The Christmas Donkey . . . and a new family member.

A Donkey,  a new baby, and Christmas, are three things which just ‘fit’ together, don’t they?  They make a perfect triangle,  all [sort of] ‘glued together’ with love.

Many years ago, daughter No.2 had a toy donkey called Donald. He was rather a handsome looking Donkey, beautifully made and very special indeed – and when you squeezed his sides, gently, he made the ‘eee-orre’ sound, just like a real donkey does.

Daughter No. 2 grew and grew (as they tend to do) and one day, after having a bit of a sort out of old toys, clothes, ornaments, and ‘flotsam and jetsam’,  and  I’d made three piles of ‘stuff’:  One pile to take to the Charity shop;  One pile of things to throw away;  and One pile of: ‘double check this’.  Everything in that pile was to be checked by everyone in the house that no one wanted it or had any use.  Donald the Donkey was added to that little selection of ‘double check this’ pile of things.

I asked No.2 if she still wanted to keep her donkey or could it be given to her sister for her baby to enjoy,  (No.2’s niece).  No.2 shrugged her shoulders and mumbled about not being bothered, so I took the donkey to Daughter No.1’s house when I next visited and offered Donald to her, and he was gratefully received.

A handful of months later, No.2 said that she wished I hadn’t given Donald away as she had wanted to keep him.

[BIG  S.I..G.H. “But you said you ….” … [small sigh]. I stopped talking,  realising that it was a useless effort to remind her of what she’d said and how she’d said it.  Donald had been gifted to her niece and I was weighted down with a painful guilt and heartfelt wish that I had been blessed, just for a moment, with fore-sight.

Daughter no.2 has never quite forgiven me for letting Donald go to her niece and I’ve felt the weight of motherly guilt about it ever since.

However … this Christmas, I thought of a way to try to fill the hole left by Donald – only this time in a slightly bigger, and more ‘grown up’ way. 

I made daughter No.2  a donkey. 

A ‘Faux Taxidermy’ Donkey.

Now don’t have heart palpitations this isn’t made, in any way, from a real Donkey.

This is made from:- 

  • A Paper Mache form
  • Fake Fur (of three different types/colours)
  • Strong Wire
  • Felt
  • Calico material
  • Hessian
  • Toy Eyes (like Teddy Bear eyes)
  • Eyelashes
  • Buttons
  • lashings of three types of glue
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • The use of my Dremel and a Pokey Tool
  • and a  PLENTIFUL  amount of time.

I couldn’t wrap Donald the Donkey II up in gift paper as … well, it just felt so wrong to do so – he could suffocate!  So, at Christmas,  about an hour before, Son-in-Law and Grandson arrived, I removed one of my framed pictures from the wall, and hung Donald II there instead.

She saw it the moment she walked into the living room, and loved it.  I was thrilled to bits, because I worried that perhaps it was too big; too over the top; too realistic looking (apart from the buttons for his nostrils); or just ‘too‘.  But no, she loved it.  She liked it so much that she thought I’d made it for myself and instantly asked me to make her one!  RESULT!  lol.  I got Mr.Cobs to take Donald off the wall and show D.No.2 the inscription on the back, which told that I’d made it for her for Christmas.  I thought she was going to cry for a moment, she looked so happy and thrilled.

The making of Donald was pretty much just common sense, and being methodical.  I’ll show you photo’s rather than explain ‘how to’,  as the photographs basically tell you anything you might need to know if you feel that a bit of Faux Taxidermy is something you’d like to have a go at too…

Donald the Donkey began life as a paper mache Unicorn, as seen in the photo above.
After removing his Unicorn Horn, he had to be patched up and turned into a horse….
His Donkey ears needed to be made, so I constructed them using strong Garden Wire which had been treated so as not to rust. I kept the wire in place using some hessian, which I fed the wire through, and then covered the whole thing in Calico Fabric, folding in order to follow the ‘ear shape’ as I went,  – and then held everything, including the wires, in place by hand stitching, where needed.

I covered both the ear armatures in fake fur and fixed it in place, then ‘tried them on for size’.

Once I was happy with the ears, I then went on to make a lower jaw for the Donkey.  Unfortunately I got so involved in the making I forgot to take photos of this, but it was basically made in the same way the ears were made, and then fixed into place.  You can see his lower jaw – which gives him the open mouth, and all round chunkier ‘Donkey look’,  in the two photos, below:

Eyes and eyelashes!
Donald the Donkey II

He’s come a long way from originally being a paper mache Unicorn, hasn’t he!  🙂

~~~  ❤  ~~~

OK, so we have the Donkey …  but what about the baby”, I hear you say.  (You did, I heard you say it!).

Those of you who read my last blog post will know that I lost my much-loved dog earlier in November.  I’ve had dogs all my life, but when Mabel passed, I said  “I’m not having another dog.  They don’t live long enough and I end up with a heart full of love and no dog to give it to.  I cannot bear the pain of losing a dog.  I’m not having another dog ever!” And I meant it with all my heart, as I sat there in the car, outside our vets, sobbing my heart out on the day I said goodnight to Mabel.

On the 14th of December I happened across an advert on a well known and reputable website, for breeders of puppies who were ready to find forever homes for their puppies.  I looked at the photographs of these lovely little things, admiring them but not wanting any of them, it was just like a child looking at a picture book.  I was happy to just enjoy other people’s dogs.

Then found an advert with photographs of puppy who I instantly felt as though I recognised.  Not recognised his face, – but my heart ‘recognised’ this little soul.  My heart KNEW him and it called out to him.  An instant longing, – painful even, right in the middle of my chest.

[G.A.S.P.] . . . OH.  MY.  GOODNESS!!! I called to Mr.Cobs….  “I’ve found our dog!  I’ve found the dog which I know is destined to be OUR dog.”

“But I thought you said we weren’t going to have another dog?” – he replied from the other room.

“You HAVE to come and see this photograph!  Seriously, it really is as if I already know him.  My heart recognises him!”

And this photograph of a little French Bulldog puppy  ….  was the photograph I showed Cobs Snr…

We talked about this little baby for a while.  Then we thought about it for a while, and then thought some more.  Then I found the advertisement again and we discussed it some more.  We eventually decided that I should phone the breeder and ask if the puppy was still available or if he’d already been reserved.  So I did.  And … he was still available to buy.

We made an appointment to go and see him on the following Tuesday, and . . .  well, as the saying goes:  ‘the rest is history’.  He became our new baby.  The new four-legged member of our family joined us exactly one week before Christmas Day, on the 18th of December.  We had a list of names which we’d made, but once we’d met him we knew that only one name would suit him, and that name was …  Hugo.

Now I won’t bore you all to tears about him here on this blog as I know that not everyone is a dog lover.  But … I’ve ‘built’ a WordPress Blog just for Hugo and which is Hugo’s own blog, so if you’d like to read posts written by Hugo, in his words, please do visit his blog:-  For the Love of Hugo <—click  (it will open in a new tab/window for you).  You’ll be able to see more photo’s of him and get to know little Hugo himself.  I think you might enjoy him.  He’s a funny little scrap of adorable, dipped in magic dust.

Oh, and please do ‘follow’ him and make the chap even happier than he is.  As a follower you’ll know when he’s posted something because you’ll get a message letting you know he’s written a blog post to you sharing his latest story or adventure(s),  It’s just like any other blog – only, ‘For the Love of Hugo‘ is written by Hugo himself.  🙂

Well,  all that’s left for me to say now is:  I hope that your Christmas was warm and happy and without incident, and I make a wish for you to have a peace filled, joyous, contented and promising New Year.  May there be something which makes you smile each day of this coming New Year, and may you remember to count your blessings regularly so that you know that you are indeed more blessed than you might initially imagine.

Very much love to you my lovely friend.

pink just me fairy cobwebs with fairies siggy 2


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In order to make a comment on any post – you have to actually click into the post rather than simply read it on the home page.  Scroll up and click on the title of the post and then, when it’s loaded,  scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find the comment box!  It’s like a magic trick!  lol.  ~ C. xxx



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53 thoughts on “The Christmas Donkey . . . and a new family member.”

  1. Omg but Hugo is adorable Cobs!! A Frenchie, lovely breed and one I also love. I do love the squishy faces of the Boston, the Pug and the Frenchie. There are a few more too, but don’t want to take up lots of time.
    My little pup Hope is coming up 4 1/2 months now, she is a delight but boy this will be my last pup as she is a lot of work and those puppy teeth, not a nice thing.
    Congrats on Hugo! I find that being without a dog is more painful than losing a dog. This is my heart talking.
    The donkey? Well it’s so soft looking. The Godfather comes to mind. 🙂 lol
    Have a Happy New Year Cobs and best wishes for 2019!!

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    1. Hello Soozy 🙂
      Aw, I had a feeling that you’d enjoy Hugo.
      I haven’t had a French Bulldog before, but I have had British Bulldogs – so know the problems they can have and the amount of care they need and felt comfortable in the knowledge we have of how to look after them. However we did seek more information to make sure that we were making the right decision, both for us, and for the dog.

      Hope … 4 1/2 months old!!! It only seemed like 4 weeks ago that you brought her home! Gosh, time flies past.

      I know what you mean about puppies being a lot of work. But .. it only lasts for a short time and once you have them trained things begin to get a little easier and easier, and before you know it you’ll not be able to remember a time without her.

      Having Hugo has been very cathartic, and I’m so glad that we decided to have him. My grief at loosing Mabel was more painful than I could explain or even understand myself. But Hugo has bought a twinkle into my life which is unique to him. I love him to pieces.

      I’m laughing myself silly about ‘The Godfather’ and the donkey! Oh. My. Word!!! I never even thought of that, but now you’ve put the seed there it’s not only rooted, it’s GROWING! LOLOLOL.

      A Happy New Year wish is being made for you right now Soozy … and I’m tagging the hope of a lottery/bingo win onto the end of it for you. After all … we could all use a little money right after Christmas. eh? LOL
      Heaps of love ~ Cobs. xxx


      1. Hope and Hugo will be growing up together Cobs. I think that is wonderful 🙂 We can share puppy pictures if I can get Hoppity to stay still long enough to get a photo. lol
        I know the pain you are talking about Cobs, but my life would be so much more painful without the love of a dog. I have the two Chihuahua’s and they are 10 now this past November and now wee Hope, so my heart is happy again. Hope is a blessing as Hugo is for you.

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    Hugo is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. I can understand how you fell in love with him before you even met him. Funny, my roommate, her daughter and I were watching the U.S. National Dog Championship last night and a black French Bulldog won the toy dog category. These dogs are like pugs – some people are not attracted and others (like me) think they are just the cutest things. I hope you have many years of love with Hugo and have fun with all the puppy things that make you laugh and warm your heart.

    As for the donkey, I found the wall mount to be hysterically funny and evidence that your daughter has an awesome mom with a weird and wonderful sense of humor. I’m glad she liked your creative Christmas present.

    Sending love and squidges your way and a wish for a Happy New Year!

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    1. Aw Mary …. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. – 100% agree. He’s so wonderful to snuggle and kiss. He has the softest coat, but … he has a looong tongue and can lick me from the tip of my nose to my forehead before I can blink! lol. Bless him.

      I think French Bulldogs have totally gone off the scale and are back on the beautiful side of things. They’re too pretty to be the alternative.

      Hugo’s doggy mommy was such a sweet dog. SO loving and friendly. I would have happily brought her home too. I fell in love with her. She was such a soft hearted little thing.

      LOL, tickled pink that you got a smile from Donald the Donkey II. When you see him in real life (instead of my rubbish photographs), he could fool you, at first glance, that a donkey really had poked his head through the wall! lol. He’s not quite as big as a real donkey, but he’s big enough to just give you that initial GASP. LOL.

      Wishing you a very happy New Year, Mary. May good things happen to you and for you.
      Sending you much love, a bundle of warm squidges and a wish for at least one of your dreams to come true.
      ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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  3. In my world, it would take a whole lot more than just common sense to create a donkey. Yours is priceless. I’m so glad that story had a happy ending.

    Welcome to Hugo! I’m glad that you are thrilled with your new member of the family.

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    1. Aw bless you Anne. Both for coming and for your truly lovely message.

      I take this opportunity to wish you a truly happy 2019. May life treat you kindly, may your family be healthy and happy, and may this coming year bring love, hope, happiness and an abundance of joy into your home and lives.
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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  4. Well now I know where and what you have been up to. Goodness I do get terribly concerned when there isn’t a post from the emporium. All kinds of things get stuck in my mind about what could be going on when I think i should hear ,or read, from my friends.
    Donald is just about the cutest donkey I have ever seen and the fact that your #2 daughter loves it just tops the cake.
    Now…about this new baby. Oh how cute Hugo is. One of my first loves,long time ago, was a boy named Hugo., but we will leave that in the memory box. I do know the feeling you had after the loss. I felt the same , but my dear late husband had other ideas. Of course you know Babe has been a problem. Still is but she is here and here she will be until something else happens. Hugo has a little ‘who me?’ look in his eyes so better keep an eye on him with all the love that I know you have .
    Happy New year to you and yours .Love and kisses to all

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    1. Hello lovely Beverly.
      I have an email from you, and I know I still have to reply. I’m trying to work through emails right now, but rest assured I will be replying.

      Tickled pink that you like Donald the Donkey II. I got the jitters when I got half way through and worried that I’d run out of talent before I finished it! Phew! lol.

      Hugo … isn’t he just the cutest?!
      I chose his name because of his eyes.

      A film (directed by Martin Scorsese), which was originally a book, tells the story of a young boy who lives all alone, in a railway station called ‘Gare Montparnasse’, which is in Paris.

      In the film the little boy has the most incredible blue eyes, and his name is …. Hugo Cabret. I love the film, and when I saw my little puppies eyes in his ‘baby photo’, I instantly thought of the young boy, Hugo, who had the same colour of blue eyes. I wrote down the name on my notepad when Mr.Cobs and I were chatting about what names we thought might suit him. In the end it came down to two names, and once we’d actually met out puppy we looked at each other and both said “Hugo””. It just suits him to a T.

      Thank you so much for coming,and for being so patient with me, while waiting for me to reply to your email.
      Sending my very best wishes for a New Year filled with the love of your family, happiness, harmony, and good health. May your garden be all that you hope for, and may the wonderful Babe be the Super Dog I vision her as. (complete with Wonder Dog Cape!).

      I send you much love and a whole bundle of squidges. ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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    1. HelIo Kathy 🙂
      Aw thank you so much – both for coming and for your lovely comment.

      I take this opportunity to wish you a truly wonderful 2019. May everything you wish for yourself be delivered to you, in the right way and at the right time.
      Sending you much love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤


  5. Oh, Cobs! I am so delighted I felt such gratefulness when I got the email notification of a blog post! I have missed you! I already love Hugo! I will absolutely follow the little fellow! Happy New Years Eve! I have to go click on little Hugo’s page now! Sending much love, peace, and joy your way! XX

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    1. Hello lovely Ruthie. 🙂
      I’ve missed you too.
      Sadness, from losing my much loved dog in November, seemed to sap me of the ability to craft or do anything which was creative in any way. I sent only one handmade Christmas Card this year – all the others were bought cards from a local shop. I just didn’t seem able to do anything. Misery and sadness can remove you from the normal running of things, sometimes, and that’s what happened.

      I’m thrilled to bits to hear you love Hugo. He’s such an easy little dot to love and I’m so blessed to have him in my life.

      I wish you a truly wonderful 2019, Ruthie.
      May life treat you kindly; may the year develop into one you’ll remember for all the right reasons, and my health and happiness be yours. I also wish you a lottery win which makes your heart sing.
      Sending much love to you, wrapped up in a bundle of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx ❤


  6. Gorgeous donkey, Cobs, and gorgeous Hugo too! Methinks you may have been a tad occupied over Christmas. 😁 Hope you have a fabulous New Year!

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    1. Aw how lovely to see you Tom.
      Yes you’re right…. occupied over Christmas indeed. Playing and sitting loving Hugo was enough to keep me in one place.

      I send my very bestest wishes to you, for 2019. May you be in receipt of things which are good for you, and perhaps one or two things which aren’t strictly good for you, but that you would enjoy having anyway.

      I make a wish for your good health, happiness, love, joy and … of course, your wealth. May the year be one of good memories, personal achievements and positivity for you.
      Much love and a sand bucket filled with squidges ~ Cobs. xxx 🙂


  7. Happest New Year Ever
    While I’ve been away (studying AGAIN) you have been busy making the most amazing donkey ever 🙂
    Now lets talk Hugo OMGOODNESS I LOVE HIM !!!
    I soooooo understand why he called out to your soul, I wish you many a happy adventure
    Love you loads

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    1. Hello P. I was thinking about you a few days ago and wondered where and how you were.

      Studying again? You’re going to be the brainiest person in the world by the time you’ve finished, young lady!

      Aw I’m so happy you’re taken with Hugo. He’s an absolute poppet, and I love him to bits. So sweet. So huggable. So much fun.

      Thank you so much for coming P, and for the fabulous comment.
      I take this opportunity to wish you a truly wonderful New Year. May your hopes spring into life, may your dreams become close enough for you to see them as achievable. And may love, health and happiness be yours, and your families, all year.
      Sending you much love and heaps of squidges, my fabulous blogging friend ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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      1. New Year was a bit of a anti climax … both Beloved & I were poorly although we are both on the mend now …. top tip don’t both of you be ill at the same time you have no one to make you cups of tea or walk the puppy you have to struggle to take turns …. even though I was OBVIOUSLY the most ill

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        1. Awww P, I’m so sorry to hear that you were both poorly over New Year … but I can confidently inform you that you didn’t miss much. There were some fireworks in London, but I wasn’t overly impressed with them. Some folks kissing other folks, and some people wearing daft hats. Same ol’ same ol’ to be blunt.

          I can fully understand what you mean about you OBVIOUSLY being the most poorly of you two. I’m only surprised that Beloved didn’t even attempt to earn himself a few brownie points by doing at least two cups of tea to your one, and dropping the odd extra puppy walk in every fourth walk – at the very least! Tsk. Men will never learn.

          Glad you’re up and fighting fit again though.
          Sending oodles of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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          1. Sounds like I missed nuthin at New Year LOL
            Beloved lost half a stone in weight but I’m pleased to report that since he’s eaten 2 tins of quality street on the sly he’s back to his optimum fighting weight … should he decide to fight Giant Haystacks 🙂
            We both have been left with some sort of kennel cough that is obviously worse at night and has each of us muttering that the other will never see the light of day should one more cough be heard during the hours of darkness ~ marriage is a wonderful institution don’t you agree LOL
            Hope you & all the Cobs are in the pink xx

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            1. Hello P.
              You will. I know you will … you just have to decide which bit of the crafty stuff you really like doing best. Choose your favourite ‘genre’ of the crafty spectrum and you’ll not only enjoy it, but your artistic talent will shine!

              Obviously … I’m still choosing mine, so any artistic talent I might have is well hidden under all the craft stuff in my craft room. But when I eventually find it, I’ll shine – because I’ve a feeling it’s hiding with an old lamp which is still usable. 😀
              ~ C. xxx


            2. P … GO to the Doctors with the cough. BOTH of you. You probably need some antibiotics. Don’t leave it. This is the voice of experience talking. I had a rotten chest infection last year and left it – thinking that it was just a cough and I’d be shut of it eventually. I ended up having to have two sessions of the antibiotics, and although the cough has gone, I sound like a really bad asthma sufferer now. (or a really bad mucky phone call).

              Don’t leave it P. You and Mr.P, at the doctors, joint appointment. Together. Before the end of the week!
              This is not a suggestion, nor a request, it’s an INSTRUCTION!!! (I shall expect a report on my desk, duly).
              Sending healing vibes through the ether, and big licks up the face from Hugo. ~ C. xxx


    1. Hello Ruth! 🙂
      Aw it’s wonderful to see you.
      I’m thrilled to bits that you like the donkey. I wish my photographic skills were a little better, for he’s way more beautiful than I’m able to share here in photos.

      Hugo … well he’s a total and utter joy. I’m so blessed, and I give thanks every day for him.

      Taking this opportunity to wish you a wonderful 2019. Health, happiness, joy and the receipt of some unexpected money. May the smiles you receive be ones which touch your heart.
      Sending much love to you my friend ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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    1. Hello Reseelaine
      Aw I’m over-joyed that you like Donald. Although the I did worry that I might not be clever enough to actually pull off what I had planned, I really enjoyed making him.

      Hugo … isn’t he a little poppet? He melted my heart too and I just love him to bits.

      Thank you so much for coming, Roseelaine, and for the lovely comment.
      Wishing you a truly wonderful New Year, filled with all that you wish for yourself, and health, happiness and joy to be yours in abundance.
      Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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  8. Hi Cobs, I have missed you and the fun that is YOU. I’m so pleased you are back and happy and hugging a brand new adorable little dog. I love all animals and losing one is heartbreaking. Happy New Year to all at Chez Cobs. X

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    1. Hello Barbara 🙂
      Ohh it’s lovely to see you, and I’ve missed being here such a lot.

      Hugo really is as you say, an adorable little dog. He’s so sweet natured and loving. I could not have found a better dog for us, after the loss of Belly.

      Thank you so much for coming Barbara,and for the lovely comment.
      May 2019 be everything you hope it to be, and may health and happiness be yours in abundance, and perhaps a small, but big enough to make a difference, Lottery win …just for the fun of it.
      Lots of love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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    1. Hello Salpal.
      Thrilled you like the Donkey, and that you think Hugo is adorable, for I think so too.

      Sending you many good wishes for 2019, and hoping for happiness, joy and smiles to be yours along with you and yours good health too. Oh … and maybe a bit of luck on the money side of things to make a difference to paying the bills and paying for the cat food! 🙂
      Much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Hello Chicken ~ Happy New Year to you my lovely blogging friend.

      I’m tickled pink that you like the Donkey, and love that you like Hugo. He’s such a total sweetheart, and I love him to pieces.

      May 2019 bring you happiness, health, joy and an unexpected windfall which will make you smile and pay the bills for at least 12 months.
      Sending you much love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤


  9. Oh, two “feel good” stories for the day! Thank you so much! I love that donkey and I’m sure your daughter is just thrilled! Hugo is so cute! I’m a follower for sure! When we lost our dear Jiffy, we decided we were done with pets….to heartbreaking when it is their time to move on. Lately, my husband has been talking about the possibility of getting another dog once we move to sunny warmer weather….coming soon! I’m so glad you found that special little one to fill that hole in your heart left by you departed loved one. Much happiness and good things are my wish for you in this new year! 🙂

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    1. Hello Nancee!
      Aw, tis great to see you. 😀
      Tickled pink that you love the Donkey, and D.#2 really does love it too. I thought she was being polite at first, but then I could see that she really did love it enough to ask me to make her one for herself …. that’s when I told her this this one was hers! I was cock-a-hoop about it.

      Hugo being cute … Isn’t he JUST! Aww, he’s the best thing that could have happened to me. I was so desperately sad after loosing Belly, and like you, said it was just too heartbreaking when the time to say Goodnight to them, comes.

      Having another dog is the best thing I could have done. It’s cathartic, and Hugo fills that dog shaped hole in my heart like nothing else could. A million pounds worth of crafty goodies couldn’t give me what Hugo provides.

      I hope your move to warmer weather comes soon, and that you too, find the four paws that are destined to be yours.

      Thank you so much for coming Nancee, and for leaving such a wonderful message.

      I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year, and may this year bring you peace, love, understanding, joy and maybe a little extra money either from your crafting, or FOR your crafting.
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx


  10. Ooh Hugo you are a poppet! Just adorable, and there’s mischief in those eyes. As for the donkey, he’s super. It made me smile an extra bit because my daughter was the donkey in her nativity play and she was over the moon because her best friend was Mary and they got to be on stage together. 4 year olds are adorable at times 💕 a very happy New year to you x

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    1. Ohhh bless her heart! (your daughter)… Overjoyed to be the donkey because it meant that she and her best friend, who was playing Mary, would be together on the stage. Awww…. I sat her wriggling and hugging myself when I read that! You’re right … four year olds can be the sweetest thing in the world (most of the time) but … they do have their moments when they’re not. lol! ❤

      Tickled pink that you like Hugo. I wish I could take a decent photograph of him because none of mine show him to be the darling he really is. You are right though … the mischief isn't only in his eyes. LOL.

      Thank you so much for coming Mrs. C. We were talking about you at Christmas, and remembering the delicious Beetroot Chutney you sent to us last year. That was the best thing …. even if you just took a spoon and …. well, you know the rest. LOL.

      Sending much love and a bucket of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


    1. Hello lovely Rabbit. 🙂
      It’s so lovely to see you here and I’m thrilled to pieces that I got to share Hugo with you!

      You too are loved, my wonderful friend, and I’ve missed you and your posts too. But, I’m slowly getting back into the groove and trying to get back into blogland and all the incredible people I follow.

      Thank you so much for visiting Rabbit. God Bless you, my much loved friend. ~ Cobs. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I’ve been through the “no more pets” thing only to find myself at the shelter bringing home a new baby a few short months later. What a cute little guy Hugo is! Wishing you all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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