Tag Art. Let’s start at the very beginning …

…  uhmm . . . wasn’t there a song that started like that?

Ohhh, yes I remember it  . . .  from the Sound of Music:  [sings] …   “Let’s start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start.  When you read you begin with ABC  . . .”    …  . . .  and when you want to know about Tag Art  – then here’s as good a place as any to start!    🙂

Originally, when I added this category to my blog I did so with the idea of just posting various bits of Tag Art that I’d done myself … that was until someone asked me   ‘What actually is Tag Art?’.   Until that moment I’d not given Tag Art that kind of thought.  I just took it for granted that Tag Art was, well,   ..  ‘Tag Art’.   But, after asking around a few folks,  I soon realised that my friend wasn’t the only person who didn’t know what Tag Art was.  So with that in mind I thought I’d start right at the very beginning and open this category with an explanation about art which is all done on a Tag!

  Tag Art  

  • Size … doesn’t matter diddly squat.  You can make a tag as small as you like or as big as you can handle.
  • Shape …  can be anything from a triangle ∇  to a flower ∗You could have a tag in the shape of a heart  ♥  or an arrow  ⇒, or maybe a diamond ♦.  Basically you can have any shape of tag that you want.
  • Decoration  …  can be anything you want.  You can draw, paint, glue, stamp, print, die cut, or emboss, and your embellishments can be made from tissue paper through to metal or even pasta!  (but dried pasta would be better than cooked or fresh. lol)
  • What’s it for?  …  ah … well you can make Tag Art and keep it in a box just for you to look at.  Or you can put it in a scrapbook as an embellishment on a page.  Or perhaps even make several Tags with art on them which kind of speak to each other, maybe a theme or particular colour – and then make a (scrap)book out of them themselves.  Or you can use them on presents and gifts to others, by adding their name to the tag either in the design, or on the back, or even on another tag.  The choice of what you ‘use’ it for is totally up to you!  You’re the artist so the art is yours … unless you sell it or give it away obviously!
  • Summing up …  there are no rules.  Tag Art is something which you find pleasing and pleasurable to make or do.  It’s art on a small scale, so it doesn’t feel quite so daunting,  and because it’s  ‘only a tag’  if you make a mistake or mess up,  or even knock your cup of coffee over it,  then you aren’t going to be totally devastated.
Right … now you know that there are no rules and that you can do anything you want to a tag without the Art Police coming round and removing your crayons  .. .  let’s start making art,  shall we?

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