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Fairy Shoes, fit for a Fairy Prince!

Fairy Prince Extea the Warrior of Dragons copy

Cobwebs the Cobbler is backthis time bringing shoes which once belonged to a Fairy Prince!  Prince Extea to be precise.

Prince Extea is a Fairy Dragon Warrior, and also a Dragon Trainer.  He enchants Dragons, bewitches them, mesmerizes them and then, finally, captures them and trains them to be the protectors of all who live in the Land of the Fae, and even to carry elderly Fairies on their Dragon backs,  just like a horse would carry you or I to wherever we wanted to go!

Prince Extea is a very handsome chap with the most fabulous gossamer wings made from the cobwebs spun by the smallest of spiders.  As the light catches his wings they flash the colours of purples, greens, blues and hints of rose-pinkNaturally, Extea likes shoes which compliment his wings.

Fairy Prince Extea the Warrior of Dragons 3

Although he doesn’t actually ever wear his shoes out (being able to fly is very economical with regard to footwear!)  – he still requires a new pair of shoes every now and again, perhaps for a Fairy Ball, or maybe a Fairy Tea Dance, or simply because he has a new set of clothes which he wants matching shoes for.  He brings back his no longer required shoes so that they can be sent to the Fairy Museum.  And that’s why I’m able to show these to your today, before I carefully box them and send them, by Dragon flight, to the Fairy Museum, which is hidden deep within the Enchanted Forest of Fae.

Fairy Prince Extea the Warrior of Dragons 4

Ok, well back to reality for a moment ….  Cobwebs Fairy Shoes are all handmade from a mix of Polymer clays.  There are no mold/moulds used in the making, and all the Fairy shoes you’ll find in The Cobweborium are designed entirely from the strange and enchanted corners in the mind of Cobwebs (or ‘me’ in other words. lol).

I make each individual shoe to look as if it’s been carefully worn, – so you’ll find all the ‘creases’ in the shoes which you’d expect to find in your own shoes which you wear daily.

The buttons ‘sewn’ to the front of Prince Extea’s shoes are again all hand-made and shaped, and the sewing thread holding the button to the shoe is actually a very fine ‘thread’ of polymer clay, carefully manipulated to make it look like sewing thread.

Fairy Prince Extea the Warrior of Dragons 2

As you can see from the photograph above – even the soles of the Fairy shoes are ‘worn’ and showing signs of where the wearer has stood momentarily on a rose thorn or branch of a bush;  or stood cheekily in a Birds Nest admiring the baby birds;  or even walked amongst the twigs on the forest floor.

I love making Fairy Shoes, and I think that if I could, I’d probably make them all day every day.

Do you have a favourite thing which you make – or something which you do  – that you’d love to do more often?  Do tell me about it via a comment.  I love people to actually get talking here as it kind of gets everyone talking and getting to know each other.  The internet then gets to be a much more friendly place, and goodness knows we need more friendly places on the net!

Whatever you’re doing today, may you have a day of fun and love …  and ….  do something nice for someone else today.  Pray for the next person you pass on the street. If you don’t pray, then simply wish something wonderful to happen for the next person you see.  Push that wish right out of your head and heart.  Let’s all band together and do something good in the world!

Have a beautiful, blessed day all.

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Drucilla Penny’s Fairy Rose Shoes

Drucilla Pennys Fairy Rose shoes 2 The Box

What’s in the Box?!

Cobweb the Cobbler is the Shoemaker to Elves, Fairies and all in the Land of the Fae, and inside this tiny box are a pair of shoes that the esteemed Cobbler is secretly rather proud of.

Made for  a young, sweet, impish, dis-orderly,  tousled haired and ever so slightly rumpled, teenage, 140 years old Fairy who recently discovered that she kind of likes the Goth scene – only without the grumpy bits.  She has the blackest of black hair, which, if she’d only stop back-combing it, would be long, sleek and shiny.  She has a variety of fairy wings – but does favour her black insect wings which were found among the autumn leaves last year and fashioned into fairy wings by Drucilla herself.

She wears (mostly) her much-loved, slightly raggedy, black Fairy tutu, teamed with her very most favourite top in the whole world – a cream and black stripe top with long sleeves which droop down onto her hands.  The sleeves are just loose enough for her to hide her fairy wand up them, but tight enough to hold the wand there safely.

Onto her top she pins the thing she’s known for best ….  a red rose brooch pin which was made for her by her Grandmother.  Whatever she’s wearing, whatever the day, time, or occasion, she is never seen without that red rose.

But … she was in need of some special shoes for her ‘look’ to be complete, so Cobweb the Cobbler came up with an idea, and the Drucilla Penny Red Rose Fairy Shoes were born.

Drucilla Pennys Fairy Rose Shoes 3  Box

The tiny 2″ long shoes were rather difficult to photograph, – you see … they’re actually the darkest of black, but they have a very special silver dust finish to them which makes them twinkle madly – however the camera has picked up that shimmery twinkle and made the shoes look as if they’re a steel grey.  They aren’t.  They’re truly black!

Drucilla Pennys Fairy Rose Shoes 4

They have a gold, hand-made buckle on the front, and red roses on a vine which winds its way around the shoes.

On the edges of the shoes, just where Drucilla puts her feet into them, are round, amber glass beads on golden wires, which arch gracefully outwards, with the amber beads loosely suspended from them so that the amber glass ‘tinkles’ and makes the most wonderful sound as they move against each other when the shoes are worn.  (Imagine a small bag of coins being gently shaken – but then turn the sound down so that it’s really gentle and only just audible.  That’s the closest I can get to describing the sound!).

Drucilla Pennys Fairy Rose shoes 5

Drucilla Penny loves her new shoes and can’t stop looking at them.  Pausing over ponds and lakes so that she can admire her shoes in the reflection in the water.  Aw, bless her heart.

Where Did Drucilla Penny get her name from?

Many years ago I was a big Carpenters fan and had almost all of their records.  One of the songs on one of their albums was a fabulous little bit of fun called  ‘Druscilla Penny’,  and it was this song which I was singing to myself as those fairy shoes (above) were being fashioned.  Once finished, I decided that they’d have to be for a fabulous fairy called Drucilla Penny (different spelling), in honour of the song.  And that’s how the Fairy Shoes came to ‘be’.Drucila Pennys Fairy Rose shoes 1

I found a video of Richard and Karen Carpenter singing the song and I did originally put the video here, but I found it was (for some reaon) attracting tons of spam messages,  apparently from some very odd WordPress blog sites, so I’ve removed the video.  But if you visit youtube and put ‘Carpenters’ and Druscilla Penny’ in the search bar there, it will give you a choice of a couple of videos you can watch and listen to.


Lyrics   –  so that you can sing along if you’re in the mood!

Druscilla Penny, what a name
Are you sure you didn’t make it up yourself?
Youre very pretty, yes you are
But with all the junk you wear, its hard to tell

Man you must work hard to get your hair to look like that
I don’t need a horoscope to tell me where you’re at
Your family’s probably given up on you
Since you began to follow groups of long-haired rock ‘n’ rollers
I can hear your mother crying for her daughter

Druscilla Penny, what a girl
Where’s the purpose to the crazy life you lead?
It doesn’t matter after all
You’re so sure that instant love is all you need

I’ve seen your face at least a thousand times
You’re always standing there behind the stages at the concerts
Waiting for an offer to be with someone after

Druscilla Penny, how’s your head?
Do you ever wake up lonely in the night?
It isn’t easy for a girl when she can’t decide if love is wrong or right
I hope I live to see a change, could you ever really love?
Ever really care? Ever really get it together? No.

Thank you for coming to visit my blog, and for taking a look into the fabulous world of Fairy Shoes.  I loved making these shoes.  They’re so detailed, and I really love those little details in art works – whatever they’re made from!  Hope you like them too.

Have a wonderful weekend, and a truly blessed rest of your day!

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I’ll Rope You A Star ~ a handmade, little stars, Wand.

Rope a Star  Wand

Did you know … that a Wand isn’t in the least bit magical?  It can’t do a thing.  It has absolutely NO power. NOTHING Let me explain more . . .

All a wand actually is,  is a ‘tool’ on which to focus your attention.  Believe me, if wands themselves really could do ‘stuff’ all on their own, I certainly wouldn’t collect the pretty wands which I do! (or any other sort of wand for that matter!).

Let me take you back to your school days   Imagine for a moment that you’re sat in the classroom, and you’re giggling and whispering with the girl next to you.  Suddenly the teacher’s voice BOOMS out, and shouts your name!  You look up and see him standing there, with a cross face,  hands on hips.  He looks right at you,  gives you a stern telling off and tells you that you’re disrupting his class.

Embarrassing eh?

Now let’s replay that scene again . . . 

The teacher’s voice  BOOMS  out, and shouts your name!  You look up and see your teacher standing there pointing his index right at you.  He’s looking very cross.  Looking directly at you but still pointing his finger at you, shaking it the merest amount, he raises his voice and tells you off, – all the time he’s doing this he continues to point that finger at you.

Can you see (and feel)  how much more ‘menacing’ the whole scene becomes simply because he’s pointing his finger at you?

That finger doesn’t have anything magical about it, and yet it seems to hold so much more ‘power’.

That’s exactly the same as a wand.  All a finger pointing at you is doing is focusing your attention.  (and the person who’s pointing at you’s attention).  A wand is exactly the same thing.   It just focus’ the attention.

Well now I’ve blathered on about how wands don’t have any power, you can perhaps now understand why they don’t ‘freak’ me out, and even why I love to make pretty, magical to the eye, wands!   And this  ‘Rope a Star’ wand is magical to the eye.

Rope a Star  Wand

The inspiration for this wand came from my childhood.  My mother used to tell me a poem, song, or story (I sadly can’t remember which) when I was little, but I do remember that I loved it.  Sadly I cannot remember what the story, song, poem was – and my mother has passed on, so I can’t ask her about it – but I remember a line from it which went something like:  ‘I’ll throw a rope out and rope a star just for you’ …  and that line conjured up such wonderful images inside my little mind,  and it still does now.

So I decided that I would throw a rope out and rope a star –  but this time I’d make mine a rope which wrapped itself around a wand, and the stars would hang from the wand itself.

There are little silver stars which dangle from lot’s of places on the wand, and there’s a crescent moon with stars hanging from the heel of the wand (at the top end as you’re looking at it in the photo.  The ribbon and star cuff around the top of the wand is removable.

Over the years I’ve tried to find the poem, song or story which mentions this ‘roping in a star’ and I’ve never found it.  But if you happen to know it or know where to find it, I’d be thrilled if you could either let me know or pop a link into a comment so that I could go and find it.

Star Light Star Bright1

Have a truly blessed rest of your day, all,  . . .  and a fabulously twinkly, star lit night. 

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The End of the Rainbow, Wand of all Rainbows.

The Wand of Rainbows

At just 6½” in length, this is one of the collection of smaller wands which I make, and I absolutely loved making this one.  It has Blue, Green, a deep warm Yellow, and light Lemon.  Lavender, Lilac,  Orange, Pink, and a wonderful rich Ruby Red.   In total,  nine colours.  Why 9?  …

The number 9 has great meaning

It’s the number of Universal love, eternity, faith.

The spiritual meaning of number Nine bring us to the very height of vibrational frequencies in this number sequence.

Nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence in our circumstances.

Nine deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things.  Nine beseeches us to recognize our own internal attributes, and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference.

In ‘Angel Numbers’,  the number 9 is the number of Universal love; eternity; faith; Universal Spiritual Laws; Karma; spiritual enlightenment;  spiritual awakening;  Light working and Light workers; charity,  selflessness;  destiny;  soul’s purpose and mission;  generosity;  a higher perspective;  romance;  inner-strength;  responsibility;  intuition;  strength of character.

It also resonates with  creative abilities;  sensitivity;  inner-wisdom;  high ideals;  humility;  altruism and benevolence;  empathy;  compassion;   artistic genius;  an expansive viewpoint;  communication;  influence;  perfection;  magnetism;  understanding;  forgiveness and sympathy;  the visionary;   duty and calling;  obligation;  mysticism;  optimism and Divine wisdom.


Nine is the number of the hierarchy, represented by nine choruses of the Angels.

It represents the three divine manifestations in the three planes: world of the spirit, world of the soul, world of the matter.

The Bible teaches us the nine spiritual gifts of God enumerated by Saint Paul:

  1. wisdom,
  2. knowledge,
  3. faith,
  4. gift of healing,
  5. to operate miracles,
  6. prophecy,
  7. distinguishing spirits,
  8. to speak in different kinds of tongues
  9. and the gift to interpret them.

Saint Paul enumerates also nine fruits of the Spirit:  love,   joy,   peace,   patience,   kindness,   goodness,   trustfulness,   gentleness,  and  self-control.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.  Nine is a beautiful, spiritual, fabulous, magical number, and likewise, this wand is a beautiful, spiritual, fabulous, magical, Wand of all Rainbows.

The Wand of Rainbows

Once cured, I gave the wand a particular finish which is a favourite of mine.  It has the finest twinkly, star-dust motes suspended within its particles.   You cannot see specks of glitter or anything like that because it’s not ‘glittery’ in that way at all.  It’s quite literally the finest of finest ‘dust‘ of a magical type stuff which is just fantastic.    I’m convinced it’s the same stuff that sunbeams and moonbeams are made of!   This finish made the wand twinkle, shimmer and dance with merriment.  Once sealed,  I added a collar of rainbow colours of ribbons, and finally,  it was cleansed and blessed by the full moon,  in readiness for its new owner.

Can you imagine what this would look like inside a glass case, hanging on the wall?  Perhaps one of those box type frames – a picture frame with a deep box behind the glass.  It would look great against some plain coloured fabric – maybe even black velvet – to really make the colours pop!

Thank you so much for coming and having a look at the Wand of all Rainbows.  I found such joy in the making of it.  I love this wand and am hoping that you like it too.

Wishing you a magical day!

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Interview with an Introverted Crafter

The Introverted Crafter

I’m a member of a forum which has a section just for craftersor to be more specific, a section encouraging crafters to craft in more money-saving ways – or  ‘Stash Bust’ as it’s called.  This  ‘stash bust’  entails pledging to make & craft items from the crafty stash of stuff we all already have, rather than go out and buy even more stuff.

On that forum I come into contact with crafters from across the United Kingdom  who I’ve never ‘met’ before,  one of whom is Emma.   Emma is a total delight.  A breath of fresh air.  She’s a ‘new to crafting‘, fresh out of the box, crafter.  She doesn’t know how to do everything, but has a go at everything with gusto, and that’s what’s important!

But – there’s something which makes life a little more challenging for Emma.  There’s a clue in the title of this post.

She’s introverted.  Not just a little bit, but a lot.  A lot-a-lot.  She finds it so difficult to chat with anyone, that she barely socializes.

You’d think that was enough to cope with wouldn’t you,  but Emma faces even more challenges.

  You see, Emma also suffers with severe depression.  When I ‘talk’ to her on the internet, a more delightful, honest, generous, genuinely lovely person I’ve yet to meet on the net.  In fact – she’s so amazingly lovely that I always feel like I’m hugging her when I post on her blog or talk to her through the typed word.  You’d never guess that she had these problems unless she’d told you.

I think Emma is so terrific that I wanted to kind of help to widen her world and introduce her to all of the really great folks I’ve so far met on WordPress;  so I asked her if I could ‘interview’ her for my blog.    I never thought in a million years that she’d say yes,  but she knocked my socks off and agreed!   So without further ado,  I would like you to meet a fabulous crafting friend, and fellow blogger, by the name of  Emma.


The Introverted Crafter

Interview with an Introverted Crafter


Hi Emma.  So that I can give my Blog readers an idea of who you are, I’d like to ask you firstly: 
Where in the world do you live? 

Hi Cobs,   I live in the South West of England, and have done so for almost twenty years.  It’s a lovely place to live, although, due to my introversion, I do have a small issue with the summer season due to the sudden swelling of the population! I’m lucky to live so close to the sea, and, I must admit, I do take it for granted sometimes. The main drawback is the lack of craft shops in my nearby vicinity!

Ohh – I never knew you lived SW of England.  So do I!  Where abouts?  [Emma gave me a rough idea of where she lived and we discovered that we were roughly around 3 hours drive away from each other.  Small world, eh?]

When did you start your life of being a Crafter? 

I started crafting last year. (2013)   Depression suddenly hit me hard, and I was having trouble coping with day-to-day life when, one day, I walked into W.H. Smiths (British chain of shops selling books, stationery, magazines, newspapers etc. – and  the first chain store company in the world) and started browsing the magazines. I liked the look of a freebie on a cross stitch magazine so, on a whim, I bought it and the rest is history!  It has been my saving grace over the last year.

Can you remember your first craft project?  What was it?  Do you still have it?

My first craft project was a little tea set that I painted.  Both of my brothers have a talent at drawing and painting which unfortunately skipped me, so it was nice to overcome my fears and do something for myself. My drawing has come on a little since then,  in fact I was quite proud of the sharpie mugs I did for people on my birthday.

Ems Rose Mug

Ems mrs doubtfire

What’s a typical day for you involve, Emma? 

My typical day can vary depending on how many hours I do at work. I try to get some aspects of crafts into everyday, as well as some much-needed exercise! I am also writing a book at the moment, and occasionally do those free online courses from FutureLearn, in an attempt to keep my mind active! 

Wow!  I can see you being really good at writing.  You know how to put words together so that they flow.  Not everyone has that ability.

So … Where do you get your inspiration to craft from? 

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. Having a large craft stash helps; you can be sorting through it one day and suddenly know exactly what you want to do with a specific piece. I also use other people’s blogs as inspiration. I think inspiration can also come from who the intended gift or card is for. For example, my dad has spent a large part of his life playing musical instruments so, when it came to deciding on a father’s day present for him, I decoupaged a box with music paper and added little wooden musical instruments. Simple but effective.

What sort(s) of things do you like to make?

I like making all sorts of things, and it changes depending on how I feel at the time! I love cross stitching, and mixed media art.

Is there a particular ‘medium’ do you like to craft in above any other?

I don’t prefer a particular medium to work in; I think that each project lends itself to a certain medium. However, I do love working with shrink plastic, which is a bit unusual for most crafters, and I am trying to develop my skills in polymer clay.

Ems Mad Hatter Pendent

We have another similarity!  – we share a love of Polymer.  (I’ve also seen some of your results with shrink plastic Ems, and they’re really great.  My absolute favourites are those grave stones which you made and posted photographs of on your blog.  I LOVE those!)

Is there a craft that you like more than any other?

I’m torn between stitching and papercraft when it comes to picking favourites. Cross stitching introduced me into the world of crafting, and it has taught me the fine art of patience.  However, papercrafting allows me to be more creative in a way that I thought I could never be.

Ems Card

Is there a craft you would love to try?  (and .. If so, why haven’t you had a go at it yet?)

There isn’t a new craft I would like to try per se,  but I would like to develop my skills in papercraft and polymer clay.  I’d love to get Tim Holtz compendium of curiosities and work through the various techniques,  although I can see that would be an expensive venture!

Ems Fishy Box

Emma,  – here’s a question that I’d hate to have to answer myself:  If there was someone who was about to embark on their life of crafting and who hadn’t ever crafted even one thing before …  what is the best tip or bit of advice you could give to them, do you think?

The best tip I could give to someone who wants to get into crafting is to just dive into the deep end and try doing anything. You may not like your first attempts, it may take a while to build your confidence, but if someone who has such a low-level of self-esteem as I do can look at my makes and feel proud, then anyone can. Creativity should be encouraged, regardless of whether you are a child or you are in your eighties.

Is there anything you’ve made which you regard as your most favourite thing of all time?   If so … what is it, and who did you make it for?

The favourite thing that I have made so far is the photo stitch of my Nan and Granddad. If there is anybody in life that I wish to emulate, it is them, and I hope that the stitch is a fitting tribute to them.

Another difficult question that I would hate to be asked:  What would you say is the thing in your craft area/room that you just couldn’t live without?

That’s a hard one!  I would probably have to say my magnifier and lamp, as it helps me to craft for longer when the winter nights draw in.

We live in a big, instant, ‘buy it now’,  mass-produced society,  where everything is exactly the same as the one that just went through the till;  –  on a ‘buy it now’ offer, or a simple ‘one click to purchase’ situation.  So having said that:  —  Why should people continue to buy one-of-a-kind, hand-made products rather than one of millions which have been all made to look the same, from high street chain stores?

People should buy hand-made purely because it is, if not unique, at the very least rare. We are always persuaded to buy the labels, to conform, when we should all strive to be what we are, individuals, every one of us unique.

Tell me about your blog, Emma.

My blog is a dual purpose.  As I have said, I suffer from depression so crafting and writing a blog is a kind of therapy for me, and I hope will encourage others as well.

Depression, as well as other mental illnesses, is still shoved under the carpet almost as if it is a shameful thing.   More people suffer in silence than should,  and I hope that by being open,  even when I have my bad days,  it gives people some kind of hope that there are others out there who understand how they feel. 

The crafting side of my blog is that I’m fighting my low self-esteem and fear by putting my work out there for others to see.

What is your (non crafting) guilty pleasure?

I have two non crafting pleasures.  I met my favourite boy band this year,  and I also love Disney.  I’m heading to WDW this year.  Basically, I’m a big kid!

(ermm…. Emma, is any chance that your suitcase is big enough to accomodate me?)

Other than crafting …  what is your favourite thing to do?

Other than crafting I love writing. I’ve always had little bits and pieces in my head that I have never fully developed, so it was a real accomplishment when I finished writing a book this year. I still have to get over the fear of sending it to a publisher though!

Last words? 

Hmmm, last words?    Spifflymuglicate!  

Yes this is a made up word, and one that has been in my family for a long time, as my Granddad,  and his Dad before him,  used it when they were play fighting with their grandchildren.  I choose Spifflymuglicate  both to honour my Grandparents, and to remind us all that,  regardless of our age,   we need to stay young at heart!


Emma …  thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.  I know that it took you completely out of your comfort zone  –  but, for me,  it’s been a massively enjoyable experience and I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it.  I hope you didn’t find it too discomforting,  and I also hope that it increases traffic to your blog, so that you find the much needed encouragement from other crafters to keep going with your crafting. 

I believe in you Emma.   We all had to start somewhere.  None of us began crafting as experts.  We all began in similar ways to the way you started.  Something made us want to make something,  and from that first ‘something’,  we kept going and got better with each project.  We are all still learning.  Every day turns up a new experience.  A new technique.  A new joy.  And so it will be for you too.

Thank you Emma,  this has been an absolute, 100% bundle of fun.  –  Love  ~ Cobs. x

To my blog readers:

Thank you  so  much  for visiting and staying for a while.   I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this interview as much as I did doing it.

You can visit Emma’s Blog by clicking here:     (window will open up in new page)

Have a truly fabulous rest of your day all!

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An Element of Fire ~ a handmade Wand, bejeweled with crystals and gems.


An Element of Fire Wand made by Cobwebs

An Element of Fire Wand
made by Cobwebs

No matter how many photographs I took,  where I took the photographs or what backgrounds I tried it against, I couldn’t seem to capture the real essence of this beautiful wand at all.  So although the pictures are OK – they’re not the best that they could be. (apologies.  – I’m great at ‘making’, but I pose absolutely no threat to David Bailey).

Where I live I have some huuuuge pine trees in my garden which are protected (by law).  So it makes sense to use the wood which these trees gift to me by way of high winds etc. 

The base which this wand is made from is beautiful pine, which was seasoned naturally and turned from a small broken branch, into a fabulously straight length of  pine wood by a friend  – who doesn’t use machinery (wood lathes and such) everything he does is done the good old-fashioned way – which I love.

Measuring  14½”  (or 37cm) from the tip to the heel of the wands handleBut not heavy.  I know in the photographs it looks like it would be an arm breaker – but it really is very light – weighing just 60 grams – (or 2 ounces in good old-fashioned money).  Every time I pick it up it still surprises even me – and I worked with/on it for weeks!

I knew that I wanted to base the wands handle around the Element of Fire, so began working by choosing my colours of clay.  Obviously in shades of reds and yellows –  both to represent the heat and the colour of flames,  – and,  because I wanted fiery flames to lick up and along the wand, I had to blend the colours carefully so that they didn’t become muddy – but blended together just as real flames do.

An Element of Fire Wand 2

I also added green oak leaves.  This was because I wanted to:

  • To represent a new beginning; a fresh start;  new life; and the seasons;
  • To honour the Green Man who’s wisdom is of the eternal truths, cycles and passages.  The cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth.  He teaches us the sacred truths of nature.  He is a magical bridge between nature and ourselves.  From the Green Man we learn the mysteries of all growing things, and he is present in all things green and growing.  His energy fills the trees which make the oxygen we breathe.
  • To acknowledge the mystic energy of nature and vegetation;
  • And also to give a nod to the Land of the Fae.  Since the colour green is a faerie colour, I believe they (the Fae) share an affinity with the Green Man, and here in the British Isles faeries are also known as ‘Greenies’ or ‘Greencoats’.

As I fashioned,  I became aware of a growing desire to include gems and crystals of significance, so had to ensure that I took care to place these in just the right places so that the stones didn’t interfere with the comfortable holding of the wand in the hand.

Once the wand and it’s handle had gone through its various own ‘fires‘ (of the making variety) – I polished the handle to a lovely smooth finish and added some very tiny glass beads and an assortment of crystals, fixing them along the curves and folds of the flames along the handle –  which helped to represent that ‘sparking, sparkling, crackling’ which a true fire has.

An Element of Fire Wand 3

An Element of Fire Wand 5

I then tipped the wand with gold leaf.  It doesn’t want to show up in the photographs – despite me trying a gazillion photographs [sigh] – so you’ll have to imagine that the very point of the wand is tipped in gold leaf which has a fabulous shine and depth.

Finally – I sat for a while and selected what I felt where the right gem stones to add to this wand. I wanted the colours I was choosing to have a specific meaning and also wanted the gem stones themselves to be chosen for the meaning they held, for the many and varied reasons from feng shui through celtic, wiccan, spiritual healing lore, philosophers and mystics all the way to a gentleman called George Frederick Kunz – (who wrote the book  The Curious Lore of Precious Stones published in 1913).  Kunz wasn’t a mystic crystal-gazer but rather the leading gemologists of his time and the resident gem expert at Tiffany & Co.

Finding the right mix of gemstones and colours was a balancing act – I wanted to get the mix just right.  When I was finally happy with my choice, I had:  Carnelian.  Yellow Jade,  Black Onyx,  milky green Malachite,  Amethyst and Citrine, sat on my work bench, waiting for me to begin work.

The colours symbolize:

  • Yellow = Wisdom, Joy, Happiness
  • Black = Self Control & Resilience.  Black stones have protective healing energies.
  • Green = Life, nature, fertility,  self-respect & well-being.  Green contains the powerful energies of nature.
  • Purple = Royalty, magic and mystery.  The colour of good judgement & of people seeking spiritual fulfilment.  Purple is a good colour to use in meditation.
  • White =  White is purity and cleanliness and the complete energy of light.  It stands for wholeness and completion.

Carnelian was chosen because:  (amongst many reasons:) Carnelian is associated with the element of fire and it has a projective energy that balances all forces.  Carnelian holds a very special place in the Christian religion.  According to holy scriptures, carnelian was one of the twelve gemstones worn on the breastplate of Aaron, the first high priest of the Israelites and a prophet.

Yellow Jade was chosen because:  Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe for nearly 6,000 years, and valued for its beauty and powers of healing and protection.  It is the ultimate “Dream Stone,” revered in ancient cultures, as well as today, to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, encourage creativity, and dream-solve.  Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and is the stone of calm in the midst of storm.

Black Onyx was chosen because: it is said to have protective properties and to bring inner strength, self-confidence aid intuition and help with mental discipline,  It’s  believed to help to release negative emotions and alleviate fear and anxiety.  Some cultures believe it to be unlucky, however others consider it to be virtuous and to protect against black magic.

Malachite was chosen because:  it is a protection stone, absorbing negative energies, and shows what is blocking your spiritual growth, draws out deep feelings and psychosomatic causes, then allows you to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns.  It supports friendships and empathy for other people.  NB: Malachite is toxic and should be used only in its polished form

Amethyst was chosen because:  it is known as a stone of protection.  Amethyst is a gemstone often worn by healers, as it has the power to focus energy, and it has long been used to open the spiritual and psychic centers, making it one of the power stones.  It’s also known as the Bishop’s Stone and is still worn by Catholic Bishops. The amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom.

Citrine was chosen because:  Citrine is a joyful stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives of those who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways..  It’s known as the ‘success stone’, since it is believed to promote prosperity and abundance, and because citrine can clear negative energy and influences from the aura, it is useful for meditation, psychic awareness, and spiritual development.    Citrine is one of the most valuable and popular gemstones in the quartz groupCitrine also does not absorb any negative energies from its surroundings, and thus never needs energetic clearing..


An Element of Fire Wand 4

And that, ladies and gentlemen readers, is the Element of Fire WandI hope you like it.

Have a truly blessed day all.

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