The Enchanted Unicorn – a gem set focal pendant

I have (mostly) all day, every day, available to craft to my hearts content and yet, since a week before Christmas, no crafting has taken place.  Having a puppy who I dote upon, has taken every waking moment of my time. I’m either feeding him;  playing with him;  in the garden with him;  removing things from his mouth that he shouldn’t have (boy oh boy! what a cavernous mouth he has for a puppy!);  cleaning up accidents he has (where he’s missed the puppy pad – front legs on but back legs not!);  or simply loving him. (When he’s tired, he likes to be rocked, like you would a baby).

I did make some Christmas things around October last year – but didn’t do any blog posts about them, and can’t really do them now because, well, Christmas has been and gone, and so I’m now lacking in anything I can share.  Crafting will begin taking place again soon, because there’s something I’m itching to make, but until I can do it and take photo’s, I thought perhaps I could ‘re-share’ something that you may not have seen, as I posted this 5 years ago, back in 2014, when my blog here was all shiny and new. It’s: The Enchanted Unicorn.

The Cobweborium Emporium

 post 2 – in ‘Polymer Clay’

A few years ago I bought pair of vintage earrings from a car boot sale…. 

Vintage Unicorn Earrings which inspired the Enchanted Unicorn Focal Pendant. Vintage Unicorn Earrings which inspired the Enchanted Unicorn Focal Pendant.

I can’t remember how much I paid for them but I have this feeling that it was something like £2.00 or £2.50.  I wasn’t buying them to wear,  I bought them because they’d charmed me and I’d fallen in love with them.  I ‘needed’ to own them so that I could look at them – and for a while they sat on my dressing table where I could see them,  and pick them up too,  because they’re so amazingly  tactile and they feel so lovely in the hand!

A few weeks after I’d bought them I looked at them and had an idea that maybe I could make something a little inspired by  them,  perhaps a pendant,  either on a beaded necklace or hung on a coloured rope type necklace.  So I…

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  1. Aww puppy time is the best, though not cleaning up the accidents so much. How’s he settling in? I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, too! I loved the re-share of your earlier post as I hadn’t seen that before, so I’ll take a read now. I hope 2019 is a good one for you Cobs and I look forward to your next piece of crafting magic!
    Caz xxxx

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    1. Hello Caz! 🙂
      Hugo is settling in really well. He has what I’ve termed ‘Selective Learning’. I’ve taught him to Sit. Stay. (sometimes). Wait. (now and again), and .. not to bite too hard on my fingers when he’s mouthing my hand. But he still hasn’t got the ‘Either pee on the puppy pad or cross your legs for one second, so that I can get to the door and open it so that you can pee in the garden’. That one is still hanging around and waiting to be learned. But he’s doing well and I am so totally bewitched by this darling little puppy that I can forgive him the odd accident. ❤

      May the New Year bring you everything you're hoping for Caz., and may life be kind to you, my lovely blogging friend.
      Thank you so much for visiting.
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  2. Love the ear rings! Love the puppy more! lol Most days Hope is the best ever, now over the last couple nights she has taken to pooping in my bathroom! not impressed but she takes one look at me with those doe eyes and all is forgiven. 🙂 Puppies are work, but worth all of it in the end. 🙂
    Have a lovely Friday Cobs.

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  3. Hi Cobs, no sugar in my coffee thanks, and I’ll just sit in this spot by the window. Now I’m all comfy and anticipating my coffee, may I say it’s good to see you. Puppies are such sweet adorable creatures I can see why you can’t tear yourself away. As for the unicorns, what a clever idea to make them even more glamorous. My own blog is in a lull at the moment, perhaps I should look back and see if there is something worth reposting (another good idea of yours). xx

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    1. Hello Barbara, lovely to see you.
      Blogs being in a ‘lull’. Yup . . . seems like an awful lot of we ‘creatives’ are finding it a little difficult to either find time to craft or just simply get up a head of steam to actually craft. It’s obviously something to do with the world; the universe; or something in ‘the ether’, which is holding us in a place of un-creativeness.

      I can’t figure it out, but I’m certainly hoping that it puts things right, very soon. Very soon indeed!

      Sending much love to you Barbara. Thank you so much for coming and taking the time to chat. Love talking with you.

      Sending much love to you Barbara, wrapped up in a package of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx.

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      1. Thank you Cobs, love and squidges gratefully received. Re’ the creativity thing, I am learning to draw, some days nothing much is achieved but other days are golden and I learn something for my efforts. I cannot exist without some form of creativity in my

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  4. What a lovely unicorn! Please don’t think I’m daft but why mustn’t the tool be used for food after (presuming it would be washed too!)? (I havent got any polymer clay or an urge to use a ball tool on it but I am curious and you know such a lot!)

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    1. [in Russian accent]. . . “I know nuuurtheng.”

      Polymer clay can (even after washing) leave a residue which isn’t healthy for humans. You shouldn’t ever eat off or from a polymer item, and shouldn’t make or buy or give a polymer item to a baby or child who puts things in their mouth.

      Although Polymer has ‘evolved’ and become better – I still wouldn’t use a tool for kitchen / dining use, which I’d used to make a polymer item.

      But then … that’s the same advice that anyone or any craft based company would give for any tool used in crafting of pretty much any type, and food.

      You can use knives/graters/pizza slicers/vegetable peelers etc etc etc meant for kitchen use – but mark them in some way (permanent marker perhaps?) so that you won’t ever mistake them for kitchen use.

      I repeat … “I know nuuurtheng! NUUURTHENG I tell you!” 😀


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