Orthopedist? … or a CARD-iologist?

One of my fabulous blogging friends, Paper Puff,  told me on the 10th of Feb  – in a chat we had via the comments on one of my blog posts –  about her lovely mum who had broken her ankle.

The next day Paper Puff published a post on her blog in which she told all her lovely followers about why she’d been M.I.A, and about her moms accident, and also told us all about the little matter regarding her Ninja cat (that’s not his name, that’s his skill levelread her post and you’ll see).

You can find her post here:  “Broken bones, real and imagined. And a ninja cat”   .. it will open in another window.

After hearing about her moms accident I asked if perhaps I could send her mum a card wishing her well,  just to make her smile. It was all arranged, and I made a card, then sent it to P.Puff so that she could hand it over to Mrs.Puff Snr.

And thisis the card I made:-


How do you say I hope your broken ankle heals soon?  Well that question gave me a real moment of puzzlement.  Then as quick as a flash, I KNEW what I needed to do.

Now … where to get big enough cutters to cut a leg off Barbie?

I tried.  I really did try.   I took the cutters and offered them up to Barbie’s leg.  I think it was about 4 times I did this.  I even managed to press on the handles just once.  Enough to see the ‘skin’ on her leg ‘bend’ under the pressure of being pressed.  But I failed.

Mr.Cobs was summoned, and he arrived in the craft room with the most amazing  BIG BOY TOOL.  An  ENORMOUS  pair of wire cutters.  SURGICAL Wire Cutters!

We donned our surgical gowns, and put on our face masks, then I, as the dutiful nurse on duty, marked the patients leg to show where the cut had to be made.  The Senior Surgeon took his  Big Boy Tool  in his hands and ….. with one smooth, scissor like motion ….  he amputated the lower limb of the patient in one clean-cut.

She didn’t feel a thing.  Totally oblivious to the whole procedure.  Although mind, she was seen having rather too many pink cocktails with Ken earlier, so she was more than likely under the affluence of incohol.    (constantly in the grip of the grape from what I’ve heard from some sources!)


On Duty Nurse, Cobs, made bandages, wrapped the broken ankle in a bandage, then covered it in ‘plaster’, and added more bandages where required.

Obviously the patient had to have a few flowers, so paper ones were made – because, it must be remembered,  this card was being sent to Mrs.PaperPuff Snr. – so Paper flowers were a major requirement!  ūüėÄ


A little sentiment of Get Well wishes was added to the inside of the card, then finally …  the card had to have a box!  You couldn’t send a broken ankle in an envelope after all. A box was of great importance….


. . . .   and that’s all there was to it. A card for a lady, which held a giggle and a laugh, and also a wish of health returning soon …  and keeping it feminine and lady-like too!


I love quirky cards.  (just in case you hadn’t noticed. lol)  They bring such an element of fun and lots of smiles for the receiver, and I find them so pleasurable to make.  Maybe it’s because I’m quirky.  Or maybe it’s just that I’m as mad as my two girls have always told me I am.  lol.  Bless them. ‚̧

Hoping the card made you smile too, and also hoping that your Sunday is peaceful, warm, and that you know you are loved.  Even if it’s only by me.  You ARE loved.

Oh, and regarding the title of this post . . .  I’m a CARD-iologist …. an Orthopedist is a doctor that specializes in the treatment of bones and muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments and tendons.  ūüėÄ

Thanks for coming and sharing a coffee moment with me.  Don’t go breaking a leg now!



This Little Piggy is a Valentine Little Piggy!

When I first saw Hunkydory Box Pops (last year) I fell in love with them and bought two sets.¬† Farm and Jungle.¬† And … I bought them just to make for my Grandson, Little Cobs.

I made him one at Christmas (and forgot to share it with you!¬† tsk)a Christmas Crocodile – in a clear box, to which I’d added a bundle of ‘snowballs’ – and he loved it.¬† (Who says you can only make Christmas cards for children with Rudolph or Santa on them?)

You can make these Box Pops as simple or as complicated as you like, and can use them for almost any occasion too!¬† For Children, they fit the bill and work perfectly.¬† But … I can actually see that they could work for adults.¬† They inject an element of fun into a card.


You make up your chosen animal using the die cut elements.¬† Then you can either press it flat and put it into an envelope (envelopes come supplied with the die cuts), or you can make an Acetate box and pop your card into it so that the recipient can keep the card held inside the box after they’ve displayed it – or you can seal the box shut so that the card will be held inside the box and protected.¬† (If you’re not good at making boxes then there are boxes, cut to size and ready scored, from Hunkydory).


In the above photo – I tried to light piggy so that you could see the folds of the ‘box’ which make the body of the pig.¬† Hence the reason they’re called ‘box pops’.

Once made up, you can simply press your animal flat and put it in an envelope – but it will pop back up when the recipient opens it up when they receive it.¬† The head is fixed to the body by a folded piece of acetate, which gives the card ‘nodding dog’ look. (or in this case nodding pig).¬† So cute!

This Little Piggy Loves You.¬† (Well it would ….¬† after all, it’s a Valentines Pig!)


I made the lid of the box out of acetate, so that the pig can be viewed from the sides and the top.¬† And … the funny thing is … when you look at piggy through the sides, he’s looking at you.¬† But when you view piggy from above …¬† he’s still looking at you!¬† How does that happen?¬† Is it magic?¬† Maybe piggy is¬† Super Pig¬† –¬† (like Super Man).

I added hearts and stars which I sprinkled around the inside, and finally added a ribbon handle, and ribbon around the base and the lid, and VOILA!  One Valentines Card, from a Grammy to her 5-year-old Grandson.


So ….¬† Happy Monday!¬†

I know Mondays can be drab sometimes, but give it chance.¬† You know they nearly always get better, even if you don’t feel the ‘happy’ straight away.¬† Give the day chance to show you the warmth, the smiles, and even the love.¬† Allow yourself to have a lovey day!

Most of all . . . whatever you’re doing today,¬† be good to yourself¬† …¬† and to each other.¬† It helps the world go around and makes life so much enjoyable and pleasant.¬† And the world could do with a lot more enjoyable and pleasant in it.

Have a truly blessed day.¬† Heaps of love and squidges from my corner, to yours …



Just to let you know … I don’t receive anything in the way of payment or remuneration from any suppliers mentioned in this post or any other post.¬† I will only recommend to you items which I’ve used and work for me and ones I’m impressed with.¬†
The Hunkydory products talked about in this post were bought by me.  No items were gifted from companies, and I have received no payment in any way or form, for chatting with you about them.

Wanna play Chicken and Fox? A vintage style card which teaches you how to play!

Yes .. it really does!  More about that in a minute.

I wanted to make a vintage style card which was more simple in design, and going through my folder of images I came across this beautiful, old fashioned styled, children at play, and instantly knew this was ‘the’ one!¬†¬† I chose a 6×6″ white cardstock onto which I layered some Damask type printed card in a pale pinky beige colour.¬† I tore around the edges of the ‘Damask’ card and then curled and distressed it with a little Cocoa ink and a colour duster.¬† I then added two small paper doilies and distressed them just a little using what was remaining of the Cocoa ink on the colour duster,¬† just to take the doilies from stark white, to something softer in colour.


I then chose a piece of plaid cardstock on which to mount the image of the children playing a game of Chicken and Fox – but before adhering the image I added a length of crocheted cotton lace in a pale pink, about two-thirds of the way down the plaid card.¬† Using foam tape, I then fixed the image to the plaid card, and then again using foam tape, I fixed everything to the damask style card.¬† Everything was now in place and all I had to do was add a little ‘fun stuff’.


I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to pop onto this card…¬† CHICKENS!¬†¬† Little Cobs (5-year-old Grandson) has a bucket of little animals – horses, cows, ducks, chickens, etc – in his bedroom (here in our cottage), and I thought that he had so many of these that he really wouldn’t miss a chicken and a chick, so went rifling through his animals and found the very things.¬† One lovely reddy brown chicken, and one fabulously funny, little yellow chick.¬† I fixed them to the card, down towards the bottom.


I added some ‘bulrushes’ to the left hand side of the image (which I’ve had in my stash for such a long time that I can’t even remember buying them!), and some sage green flowers – made out of handmade paper.¬† I used teeny buttons for the centres of the flowers in a very pale green.¬† Then picking up the red in the image I added tiny wee red buttons on the plaid card, and then finished everything off with a vintage green bow to the middle of the opening edge of the card.

And that, as the say, is all there is to it.

BUT … I promised you a little more detail of the Fox and Chicken game….¬† The rhyme which accompanies the game appears on the front of the card …



I’d never heard of this game, but apparently it really is a game which was played by children around the 1930’s onwards.¬† The image actually came with the details of how to play …


…¬† which I fixed to the back of the card, so that whoever this card ended up with could play the game themselves, with their own children or Grandchildren!

I have to admit that I really love this fun,quirky little card.  It has so much good, old fashioned fun and lots of warmth and love,   and you could send this to an adult or to a child.

Well now …¬† changing the subject…¬†

Can you believe that it’s Thursday already?¬† This week seems to have started a couple of hours ago and it’s racing towards the end of it already!¬† How does that happen?¬† What happens to ‘Time’ as you get older?¬† It goes so fast!¬†¬† What say you?

Wishing you a peace filled Thursday, without any gremlins getting into it and making mischief!

Sending squidges from me in my corner,  to you in yours.  Have a blessed day my friends ~


A new blue bonnet for Christmas! (on a vintage style handmade Christmas Card)

I still have the Christmas Crafting Box out next to me on the floor where I’m sitting at my desk…¬† and since I was still in the ‘Christmas’ frame of mind from the last card I made, I began this card (above) on Friday afternoon, . . . but then Little Cobs (Grandson) came on Saturday, and, just like any fabulous grandchild does, he shares with me all the germs he’s caught during the week at school (he’s 5), and this week he shared the germs which gave him an ear infection – however they changed somewhere in the passing and gave me a temperature and made me feel like a wilted weed!¬† I woke up at 3am gasping for breath and absolutely drenched.¬† I have no idea what my temperature was but I’m pretty sure someone could have fried an egg on me had they tried!

Thankfully things are getting back to normal again, but I really think we should build a sheep dip at the front door so that we can dip him in antiseptic before he crosses the threshold in an attempt to remove all the germs he’s bringing with him!

Anyhoo¬† I’m supposed to be talking about this card so I’ll get on with it.

Made on a 7″x7″ white card, using some Red Corrugated card as a layer to bring the Christmas colour into the card.


I bought a pack of decorative papers last year, with Christmas images on them and hadn’t used them.¬† There were 2 of each design in the pack.¬† And it was this little girl, in her new blue bonnet which was so sweet that I chose her to theme this card around.¬† I used both sheets of this design, layering one sheet onto the Christmas Red corrugated card, and then cutting into the second sheet in order to pick out some details and over-lay them using foam tabs, so giving depth to the card.

The large snowflakes are wooden ones, which I painted white, and while the paint was dry I gently sprinkled a little fine glitter over them so that they would have that more ‘frosty’ look.¬† The Red/pink four petal flowers around the left side of the card, I actually picked up in a charity shop about a year ago.¬† It looked as if someone was clearing some of their stash from their craft room and I found these flowers.¬† Didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but at 75p for a large cellophane bag full of them, I decided to buy them because I knew I’d use them at some point.¬† And … look! ¬† I am!

I added the blue ‘crystal’ centres to the flowers, in a nod to the colour of the bonnet which the little girl is wearing.¬† I wanted a ‘conversation’ to be going on between the colours.


The little wooden frame is one from a selection by Docrafts, and the sequins are from my stash.¬† To finish the card off,¬† I added the little silver metal Christmas Stocking Charm (right top corner) with a Christmas Red Ribbon tied to it and … that, as they say, is all there was to it.

If I’ve missed anything or you want to know about something, please just ask away in a comment.¬† I promise I’ll reply.

Well Halloween came and went, and I was rather happy when the day had drawn to a close, because we had out busiest Halloween night, EVER, and I only had three bags of sweets left, and had begun to panic.

I went through my whole supply of cellophane C5 size bags and had none left!¬† I’d begun by making¬† about 12 cellophane bags, each filled with either a sucking lolly or a (drumstick) chewy lolly,¬† plus a pack of parma violets; a Roses chocolate;¬† a humbug; a chocolate eclair;¬† 2 chocolate Ghost;¬† 2 chocolate eyeballs;¬† and two chocolate coins.¬† We thought, judging on previous years, that those 12 bags filled with assorted sweets would very likely be enough.¬† Oh how wrong were we!

After just ten minutes I had to throw more bags together as fast as I could,¬† but before I’d managed to finish the doorbell wrang again and I had to leave Mr. Cobs to seal the bags up, while I kept the little ones and their mummies and daddies talking at the door (admiring their costumes and having a conversation about how wonderful the Princess’s were, and how scary the ghosts and ghouls were), while Mr.Cobs quickly sealed the bags and scrambled out to the door to bring me more supplies.¬† And that happened again, and again.

Sometimes there was just one little darling with a daddy or mummy, and sometimes there were five.¬† On one visit, there were five little ones, three girls and two boys, and as I was talking to the little ghostly bride she was doing a familiar jiggle.¬† I bent over and whispered in a stage whisper (so that mummy could hear what I was saying) …¬† “Oh Beautiful Ghostly Bride … do you by any chance need a wee?”.¬† “No,¬† no I don’t.”¬†¬† ….¬† “You don’t?¬† Are you sure poppet?”¬† …¬† “Yes I’m sure…..¬† Uhm . . . ¬† Actually …. I do!¬†¬† The jiggle had got ever-so more jiggly.¬† Mummy stepped forward and said … “Oh dear,¬† I think she does, yes”. So … not only did I have ghosts and ghouls at the front door on Halloween …. I even had a spook in my bathroom!¬† And I noticed that the jiggle had gone by the time she collected her bag of sweets from me on the way out of the front door.¬† lol.¬† Bless her heart.

They were all so, so lovely and so very sweet.¬† I couldn’t pick a favourite out of them all if I tried to.¬† I just wanted to scoop them all up and squidge them¬† …¬† which I think was because I was missing Little Cobs – who was still suffering with his virus so sadly couldn’t go out Trick or Treating.¬† Ah well … there’s always next year.

Aww anyhoo …¬† HAPPY WEDNESDAY all!¬† May your day bring with it some smiles, and a sense of peace with it.¬† May any mail you receive from the postman/lady be of the happy type, and may you find a parking space, sat waiting just for you, if you happen to go out in your car today.

Be good to yourself,  and each other.

Sending you a squidge ~



A Classic in Times Nouveau, on an Easel.

I broke out the Graphic 45!¬† I did.¬† I really did.¬† Graphic 45 in their Times Nouveau collection, and made a Tag Card,¬† on a Graphic 45 large tag, and it’s all held onto an Easel which has a working stand, which ‘folds’ out from the back and holds the card like an easel would hold a piece of art work in a Gallery.¬† It has two hidden tags (one you can see in the picture above) and a little something special on the back, for writing the message.

I wondered if perhaps we could do another GIVE AWAY for this card if anyone would like it.¬† I’ll explain in a minute how to enter the give away if you’d like to, but first … I thought I’d better show you how I made the card.

  • SHOPPING LIST (roughly’ish’ – if I’ve forgotten to mention anything just point it out in a comment and I’ll let you know.)
  • Pinflair Novelty Easel Card – minus the ‘canvas’
  • 1 x Graphic 45 Lrg. Tag from a Regular Tag Album (9 pack)
  • Kraft Mannequin from a pad of 45 (2 sizes: large, smaller, & either plane or foiled in gold and silver) by Craftwork Cards
  • News Print card by Anna Marie Designs
  • Olive Spot¬† and larger spot in black card – both by Anna Marie Designs
  • Graphic 45 Times Nouveau Classic Collection – plus some chipboard tags and stickers from this collection.
  • Very pale mint spot from stash.
  • Tiny black with off white spots paper from stash.
  • Ribbons and twine are all from stash.

How I made it:-¬† Take one black card tag … cover it on one side with Newsprint card,


Add a tiny piece of very pale mint spot paper, and a larger piece of olive spot card.¬† Making sure you leave a section for a tag to ‘hide’.¬† (shown by the bit of white and grey leaf card)


Add a piece of Graphic 45 Times Nouveau in the dog-tooth design.¬† (Again building in a section for a tag to hide in – not shown in this picture (above) but you’ll see the tag hiding place in the next photo)


Can you see where the little hiding spot is on the right hand side now?¬†¬† Here in this photo (above) I’ve added some black card with very tiny white spots on it;¬† a mannequin which I distressed and wrapped in a little length of green organza;¬† I added a fussy cut rather stylish lady, which I mounted on first black larger spot card, then again on small spot card – just for the contrast;¬† A vintage Car – again fussy cut, but this time from some papers I had in my stash.¬† I then popped the chipboard ‘Swanky’ tag onto the card and pushed two pearly hat pins behind the card, so that they peeped out a the top of the chipboard tag.


Then came some finishing touches …¬† Added ribbon, made a bow and added netting in two colours and a couple of flower from my stash;¬† some tiny pearls around the neck of the mannequin and tucked some sequins into one of the folds of the organza so that they would catch the light.¬† I then made some little tags using both spot papers and some Graphic 45 Paper, . . .¬† and then came the easel for it to be displayed on¬† …


There is a little ‘making’ to the actual easel – but it’s nothing which is difficult.¬† They’re fabulous easels, and so beautifully made.¬† Everything is cut ready for you, and REALLY well cut too.

I had trouble lighting this card.¬† I tried it with the flash, without the flash, with desk lamps, with ceiling lights … and every combination of the previously mentioned ways.¬† I would say that the true colours are somewhere between the last two photographs above.¬† The one on the easel seems to have a little too much of a yellow tinge to it.¬† Where-as the photo before it is rather pale and wiped out by the flash I think.¬† It looks like it needs to be taking iron tablets.¬† lol

OK… here’s the¬† *instructions* ¬† for entering for the give away for this card if you would like to throw your name into the mix and be in with a chance of winning it . . . .


You MUST be a follower of the blog –¬† The Cobweborium Emporium. (This is because I have to keep in mind that I’ve made great friends with almost all of my blog followers and so have a great loyalty to them and would want one of them to win the card.¬† I think this is fair).

IN A COMMENT BELOW YOU MUST TYPE THIS WORD IF YOU WANT YOUR NAME TO BE INCLUDED¬† …. and that word is:-¬† GIVEAWAY.¬† ‚Üź Exactly like that.¬† One word.¬† Type it at the start or end of your comment.

You have to put it exactly like that –¬† one word, in capital letters.¬† Simple – and it makes sure that I don’t miss anyone.¬† ūüôā

And that’s it.¬† That’s all you have to do.¬† Simply make a comment with the word GIVEAWAY either at the start or the end of your comment.¬† It couldn’t be easier, could it!¬† Oh … and …¬†¬† Please¬† DON‚ÄôT¬† put your real name or address in the comments box.¬† I need to look after your privacy and security.¬† If you win, I’ll organise how to get your address afterwards.

To make sure that all is fair,¬† each entrant will be assigned a number in the ‘time order’ in which they make the comment, and¬† I‚Äôll get the Random Number Generator to choose the number, and do a screen shot of the R.N.G and post it so that you can all see which number was generated.

I’ll ‘run’ this giveaway from today (Wednesday 5th October 2016), until next Tuesday – TUESDAY 11th OCTOBER, and it will end on that day at 6pm UK time.¬† Just a week – so that no one is kept hanging around waiting for the result. (We don’t have zones in the UK, we just have one time zone for the whole of the UK – so you’ll have to ask (perhaps) Google to work it out for you so that you know what time that would be where-ever it is that you are.)

This is open to ANYONE IN ANY AREA OF THE WORLD so long as your country allows a card posted to you from outside your country through your customs. You won’t be asked for any postage or any monies what-so-ever.¬† This really is just a little fun between us friends.

Well, Wednesday has found it’s way to us all again.¬† I have a plan for today already ear-marked: ¬† I’d love to show you, if you don’t already know, how to make your own professional looking Christmas Crackers.¬† Not from a kit …¬†¬† not those kits you buy for making Crackers, which are from thin card and don’t look like proper Christmas Crackers at all.¬† I want to show you, if I can, how to make firstly a regular Christmas Cracker …¬† and then how to spice them up a little and make them into something way more special.¬† The problem is can I do it in pictures?¬† I’ve only ever shown folks how to do this face to face, sitting next to each other so that they can see exactly what I’m doing.¬† And … I still don’t know how to do the video thing … and load a video onto YouTube – which perhaps would make things easier.¬† But … I’m going to give it a try and see if I can make it work, and hopefully I’ll be able to share the secrets with you.

So anyway ...  what are your plans for today?  Going anywhere?  Making anything?  Cooking something?  Sewing?  Knitting?  Anything?

Do share the information with me because I can then come to your blog and badger you if you don’t post the results of it for me to drool over!¬† ūüôā¬† lol – just joking.¬† Actually … no, no I’m not.¬† I feel, as your friend, that it is my duty to come and badger you.¬† So yes, I shall come and badger you and poke you with the end of my stick!¬† It’s a tickling stick and so will make you laugh!

If you’re still reading,¬† (well done),¬† I wish you an absolutely WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!¬† May the day be bright.¬† May the winds be gentle.¬† May your day be easy.¬† And, until we meet again, may your God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Have a blessed day my friends,



Tea or Coffee, my Fabulous Friend?

Personally, I’m a coffee drinker.¬† But I’m more than happy to make you tea…¬† or¬† –¬† we could go out to that lovely little tea room, here in town, where everything feels like it belongs in the 1940’s and 1950’s?¬† There’s even a good old-fashioned Globe of the World in the window which has paled with time, and harsh sunshine.¬† They have cakes under domes, and table cloths, and it looks kind of kitsch and is painted all lemony.

Remember those carnival type ornaments which we were told were precious (when we were little), but they were actually made of a chalk like substance and if they got chipped, you could see the white chalky ‘stuff’ inside.¬† They have some of those there too, decorating the walls or placed around the tea shop in strategic places.¬† (I’m not sure if they really were worth something – a genuine ‘collectible’¬† type of thing, – or if they were just precious because of the memories attached to them).

Or, we could go round the corner to that much-loved cottage tea room, which has a courtyard garden.¬† It’s very lovely in there and just a little bit ‘vintage swish’ too – and we can sit in the garden if the weather is good, or inside if it’s a little chilly!

OK.. so I’ve got mine,¬† . . .¬†¬† what are you going to order for yourself?

Anyhoo . . .

I made a card asking my fabulous friend if you’d like to share a coffee, or a tea, with me… while you peruse this latest offering from the Cobweb.


The paper in the background is just so lovely.¬† Just the right blue, with little circles made from pearly white dots,¬† and perfect for what I needed, but I don’t know who’s paper it actually is.¬† It was still in it’s ‘book’ – but the front cover has disappeared¬† –¬† leaving me without even a note!¬† tsk tsk.¬† The cup and saucer are Tilda.¬† Yes indeedly doodly!¬† None of those cheap market stall cups and saucers for you!¬† However, I fussy cut into parts of it in order to make it what I needed it to be, then covered the original ‘picture’ of a glittered star (in the saucer) with proper glitter, in two colours to give it a little more depth.


The doilies, flowers, cotton muslin (behind the flowers) and the hat pins all came from my stash.  The Pearl Strand of small, medium and large pearls which trails around the card, is by Anna-Marie Designs.

soft little fabric roses all sewn onto a ribbon of net.

The little fabric roses (shown above) – which run along the top and the bottom of the card, actually came from The Range.¬† I’m hoping that The Range still has these in stock (I doubt it) because I absolutely love them.¬† They’re so soft, so pretty and so light weight.¬† They go into envelopes easily but then pop back up again upon opening, and they don’t add any weight to posting a card either.

And that, as all the very best Magicians say, is all there was to it!

Happy Wednesday all!¬† Monday and Tuesday just flew past and I now find myself in the middle of the week with what feels like a gazillion things which I need to do, and not enough days left in this week in which to do them!¬† Honestly, I swear to Dog that since we moved to the seaside, someone is taking whole chunks of hours, days and sometimes even getting very cheeky and stealing a whole week out of my time, for time, apparently, flies past like it’s on the wings of a jumbo jet!¬† Aw, enough moaning Cobs!


Sowhat about you..¬† what are you up to today?¬† Going anywhere?¬† Doing anything?¬† Supposed to be doing something but want to do something else instead?¬† Go on, tell me all about it.¬† It’s just you and me (and a few others), and I’m not going to tell anyone!

Wishing you a truly Wonderful Wednesday.  May the sun shine, if the wind blows, may it blow softly, and may you end the day with a gentle smile and the knowledge that life, even if a bit tough sometimes, is still good.

Sending you my love, and a special Cobs squidge!

Sig coffee copy



A ~ K.I.S.S. ~ Card … about Friends

I’ve been trying to K.I.S.S my cards over the past few weeks. No not¬† ‘Kiss’ – as in ‘kiss on your cheek’.¬† K.I.S.S. ¬† Right now you might be saying¬† “What the heck is K.I.S.S.?”¬† . . . .¬† K.I.S.S.¬† is short for:¬†Keep It Simple Stupid’.

I’m a bit of a lover of embellishments and falderals.¬† I love those extra little happy touches.¬† But the problem with these things is that it adds so much depth to a card which means having to make deeper boxes for them, and then that adds to the cost of posting them and … well I told myself that I had to try harder at making cards which were less ‘deep’.¬† I¬† challenged myself to make¬† K.I.S.S. cards.

Friends are the Sunshine of Life 3

As you can see from this card –¬† I failed slightly.¬† I ‘had’ to add a butterfly to it.¬† Forgive me … I needed some sparkle and joy.¬† But this butterfly, although on the large(ish) size, it isn’t actually that deep, so it still fits inside a regular envelope! (although … I’d add a little layer of either bubble wrap or line the envelope with extra card to protect it).

This was an incredibly easy to make card.¬† Here’s what I used:

Friends are the Sunshine of Life 1

The stamps all came from ‘Emily’s Garden’ collection from Card-io Majestix Stamps.

Card-io Stamps are such versatile stamps and you can make so much from them, for all sorts of things from Tags to large cards to Scrapbooking,¬† for all through the year or for a particular time of year such as Christmas.¬† (I’ll do a post just about Card-io Stamps at some point as I’d love you to ‘meet’ them.).

I chose colours of stamp pads, and got to work.

Using a 6×6″ white scored card, I masked off a section of the card which would be wide enough for the ‘rub on’ sentiment I’d chosen to fix to the card.

Although I have masking tape, I’ve never got great results when I’ve masked off on cards, and have found that it can pull off sections of card stock.¬† So I now use Washi Tape. (hence the roll of green Washi that you can see in the photo).

Once masked off I then stamp the leaves and ferns in the green ink pads I’ve chosen.¬† Wiping my stamp off between changing colours, using a baby wipe.¬† Then do the same with the flowers (only using the other colours you’ve chosen for the flowers) again wiping the flower stamps between colour changes.

Friends are the Sunshine of Life 4


Once done remove the Washi Tape carefully and the next bit is optional:  Using a Micron pen, I butt my ruler up against the stamping and draw a thin line along it on both sides.  But Рagain Рthis is optional.

Add your sentimenteither a die cut or rub on, or sticker,  and Voila!  You can finish the card right there.  Or you can be like me and go on to add a little something extra to make it yours.

This was so SO close to being a K.I.S.S. card.  I was almost there.  I shall try harder next time.

Well that’s me done and dusted.¬† ūüôā

I trust that you’re going to have an excellent Wednesday.¬† If a gremlin gets into your day then just mentally show it the door and be done with it.¬† It’s just a day … really doesn’t matter what it’s called,¬†¬† you just have to make the decision that it’s going to be a good one.

Sending oodles of love and squishes to your corner from mine…

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How could I have forgotten that I loved Anna?

I wanted to make a special card for someone who is such a really lovely person, but I wanted to make it in a way that perhaps she hadn’t seen from me before so I sat and I puzzled over it until my brain got sore and then ….¬† I spotted a box on a shelf in my craft room and DING!¬† A big exclamation mark appeared over my head!

I’ve had some Anna Griffin die cuts in a box for quite some time, and, well, you know how it is, you make something, and then another thing, then another, and then you decide that you want a change so you pop things back on the shelf and, over time, they kind of get forgotten.¬† Well that’s what happened with the Anna Griffin die-cuts.

I sat in my craft room chair and opened the box (feeling a little like Pandora), and it was right at that moment a light inside my brain shone like a Christmas Angel.¬† “Ohhh dearest die cuts, how could I have forgotten about you, my darlings?¬† You are perfection” I said lovingly to the die cuts – like some weirdo.

So … I made a card with them!¬† Other than this (wordy) introduction, there’s not much to say about this card because it kind of tells its own story as you look at the photos, so without further ado …¬† may I present …¬† Flowers for my Friend …. [round of applause can be heard as the curtain goes up¬† …¬†¬† stops halfway,¬† . . .¬† a whirring, grinding noise can be heard,¬† but then¬†¬† . . .¬†¬† with a bit of fiddling,¬† up it finally rises] . .

Flowers for my Friend A Feature
I had to hold the card in one of those big peg things,¬†¬† that’s what you can just see at the bottom there.¬† It’s not my fingers, ’cause those are fatter than that peg. {snigger}

The outside of the card is a pretty card but it’s also pretty ‘normal’.¬† However … it’s the inside where the action is, for this card is meant to be displayed open.

Flowers for my Friend 1
When you open the card there’s a lot more going on than you might think from the outside.¬† {kind of like my good self … only in my case there’s a lot less going on than you hope for}
Flowers for my Friend 5
As you move the card around you get to see different things which you might not have noticed before .
Flowers for my Friend  4
Ta daaaah!  Like magic!  You can now see how the individual layers of how the card works.
Flowers for my Friend 6
Looking from the other side
Flowers for my Friend 7
Slightly blurry in places.¬† The camera has a self focusing thing and wanted to focus on those pansies.¬† In the end I gave up fighting with it and let it do whatever it darn well liked, because it wasn’t going to let me win.

And a final look at the front again, just incase you’ve forgotten what it looked like

Flowers for my Friend final
See … told you it wasn’t my fingers holding the card! {pulls out tongue and waggles it}

And that’s all there is to it!

Ok … let’s get down and dirty now

The HEAT.¬† The TEMPERATURE HERE IS ALL WRONG.¬† IT’S TOO,¬† TOOOOOOOO¬† HOT!!¬† I feel dirty all the time and I don’t like dirty.¬†¬† Mr. Cobs thinks I’ve developed one of those OCD things¬† … I keep washing my hands, and arms, right up to the elbows, because it’s such horrid, sticky weather.

Now don’t get me wrong…¬† I’m not complaining about the Summer, nor the fabulous Sunshine. But surely there is no need to roast a Cobweb in this unseemly fashion?

I’m sat here with the ceiling fan on at full throttle.¬† I have a large desk top fan on the coffee table, doing its gentle wave, back and forth, like the Queen waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.¬† And … I have a large air coolant machine, (which is darned noisy but worth the noise) in the hallway, facing into the living room, so that all my fur pals can keep cool.

Our living room, and leading halfway into the hallway, looks like the aftermath of a murder scene right now.¬† Four bodies are waiting for forensic Science to come and put white tape around them,¬† take swabs, and hairs and … whatever else they do in those white J-Cloth suits which they wear.¬†¬†

Three Cats and one rather rotund Dog,¬† who has a big, chubby pink belly which I like to blow raspberries on because it makes her wriggle and snuff,¬† (but enough of my peccadilloes),¬† are all¬† looking, for all intents and purposes, like dead things.¬† I’d love to take a photo, but the minute I turn the darn thing on these four all know that little noise which the camera makes and they all sit up to see what the divil I’m up to now.¬† So I won’t photograph them, I’ll leave them to rest, because they need it.¬† If I’m too hot and I only have three items of clothing on, then these wonderful creatures are way hotter because they’re all wearing fur coats!

Oh look at me rambling on.¬† It’s the heat.¬† It’s addled that one last remaining brain cell.¬† I shall shut up – except to say …¬† Have a wonderful Wednesday.¬† Do something nice for someone else today.¬† Give them one of your smiles.¬† Tell someone you’ve never met before, that they look pretty/handsome/striking/attractive ¬† .. anything nice. Lovely.¬† Anything to bring them joy.¬† By doing so, I promise you’ll get far more joy in return.¬† Go on.¬† Do something nice for someone else today.¬† I dares ya!

Have a  blessed day my friends.  Thank you for coming to share a coffee with me round the kitchen table.    Heaps of love  to you and yours ~

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Thank you for the Bluebells!

In the cottage where Mr. Cobs and I used to live we had a HUGEmongous back garden.  A tiny postage stamp sized front garden, but the back garden was fabulous.

We lived in that cottage for around 30 years, and I always said that I’d never leave it.¬† However, what’s that saying about the best laid¬† ‘schemes of mice and men’¬† often going awry?¬† My plan for never leaving the cottage totally changed when our youngest daughter got married and moved to the end of the planet.¬† (Well no, not quite, it was only to the end of the country – but it felt like another planet altogether).¬† She missed us, and the dogs, and the cats ….¬† and … oh, everything!¬† This missing us was making her dreadfully miserable, even though we travelled to see her and she to see us.¬† Eventually we made the big decision that we’d sell up and move to live near her and our new son-in-law.

We’d said many, many years ago (when we were young and full of pie in the sky ideas) that maybe, possibly, perhaps,¬† one day we might like to live by the sea, but we’d long forgotten that, and besides which, we’d grown older and less inclined to ‘up-sticks’.¬† But anyway,¬† … our cottage was sold, and we bought a new place near our daughter and son-in-law and moved lock, stock and … all our animals.¬†

The long distance move was quite an ‘experience’but I’ll save that amusing, hair-raising tale for another day.

We’ve made friends with our new neighboursall of them are just the most lovely folks, and we’re really settling in here in our new home and it’s feeling more like ‘us’.

I happened to admire some bluebells in one of my neighbours gardens, telling her how I missed the bluebells in my old garden.¬† So she did no more than …¬† gave me some of hers!¬† I was beside myself with thanks to her.¬† Mr. Cobs planted them in the rear garden and … the dog thought they were a new place to pee and killed the darn things.

My neighbour gave us some more some weeks ago.  This time we planted bundles of them in the garden to the front of our new cottage, and just a few in the rear garden (and are keeping a close eye on the dog!).

The bluebells looked a little limp and very sad.¬† All the leaves were just lying around on the ground like wilted things and I honestly thought we were going to lose them all.¬† But suddenly … a spike appeared.¬† Then another.¬† And another¬† and …. they looked like they were going to flower!¬† AND …¬† joy of joys …¬† … THEY DID!¬† They all began to flower.

I decided that I’d make a ‘Thank You’ card for my neighbour, and would take some photographs of the little bluebells for her, to include in the card.

So this, dear reader, is the story of how this card came to be, and how I went about making it.

Hand painted by Cobs.
Hand painted by Cobs.

I wanted the card to be very personal.¬† Something where the ‘elements’ were a little more personal so that my neighbour would see that this really was a thank you from my heart.¬† I began by painting a little bundle of bluebells – in a very light-hearted, kind of country style / folksy art way.¬† (Country / folk art style painting is so much more friendly and less ‘formal’, don’t you think?).

Then I tried something I’ve never done before ….¬† making felt flowers.

I made some bluebells from felt, wire and florist tape, then set this on one side for later.
I made some bluebells from felt, wire and florist tape, then set this on one side for later.

I’d chosen to make a 6″x6″ white card as a base, and mat and layer onto the front of the card with something fresh and pretty as a background.

I stitched around the card I'd chosen for matting and layering on the card stock, in zig zag stitching.
I stitched around the card I’d chosen for matting and layering on the card stock, in zig zag stitching.

Fashionistas always say you shouldn’t mix spots and stripes.¬† I say … ‘do whatever feels good’.¬† So I matched spotty card with gingham! (see above photo – the gingham is down in the left corner).

I stitched around the watercolour card in straight stitch, on the sewing machine.
I stitched around the watercolour card in straight stitch, on the sewing machine.

I cut a slightly larger than the card size piece of green Organza ….

Green Organza, which I hand stitched a running stitch and then pulled on the end to gather the Organza up a little to make it look a little bit scrunched and folded, behind the card.
Green Organza, into which I hand sewed a running stitch and then pulled on the ends of he thread to gather the Organza up a little to make it look a bit scrunched and folded, behind the card.
Showing you the white base card, with the gingham mounted on top.
Showing you the white base card, with the gingham mounted on top.

Before I layered the spotty card onto the gingham, I distressed the edges and then using a duster brush, to give the card a more vintage feel, using some warm brown ink from a StazOn ink pad.

See the 'gathered'/folded organza?   I added a rough cut piece of muslin behind the painted bluebells, and added some deep blue paper ribbon, which I wrapped around the watercolour card twice and added the bow.   I then added some cotton lace to the bottom of the card.
See the ‘gathered’/folded organza?
I added a rough cut piece of muslin behind the painted bluebells, and added some deep blue paper ribbon, which I wrapped around the watercolour card twice and added the bow.
I then added some cotton lace to the bottom of the card.

Then it was time for me to build the idea I’d had when I first thought of making this very special thank you card.

I knew I wanted it to have a vintage feel, to almost feel like it came from the 40’s or 50’s.¬† I chose all my flowers, and knew that I had some wooden plant markers in my craft room somewhere … finding them was going to be the tricky part.¬† Would you believe it!¬† I found them in the very first place I looked!¬† (That NEVER happens normally!)

My very most favourite part of card making ...  adding the 'decorations'.
My very most favourite part of card making … adding the ‘decorations’.

I added the little nest with the three bird eggs, by using my hot glue gun.¬† It’s a very light weight decoration, so doesn’t make the card heavy.¬† The flowers are all from my stash and bought from various places.

The little dragonfly is a metal, Tibetan Silver embellishment. The white fuzzy ‘flowers’ you see are a type of Gypsophila, which I’ve only recently discvered and absolutely love them. They make things so pretty, and give so much more depth to a floral ‘arrangement’ on a card.

The wooden plant sticks are blank – but you can change that really simply by either writing on them yourself (if you have a steady hand) or … choose a font on your computer, print the word(s) out that you wish to have on your plant stick and simply glue the word onto it!

Close up of the tiny boots.
Close up of the tiny boots.

The two Wellington boots are metal, Tibetan Silver, and actually do stand up all by themselves!  I hung them on some silver chain Рleftover from my days of jewellery making, and added the Rayon Seam Binding bow, in a deep blue colour.

I’d made the card so that it was a pocket card (with an easel stand to the back so that it stood up all by itself), and made two tags for inside the pocket.¬† One was to be a bookmark, and the other was for photographs and the dedication (the ‘to’, ‘from’ etc).

Showing one side of the Tags
Showing one side of the Tags

You can click on any/all of these photographs and they’ll open up to a much bigger photo which you can see a little more easily if you wish.

One side of the bookmark
One side of the bookmark

The bookmark is double-sided.¬† On this side (shown above) I’ve used two stamps from the ‘Floral Sentiments’ Vintage Collection which I stamped in black, and also another stamp called ‘Parchment Script’ made by Image Tree, which I embossed using Gold embossing powder.¬† I also stamped two tiny butterflies from a collection by Cavallini, which I embossed using Copper Kettle embossing powder.

The other side of the tags
The other side of the tags

On the reverse side of the larger tag I stamp some card with a Postcard stamp (by Urban), which is where I wrote the ‘to ….. from ….’ –¬† and on the reverse side of the bookmark; I computer made the little picture of the bunch of bluebells teamed with part of a poem written by Anne Bronte‚Ä≤.

If you click on this photograph it will open up into a much bigger view, and you’ll be able to read the poem.

Click on the photo ‚ÜϬ† to make it bigger – but don’t forget to click ‘back’ to come back again!

The photographs mounted onto the larger tag
The photographs mounted onto the larger tag

I took a handful of photographs of the bluebells blooming in my garden, chose the best three, then resized them on my computer to make them smaller, and kind of cuter, and added them to the one side of the larger tag.¬† Oh … I forgot to say¬† . . . ¬† I stamped that word¬† ‘Photographs’ – using a Tim Holtz stamp.

Close up of the photographs.   click on the photo to make it bigger - but remember to click 'back' to continue reading
Close up of the photographs.
click on the photo to make it bigger – but remember to click ‘back’ to continue reading

Obviously, a card with a bird’s nest on the front isn’t going to fit into an envelope!¬† I had to make a deep box …..


I didn’t want to make the box in the same colours,¬† but I did want the box and card to ‘speak’ to each other and have things in common¬† . . .¬† so I used dotty card – only this time in deep purple, and stamped all around the outside of the box with bird themed stamps.¬† Bird Nests.¬† Bird Houses, Dove Cotes.¬† Birds on nests in branches ….¬† etc.¬† And just for a bit of fun, I added the little resin birds nest to the lid of the box.¬† I added the little topper of a Garden Shed and made the bunting from scraps of different colours of dotty card, hand stamped with the letters from the alphabet to spell out ‘THANK YOU’.

Do you remember those felt bluebells I made, right at the start?¬† Well … there they are.¬† On that box lid.

A close up of the felt bluebells.
A close up of the felt bluebells.

The colours of the bluebells aren’t actually quite as shocking as in the photographs of them.¬† The flash obviously surprised them and make them a little more flamboyant than they really are.¬† lol.


When I took the card over to my neighbour, she was absolutely thrilled with it, but as surprised as surprised could be that I’d made the card myself.¬† She exclaimed …. You made this??”¬†¬† …¬† then a few moments later¬† …¬† “And you actually made this??”¬† ….¬† then¬† ….¬† “I can’t believe you made this.¬† It’s wonderful!” …¬† … which I didn’t take offence at, I just giggled my head off.¬† (Although I do wonder what I look like I make in my craft room¬† People probably think I make a mess more than I make anything else!¬† LOL …¬† Hmm,¬† actually, looking at my craft room – they’d be right! eek!)


Well that’s it.¬† That’s the story of this card, and how it came to be.¬† OH!¬† I nearly forgot to tell you …¬† my neighbour said:¬† “You couldn’t have brought this on a better day…¬† it’s my Birthday tomorrow!”.¬† Awww, I was filled with fun bubbles when she said this.¬† She would have an extra card on the shelf!

Thank you SO much for coming to visit.¬† I love seeing and chatting with you all via comments.¬† It makes blog land such a wonderful place to be in.¬† I’ve made some really fabulous friends and blogging buddies, and I never guessed that I would when I first began this blog, just over a year ago.¬† So thank you for making this dotty old card makers days even more brilliant!

Sending love, and wishing you all …. a truly blessed rest of your day!

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