Well this isn’t funny – not even one bit.

If any of you are checking back to see if I’ve posted my promised blog post about the Ranger Melting Pot, and why I recommend it … then this is an apology for it not arriving as promised.  I’ve injured my wrist and one of my fingers.  Something to do with the tendons – and I think actually that all of the fingers are being hit by the same thing.

Of course it had to be my right hand  –  I’m right handed  –  so all normal activities are now a complete pain the ….  hand,  and some stuff is totally beyond me.   But … I am building the post about the Melt Pot.  It’s just taking me a little longer because I’m typing with one finger on my left hand – and boy oh boy is that a    s….l…o…w…..   way to type things!

I’m hoping to finish the post tomorrow (Monday 31st March) and get it up on the blog then.

Sending love and squidges  (with my left hand)  ~  Cobwebs xxx


2 thoughts on “Well this isn’t funny – not even one bit.

  1. Sorry to hear that TC – i managed to bash up my knee yesterday but thankfully it doesn’t affect my crafting! Hope you feel better soon


    • Aw, thanks ems, I’m hoping that it gets better quickly too. I hate being without the use of that hand. … Sorry to hear about the knee. Maybe, when proposing, you need to put a cushion down first, eh? LOL. Aw, just joshing. Hope the knee feels better very soon. ~ TC, aka ~ Cobwebs. xxx


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