I was nominated by the terrific Teresa at  Craftowne Cottage  for the Liebster Award!  How kind is she?, and how fabulous is that!  😀

The Rules of the Award are as follows:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award. 
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.  
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.  
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Notify those blogs of the nomination.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

The questions which Teresa set for me to answer were:

 1.  What is your hobby?

I craft.,  is the short answer.  The longer answer is:  I paint (in various mediums and on any surface which sits still long enough), make hand-made cards, scrapbook, sculpt, recycle, up-cycle, and all sorts of other things, but I’ll stop here so that I don’t bore anyone.

2.  What advice would you give someone trying to find a hobby?

First discover what you like in other people’s hobbies.  Then choose the thing you’d most love to have a go at yourself.  But remember:  Being good at anything doesn’t happen the first time you try, so just enjoy yourself.  Blog your results if you can – as we are all our own worst critics, so getting feedback from other crafters or like-minded folk will help you, and they may even suggest something you haven’t thought of trying before.

3.  How old were you when you discovered your talent?

I seem to have been born ‘crafty’.  I don’t remember exactly when it started, I just know that I loved making.  (Even if it was making something out of empty cereal packets!)

4.  Your favourite place to shop?

Wherever I happen to find something I’m totally thrilled to bits at finding – and especially so if it’s a great price!

5.  Most visited blog?

OOooh… now this is a tough one.  I visit many, and love all of them.  But to choose one above any other would just be so wrong – as it would be like telling the other blogs that they come a close second.  None of the blogs come second.  They’re all really top class blogs, and all so very different.

6.  Favourite season

I have two.  Autumn and Spring.

7.  Do you prefer the ocean or the mountains?

The Ocean is my love.   To walk along a beach in that special magical place where the sea meets the shore and you feel the cool sand beneath your feet, while the sea gently rolls over your toes,  …  it’s that place which totally  bewitches me and fills me with a joy that only nature can supply.  The sea casts a beautiful spell over me and claims a part of my heart like only it can.

8.  What is one of your favourite quotes?

Oh, that one’s easy!  It’s this:

9.  What’s your favourite book?

I have too many to list.  But I do have a very special ‘favourite’ book:  . . .   it’s the one I’ve had ‘buzzing’ around my brain for years, and which I’m about to begin writing.

10. Truck, Car, or Jeep?

Most definitely a Car, and absolutely the most luxury one I could buy, (if I ever win the Lottery).  I don’t want ‘built for speed’, –  I would love (if money were no object) a car which is built for sublime comfort.  (I’d also like a suited, hat wearing, chauffeur – like Parker, who drives Miss Penelope about (in Thunderbirds)).

11. Coffee/tea to go or sit and chill for a bit?

Coffee – (and a plentiful supply)  in the morningand one cup at 4pm in the afternoon.

From midday onwards:   sugar free tonic water & ice, in a tall glass, with a straw please.

As for  ‘sit and chill for a bit’:   …  aaaany time you like!

Give 11 random facts about yourself.

1…I am the shortest adult in my family

2.  I can play a couple of instruments  – just not terribly well.

3.  I love really great chocolate.  (The good stuff … and never Cadbury chocolate anymore.  I have no idea what the heck they’ve done to the recipe of that once great magical chocolate, but now its awful.  You can put a chocolate button on your tongue and hold it there in you mouth, waiting for it to melt.  BUT  it doesn’t melt anymore.  It sits, on your tongue, keeping it’s shape and feeling like a sort of jelly type substance.  Horrid.  Horrid.  Horrid.)

4.  I adore home-baked ‘goodies’.  Bread,  Cakes, Biscuits, Flans, sweet or savoury things.  Anything.  So long as it’s home baked.  You can feel, see and almost taste the love which has gone into a home-baked item.

5.  My best ever holiday was during my pregnancy with daughter No.2.  We went to Cromer, taking my mum, daughter No.1 and my mums dog,  and, obviously, Mr. Cobs and I.  Cromer is a place in Norfolk, and we’d rented a little cottage there.  We had such a really wonderful time that I’d love to re-live it.

6.  I like to do things for others,  something which makes them smile, or gives them joy, or instills a feeling of hope, where perhaps they could only feel desperation and sadness.  I’m told I have empathy.

7.  I’m a very private person, and in part this is the reason for the non-de-plume/pen-name.  I was stalked by someone on-line.  It was a very nasty experience, and the person who did this got SO annoyed that I wouldn’t share my surname and my address with them that they attempted to find my address by using  bits of information they’d garnered from things they’d seen me say on a website I used to be a member of.  It began to feel very dangerous and scared me stupid.  I left the site and have never been back.  However now, I don’t give my real name or address to anyone on the internet.  You never know who you might be talking to.

8.  I love to be stroked.  Aaaaaanywhere you like.  Stroke me and it leaves me totally ‘useless’.  My whole body just gives up.  Aahhh but it’s   B.L.I.S.S.  🙂

9.  I’m really shy.  I know… I don’t come across on my blog as shy … but here, I can be anything I want to be … Super Woman! (yeah right)  Hero of the Year. (In another Universe) Photograph appearing in all the best magazines. (ha!) Truth is you won’t find a photo of me in any publication and although I’m happy to step in and be a ‘hero’ by helping someone, anyone, as soon as it’s ok I will disappear.  I don’t want thanks for things I do.  I do them because I’m a human being, and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s what humans are supposed to do.  We are meant to help each other.  Not hate, pick faults, poke fun at,  beat the you know what out of or, indeed, blow other people up!   We just have to love each other and help each other.  This is the way it’s supposed to be!  I don’t see what’s difficult about that or why some people seem unable to see that.  It’s SO simple!

10. I can’t live without a dog in my life.

11. I LOVE British TV dramas.  Period dramas, Detective dramas, Atmospheric dramas, Historic dramas, … anything.  Just give me a comfy chair and a drama and I’ll sit there quietly while you burgle my house.  Also love Comedy Dramas.  Comedy is ‘me’.

Now I have to . . .    Nominate 11 blogs

  1.  Notable Nest
  2. A Peace of Life
  3. Ms.Rabbit
  4. Kindergarten Knowledge
  5. Mary J Melange
  6. The Snail of Happiness
  7. Unmeasured Journeys
  8. Create with Barb
  9. Jill Ruth and Co
  10. Ruthies Crafting Corner
  11. Watching the Daisies

My Questions for you:

  1. Is there one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but still haven’t done it?
  2. What is your guilty pleasure?
  3. Who would be your dream dinner date?
  4. Do you have a favourite film?
  5. Do you have a favourite TV programme?
  6. If you were given a badge saying:  ‘In Charge Of the World  but only for 60 seconds’  …  what law would you pass or what change would you make in that 60 seconds?
  7. You found an oriental looking, corked bottle on a beach.  You uncork it and out pops a Genie.  He/She grants you 3 wishes.  Tell me your three wishes.  (no wishing for another wish or two either!)
  8. What drew you into the blogging world?
  9. Which do you prefer: writing and posting a blog post;  or  reading other peoples blog posts?
  10. You’re invited to a posh dinner, this evening.  What are you hoping will be served as your Starter?
  11. … and finally …  What is the one thing, above any other, which you just cannot eat, not even if someone offered you a thousand pounds/dollars just to eat a small piece of?
Don’t forget your random facts, and your nominations too.  (see the award rules at the top of this post).

Please note: If your blog is award free please accept
this nomination as a compliment to your blog without
any obligation.

My thanks again to Teresa at  Craftowne Cottage.  This has been such fun to do!

Thank you also to you, for coming for a visit and having a read.  Bless you, I love you for it.

Have a  blessed, wonderful,  Wednesday. 









I spy with my little eye: a Chat Noir upon a Mer de Bleu!

Did you ‘get’ it?  Did you?  eh?  If you didn’t then it’s probably because you don’t remember the school  lessons in basic French.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone,  … I don’t remember that much about those lessons either.  Although I do remember:  ‘La plume de ma tante est dans le jardin’.  What a useless bit of French was that?  How on earth was I going to use that in every day talking?  My aunt would never have left her pen in the garden, because if she had, one of her three children would have squirreled it away and produced it in a quiet moment when she wasn’t looking, and the hall walls were ready for a hand drawn masterpiece on them.


I’m really honoured, very flattered, and, I admit, a little bit embarrassed, about receiving 3 awards in 3 weeks.  And I’m so sorry if I’m boring everyone to pieces with little snippets of ‘me’ all over the place, but I promise that this is the final of the three awards, – so after this you’ll be so full of ‘Cobs’ you won’t want to hear from me for weeks-on-end until you’ve finally filtered all the ‘Cobs’ through your system, past your kidneys and … well  you know how your internal system works,  so we’ll leave it right there shall we?  [nod & a wink].

A blogger who I just adore,  The Chicken Grandma  nominated me for the Black Cat Blue Sea award.  I apparently one of the people who, she said (and I quote)  “made me think, they have made me laugh out loud, they have inspired me but most of all they have made me wish I could meet them in person”  …  Now I have to say that she might have been suffering a moment of ‘delusion’ when it came to nominating me, but she can’t take it away now ’cause I have it in writing!  [nods firmly as if to seal the deal].  Thank you Chicken for honouring me in this way.  Bless your beautiful heart.

Anyhoo .. the rules are as follows:


Ok .. that seems simple enough, even for a person of little brain and bad headache like me.  We’ll begin with the questions that The Chicken Grandma asked me to answer:

1. How do you find your inspiration for a blog post?

Well, the obvious answer is my crafting.  Whatever I make will inspire the blog post.  However … I don’t just blog about crafts, so, in truth, it’s my life which gives me the inspiration.  Things happen, good and not so good, and when they happen I tend to try to look for the either the silver lining, or the humour in the situation, and from that comes the inspiration.  I love fun.  Not to the exclusion of anything else you understand.  But I love the fun which lightens the days.  Fun which is harmless to anyone else.  You’ll never find me having fun at someone elses expense for example.  If there is to be someone who is the brunt of my fun then it’s me.  But I’m in my element when I can share the fun with someone else.  I have a little handful of bloggers (yes YOU know who YOU are) who have that same little streak of naughtiness running through them.  A kind of gentle rascal naughtiness.  Something like two girls giggling in the corner of the playground, and no one really knows what they’re giggling about, but everyone DOES know that it’s totally harmless, not offensive or rude and just simply two minds going on a carnival ride together.

2. What do you enjoy most about where you call home?

Oh, well that ones easy! ...  Mr Cobs, my dog, my cats, my rabbit, and my chickens are all there.  Oh … and my craft room is in the garden.  umm…  Did I mention my craft room?   Or as my friend calls it:  The ‘executive art annexe’.  (Posh friend with just a hint of crazy and an extremely large dash of fun. lol).

3. What is your favourite thing to do?

Oh heck … I have lots of things I love to do .. but I have to tie it down to one … lemme think for a moment …..  hmm..  It seems to be the simple pleasures that I enjoy the most – so I’ll choose ….. Visiting the sea.  The sea is just a few minutes away from our home, and I love to visit just to sit and look and watch it.  To feel it’s power and yet it’s gentleness.  The sound of the sea is a music like no other.

Sitting with the sea cleanses my mind and my soul and seems to slow down my pulse and heart rate.  It allows me to stop thinking and instead, let another power take control.

Right – that’s the questions answered,  …. now I need to name 7 blogs I want to pass this award onto, and set them three questions of my own … here goes…

Gail at Truly Jewellery and Crafts

Sarah at The Handmade Card Blog

My Paper Rose Garden

Paintbox Mum

Imagine Blog

Puddle Side Musings

Linda Simpson Crafty Piece of Heaven

And my  3  questions for these people to answer are as follows:

  1. If you won a prize for a crafty item or craft related ‘goody’ … what would you really want that prize to be … and why?
  2. If you were asked to demonstrate how you made a particular thing … for one of the main Craft channels on TV … would you say yes? and .. what item would you demonstrate that you’ve already made?  (Give us all a link to that too, so that we can share the enjoyment).
  3. You’re going to be stranded on an island all by yourself, for one week.  What 5   (only FIVE)  crafty items would you take with you?  Or ... would you take none and just enjoy the total peace and quiet?

And that, as they say, is all there is to it.  BUT … if any of the people I’ve named for nomination of this award choose not to accept the award then that’s absolutely fine and groovy.  No one is under any obligation to accept the award or to answer the questions.

Thank you again to my fabulous Chicken Grandma for nominating me for this award. I’m honoured, and so blessed to know her.  Please go and check out her blog (see the link towards the head of this post), and get to know her.  She’s an absolute delight and makes me smile so very much.  Her blog posts are such an enjoyment to read.  Go check her out.

Well today is Monday So let’s get this week off to a great start, shall we?  Could you, do you think, do just one act of random kindness today?  Could you perhaps buy a little bunch of flowers and give them to a neighbour, just to make them smile?  Perhaps give a sweet card to someone to bring cheer into their life?  How about making a cake for someone?  Or even buying a pack of biscuits?  One of my most favourite things to do where I used to live was something I called  ‘Get your neighbour fat day’ … while out shopping I’d buy a couple of cakes from the bakery department and have them packed singularly so that I could take one to one of my lady neighbours, and the other cake to another.  I’d sometimes stand on their doorstep singing:  “A very happy UnBirthday to you . . . “ (from Alice in Wonderland).  Which made them hoot.

Go on, give it a go.  Do a random act of kindness for someone.  You don’t have to spend any money if you can’t…  you could pray for the next person who passes you in the street.  Or you could simply share a smile.  Sometimes it takes the smallest act of kindness to change a persons day,  or even their whole life.

You really are the greatest bunch of folks, y’know, and if I could give you one thing in life it would be to see yourself through my eyes.  Only then would you know how incredibly special you are to me.

So .. come on Team!   Let’s do it to them before they do it to us!  (a kindness that is).

Sending you a wish for a truly magnificent Monday.



How Versatile am I? I wonder . . .

I was thrilled down to my boots a few days ago to be nominated for another award, this time The Versatile Blogger award!  I’m Versatile?  WOW!  Who knew?!

I was nominated by the wonderful Mrs. Craftwho’s blog you can find by clicking on her name.  Thank you SO much Mrs. Craft.  I’m honoured that you thought of me and nominated me.  I hope I do you proud and live up to your expectations.

To accept the award I have to tell you 7 facts about me.  Prepare yourself to be bored:

  1. I’m not just one  age.  I’m three.  I’m the age you can work me out to be using my birth certificate (a bit younger than dirt);  . . .   I’m the age I never actually progressed past (around 27);   . . . and I’m the age of my inner child – which is around 7/8 years old.
  2. I am a  100%  believer in the words which are painted on a wooden sign which hangs outside my bedroom door – hung there so that it’s one of the first things I see every single morning.  It reads:  DO  SOMETHING  YOU  LOVE  EVERYDAY.   And I really do make sure I do!
  3. I’m ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD, NOT EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPENDED UPON IT …  at building ANYTHING with Lego bricks.  My Grandson, Little Cobs, will bring his Lego box from out of his bedroom here in Grammy and Grandad’s home, open it, and then bring  a specially selected assortment of bricks to me, with the instruction for me to build something incredible.  He knows now that he’s on to a loser.  I’m more than useless at this task.  But I think he continues to bring me bricks in the hope of eventually making a silk purse out of a sows ear in Lego terms.
  4. I have never managed to keep a potted plant alive for more than (roughly) around three weeks(ish).  I’ve tried really hard but I just can’t do it.  I either over-water them and drown the poor darlings.  Or I don’t water them enough and they just give up the will to live.
  5. I look ridiculous in hats.  But I love light weight scarves, pashminas and shawls and have a collection/selection of them.
  6. I love nail varnish and have jars and jars of it  …   but I can only eat a small jar a day.  (tut tut – be serious Cobs! ….) …  Although I adore painted finger-nails, I rarely have them because I craft, and because of that I more often than not, end up peeling away the beautifully applied nail varnish with the blob of glue which has dried on my nails, or the double-sided adhesive strip which stuck to my nails.  [sigh]  But I rather like painted toe nails.  My feet ‘flirt’ when the toe nails are painted.  I’m rather sad that the end of summer has come because I’ll have to change my favourite summer nail colours to something more in keeping with the season.
  7. I ADORE period costume dramas on TV …  and am totally enthralled with ‘Victoria‘ (about Queen Victoria) written by Daisy Goodwin (such a good writer) which is currently on TV here in the UK.  (sorry if you’re outside the UK, but watch out for it coming to your country and give it a go – for at least two episodes – so that you get a feel for it)


Are you still awake at the back there?

Finally ..

I have to nominate 10 blogs who, in my opinion, are versatile and a darn good read.  This was easy.  There are so many blogs which I adore reading, I just had to narrow it down to ten.  (That was the difficult bit).

Aunt Beulah

Craft and other Crazy Plans

The Frugal Crafter

Puddle Side Musings

Imagine Crafts Blog

A Rottweiler at the Cottage on the Green

The Rabbit Patch

What I’m up to Today

The Handmade Card Blog

In order to accept and display the award the award on your blog, you have a little bunch of things to do.  The instructions for these were passed on to me. Those are:

  • You have to thank the person who nominated you and place a link to their blog on your own blog, so that people can kind of track the award and see where it first came from.
  • You also have to name 10 Blogs (and give links to those blogs) who are versatile and interesting. (If you have trouble naming 10 then name as many up to ten, as possible).



  • If you are one of the bloggers named as being one I’ve nominated, please know …  if you feel that you’d really rather not take part in this nomination, then you have no obligation to do so.  You can simply choose not to accept the award and so not have to share 7 facts about yourself, nor nominate other bloggers who you yourself follow, for this award.

Well look at that …  TWO AWARDS IN ONE WEEK!  Shall I let you into a little secret . . .  I’ve been nominated for another one!  –GASP!–  I know!   It’s like waiting for a bus…  nothing comes, and it’s pouring down with rain, freezing cold, you have a headache and your feet ache in those shoes … then suddenly … THREE TURN UP AT ONCE!

I am such a lucky girl, and I thank each person for nominating The Cobweborium Emporium blog.  It’s such a great honour for someone to think about nominating our blog here.  What I think I like most about being nominated for an award for our blog here is that I get the chance to share blogs I follow and show you what others are doing, by nominating their blogs.

Please, do click on the names I’ve listed (they’re all clickable links which will open in another tab) and check them out, and maybe ‘like’ their posts and even leave a kind comment – let’s share all the love we have here all over blog land!

Have a truly blessed Thursday, whatever you’re doing.  Just  . . .  remember to stop and make a memory today.

Sending love to all ~

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Happiness, the greatest gift.

Ten days ago I was nominated for an award for this ‘ere blog of mine ours ’cause it’s not just mine, it’s yours too.  (Yes, you have to take the blame also).

The incredible Mrs. P from The Cottage on the Green (aka Craft Odyssey)  who I absolutely love to pieces,   –  (Mrs.P is someone like me, she too has very funny bones)  –  nominated me for the Happiness Tag – because, she says, I make her happy.  I’m funny?!  HA!  Who knew?!  I thought I kept that part of me well hidden, but it obviously creeps out when I’m not looking and makes folks happy.  (or is it that people laugh  at  me?  Hmmm… I might have to think about that one.  Sadly my one brain cell is busy typing this post at the moment so I don’t have any available memory.  I’ll have to think about it another day).

So .. as I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself ... I’ve been nominated for the Happiness Tag and in order to officially accept the award I am to tell you 5 things which make me happy.  5?  FIVE??  Only FIVE???  Oh.  My.  Dog!  How on earth am I going to be able to pick just FIVE?

Well, lets see…  I’ll start with the obvious – Mr. Cobs, Little Cobs (Grandson), Being Alive, My Dog, My Cats,   ….  oh, but that’s 5 already and I haven’t even got started yet.

Let me try a different 5:  My blog.  My Blogging Friends (aw they certainly make me happy.  Half the time I’m sat on my side of the ‘puter screen hooting with laughter and trying not to leak! My eyes people, my EYES!  [sigh].  Some folk!,  in the gutter, looking up at the stars!). Shopping.  Crafting. Living by the Sea.  Oh heck…. there’s another 5!

Lemme try this again FIVE, COBS, JUST FIVE GOOD ONES!:   My Faith.  My Memories.  Old Photographs.  My Wedding Dress and Wedding Album.  No, that’s five.

Try againMy Children –  before they turned into teenagers because before that ‘teenager’ time,  I was a Super-Hero in my children’s eyes.  I could cook;  bake;  make;  teach;  love;  cure;  befriend;  solve problems;   read the best stories;  make stories up from nothing;  paint;  create;  juggle;  do magic;  make a wish come true;  Google has nothing on me, for I was The Oracle and knew the answer to every question they asked.  I could organise a party within hours;  make costumes for the school play out of apparently no supplies,   and  .. oh all manner of Super-Hero Mom stuff.

Darn it  … see my brain went off on  journey of memories there.   CONCENTRATE COBS!

Let’s see if I  can do it with the aid of pictures …

 This next picture with its caption comes remarkably close to the truth regarding what I saw Himself doing on Saturday morning (Saturday 24th Sept.) . . . .


...  as I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower, his last words to me were:  “I’m going to garden vac all those pine needles which have fallen in the garden”.  And he did.  Well done that man!

However … when I returned some minutes later after taking a shower and getting dressed,  …  he’d finished in the garden and was so happy doing his ‘job’ that obviously felt he hadn’t played nearly enough with his power tool so he’d moved into the conservatory with that same Garden Vacuum,  and was sucking up the pine needles he’d walked into the house, …  the mat at the door …  and the rug in the middle, which he’d complained about the price of when I bought it… and yet, here he was, using the Garden Vac on the darn thing!  (I cross my heart – he really did Garden Vac the conservatory!).

One down, four to go ..










And from the cat …










SO  want to do this,  just for the giggles

NUMBER 5    …  Little Cobs ~ My GRANDSON.

I know I could sit here and tap out a gazillion words about Little Cobs, but most of you have heard them all before and you know that inside this little boy is a spark which ignites a flame of pure, unadulterated love and happiness within me, which makes my heart sing and my mind explode into symphony of musical flowers.  Little Cobs is just 5 years old and has Cerebral Palsy and Autism.  For a little dot of a child, he’s a massive blessing in my life. 

I have already blogged about some of the albums I’ve made for him, but there is one album which I’m making just for him, which has some ‘magic’ about it, – because he loves magical wonderment.  He loves that I can make up stories on the spur of the moment which have their own characters and some built-in wonderment which make his eyes twinkle and sparkle with delight.  The book/album I’m putting together has a theme to it of “Wishes”.  Wishes I make for him, (which you’ll see in this short video of delight from Duirwaigh), and these wishes are all there in a mix which includes dragons and fairies and things which delight and entrance him.  Yes, Little Cobs is absolutely my biggest Happy of all.

If you’re still reading and haven’t wandered off yet, then here’s where it gets interesting.

I have to now pass this award onto 5 other bloggers, but they have to be bloggers which make me happy.  It’s taken me days to manage to get this down to five, because all of the blogs I follow make me so happy that I’m impossible to deal with after visiting them.  Apparently, Mr. Cobs says, that it’s like I’ve been on E numbers for 24 hours.   But the rules say only 5 – so here goes….

The Chicken Grandma

Mollie and Claire

Kim Styles Cards

Paper Puff

Artisan Duck

I’ve nominated these blogs because the ‘owners’ are wonderful people who bring me much joy.  But – nominated people:  … if you’ve had too many nominations and don’t want to take part then there is absolutely no requirement to do so.

If however, you do want to take part … then you just have to tell your readers 5 things which make you happy.  You don’t have to go round fishing for pictures, or anything like that.  You can just make a list of five simple things (eg:  Biscuits/Cake/Partner/Climbing Mountains/Bungee Jumping)  … and that’s it.  Then you have to name five  other blogs to pass the tag to also  … and ... once you’re done, you get to display the very wonderful (well ok’ish’) Happiness Tag (below) on your blog, which I made specially for everyone because I couldn’t find the right link to the tag, so I made a whole new, exclusive tag just for us to use.  (you can size it down to fit in the side bar on your blog. I just left it big so that you could see it).


Thank you for coming and spending some time with me.  I so enjoy your company – more than you’ll ever realise.  And … when you comment, it really is like having my friends round the kitchen table for a coffee and giggle.  I so love talking to you all and have got to know many of you as if you were here with me.  It’s amazing what chatting in blog land can do.  I’ve found it to be a very happy place with wonderful readers who have turned into friends.

Have a wonderful day out there…  and …  be good to yourself,   and each other.

Sending my love to you in your corner, from me here in mine.

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The Infinity Dreams Award

I’m completely tickled pink and totally thrilled from my head down to my toes to have been nominated by Hannah of Hannahbanana Crafts for The Infinity Dreams Award.  I’ve never been nominated for an award before so this is such an honour, and to be nominated by Hannah is mind-blowing as she’s someone I respect highly, and is so very lovely and far more deserving that I. I love her to pieces for who she is and how she is.

She’s multi-talented and a truly adorable lady, so please do go and check out her blog (simply click the link in her Blog site name in the above paragraph).  If you’re a mum with younger children, then you’ll likely find something which will entertain your little darlings during the Summer School Holidays, which are going to happen in just a few weeks time.

Hannah, thank you so much for nominating me.  I’m honouredThank you my fabulous blogging friend.  Love ~ Cobs. x

infinity-dreams blog-awardThe rules for the Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.
  2. Post the award badge and rules.
  3. Tell 11 facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  5. Nominate 11 other bloggers and set questions for them.

Ok,  … I’ve already managed No.1, and No.2 … so far so good.  Now I’ve got to deal with number 3.

11 Facts About Myself

  1. I was born at a very early age, but I soon got over it and very much enjoyed the servant service which was laid on for me at that time.  I reached 2 years old.  Or, as my parents and grandparents called it:  The Terrible Two’s.  Not sure why they all seemed so washed out and tired at the end of each day because, as I remember it, it was me who did all the running around screaming,  while they just watched me. 😀  I quite enjoyed that year, I seemed to get most of what I wanted.  I’d call that a great result. (snigger)
  2. I met my brilliant husband at a friend’s birthday party,  and just two weeks after we met he asked me to marry him and I said yes.  We’ve been married now for 35 years.  (It was our Wedding Anniversary a few days ago).
  3. I believe in love at first sight.  I know it exists because I knew the very second I set eyes on my husband that he was the ‘one’ and I was going to marry him.  It was a strange sort of feeling;  like being given a massive internal download and it being done in two seconds.  WHOOSH! … and I knew.  When we married I said I’d give my life for him, and I still feel the same way now.  If someone was pointing a gun at us and told us we had to choose who was to be killed, I’d give up my life instantly to save him.  He’s amazing and I more than merely love him.
  4. I adore the sound of the sea, and am so blessed to live just a matter of minutes away from it.  I visit it regularly, just to sit and watch it, and listen to it.  It’s great for the soul, as it kind of cleanses it and always leaves me feeling at one with life, the universe and God.
  5. I love the colour black. (Yes, I know all the arguments about black and white not being colours, but for the sake of this ‘facts’ list, black is a colour).  My favourite colour to wear – simply because it always looks ‘dressed’ for whatever you might be doing.  Black trousers and black top – just add a lovely jacket (in any colour), a bit of jewellery, maybe a scarf, and you instantly have a good ‘look’ for anything you might have to go to.
  6. I’m a huge animal lover (all types from farm to forest to jungle, house pets etc) and detest animal cruelty of any sort.
  7. I’m not actually a vegetarian, but I eat very little meat and only because I’m prone to be anaemic, so my doctor pressed upon me that I needed to eat red meat & greens.  But I have difficulty even eating the little meat that I do.  I will get an over-whelming feeling of disgust that I’m eating something which once had a face and I then can’t touch the meat on my plate anymore.  My husband has no problem polishing off the meat I can’t face. (He’s such a caveman! lol)
  8. I’m addicted to Graphic 45 (paper-crafting items).  I’ve got a lots of it, but I can’t seem to bring myself to use it.  Why is that?  BUT – in the last few weeks I’ve given myself a good talking to and told myself that I HAVE to use it, basically because I don’t have room for anymore!  If you have any Graphic 45 papers,  …  open the pad and take a long sniff of the paper.  I love the smell.  Apparently it’s something to do with the compounds used in the making, and also to do with memory.  Our memory remembers smells even from our childhood.  Think of going into the library and picking out a book, flicking through it and smelling the smell of the paper.  It’s a memory thing. (according the experts)
  9. I’ve been a crafter for years and because of this my craft room holds lots of things which I’ve had for many years.  The problem is that when we crafters want to buy something for  (say)  a card or scrapbook page, we only probably want one or two of those things, but they come in a pack of ten (or more) and we end up saving the extra things “for when we need them”!  No wonder we don’t have any free space in our craft rooms.  It’s not our fault it’s the suppliers!  (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).
  10. I’m addicted to inspirational words and quotes.  I have a Pinterest page of them; books of them; and even have my most favourite inspirational quote written on a Post it Note, on the lamp-shade of my main craft light on my desk.  It reads:  “You don’t always need a plan.  Sometimes all you need is to breathe, trust, let go  and see what happens”.  It helps me when I have a wobble about how to go about doing something or have lost faith in my abilities.
  11.  I’ve recently found one of my earliest childhood craft projects and now have it in my craft room. I was about seven or eight years old and during the summer holidays from school we had what seemed like years of rain (felt like years to my 7/8 year old self) and my mum came up with the idea of painting stones, because I was complaining about how bored I was.  She collected a couple of biggish stones from the garden and layed some newspaper on the floor in front of the fire and we sat painting a stone each.  This was an awakening moment for me as I hadn’t really painted anything before apart from being involved in class projects at school.  I painted a picture of a cute looking cartoony sort of duck.  I hadn’t drawn it on the stone, I just went straight in with my paint brush.  My mum was flabbergasted when she saw it as she didn’t know I could paint, and neither did I.  It kind of sparked a painting light deep within me and one which has never gone out. (I showed this stone to my grandson last week.  He fell in love with the duck and didn’t want to give the stone back to me.  It’s quite a heavy stone, for a little person, and I was terrified he was going to drop it on his toes).

Step 3 is now complete,  so now for the next step in the instructions ….

STEP 4:-  My questions from Hannah, and my answers to her questions:

1) Which season is your favourite and why?

I have two:  Spring, because it’s a new start.  The Earth awakens from its long Winter sleep and everything is so fresh, so bright and so full of promise.  I also love Autumn: because it’s got the most fabulous rich colours and everyone’s mood seems to change.  People become so much more chilled out and relaxed.  I adore seeing little ones playing in leaves when Autumn comes.  Something really rather magical happens in Autumn.

2) Why/ how did you chose your blog name?

Ah … that’s all because of our cottage. Cobwebs is what our cottage is best at producing.  All over the garden, up the fences and into the corners of the windows (outside, not in – although those cheeky spiders have tried.  tsk tsk).  So when it came to naming my blog, I thought it would be a bit of fun to call it The Cobweborium Emporium.  In retrospect, I should have  A) called it something that people didn’t find difficult to say,  .. and  B) something which gave a clue to what the blog was about.  Something ‘crafty’ worded maybe.  (sigh .. we live and learn).

3) What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day would be the day I won the major prize on the lottery.  But that’s pie in the sky dreaming ….  So a more normal answer would perhaps be a day spent on a private beach, with my husband and my Grandson.  A picnic, and building sand castles, blowing bubbles, and searching for Pirate Treasure (you have to say that with a Pirates voice to get the feeling and add a piratey  “Yarrrr!”  just for effect).   (Pirate Treasure to my Grandson is:-  lovely looking stones;  pretty pebbles;  feathers;  shells  etc etc).  My Grandson brings so much joy into my life and so my perfect day would have to include him.

4) What do you want out of 2016

Peace, love and contentment.  We moved house a few years ago in order to help and support some family members, and although we really do like where we live – being on the coast by the sea is such a wonderful blessing – we don’t actually feel like our souls ‘belong’ here.

Our neighbours are the best.  Truly wonderful, incredible people and I can’t imagine having better neighbours, they’re so lovely,  and all the people here couldn’t be more warm and welcoming if they tried.  So we are very lucky and really do count our blessings.  However,  we’ve experienced other problems of one sort or another, and a heartbreaking happening which has left me feeling totally destroyed & completely lost in the world, and all these things have made life difficult,  miserable, very painful,  and kind of like living in a vast, foggy wilderness whilst wearing a blind-fold and trying to find a way out.   So I think that what I personally want most out of 2016 is:  to find a way out, gain peace & contentment and feel settled.

5) Favourite food or meal?

Favourite meal: is my husbands meat balls and spaghetti. Favourite Food is his Quiche. He makes a mean Quiche … oh my word does he ever!  I swear that he could make these quiches and sell them to some fancy schmancy farm shop where they’d charge their customers pots of money (plus their first child) for a slice.  The pastry is crisp and just right.  The filling is fluffy,  and the taste is heavenly. (sigh).

6) Favourite holiday destination?

Probably Cornwall (in the UK).  A fabulous place and I fondly remember holidays from my childhood spent there.  But I have very fond memories of Jersey (in the Channel Islands) as it was the first place we took both our girls on holiday.  I remember our youngest daughter, at 8 months old, stuffing great gobbits of wet sand into her mouth and having to get it all out again with a damp face cloth …  only for her to do it again.  And again … and again.  She hated it (she pulled a face like a smacked bottom)  but didn’t learn the lesson, and was way too fast for me to stop her once I realised that she was about to do it again (and again, and again).

7) Which famous person would you like to meet and why?

The Pope.  Not because I’m Catholic (I’m not), nor for a blessing or anything like that … but because out of all the Popes who have been around during my life, I’ve never felt like I feel about this current Pope, Pope Francis.  He feels ‘right’ to me.  There’s something about him which draws me to him.  He’s more open, more humble, more of the people, for the people.  I feel as if he has a knowledge and wisdom which wasn’t learned but has grown in him and with him.  I’d like to sit for a while and just simply talk.  Talk to him about my concerns for the world and the way it seems to be heading … and to hear what he says about it too.

8) Favourite past time/hobby?

Crafting.  Making cards, painting, making ATC’s and ACEO’s,  sewing, scrapbooking.  Anything crafty which enriches my soul and fills me with happy bubbles.

9) What would you go back and tell your younger self?

I would say:-  “You’re not fat.  You just believe you are because someone spiteful told you you are.    Stop beating yourself up for something which isn’t true.  Oh … and there will be a particular person (who you know well) who will tell you that ‘no one will ever love you, no one will ever want to marry you and you won’t ever achieve anything’.  DON’T  believe that.  They really aren’t nice and you already know how horrible they really are before they say any of these words.  Love the person who you really are don’t ever believe that no one else will.  You’re going to be loved by someone who is worthy of you.”

10) If you could travel back in time which year would you go back to and why?

The year after we got married.  We were so incredibly happy and only had each other.  We lived just far enough away from relatives to actually grow together and become the people we were going to be as husband and wife.  Just the two of us.  We were so happy, setting up home and being together, grocery shopping was even a joy as we did it together.  Please understand – I’m not saying I wish I hadn’t had children, I love both of my children and am fiercely proud of everything they are, have done, have achieved and are still to achieve.  But I would love to re-live that first year of marriage, just us two, with no real cares, and appreciate every moment of it, knowing that this special time would never happen again.  I would imprint all those first year experiences upon my brain, so that I could access them for evermore.

Now for the final part of the nomination ‘rules’:-  Nominate other bloggers and set questions for them.

Following are the blogs I nominate for The Infinity Dreams Award, (followed by the questions I’ve set for them to answer).  If and as each blog accepts the award, I’ll turn that blog (in the list below) into a clickable link which will take you directly to their participation in the Award  …


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Don’t worry if you don’t want to take part in this nomination, but if you do,  that would be brilliant.

 And my 11 questions for these wonderful people to answer are:

  1. Excluding people and pets:  What’s the prized possession you value above all others?
  2. The biggest regret you wish you could amend?
  3. The book which holds an ever-lasting resonance?
  4. The temptation you wish you could resist?
  5. The pet hate which makes your hackles rise?
  6. The film you could watch time and time again?
  7. The song which means something to you?  (or one of the songs if you have a few)
  8. The unfulfilled ambition which continues to ‘haunt’ you?
  9. I’ve just given you an invisibility cloak.  The magic lasts for just 6 hours.  What are you going to do while you’re invisible?
  10. Excluding a lottery win:  The prize you’d love to win for yourself?
  11. Looking to the left of where you’re seated now, what’s the first thing you see?

Finally …  a very big thank you to Hannah for nominating me for this award.  It’s been so much fun, and even though I’ve had to complete this over a couple of weeks (or so) – having to do a bit at a time and keep saving a new ‘revised’ draft until I’d completed it all, I’ve really had a great time and a some smiles along the way.  Thanks Hannah, you’re a fabulous blogging chum and I love you to pieces!.

To my own personal nominated people,  I repeat,   you don’t have to take part if you don’t feel you want to.  Turning down the nomination won’t offend or insult me.  I know that time is precious and besides, if you already have a bundle of awards you might not want to add to them, so please feel free to say ‘no thanks’.

Sending love to all.  Have a truly blessed rest of your day….  and remember to take time to smile at the joys of life today. 

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