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Tiny White Angel Feathers – make a most beautiful handmade wand.

The photograph above doesn’t show   the daintiness:  the apparent delicacy or the true beauty of this little handmade wand.  To see how intricate this really is you need to see it with the human eye,  however,  I’ve managed to capture a little of the details by taking a ‘closer up’ photograph which helps to show a little more of the adornments. and the fineness,  both in the appearance and the work which went into making this incredible little work of heart.

Close up of the Angel Feathers Wand

Close up of the Angel Feathers Wand

The wooden part of the wand is made from gifted pine wood, which was crafted by hand, by a wood worker,  into a short, beautiful, almost straight length, just right for what I had in my minds eye.  Pine was chosen for this wand because it offers the properties of protection, healing, rejuvenation, strength, life, purification and … a wonderful added bonus .. it attracts money!  (and I don’t think I know anyone who couldn’t do with a little more of that!)

The handle of the wand was crafted   Made entirely of individual, handmade white Angel Feathers.  Each one is completely different from any other.  [No mould was used in the making of the feathers].  As each feather was made it was transferred to the wand and slowly but surely the handle was born.  Gold dust was then applied, with a very fine paint brush, to the tips of all the feathers, in order to give them their own glowing light.

At the head of the handle  is a large white pearl, and further pearls can be found dotted throughout the handle, tucked between, or peeping out from beneath various feathers.  There are then more pearls which are hung from tiny silver loops hidden within the folds of the feathers, and further tear-drop pearls which hang from little gold chains.

Pearls were chosen for this incredibly special wand both because of their association with the moon, and also because of their symbolism of purity, innocence, faith and honesty.

There are also Opals hung from the handle – a beautiful gemstone, chosen because it’s a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity.  A protective stone;  a stone for love;  and associated with peace, and consciousness.

In various places on the wand handle there are literally hundreds of the tiniest golden glass beads – which give the appearance of something bubbling forth from beneath the feathers – and the ‘something’ I envisioned that this represented,  was love.

The whole wand symbolises love, happiness, warmth, and joy – and in keeping with the traditions of wand making, the wand was blessed and charged,  before being passed to its destiny owner.

Thank you so much for coming to read.  I really loved making this wonderful little wand and am proud to be known as its maker.  I so hope you like it too.

Have a beautiful day ~

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Once Upon a Wand

The Once Upon a Time Wand designed  and made by Cobwebs

Once Upon a Wand
made by Cobwebs

Sometimes there comes to life in a sculptors hands, something so magical, so incredible, that it’s not ‘of this world’,  and this was true of the Once Upon a Wand.  It was always meant to be admired; loved, but for its magic to be contained, unused, held behind glass.   Behind that glass, time stood still.  No spell was or would ever be cast.  The key to its magic was a secret which wasn’t to ever be unlocked.

You see … just like in Fairy Tales,  magic brings a fairy tale to life  –  but the magic which could be cast with this wand was something that this world isn’t ready for.  It’s magic is too beautiful,  and this earth is,  right now,  not beautiful enough in some places.

The Sands of Time stand still, held in a magic spell, behind glass.

The Sands of Time stand still, held in a magic spell, behind glass.

Time in our world is a baddy.  Time is something we all try to work to.  We have to ‘be on time‘;  We sometimes can’t ‘make time‘;  We don’t always ‘have the time‘;  Time is the master.  ‘You’d better be on time’; The time is now‘;  ‘What’s the time?’;  ‘Oh no, is that the time??’;  We try to turn back the time.  We wish we had the time.  We don’t want time to pass us by.   Oh, I could go on, but I think you can see what I’m saying,

So, here, with the Once Upon a Wand,  time literally has stood still.    The Sands of Time are frozen behind the glass, and cannot go anywhere.   I’ve actually ‘tamed’  the monster  which time is in our world.

The Sands of Time,  along with a Crystal Ball and  a Magic Spell. All details from  details of The Once Upon a Time Wand made by Cobwebs

details from the
Once Upon a Wand
made by Cobwebs

Along with The Sands of Time, also sealed behind the glass is a real crystal ball, from the land of the Fae, and a magic spell which was mixed by a white witch and sealed in the enameled glass bottle, sealed with a cork and wax.

Close up details showing the hidden key to the magic of the Once Upon a Wand made by Cobwebs

Close up details
showing the hidden key to the magic of the
Once Upon a Wand
made by Cobwebs

There is though a secret key.  Hidden to all,  but visible to those who care to look for it.  A silver key, hung from a real silver chain.  Doesn’t look like much, does it?    Ahhh,  but it’s normally those things which look the most normal,  that might hold the secret to something . . .  interesting.    Am I going to tell you about this key?  No – of course not.  For if I did … it wouldn’t be a secret any longer, would it!

Before the Wand was actually finished;  and before it was blessed by the moon and  finally sealed behind glass, I took a photograph of it, in the hope of catching the colours of the handle.

Close up of the handle of the Once Upon a Wand made by Cobwebs

Close up of the handle of the
Once Upon a Wand
made by Cobwebs

The handle is three different colours.  Gold, Coppery Bronze, and Silver, which all swirl around the shaft of the wand and grow thicker to form a comfortable handle.  Added to the handle is a river of Peridot stones which follow the swirls of the handle and curl around it, until it connects with the gifted wood from which the wand was fashioned.

Finally – there are 5 stars hung from the wand.  There are two radiant, rainbow Aurora Borealis glass stars and 3 silver stars – the two small silver stars represent the Morning Star and the Evening Star, and the largest silver star, hung from the very end of the handle, nearest the wrist, is the Wish Star.

The Once Upon a Wand designed  and made by Cobwebs

Once Upon a Wand
made by Cobwebs

 I hope you like the wand.  I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Have a truly blessed day!

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Wand Making

There is a lot to learn before embarking on the making of a wand, as I found out some years ago when I was asked to make my very first wand, so I took the time to research it properly and understand the ‘requirements’, both of me as the wand maker, and a wand user.   I also sought help from a wand user of many years, especially so when I came across anything which I wasn’t sure about or questioned to be true.  (There are many things I came across which aren’t strictly a requirement, but merely something that one particular person might want).

Photographing wands is,  I’ve found,  easier when I’m taking pictures of smaller wands, because you can get in closer to a smaller wand but still keep the whole of the wand in view.  Taking a photograph of a 12″wand, or longer, is more difficult as the closer you get to the details, the more you lose of the rest of the wand and so have no perspective of the size of the details being shown to the rest of the wand.
Aw .. you’ll see what I mean when you see some photographs!  I’ll post photographs every now and again, as I get around to taking and editing photographs. I hope you enjoy them, but let me know!  You can leave comments or even click to ‘like’.

Blessings …  

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Feathered Fairy Dresses – all hand made.

Fairy Feathered Dress Card 1

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve decided that it’s Feathered Fairy Dress Wednesday today,   so I’m giving you a selection of Fairy Dresses to add to your virtual wardrobe!  So no complaining that you’ve got nothing to wear!

The bottom half of the dresses are made from dyed feathers and the bodices are all cut by hand using a selection of different coloured mirror cards.

So .. choose your dress, slip it on and we’ll all meet outside at 4pm today  . . .  then all we need is faith, trust and a little bit of Fairy Dust!

Fairy Feathered Dress Card 2

Fairy Feathered Dress Card 4

Fairy Feathered Dress Card 3

 Fairy Feathered Dress Card 5

The backgrounds to the cards are all embossed – sadly the camera didn’t pick that detail up.  (apologies for the photographs.  I’m useless with a camera!)

Wishing you a bright, cheer filled, contented day!  love ~

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