COBWEBS! Someone get the cobweb catcher!

Cobwebs mix

Oh. My. Goodness!  You only have to turn your back for a few minutes (or months) and look what happens.

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There’s only supposed to be one Cobweb around here and that’s me!,  ….  but then … I have been ‘M.I.A.’ for some considerable weeks.  Sorry about that.  There have been a few things which kept me away from blogging:  A family matter which rocked my world – but not in a good way.  Ill health which left me feeling very tired, physically and mentally.  …  and  … The death of a family member ~ who I never knew I had.

I received a letter from a company who search for missing beneficiaries to the estates of deceased persons who have died intestate (without making a will).  I thought it was a mistake.  No one in my family had died, so either it was a mistake ..  or  ..  a scam.

I  researched the company and found they were a genuine, well-respected company,  and so I called them & spoke to the gentleman who’d written to me, explaining to him there must be a mistake.  He begun telling me about the deceased, (named in the letter I’d received), and by the end of the phone call I knew the letter was correct,  I was an heir.  It totally knocked me for six.  It was the strangest thing – I was beside myself with grief knowing that a relative, who I didn’t know the existence of, had died alone,  … and that I was to be a beneficiary and receive monies from his estate.  I grieved for the loss of a family member I never even knew about, and still haven’t come to terms with this heavy feeling of guilt at being a beneficiary.  A couple of months have passed since I received the letter,  and I still feel so awful about it all.

Well anyway  ….  those are a few of the things which have been keeping me from blogging.  That thing called ‘real life’  can really get in the way of fun stuff sometimes, can’t it?!

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I have managed a little crafting time every now & again, and even though I had all good intentions to blog and share them with you – I even took photographs of the things I’d made,  but I never quite managed to get them to my blog.  <big sigh!>

I have however, just a few days ago,  finished a little project which I found on that wonderful time gobbling website, Pinterest.  I loved it the second I saw it, saying out loud to no one in particular apart from the cat under my desk, “Ohh how lovely.   I  HAVE  to make one of those!” …  So I did.

Photos have been taken – I’ve just got to choose the best ones, re-size them and then share the make with you, asap!

I’ve missed you all so much and thought about you many times.  What’s been happening in your world?  Do catch me up so that we can get chatting again over a cup of coffee.  I’ll come and have a gander around your blog (if you have one) and leave little messages for you!

Sending love and warm, squidgy, crafty hugs from me to you.

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Meet Alf Capone – one of my Craft Room companions.

Mr. A in the grass

About three years ago Mr. Cobs and I were talked into having a kitten by our (grown up and married)  daughter.  She knew someone who was desperately trying to find homes for kittens and we agreed that we’d have one.

We chose the most adorable little black and white bit of fun and mischief, got her home, and within about three hours we knew we’d made a mistake.  We shouldn’t have just had one kitten.  We should have had two.  She needed a little playmate.  We were fine, but we weren’t kittens.  She’d come from a big ‘brood’ of kittens and we felt so mean taking her away from them all.  It was decided.  We contacted the lady and asked if we could have another kitten.

So back we went the next day to pick up the tiniest little black boy kitten;  huge big blue eyes which melted my heart and the tiniest little white diamond on his chest.  Ohhh, he was SO adorable that there should be a law against being that cute.

Mr. A as a baby

We got him into the house and his little girl sister instantly jumped on him and battered him with play.  Mr Cobs and I both agreed that we reckoned the young lady was going to be the boss out of the two of them.

We weren’t ‘new’ pet owners.  We already had two dogs, and one very elderly cat (whose now 20 years old).  So looking after little rascals wasn’t in the least bit of a surprise.  We knew what we were letting ourselves in for.

But …. we didn’t quite reckon on Alf.  OrAlf Capone;  to give him the full, respectful name he requires.

(I call him ‘Alfie Pops’  – but don’t let him know I told you because I fear that he will tell me I’m dead to him if anyone else knows about this affectionate monica I’ve bestowed upon his head).  :o)

Photograph taken by my lovely neighbour, who's way better at capturing a photograph of this almost all black chap than I am.

Photograph taken by my lovely neighbour, who’s way better at capturing a photograph of this almost all black chap than I am.

 Now I’d like to think that Alf Capone Esquire is more James Bond  (cue Live and Let Die music in the background) – because he is so sleek.  So dashing.  So, SO handsome, and he truly looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo.  The white diamond on his chest simply looks like a pure white shirt, beneath his black tuxedo jacket.  However, I’ve never seen a Bond film where James attempts to assassinate his sister whenever he’s ready for dinner and none is being served at the exact time he requires it.  (more about this distinguishing character  ‘trait’ in a moment)

I’m not saying that any mafioso would assassinate his sister – however … we are dealing with the Cat Mafia here and so I think the rules are very different.

I absolutely love this fascinating creature to the moon and back (plus tax) and he tickles the heck out of me with some of the things he does, and has done, in the time since we’ve had him.

I’m rather ashamed to tell you this but  well,  …  Mr. Alf is a kleptomaniac.  He’s stolen things  from other people’s houses;  cat toys, food – corn on the cob, a fried egg,  and even bread rolls which, by the look of the contents, came from someone’s barbecue.  He’s delivered looong lengths of silicon sealant at my feet which he’s obviously freshly pulled out from goodness knows where;  a sock;  a tiny rubber bouncy ball,  and … oh,  an assortment of other weird and odd stolen things.    Along with the usual cat ‘gifts’ of birds (both alive and those he’s personally ‘delivered’ to the Rainbow Bridge) and mice (those are more often than not alive and running at speed when he drops them, with me chasing after them, squealing: “eek, eeeeeek,  EEEEEK!” as I try to catch the darn things but stop him from catching them again – sigh).

But his most favourite thing to do is to accompany me to the craft room, where he sleeps either under one of my desks, on a big, soft red with white spots comfy cushion, which my (now passed on) eldest dog used to sleep on, or he will curl up on one of the chairs pushed under the table at the back of the craft room, and sleep there for as long as I’m crafting.

If I haven’t gone to my crafty hidey hole when he feels I should have, he will come into the living room where I’m sat and, standing on his two back paws, he’ll put his front paws on my knees and tap me gently, over and over, until I look at him, and I can clearly see the ‘nag nag nag’ in his eyes, asking me to “C’mon….  get a move on, I’m waiting!”  LOL.

However …. in the house, when he gets tired, …. aw, that’s when he becomes a baby again.  He loves the blankets we have for our dog (she likes to clamber under the blankets and put herself to bed).  Mr. Alf loves these blankets too,  so much so, that they’ve become his version of a childs ‘blanky’.  He HAS to have a few minutes with the blanky before he’ll go to bed.

You see …. he likes to suck on the fluffy side of them.  Yes – you read that correctly.

We’ve tried to stop him – to no avail.  We’re aware how bad it is and I won’t bother to tell you how worried I am that he might be taking bits of fluff into his system.  (I have checked these blankets and haven’t found any bare patches, or parts where it looks like bits are missing).

Alf Capone 3

The photo above shows you how he drapes himself over the edge of the dogs wicker bed, and once he’s got the blanket in just the right place, he begins to pad, pad, pad it, – just like he would have done to his mummy’s tummy when he was a kitten and wanted to feed – and then he’ll begin to suck it.  Audibly.  Noisy little slurpy, sucking noises.  I kid ye not dear reader.  This is really embarrassing when we have visitors and he does it, because it’s quite loud. 

Alf Capone 4

Once he’s had his blanky time, he then gets himself into position to sleep …. by making sure that he drapes himself half on the bed, and half off.  (see the above photograph).   Doesn’t matter which of the numerous beds we have dotted about our little cottage, – he has a choice of:-  two wicker beds with comfy cushions; a large, rigid plastic bed with a big squishy cushion inside; a firmly padded tartan with matching cushion cat bed, or two lovely, roses printed Cath Kidston pet beds – he makes sure that he drapes himself in such a way that at the very least one whole leg is draped outside the bed.  We have no idea why he has to sleep this way, but I’m figuring that it must be a Cat Mafia thing.  One foot always ready to pounce while the other three are sleeping. 

However  … when hungry, that’s when this adorable little monster becomes the naughty little devil and gets a telling off.  If we take just a nano second too long in dishing up his hearts desire, he will turn his annoyance at being made to wait, into a reason for his killer instinct to show up and he will attempt to kill his sister, so as to get us into action pronto.

He chases her around our cottage: – up the hallway at breakneck speed and back down again; over the high-backed chair in the living room (with claws out, which makes it sound like he’s ripping the fabric), over the sofa, both the back and the seat parts, into and around the conservatory, up the 5 feet tall cat scratching post/bed/climbing frame combination, and,  eventually , if the door’s left open,  he’ll harem scarem through the bedroom, at a gazillion miles an hour – which he KNOWS he’s not allowed to do – over the bed, onto the windowsill – disturbing the curtains and making the lovely little yacht I have on the sill there rock back and forth.  If by chance he manages to actually catch his sister, he’ll make her squeal by grabbing her by the scruff of her neck – which gets him a real old telling off, – which in turn makes him sulk on the sofa until he finally gets what he wants …. dinner, in his favourite dish.  (Please God don’t anyone give him the wrong dish!)

He can be a troublesome bug to our dog too.  He major time loves our dog (‘Maybees’ – say it sort of singy songy and you’ll see how it sounds.  lol) sooooo much, that he wants to love her and love her and love her.  He rubs his chubby little cheeks around her face, scent marking her and making her ‘his’.  He cleans her ears for her with his raspy tongue, which tickles her and makes her shake her head so violently that I think it’s going to fly off one day.  He clambers onto her bed and snuggles up to her – which drives her nuts and she pleads with me to get him off.  Ohhh he loves Maybees soooo much that it’s pitiful to watch.  Maybees does love him too.  But she just wishes that he’d leave her alone to snore when she’s asleep and not climb all over her, trying to wake her up.

But he’s adorable.  For all his funny things, annoying things, rascal ways … we all love him to pieces.  My Daughter and Son-in-Law have both said that they’d have him in a heartbeat.  He’s just brilliant.

And … when he finally finds a spot and settles down ….  he’s just the little boy he always was when we first brought him home.

Alf Capone 2

He’s just my Alfie Pops.  Soft, with fur like you’ve never felt before.  Thick, deep and luxurious.  Sweet natured (really – most of the time).  A little baby who loves ice cream,  drinking chocolate (I dip my finger into it and he licks it off my finger) and scrambled egg.  His favourite treats are cheesy puffed cat crunchies,  which I keep in a little glass jar and shake them when it’s time to come home and stop playing outside in the woods.  He’s a beautiful, massively heavy, big (much much bigger than he looks in these photographs) gorgeous, sweet thing and I love him to pieces.  And no, dearest daughter, if you’re reading, I’m not going to give him to you … but I’ll share him with you when you visit.

Before signing off ….  I know this isn’t one of my usual crafty posts and I know I’ve been Missing In Action for a couple of weeks (or so), and my blogs been very quiet.  I had to have some surgery.  I found some lumps about four weeks or so ago and the surgeon said that rather than simply take a little biopsy and wait to see what turned up, he felt it would be more prudent to remove all the lumps and, hopefully, all the surrounding cells, and then get a biopsy done on all that tissue.  He doesn’t think there’s anything to be worried about but I won’t get any results quite yet.   I’m not worrying until there’s something to worry about, because that’s just a waste of days and the older I get, the faster the days seem to go, so I’m not about to waste even one day worrying when I’ve got so much crafting to do!

Normal service will be resumed ASAP, as I get back to my crafty stuff.  However …  I will continue to introduce you to the fur babies I have here, who accompany me to my craft room, so that you paint a picture of who’s under the desk with me as I craft.  :o)

Thank you so much for coming to have a read.  I love that you visit to share a few minutes with me.  Thank you. 

Have a wonderful, happy, blessed day!

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… and Alf Capone, of course!



A little bit of what makes me tick . . .

Cobwebs that’s me.  Obviously it isn’t the name I was christened with – I don’t think my parents would have been that daft, – but it’s the name that everyone see’s on the backs of handmade cards and the name people know my hand made things by.

I’ve been arty and crafty all my life. My earliest memory of making something which earned great comments (and astonishment) was a nightdress which I made when I was 12 years old, from an old white sheet my mother was going to throw out because it had worn a little thin in two places. I asked if I could have it.  I think my mother thought I was going to make little blankets and dresses for my dolls, but that’s not what I had in mind at all.  Instead I made myself a long nightdress from it.

I did it without a pattern or any previous experience of making clothes.  I measured, measured again and then double checked just to make sure,  then I carefully cut out the shapes I needed, following the little pinky coloured chalk dots I’d put on the sheet (based upon the measurements I’d taken).  Once it was all sewn together  I finished it off by embroidering three little red flowers on each side of the neckline,  and added some embroidered green leaves.   I then put it on to show my mum,  her face was a picture. She couldn’t believe I’d made it all by myself.  It was her reaction which sparked this burning desire to make things.  Anything.  Just to paint, make, sew & create something and feel that ‘high’ when I’d finished the project and looked at it with new eyes.  I loved to produce things which came from a passionate part deep inside me.  I could ‘see’ my vision inside my head and all I needed was some peace and quiet to get the ideas to come out of my fingers.

My life of being arty farty has been wonderful.  Card making;  scrapbooking;  producing ATC’s and ACEO’s;  needle felting;  working with Polymer clay;  painting;  Tag Art;  oh!, on and on and on .. etc etc etc.  I love to create.  To make.

I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you’ve given your time, rather than your cash, – so I love to try and make something for people – something which has been made especially for them.

Thank you so much for coming to take a look around my blog. The full menu can be found over to the right —>   …  you’ll find it if you scroll up a little.   All the categories on the blog are listed there in alphabetical order,  and you can click on each category and be taken to that category as if by magic!   I’d love it if you clicked to ‘LIKE’ things you do like, (it gives me ‘feedback’ and lets me know what folks like),  and I’d be over-joyed if you clicked to ‘Follow Me’. (The button for that is again, over to the right, almost at the top).

Again, thank you for coming. I really hope to see you again.

    May your day be filled with smiles, and contentment.  ~

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