Cheap as Chips Cosmetic Sponges – My Craft Recommendation of the Week!

Cheap as Chips Cosmetic Sponges They're for more than just your face!
Cheap as Chips Cosmetic Sponges
They’re for more than just your face!

As a crafter I’m only too aware of how us crafters can be convinced  (conned?  who said ‘conned’?  see me after school!)  – convinced into buying products that,  well … we could either do without or could buy something far cheaper which works just as well,  or sometimes even better.  Cheap cosmetic sponges are one of those things which I know from experience works just as well,  –  or,  for me at least,  far better than a well-known make, little wooden handled thing with the [costly] replaceable pads which is meant to be the crafters dream blending tool;  or some of the other expensive sponges that I’ve bought in the past which were ‘designed especially for crafters’.

I’ve been using cheap cosmetic sponges in the craft room for quite a while and find them far easier to use than any other option available.  I can control the pressure a lot easier.  I can add as little or as much of the medium I’m using as I want and where I want.   I can dab, swish, pat, splodge, circle, stripe, wipe, swipe and all manner of things which will all give a different effect or ‘finish’.

BUT .. please don’t go to your local supermarket or pharmacy and buy their pack of 6 for £2.99 or some other such ridiculous price.  Go instead to your nearest pound shop and find them in there for just a pound, and that’s for a lot more than half a dozen too! 

I currently buy mine (the ones the photographs) from Home Bargains (here in the UK).  The one pack cost me 99p and the other cost £1.  In the grey pack there are the traditional wedge shapes that we all know as being the ‘normal’ cosmetic shaped sponge.  In the other pack are the assortment of shapes – all of them very much useable.

The 'assorted shapes' pack, unpacked so that you can see them all clearly
The ‘assorted shapes’ pack, unpacked so that you can see them all clearly

You can see in the photo above one of the pads which I’d used two days ago.  (I saved it because I knew I was going to take photo’s for this recommendation).  The sponges from the red/pink bag are all different types, but you’ll be able to use every single one of them for various different projects.  And the best bit?  —> Because they’re as cheap as chips you don’t have to worry about trying to wash these out.  At £1 for so many, you won’t fret about throwing these away when they’ve outlived their usefulness.

But .. added to all this wonderfulness from a crafters point of view  –  … if you should find yourself out of make-up sponges – these are actually ok to use on your face too!  (see the photo below, for the information from the back of the pack).

Not just for crafting ...
Not just for crafting …

Please give them a try.  I honestly don’t think you’ll look back once you’ve tried them.

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Have a really great start to your new week.

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N.B.  I have not been paid, either in money nor ‘goods’ of any sort to make this recommendation.  This is a personal recommendation based upon my own use of a product and my own experiences in using that product.