About me . . .

Hello, I’m Cobwebs – or Cobs for short.  Obviously it isn’t the name I was christened with – I don’t think my parents would have been crazy enough to do that – but it’s a name that people know me by with regard to crafted items.

I’ve been arty crafty all my life, and truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you’ve given your time, rather than your cash, and the older I get the more intense that feeling becomes.  Life is so busy now, and people are so wrapped up in what they need/want to do, that they can sometimes forget that there are people in their lives who also need their time.  So to be able to make a card and send it through the post,  for no reason other than to say that you were thinking of them … well it’s that sort of thing which shows you care enough to say ‘I love you’ or …  ‘I care’, or …. ‘hello’ ….  well that, to me, says that I care enough to give some of my time to make them smile.

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Again, thank you for coming.  I really hope to see you again.

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