have nightmares after that!) LOL. 😀 ~ Cobs. xxx


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