Four Fabulous Fairy Fungi, Freshly Found (and very special indeed!)

In the Realm of the Fae (Fairy Land), the Elements of the Realm are represented by various things dependant upon the area where the particular Fairy Land is located.  And …  just like us humans, Fairy Land has the same sort of set up with Woodlands, towns, villages, counties, states, and countries!

Each ‘Town/Village/Country’ [etc] has its own way of expressing things, (just as we all have our own localised languages or terminology), and within the ‘village’ of Freckled Mushroom Wood, the four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, are represented by some of the most incredible mushrooms I think I’ve ever seen, and it’s some rather special specimens of these Elements that I’d like to share with you today!

Fairy Mushroom Elementals 2

All the specimens are held securely in glass test tubes, which have been sealed shut with a cork.

The test tubes you see in the photographs are all the same length:  10.2cm long – that’s 4″ (inches) to us folks who still love imperial measurements, and they’re just 1.5cm wide – which is 8/12th’s of an inch (or [roughly] just over half an inch for those who don’t do fractions).  

So they’re quite small, and getting those Elementals to be the right size, took some doing  er … searching.  I had to search high and low to find long enough, but slim enough, Elementals which would fit inside those little glass tubes.  Yes I did.  I did indeed sweat buckets trying to get the size right!  Phew.  Fairy Land gets very hot and bothersome on some days.

These are the Mushroom Elementals of Freckled Mushroom Wood, each of them embodying one of the powers of nature:  Earth;  Air;  Fire and Water.

The task of Elementals is to look after the nature kingdom.  They are responsible for the therapeutic effects you feel when outdoors amongst nature, at the beach or sea-side;  at lakes and by rivers;  in parks and nature areas.

A little bit like a Phoenix, these very special Elemental Mushrooms live for only a specific length of time but once they’ve reached their ‘age’, each of them cyclically regenerates itself and is reborn again as new.  Each of the Elemental Mushrooms not only represents an important Element of nature, but also plays its own part in the well-being of Fairy Land.

Shall we take a peep at them individually?  Let’s begin with . . .

The Fairy Mushroom Elemental: Earth

Earth 1
The Element of Earth shown in a Fairy Mushroom Elemental.

The Earth Elemental is responsible for creating, sustaining, and renewing life on Earth.  It helps:-

  • Plants, grass, and even weeds to grow, and helps the Fairy Gardeners to grow all the food needed for the Fairies, Gnomes, Pixies and all the other occupants of the Land of the Fae.
  • It encourages Trees to reach their full height and potential.  Which gives the Fairies somewhere to play hide and seek and have races with other fairies.
  • It helps Children to flourish and develop in a healthy or vigorous way.  It also helps with the birth and growing of Fairy Babies.
  • It is the sole purpose of all the elements, since it represents a basis for each of them.
  • Earth is the element of our planet and how got its name by it too.
  • The Earth Element has one very important job in Fairy land …  it helps fairies to find their way home from wherever they may be.  It’s a little bit like a satellite.  It has a certain ‘vibration’ to it, which each Fairy recognises, and so can fly home whenever they wish, be it night or day!

 The Fairy Mushroom Elemental: Air

Air 1

The Air Element is important in that it connects all the other elements.  It’s invisible, but that doesn’t make it less important than any other, because, well, without it, we couldn’t exist!

The element of Air gives us

  • what we need for our lungs to function
  • opens our Souls 
  • is important for the first breath of a new-born baby!
  • Where Earth is fixed, Air is definitely a mover!
  • It’s connected to the mind, spirit, wisdom and soul.
  • Air is required for flight.  Not just Air-planes and the like, but for birds,  flies, insects and bats,  but also …. Fairies!  Imagine Fairies flying in the wind – tiny creatures bestowed with pure intuition who fly where ever the air whispers to them.
  • The wind (and so Air) has a voice, and you have to listen carefully to it.  The wind blowing in from the South and East hints of good things.  But the wind can change direction and with that it itself predicts change – sometimes good, sometimes not so.  Listen to its voice.  Is it an angry voice, or is it gentle and soothing?  It’s what Fairies do. Perhaps we should become like Fairies now and again, so that we can see things through the eyes of the innocent and hear things in an innocent way.

The Fairies in Freckled Mushroom Wood have taught me much about the Elements – both the ones in Fairy Land, and the ones in our human realm – and I now realise that they are, in fact, very much the same things.

The Fairy Mushroom Elemental: Fire

Fire 1

Fire has something particularly special about it.  It’s the only element that shines.  Water can sparkle,  but only if it reflects the light created by Fire, whether a campfire or the Sun.

Of course, in the Land of the Fae the most Fire is found within the annoyance and anger of a Fairy Dragon.   However, a Dragons Fire is a much-needed and very welcomed Fire, for Fairies need it to:  Toast Apples;  Roast Chestnuts;  Cook Mushrooms;  Bake Acorns;  Warm Berries to eat and to make Fairy Jam with, and oh!,  all sorts of other things!

Note WellHumans won’t often find a Fairy Dragon – but if you do, treat it kindly and don’t disturb it if it’s asleep, for when baked in fire, you are crunchy, and Fairy Dragons discovered Ketchup on toasted  ‘umans works wonders!

The Fairy Mushroom Elemental: Water

Water 1

The Water Elemental is the element of constant movement, moving sometimes slow and steady, and at other times rushing and a torrent;  a destructive force of almost unimaginable proportions.

Fairies need water not only to drink and use to water their flowers, but to bathe, feed the birds and to make the dew drops which will sparkle in the early morning sunlight, and add joy to the early morning chorus.

If you’re really quiet, you might come across a Fairy playing or washing her hair under the dripping water of a Mushroom Water Elemental, for the Mushroom will drip, drip, drip continually, supplying water to the earth beneath it’s feet.

It was  r.e.a.l.l.y.  difficult to capture, in a photo, the dripping water on this Mushroom Water Elemental because water is transparent,  but I share about the best shot I managed to get . . .

Water - close up 2

And that concludes our four Elementals.  Howeverthe observant among you will have noticed that there is a 5th Glass Test Tube in the two photos at the top of this post. . . 

Fairy Mushroom Elementals 2

. . .  can you spot it?  That one right in the middle.  What’s that?”  I hear you asking . . .

Well …  it’s a Gnome … or a Tomte . . .  or  a Nisse.  This little figure has different names depending on where in the world you find him,  and … he’s a Protector.  In this case, he’s a Fairy, Mushroom Elemental Protector.  A very important job indeedly doodly!

Gnome Tomte Nisse Mushroom Elemental Protector 1

This Gnome / Tomte / Nisse hides himself in little places so that he won’t be spotted by anyone rambling through the woodland which he’s protecting.  This particular Gnome/Tomte/Nisse is a very special protector, for he is in charge of protecting all the Fairy, Mushroom Elementals which live in his wood.

He was almost impossible to capture a good image of him on film, because the little rascal kept moving!  He would turn or stick his nose in the air, or generally refuse to hold still just for a moment, while I captured his image on film.  You can barely see his nose … but I did manage a slightly blurred photo which kind of shows it in close up and share that with you . . .

Elementals Protector Nose close up 1
A Gnome / Tomte / Nisse, captured (slightly blurred) in a photograph.  (Blurred because he just wouldn’t keep still!).

His beard is of the whitest white, and it twinkles like nothing else I’ve ever seen.  Again … I just couldn’t see to capture it in a photo.  It looks incredibly magical when seen with the naked eye.

I admit that taking photographs of these Test Tube Elementals was one heck of a job.  Lights bounced off the glass.  Shadows showed up where there were none before.  Patterns played across the glass from things on either side of the room and it made viewing the Mushrooms really difficult.  Aw … it’s not something I’ll undertake so lightly again.  Next time I go in for photographs of anything in a test tube, I’ll be more aware!  (probably still take a hundred rubbish photos, but I’ll be aware.  LOL).

Well…  that’s me done and dusted regarding the Fairy, Mushroom Elementals.

So …  how are you?  I trust you are well, that life is treating you kindly and that things are going in a nice direction for you.  Anything happening in life that you’d like to share?  Need some advice from someone?  Post your question in a comment and I’m sure you’ll get an answer – even if only from me!

Here in Cobweb Towers … it’s been a little cooler the last two days, and we’ve had some rain!  [doing a BIG happy dance here!].  Finally the sun has given us a couple of days break and sleep has been much more comfortable for the last two nights.  Such a blessing.  I know that Dorset holiday makers won’t be finding it a blessing, but we very much-needed some cool weather for a while and the gardens desperately needed some rainwater.

All that’s left for me to say is that I hope your Monday was a decent one, and I wish you terrific Tuesday.  May your day tomorrow begin with a smile and end with one, and may the hours in between have smiles shared and dotted throughout the day.

Sending squidges, from me in my corner, to you in yours.

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47 thoughts on “Four Fabulous Fairy Fungi, Freshly Found (and very special indeed!)”

    1. Hello Soul G. πŸ˜€
      tis great to see you!
      You have Faeries living in your garden? Aw wow! Do they leave you any evidence, or gifts from the land of Fae?
      And …. AN ELF NURSERY in the wild corner? [whispers soft and low . . . ] … ohhhh how amazing is that?!!!
      I freely admit to feeling a little bit of envy right now! πŸ™‚
      You must be even more amazingly incredible than I thought you were, and I think you’re mind blowing incredible!

      Aw it’s so lovely to see you Soul G.
      (I’ve been a bit poorly and lacking in energy and I’ve missed popping in and around all the blogs I follow, so haven’t been running in to you, and I’ve very much missed seeing you).

      Thank you so much for coming, and for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment and bit of ‘faeries chat’.
      Have a blessed rest of your day!
      Heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx πŸ™‚


      1. So sorry Cobs to hear you’ve not been well. I hope you have turned the corner on that and are well on the way to recovery. Perhaps some faerie magick will help πŸ™‚ If you have a peek at my 10 part story in the Children’s corner you will find much evidence of how working with the fae has informed my knowledge of them –

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        1. Hello Soul G.
          Thank you for your lovely wishes and hopes. The doctor told me that the thing I’ve been diagnosed with won’t ‘get better’ and buzz off, but . . . I’m working on improving things for me.
          Having already got a lower spinal injury – the result of an RTA when I was a passenger in a car which got hit from behind (at speed) – I’m already living with some ‘oddities’ and nerve damage as a result of that. So this new diagnosis just adds to the ‘stuff’ to deal with. But at least having a diagnosis (after 6+ years of tests, medical cr*p and sometimes tearful frustration), I now have a name for it and so have visioned what this s*d looks like and how I’m going to go into battle with it. πŸ˜€

          Faerie Magick already has a part to play in positive ways. But … I thank you muchly for the link to your 10 part story, and will absolutely be going for a read. Bless you Soul G. for suggesting it, and I thank you.

          Sending you much love, and wishing a wonderful Wednesday for you. ~ Cobs. xxx

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          1. You sound like a real trooper. May Faerie Magick continue to play in positive ways in your life. Bless you! Sometimes it seems life sucks for no reason – but there always is a reason in there somewhere. Its for us to find it. Sending YOU much love and wishes for a wonderful day – Raili xxx

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            1. I’m with you all the way on there always being a reason for ______ (fill blank space). There are things to learn, or opportunities to be had, even in the dullest or dreariest of things.

              We’re obviously sisters separated at birth, ’cause we both have a similar view of life, this realm and the other(s).
              Sleep well Raili. Much love. ~ C. xxx

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  1. How could I not be smiling after spending this delightful time with you and all of your knowledge about the elements.You have done gone and done it again my dear friend. This has been a Mary Poppings kind of time but I can’t spell her “word” for the occasion. Supercalla…….what ever, You know what I mean.
    Rain! Would love some please. Cool! Could use some of that too. But….and this is a big but…soon we will be talking about the cold and will it ever warm up. Can’t seem to make up our minds can we.
    What about etsy? Are you in yet?.
    I am trying to blog…I did yesterday and are you getting Chickens? For some reason I have to go looking for her .She is on my facebook but that is fixing to change. Facebook doesn’t want us to repost. Someone is always throwing a kink into things and I am already mixed up enough.
    Love to the towers. Watch out for flying things. xoxo

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    1. Oh, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
      Even though the sound of it
      Is something quite atrocious
      If you say it loud enough
      You’ll always sound precocious

      No … don’t know that song Bev. (LOL)
      Aw … that song is almost the background to my life. The film still has the same effect on me now as it did when I was a little girl and seeing it for the first time.

      My favourite part of the film was, has been and always will be the tea party on the ceiling, with Bert and Uncle Albert. … (closely followed by the children and Mary Poppins joining them.

      The rain … aw I wish I could send some to you Bev. I know only too well what the sheer hot heat of this summer has done to the garden here, and to me personally.

      I’m terribly worried about my mothers Hydrangea bush – the summer sun has baked it and the leaves are burnt and crispy. There are barely any flower heads showing or waiting to bloom.

      We’ve lost a little conifer, and a couple of my big, ferns have suffered burnt fronds and the one … well, I’m hoping it will pick up again. We’ve had them for years and years, and they were in the garden of our old cottage, and I so wanted to bring something with us from the old, to the new. Please God, let them be ok.

      A Peiris has died altogether, and a Fatsia – which I thought was in an OK position in the garden, has had a lot of it’s leaves burnt to a crisp.

      We’re just not used to this amount of high heats (high for us) in Great Britain, nor are we used to the length of time of the hotness, with no rain every now and again to cool things down and water the earth. I think if this is how it’s going to be from now on, our Country needs to step it up and find solutions to the problems that everyone has and are suffering.

      Blogging … if you aren’t getting the notifications for any blogs that you follow, try ‘unfollowing’ and then (giving it a moment to update) click to follow again. See if that sorts it out.

      I’m still struggling to get around all the blogs I follow, but I am trying. Being a bit poorly has (is) a real party pooper.

      Etsy … no I haven’t signed up. I worry that I won’t have the energy and necessary ‘things’ which would be required to keep on top of that. Mr. Cobs though has set up an account with Ebay in an effort to get me to part company with creations, because I’m running out of space. Problem is … it would be like parting with a child!! eeek! I love these items I’ve made, but at the same time, I can see his point and I really don’t have enough spaces to display my makes – so perhaps I need to keep photos and maybe scrapbook them and keep those as my memories of my ‘craft babies’. lol.

      I’m tickled pink that you like the Fairy Mushroom Elemental Specimens. They really tried my making skills those did. Trying to make something which would fit through such a tiny space, and yet look like the real deal . . . coo – I will admit to giving up now and again. But … not one for allowing things to beat me, I would eventually come back and try again. The whole selection took me weeks to put together, but once finished I sat back and looked at them all and loved them. They’re even more magical if you could see them with your own eyes – and a lot smaller than they look in these photos, hence the reason I gave the measurements for the test tubes.

      In the photos they look ten inches tall … but in real life they’re small and so delicate looking.

      I think my favourite is the Fire but … when I look at them all, I change my mind and each one becomes my favourite. LOL.

      I’m so happy that you came Bev. I love seeing you. Thank you so much for coming and for the fantabulous comment/chat that you left for me to find. It’s like finding a nugget of gold – only better!

      Thank you my lovely friend. I love you to pieces.
      Much love ~ Cobs. xxx ❀

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  2. Now Cobs…..fess up…you were really one of the writers for Lord of The Rings…right????? If not you should have been.
    I am convinced you have a book just waiting to be written about this particular subject! I would certainly purchase it.

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    1. Ohh Chicken, thank you! Bless your heart.
      Thank you both for coming and for the really beautiful comment.

      Like you, I know I have a book inside me, it’s just having confidence in myself and my abilities which I question. But I so want to write it. And I will. I know I will. Eventually.

      Thank you Chicken for being exactly who you are. I’m so blessed to have such a beautifully hearted blogging friend.
      Wishing you a blessed day.
      love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  3. Squidges to you too, Cobs. So glad to hear of water falling on your corner of the Cobweb Kingdom. Happy to read the searches for air, water, fire and earth were successful and the search led the heaves to open up.
    I am still amazed at how you find these ” mushrooms”- do you go about with a magnifying lens to find them? I am just imagining you like a detective, going each day to collect magic into your satchel.Many more happy days and happy dances to you, my friend.

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    1. Hello Susie πŸ˜€
      You’ve got me down to a ‘T’. I do indeed go in search of my Mushrooms – just like a detective collecting the magic required to share it here on the blog with all my magically minded friends. πŸ™‚

      The rain … ohh so very welcome here in my corner. Great Britain has been toasted to a crisp. Green grass a memory. But … I know it will come back. It always does. My ‘Green and pleasant Land’ will return once again.

      Aw Susie, thank you so much for coming, and for leaving such a lovely comment too.
      Have a blessed day, my friend. ~ Cobs. xxx


      1. Thank you for the videos – am going to listen to them with my imagination running wild- seeing things through my mind’s eye, while reading the lyrics and singing along if I could.
        I remember another song which is sort of sentimental about England-
        There’s a ship nice rick and ready in the harbour,
        Tomorrow for England she sails..
        I love that song too.
        It was interesting to know England has no national anthem.

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        1. Hello again! πŸ˜€
          Ohhh, yes! I remember that song Susie. My uncle used to sing that. It was a favourite of his.
          Thank you for the link. It took me back to my childhood and visiting my uncle and auntie. Fabulous!
          Have a wonderful rest of your week Susie. ~ Cobs. πŸ˜€

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  4. Dear Cobs,
    I am imagining you going in the moonlight in search of fairy stuff now. Is my imagination running riot or am I becoming a child once again ?:)
    Have you read ” How Green was my Valley” – from your comments on green grass I was reminded.
    Are you from Dorset ? Have you read ” Milly Molly Mandy” stories ?

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    1. “Is my imagination running riot or am I becoming a child once again ?” ….. ah but Susie, those are almost one and the same thing.

      Go back and recall to mind your childhood imagination. I bet it was far more ‘free’ and able to roam, than your mind is now.

      As we grow we are pushed (in some ways) to not use our imagination in the way we used to. But instead taught that our imagination should be used in a different way. To go forward to a chosen career. To get married to the right man/woman. To have and bring up children. And … oh so many other ‘grown up’ things. All of which are good. But … what we aren’t told is to keep our childhood imagination alive and well and living alongside our grown up brain. So in a lot of adults, they’ve forgotten how to become as a child again. They’re more ‘conditioned’ to be and talk & behave as adults, instead of allowing our inner child – who we keep, but don’t always acknowledge – to have some freedom too. Of course, because of this, sadly our imagination becomes [kind of] almost thin and weedy and the childhood imagination is left behind.

      (Imagine seeing a large funnel filled with sand. The big wide part of the funnel is your childhood imagination. However – the thin bit of the funnel – the bit which is tapered so that the sand can be put into a bottle or receptacle of some sort – that bit is your adult imagination. It’s focused and going in one direction – which isn’t a bad thing … but we’ve left the childhood imagination and all it’s magical abilities way behind and forgotten about. So sad).

      I have a feeling I have read ‘How Green was my Valley’ – but some time ago, for I don’t remember enough about it.

      However – the quote: “Englands green and pleasant land” comes from a poem by William Blake, – which was made into a song a long time ago, and I’ve found the song on YouTube, which also has the words printed at the bottom of the screen as it plays. The video has lots of views of England too. So it explains the ‘green and pleasant land’ part of the poem/song.

      Unknown to a lot of people: ‘God Save the Queen’ isn’t our (England) National Anthem. England doesn’t actually have a National Anthem – however many people have pressed time and time again for our country to adopt the right Anthem for the Country as a whole – and that song (called Jerusalem) is one of the favourites.

      It’s one I love … but if I were to choose my own favourite as what I would love the National Anthem for England to be, it would be ‘I Vow to thee My Country’ – which I learned when I was very young, and whenever it was sung in Assembly at school, I felt my chest swell with pride and always got a lump in my throat. and … It can still has that same effect today.

      (found this video, which has the lyrics too – if you’d like a little listen).

      I wasn’t born and bred in Dorset, but it’s where I now live. Milly, Molly, Mandy … I seem to remember from my childhood – which right now feels an awfully long time ago! LOL.

      Great chatting with you Susie. Hope you enjoy the music videos, which explain both the quote, and also a musical love of mine.

      Have a wonderful day! ~ Cobs. x πŸ™‚

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  5. Fantastic Cobs! A wealth of knowledge of all things Fairy πŸ™‚ They have sprinkled their magic sparkly dust all over you! I must say I have some fairy items in several of my Jade plants πŸ™‚ A bridge and all kinds of little goodies! I sure hope they have fun in my plants! Thank you for sharing all the elements and description! I imagine people would love walking through all that goodness with oooh’s and aaahhs! You have an amazing week and hope everything is wonderful for you and yours! XXX

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    1. Hello Ruthie!
      Aw it’s lovely to see you. πŸ™‚
      Your Jade plants sound like just the sort of place that Fairies would stop and play for a while.

      I’m tickled pink that you like the Fairy Mushroom Elementals, and that you enjoyed a read too.
      You are, of course, right. I’m continually covered in Fairy Dust, and so is the house, the kitchen, the conservatory, and mostly … the bathroom. Our floor in the bathroom twinkles in our spot lights in the ceiling, like mad! What visitors must think I don’t know. LOL.

      Thank you so much for coming Ruthie, and for the lovely comment.
      Have a truly Wonderful Wednesday! ~ Cobs. xxx


  6. love visits with the only fairy I know! I love that you got rain! and cooling off- The mushrooms ares adorable! I think you are wonderful to offer advice-and I give testimony that you are highly recommended! love your rabbit!

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    1. Hello fabulous Rabbit! πŸ™‚
      Tickled pink that you like the Mushroom Elementals. I had great fun with these – although they were a challenge at times.

      The rain has been very welcome and so have the cooler temperatures. However, watching the weather report this evening, it appears that it’s going back to the really high temperatures again from Thursday this week, so I’m going to enjoy the coolness while I can!

      Thank you so much for coming Rabbit, and for your lovely comment. Bless you.
      Much love ~ Cobs. xxx


  7. Wonderful! I have been thinking about the four elements (plus a fifth) lately, too. And the faeries have been quietly but steadily leaving me gifts from the Enchanted Wood on my doorstep, and I am getting ready to put them together…

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    1. OooOOoo…. I’m getting more and more excited with every snippet you reveal. I can’t wait for you to actually get going, and then share your makes with us all! I’m all gee’d up inside and like an over-excited child waiting for Santa! lol.

      I’m cheering you on from the sidelines GillyF.
      love ~ Cobs πŸ™‚

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  8. Love these wee shrooms and the wee gnome. All the tiny treasures of the fairies. Amazing wee creatures they are. You have such a talent for the tiny’s.
    Did someone say rain!? I would love to see some rain. It’s so hot here I am melting, I swear, I am melting. So hot my eyelids are sweating! I don’t like it, not one bit.
    Being it’s my birthday today, I can say that in my 59 years on this earth I don’t remember it being this hot for so long ever. We have had 2 weeks of heat before but we are going on 4 I’m sure. Cooling off the next few days and MAY even get a few drops of rain, although I am not holding my breath!
    Thank you Cobs for sharing this wonderful treasure of the elements with us.
    “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”. I don’t know who said that but it’s on a post card I have here. When you mention about being a child again, that would be marvelous, just not the growing pains. πŸ™‚
    hugs from the coast of BC

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    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOOZY!!! 29 years old was that, today? πŸ˜€
      (I have a rule: A lady must never be older than her bra size, and her inner child is the same age as her shoe size in UK shoe size measurements. It works. lol).

      But seriously … I hope you’re having a truly lovely day, my fabulous Leo friend.

      I know exactly what you mean by the heat. Aw do I ever!
      I can truthfully say that this is the hottest, for this length of time (about 7+ weeks now, here where I am). We had no rain here at all, until a couple of nights ago, and ohhhh how amazing it’s been since then. We had rain again during the night last night – which I am forever thankful for because my garden has perked up no end. But … I’ve still lost some plants and am very concerned about my mothers hydrangea – which has had all it’s leaves burnt and looks just dreadful. I hope and pray that it recovers and blooms next year, despite the cruel beating its had during this summer so far. (It will break my heart if I’ve lost it.)

      I’m tickled right down to my toes that you like the Fairy Mushroom Elementals. They’ve been lots of fun to be involved in, and despite the challenges of making them, I enjoyed every moment, including the exasperating ones. lol.

      Your lovely quote is perfect. We do grow old because we stop playing. Our bodies might get a bit wrinkly, and our bones creaky, but our hearts, minds and souls …. we can keep those in a far happier place, simply by continuing to play. To be as children and be filled with innocence, joy and laughter. If only we could infect the world with this. Imagine what a truly incredible place this would be if we all lived along these lines!

      Aw thanks for coming Soozy. I hope that you get some rain very soon, and the temperatures cool down and make things a whole lot more comfortable for you and Stan.
      Sending much love today, your Birthday, and every day.
      Have a truly fabulous day ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. You always know exactly what to say dear friend. You really do. I hope we get some rain too, I will be out in it like the last wee shower we had, oh, how long ago was that now? Geez, I forget.
        Just trim back the Hydrangea and she should come back better than ever. Remember they do LOVE lots of water. I’m sure she will come back. Mine is doing okay this year, flowers galore coming, but she doesn’t get direct afternoon sun for too long. She is in the freckled sunshine now and I will be going out to water shortly. πŸ™‚ Do put your feet up and relax and enjoy the showers. Please send some to us.
        many hugs and unicorn smooches.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aw bless you, Soozy.
          Like you, I’m hoping that a good cut-back and some rest time during the autumn and winter, will bring the Hydrangea back again. I’m pinning all the hopes in my heart on a post it note, and placing it somewhere God will see it, and hopefully help with.

          I have this mental image of you that once the rain comes, you’ll be out in your garden, doing the Happy Dance and singing your joy at the appearance of rain.

          It would be rather lovely if all your neighbours joined in too. A Rain Party. Can’t think of a better reason to dance outside! πŸ˜€

          Well, until that rain comes Soozy, don’t do too much and stay out of that hot sun.
          Be safe, and most of all . . . be happy.
          Much love ~ Cobs. xxx

          Liked by 1 person

  9. I love the detail and backstory of these and the importance of elements. The creations are beautiful, kind of glittery and so eye-catching and novel – Love them, beautiful & amazing stuff Cobs!
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hellooooo dearest Cobs,
    What a fandabidozi post, of course you are our ‘go to person’ on all things magical or mystical within the fairy world ~ once again you have enlightened us all with your expert knowledge.
    Reading through your previous comments it seems you are touching quite a few lives with your words
    You too have had a gift from the rain fairy .. I was over the moon when she sprinkled rain drops on The Tangled Backwoods , the sun Fairy is now back shining her goodness around
    Look after yourself and I hope although your malaise won’t buzz off you will be able to learn to live a more comfortable life

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you Mrs. P. (I’ve now extended your ‘incognito pseudonym name’ and from this moment on I shall be calling you: Doris Bagshott. I don’t know why, it just popped up and tickled me in my tickle spot. lol)

      The Rain Fairy blessed us dearly and our gardens around here are thanking her muchly!

      The HOT HOUSE Fairy is back in residence now, and I’m sat here feeling like I must be going through than meno-‘pause the hot sauce’ time! Phew. My hair is sticking to the back of my neck!

      I know that the holiday makers want the hot sun of the Caribbean, (on Dorset finances) but … it’s just toooooooo hot. So I’m going to have a word with the Rain Fairy and ask her to pop by twice a week – just to cool things down and help me and other wild life in the area. (and the gardens!)

      Expert knowledge? Me? Doris, you must be confusing me with someone who has more than one brain cell! But …. I’ll bask in the glory of the moment. Bless your heart P. It’s no wonder that I love you so much!
      Sending squidges – and ice lollies (try Calypos if you haven’t already. They’re a great cooler after a hot day. Tesco, Iceland, and I think Sainsbury do them too).
      Keep out of the sun and in the cool! ~ Cobs. (or should that be ‘Sweaty Betty’?) lol. xxx


  11. How awesome! Such tiny little things, but so much detail! I know I would be cross-eyed if I did something like this! Cute! And your information on each one is perfect! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nancee. πŸ˜€
      I will freely admit to having some problems and going cross eyed is one of them. But the joy when they’re sat, looking like I envisioned them to look is so great, it spurs me on towards that joy.
      Thank you for your lovely comment, and for coming Nancee. Bless your heart, I love seeing you and chatting with you.
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx


  12. Well. Just totally over-excited now. I ADORE THE MUSHROOMS!!!


    Liked by 1 person

  13. I just realised why I so love your Fairyland posts. At the summer camp I help out with, a couple of the girls were talking about a sweetie land they would like to live in, with sherbet snow and green laces for grass and flowers made of jellybeans. They got so into it, until the camp leader told them to stop being silly and talk about something else.
    We’re trained out of imagining wonderful things from such a young age. But then I come here and your incredible imagination makes these amazing Fae goodies and stories to go with them, and I can feel my imagination starting to yawn and wiggle its toes a little. You make me want to play and create again πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello QWC.
      How I would like to take the camp leader on one side and inform her/him of how very wrong his/her reactions to a childs imagination are. What a horrible thing for an adult to do to a child!

      I never ‘trained out’ my daughters imaginations when they were younger, but actively encouraged them to use them, and I wish everyone would be the same. It’s how some people imagine what could be, and go on to invent the very thing they imagined and brought it to the world. Education will take you places. But Imagination will take you everywhere.

      I would love to see you imagine, create and play. It’s good for your soul QWC. Give it a window and let it climb back into your life. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for coming, and for taking the time to leave a comment behind. Loved chatting with you.
      Have a blessed day ~ Cobs. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was too much of a wuss to do that, but I did ask the girls what the rivers and streams were made of in their sweetie land, to keep the story going.
        Well I’ll give my imagination a bit of a poke and see if I can wake it up properly!

        Liked by 1 person

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