Homes Under the Domes 2 ~ THE SEQUEL!

Hello . . .  tis I,  Cobs.  . . .  I have returned,  –  with a complaint  …  IT’S TOO DARN HOT!  People are on the beaches supposedly sunning themselves and getting a tan!  They’re really not.  Not in this heat.  They’re actually frizzling up like crispy-cooked bacon!  I can smell them. sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.

Joking aside … I’m not a Summer lover.  I love the flowers that the summer brings; the birds, the butterflies, the bees,  and love the overall happiness which Summer packs in its little suitcase and brings with it,  . . .  but I don’t like how the heat of Summer affects my body.  It’s been making me feel proper poorly. (Hence the reason I haven’t been around). 

My body is a talking package of broken rubbish,  and for some reason warm weather seems to put this package of rubbish under a microscope and blow it up to  M.E.G.A.  proportions.  It’s been the hottest day today, (Sunday evening as I type this), here  in the South of England,  and they are predicting that this weather is going to go on for some weeks to come.  I do hope not.  (crosses fingers)   We need a few days of cooler temperatures and refreshing breezes …. and some rain for the land.

So… if you happen to be reading this God, could you please turn the heating down a few notches, and turn on the rain for a few nights.  You don’t have to make it rain during the day … I don’t want to be a party pooper to holiday makers who are here having grand fun, but I would like to see the wildlife and the ground get a few nights of rain, every now and again.  Thank you, in advance.  πŸ˜€  ~  me.  xxx

Aanyhooooo.…  let’s talk about crafts and  …

Homes under the Dome – The Sequel!

I’ve been able to craft on the odd day here and there (with two fans going in the craft room, and only before the sun comes round and tries to cook me at Gas mark 8!).  I wanted to make some more Homes under the Dome, and also make a Bottle of Magic.

I was asked about how to make Fairy Domes on my last post, and because I know that the Domes can be a little difficult to get hold of, I suggested that perhaps a glass bottle would be an easy project, and so I thought it would be a good idea to actually make one so that you could see what I meant.

But that will be in a few minutes … first … let’s do some Domes, shall we?

Home Under the Dome Collection numbered

These are the Home under the Dome projects I’ve been able to make.  The numbers in the hearts, with arrows pointing to each dome, are there so that I can show you each dome closer up and you’ll know which dome you’re looking at!  Clever eh?

Home Under the Dome 1

Home Under the Dome 2

You can see a much closer up view like this, and still refer to the original photo to see the dome from (kind of) arms length.

Now I’m going to miss out number 3 just for a moment and go straight on to number 4….

Home Under the Dome 4
This Home under the Dome does have a home,  it’s on the other side, but I wanted to show you the teeny tiny REAL clam shell with the bright shining pearly bead inside it.

Home Under the Dome 5

Ok …  let’s ‘do’  the missing number three Dome, shall we? . . .

Gnome Under the Dome No.3

The reason I left number 3 till now is because it’s not a Home Under the Dome, but instead it’s a Gnome Under the Dome.  Look carefully and you can see his little face – his nose, eyes and a little grin going on there too!

Finally …  I made a Magic Bottle.  Blogger Susie Shy was asking about making the Domes, and since I’d suggested a bottle I thought perhaps I’d better make a bottle so that she could see what I was actually going on about. So here’s a Fairy home in a bottle.  The Fairy Home and all the Mushrooms were freshly gathered from Freckled Mushroom Wood just a few days ago  ….

A Fairy Home inside a Bottle of Magic

As you can see, it’s  100% Pure Magic.   You won’t find purer!  Let me show you the back of this Magic Jar…

Back of Fairy Home inside Bottle of Magic

Both inside the jar, and on the wax seal around the corked top, there is evidence of Fairy Dust.  There is also evidence of Fairy Dust on my desk, on the floor of my craft room and …  even in my bathroom!  Heaven only knows what on earth the Fairies were doing in there, but my goodness, the place twinkles like stardust has been spread around freely!

Well that’s me done and dusted, craft-wise.

I’m sat here in the living room, with my little lap top, tapping away at the keyboard, and I have the ceiling fan on ‘fast and furious’  ….  a tall standard fan on ‘Blow your Brains Out’,  and  a 16″ desk fan on the floor manfully struggling on, trying to blow cold air, but actually blowing warm air around – but its trying and for that I appreciate it’s every effort.

I also have my water spray bottle from my craft room, over to my right, and every now and again I give my face a little mist from it.  It feels lovely and I highly recommend this idea to all who suffer in the heat.  (I take mine to bed with me, filled with really cold water from the fridge, and use it whenever the need arises.  It helps).

Thank you so much for coming and sharing each Home Under the Dome with me over a cup of coffee.   Hope you like them and that they gave you a smile.

Have a truly lovely Monday.  Make it amazing,  and don’t settle for anything less!

Sending many squidges and much love ~

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Hello. I'm 'Cobwebs'. I live in a wee little cottage in the South of England, aptly called Cobweb Cottage. This little dwelling really is a cobweb factory. Not inside (well, occasionally) - but outside - flipping heck! This information should give you a clue as to why my blog is called The Art of Cobwebs aka: The Cobweborium Emporium. I've been arty and crafty from a very young age, and although my crafts have sometimes turned a corner and taken me in another direction, I've always crafted in some way, shape or form. One day, in the blink of an eye, life changed somewhat for me and the consequences were many. I had to find a new way of being 'artistic'. Card making; scrap-booking; producing ATC's and ACEO's; needle felting; Polymer clay; painting- but in a more relaxed style than I had before, and sewing, - are all things which I visit, as and when life allows. I've fairy recently become a Textile Artist and am enjoying this new creative outlet very much as it offers me so much scope for letting my imagination run through a grassy field and feel the wind in my hair - (mentally, of course). I love to create. To make things. I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you've given your time, rather than your cash. Thank you so much for visiting. Please visit my blog (link below) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy, even if it's only a handful of jokes! (yes, seriously - there really are jokes!) Wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. <3

59 thoughts on “Homes Under the Domes 2 ~ THE SEQUEL!”

    1. Hello Anna πŸ™‚ Happy Monday, my lovely friend.
      Aw I’m so happy to read that you have a favourite. There are two houses and three freckled mushrooms in Number 2 dome! I packed it all into that tiny little space, and yet it doesn’t in the least look crowded. That has to be down to the Fairy Magic. They’re clever like that. They can shift space to suit their needs. It’s a talent I wish I had – our little cottage would seem like it had SOOOOoooo much more room if I could do it! lol.

      Thank you for your kind wishes regarding the heat. I too hope that God got the message(s) (there have been plenty from me to Him) and that it does cool down by a few degrees here in blindingly sunny and hot, hot, hot Dorset.
      Sending much love along with a sandy bucket of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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  1. Ah Cobs, you’re roasting and we’re shivering! Down Under we’re having a very cold winter here in Western Australia. We’re getting occasionally getting some lovely sunny days, but it’s one of the coldest winters (for us) I can recall for quite some time. I can relate to wanting the rain at night. For us it would be nice to get the sunny days (with no freezing cold wind) and the rain at night … but it never happens that way, does it?
    Love your Domes and the Jar. You are so wonderfully creative. I always look forward to your posts. Try and stay cool and I’ll try and stay warm πŸ˜„. Happy Monday 😎 Kay xx

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    1. Hello Kay πŸ™‚ so lovely to see you.
      Aw sorry to hear about your coldest winter yet – at least in your living memory. I would more than happily swap right now. I’ve always said that I’d happily visit Australia in Australia’s winter, as I’d still be wearing a T-shirt in those temperatures. But .. I know that if I lived there, I’d soon become acclimatised and be feeling the cold.

      I hope your winter in it’s current cold cold state doesn’t last for long. If I could parcel up this hot, Hot, HOT weather we’re experiencing here and send it to you, I would …. in the blink of an eye.

      I’m tickled pink that you like the Domes and the little Bottle of Magic.
      Thank you so much for coming and having a coffee moment with me.
      Sending much love and some warm sunshine, through the ether. ~ Cobs. xxx

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  2. Thank you for the fairy home in the bottle post and the explanation. Now everything is clear and the steps in the little hearts are so clear and cute. When you are creative, you are automatically clever too !
    And it is hot – very hot and the air circulated is hot too and there are no breezes or sight of rain. It is just hot all around. Sigh !!

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    1. Hello Susie πŸ™‚
      I’m thrilled that you found this post and saw the Fairy home in a Bottle. Seeing something which has been explained, makes things so much easier to understand. I hope it helps you to venture into the crafting of your own design. πŸ˜€

      You’re right on the nose about the air circulated being hot. The nicest place to sit is actually in my car, driving along, with the air con switch on. I could almost live in the car right at the moment. (if the price of petrol here in the UK wouldn’t bankrupt me!)

      Thanks for coming Susie and sharing the Homes Under the Domes, and the Bottle of Magic, with me.
      Wishing you a truly lovely day ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Cobs,
        To be honest, I was looking out for you and wondering if I missed something for a while. Then I thought maybe you took a 4th of July break:)
        Then finally I find out it was the heat that kept you from writing, which I so understand and I can live in my car or my bathtub too.
        I wish you would sell those fairy domes on ebay or something, I would want to get a couple for my own self.

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        1. Aw Susie … well I’m planning to do a Give-a-way of a Home Under the Dome very soon, so make sure that when it arrives on the blog, you add your name into the hat … then we’ll all cross our fingers, close eyes tight and wish with all our might that the Random Number Picker will pick you!. πŸ˜€

          Mr. Cobs has been saying that I should sell some of these on ebay – more to make room for all the other things as I craft them (LOL) – in-fact he’s so ‘in’ the groove of this that he’s even set an Ebay seller thing up so that I have no excuse.

          Hmm…. Is he nagging? lol

          Stay cool missy! ~ Cobs. xxx

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  3. I am sorry you are wilting from the heat. I am loving it and really enjoying swimming regularly in the sea.
    I love all these domes and the bottle. How lovely to have so much fairy dust around your home. Blessings. X 🌼🌼🌼

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    1. Hello Daisies.
      Wilting …. I think I’ve probably gone a stage or two further than that. lol.

      Oooo swimming in the sea. I remember that, and how much I loved it, so I can understand your love of it. I’m no longer a strong enough swimmer for the sea, but I do rather like that feeling of the sea, tickling my feet and toes, as I stand at the edge of the water. There’s something rather delicious about the feeling. (Although mind …. it also has a rather devilish trick of making someone fall backwards if they watch the water go out, away from their feet. Funny to watch though. lol)

      Thank you so much for coming Daisies and for the lovely comment. I’m so happy that you like the Domes, and the little bottle.
      Have a truly blessed rest of your day, my fabulous friend. ~ Cobs. 🌼 xxx

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  4. Well I knew you must be knee deep in crafting wonderful stuff. I have missed you. Oh…I don’t even want to talk about hot. My back porch,on the North side of my house, was 100 F the other day. Under a roof no less. It has been just awful and the few showers of rain only steam things up. Working in the flowerbeds, which are in need of work, is out of the question. I have posted acouple of post with more to come…maybe. Like you…it just to hot to think.
    Love you xoxo
    ps. excited about the etsy shop. Let me know.

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    1. Hello Beverly … I’ve missed you too. I wanted to email … but I felt so miserable with pain that I couldn’t think of anything uplifting and fun to say, so thought I’d wait until I felt more like my old self.

      I know exactly what you mean about the heat in the shade. Our garden at the back of the cottage is normally somewhere I love to sit in the summer, as it’s shaded from the hot Summer sun by really tall pine trees. This year I’m frankly surprised that the tops of those Pines haven’t burst into flames, it’s been unbearably hot.

      Apparently Dorset (where I live), was the hottest place in the whole country at the weekend – and I can believe it. There was the smell of barbecued meat in the air, . . . I joked that it was the sunbathers on the beach, frying!

      Working in the flowerbeds …. I agree wholeheartedly that it’s too hot for you to be doing that Missy! Don’t you dare!

      I shall come and visit your blog and see the posts that I’ve missed! (sorry about that).

      The Etsy shop … Himself has set up an Ebay shop here in the UK for me to sell some things (he says because I need to make space! … and he says that if I sell some things then I can have all the money to spend on new supplies. Ahh, he knows how to treat a woman well. he he he!)

      I can’t make my mind up about Etsy. It feels like it’s more for crafters who want to make money and use it as a small business making thing. I’m not interested in that. I just want to re-coup monies spent, more than anything else. So Himself said Ebay would be the thing and he set up an account for me. Right now … I don’t even know the password to it! LOL

      I think he’s going to manage it and put thing there for sale because I think I’d get fuddled selling things on the net. (Doesn’t take much to get me fuddled … give me a choice of orange or apple and I’ll be there for weeks making up my mind! LOL)

      Love you oodles Bev. Very much so.
      Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Well I can’t wait to see how it goes. My concern about trying to sell anything is the organization. Keeping things separate from what I send myself could get confusing for my brain. They would have to be numbered etc. iIdo see thngs listed as one of a kind.and then there is the S&h charges??? I’m glad your other self is on this and can teach me……. maybe. xoxo

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        1. I think anything in the ‘selling’ part will have to be a team effort between us. If left to Cobs Snr, the details would read something like: “Something made by my wife. See it for yourself in the photos” and that would be it. lol. (bless him. He missed getting the ‘way with words’ installation when he was being made). lol

          At the moment, I’m still thinking it all out. I’m really worried that I won’t be able to keep on top of everything, but Himself reckons that he’ll do all the ‘keeping on top of’…. but … ah, you know what men are like. They’re a little more ‘get it done’ and a little less ‘do things nicely, with gentleness and love’ – which is more my way.

          Perhaps I need to put him on a plane and send him over to you to get you going.
          Although … I do need him to water the garden, cut the wood for a project, and … and …. and …. and … I generally need him, full stop. lol

          Have a blessed day, Bev. Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Hello Dinos πŸ˜€
      I’ve been thinking about you during this hot weather and wondered if you felt like a wilted daffodil too.

      The hot weather really does seem to play havoc with my rubbish body.

      I’m tickled pink that you like the little Homes under the Dome. I love making them. Although not a quick make, they have such charm and the end result makes me smile.

      I’m going to be doing a Giveaway soon, so keep your eyes open. It will probably be next week. πŸ˜€

      Don’t try to do too much, and hide the Gingernuts from Dizzy. His teeth are going to drop out if he doesn’t be more careful about the biscuits. πŸ˜‰
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Me and Dizzy definitely are! Today has been mostly spent in bed with a book. πŸ™‚ Hoping for abit of cooler weather soon.

        A giveaway sounds very exciting! I can’t wait to see what it is. I’ve set Dizzy on the job of looking out for it! πŸ™‚

        Sending much love, and hope you have a lovely rest of the week. πŸ™‚ xxx

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  5. My lovely friend I am happy to see you. You have been missed. I understand the heat. Here in Southern Cali we have been setting records temperatures and its been downright miserable here. Friday it actually hit 115 degrees. I had to go buy a portable AC For my little dogs. Worst heat I have ever seen since moving here almost 20 years ago. I completely understand why you are feeling poorly. I hope the weather cools down soon for you and you feel better very soon.
    You have done it again. I just love those little domes!!! and honestly my favorite is #4. I love the pretty blues and the Clam and pearl. You do amazing beautiful work. It is always so fun and such eye candy!!!. They are all amazing and fun!!!!

    Stay in the cool!! and drink lots of water! I hope you feel better soon. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ❀ my friend thank you for the fun coffee moment as always its a pleasure to visit you and chat. =)

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    1. Hello Tam!
      Ohh, it’s so lovely to see you.
      Your weather hitting 115 degrees on Friday …. flipping heck! No wonder you had to go and buy a portable AC for your dogs.

      It’s totally wiping our two cats out, and our lovely (old) Jack Russell, who I adore, isn’t coping well at all. The poor darling is puffing and panting all the time. We got an old Tea Towel out and ran it under the cold tap, wrung it out and I draped it over her to try and cool her down. She looked at me as if I’d gone crazy and was playing dress up time with her. lol.

      If you could look around our cottage right now, you’d think it looked like some police scene of carnage! Three animals, flat out on the floor – dotted between the living room and hallway, and looking for all intents and purposes like some mad person had done something dreadful to them.

      Over the last week or so, I’ve had to keep hovering over them trying to make sure they’re still breathing. Poor babies.

      I too hope that the weather cools off a little, very soon. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but if the hot heat could be turned down a little, it would be a massive improvement.

      Tickled from my head to my toes that you like the Homes Under the Domes and that you like #4. I love the blue of those mushrooms.

      Thank you so much for coming and for leaving such a fabulous chat.

      I hope that your heat calms down to a move acceptable level there. Please take care of yourself, and your four footed babies, obviously!

      Sending much love to you, my fabulous blogging friend. ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Poor little animals.. I feel badly for them. Yes I agree.. The heat can cool down a bit for them and for us!!
        Blue is my favorite color and I love seashells!! I was destined to have that little dome as a favorite! =). xoxoxox my friend! See you soon! ❀

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  6. Hello Cobs! It’s so great to see you! I have been looking to see if I missed your post! I love your Homes Under the Domes! You have been very busy😁 you have some special fairy πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ dust! Sorry to hear the heat is getting to you! I have been fortunate here, lots of rain! No cooler temps though! My grass and plants are 😊 have a wonderful week ahead..XXX

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    1. Hello Ruthie πŸ˜€
      aw it’s fabulous to see you, and I’m thrilled to bits that you like the Homes Under the Domes.

      I would love some of your rain. Perhaps we could arrange for a few loads to be re-directed to us! lol
      ….[whispering…]… it’s a little cooler at the moment, so I have hopes that it might stay cooler. But it’s still early enough in the morning for things to change in a couple of hours, so I’m not going to get too excited yet. I am though enjoying every single second of this ‘at the moment’ cooler.
      It’s bloomin’ fantastic right now!

      So far, Mr.Cobs has been a magician with watering all the important plants and shrubs here in Cobweb Towers, so I’m happy to look out on the gardens and seen green and flowers. But I worry that they might bring in a hose pipe ban any day now and then things might get more ‘interesting’. 😦
      (Hose pipe bans are ‘the norm’ here in the UK during hot summers. It’s to stop people from putting on sprinklers & forgetting they’ve put them on, and also standing with hose pipes, forgetting that they’re using up valuable supplies of treated water needed for drinking etc.).

      Thank you so much for coming Ruthie. It’s wonderful to see you.
      Thank you also for the lovely comment, love chatting with you.
      Wishing you a truly blessed day, and sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  7. I react the same to heat. I do like seeing the sunshine and all but the heat can buzz off!! I kinda like the shade and cool breeze. Fans? YES, I have ceiling fans going high speed 24/7. I have other portable fans going every day, all day, I would suffer of I didn’t have them and I need more!!! I really don’t do well in the heat and neither does ol’ Stan boy. The chihuahua’s seem to manage, even like laying out in it baking their wee brains. Crazy really. They come in with their tongues hanging down to the ground.
    Well not much to report at the moment Cobs, it’s very muggy here right now, we have had a slight splash of rain, but we need it to RAIN, not just dribble. Sure smell nice out there tho’. I must go watch the Maple Tree, it has stopped raining, darn it. Gotta go water now ;( Take care Cobs and thanks for sharing those lovely wee houses. They are truly special and very well done. They are really sweet.

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    1. Hello Soozy πŸ˜€
      Good to hear that you have plenty of fans, there in your home. Especially so since you, like me, don’t do well in the hot, hot, heat of the summer.

      Just like you I too think we need more fans here in Cobweb Cottage, and I keep telling Cobs the Bogeyman that very thing too. At the moment I’ve managed to talk him into one extra fan which we bought about three weeks ago. So, so far, so good. Maybe, if I could squeeze one more out of him, that would be a wonderment! lol

      Poor Stan … I can believe that he’s not enjoying the heat. He’s an older chap with health issues already, so add the heat and I should imagine that he’s feeling a bit on the miserable side of things right now. Poor baby.

      Thank you so much for coming Soozy, and for leaving the lovely comment.
      Have a blessed day my blogging friend. ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Have you tried spritzing into the fan while it’s blowing? I use my little water spritzer and lightly spray toward the fan, awww, relief, it’s like a wee rain shower. Also putting a buck with ice in front helps too.
        Yes Stan, being a flat faced pooch, has trouble anyway in cooling off with panting, so intense heat is not good for him. Thank goodness for the hose and getting his tummy wet. πŸ™‚ We have a heat wave coming next week apparently and I am NOT looking forward to that! Staying cool and hydrated is so very important. We had a bad one in Ontario, with humidity, it was in the 40’s and people were dropping like flies, we lost many due to the heat. Sad that some of them, all they would have needed was air conditioning but couldn’t afford it! Low income seniors suffer the most and over weight folks. Please get another fan.
        Thanks Cobs for the wonderful posts and I really do love those wee little houses you are making in the bottles and glass covers. ❀

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        1. Hello Soozy πŸ™‚

          LOL …. yes, I’ve spritzed into the air of the fan, and LOVE it … however, I got a real telling off two nights ago when Mr.Cobs was reading his little tablet book thing in bed, and the spray didn’t just hit me, but him, and his tablet too. So if I want to do that again …. I wait till he’s gone to sleep … and then I know that nothing short of a world war will wake him up so I’m able to spritz away to my hearts content! LOLOL

          You have a heat wave coming next week? Erm … don’t they know you have one going on there already? :/

          Flipping heck … people will start melting if it gets any hotter.

          Please take very good care of yourself and of course, wee little Stan. The ice in a bucket in front of a fan sounds like the way to go for both me, and you and Stan.

          Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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          1. Sorry Cobs, yes it is this week the heatwave hits, starting tomorrow, but holy moly, it’s already here NOW! Stan isn’t doing well today, pretty wobbly. Thankful for water from a hose or the shower attachment in utility sink!

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            1. Ohh, poor little Stan. He’s just not equipped for hot weather conditions. Poor baby.
              I hope that the predicted heats aren’t as high as they are saying they could be and that the hot weather doesn’t go on for too long Soozy. Warm is do-able, hot just isn’t.
              I’ll be thinking of you, and Stan.
              love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  8. We haven’t had terrific heat here, but I do remember days on end of unbearable heat in New York. How I hated it! I feel so sorry for people who are trapped in heat day after day. I hope your weather cools off quickly.

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  9. I love these! I am so sorry about that miserable heat. It just drains us and we do not feel well. I agree that summer is a beautiful time, but that heat does make up for it. Glad you are back with your magic and nice things for me to think about.. I hope it rains soon. love your rabbit

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    1. Hello Rabbit! πŸ™‚
      You’re right, of course. Summer is a truly beautiful time, but the heat could do with turning down a little.

      Wildlife is suffering so much. Even the birds here are desperate for water … we’ve been watching them today in our garden. All sorts of birds visit our bird feeding station (a posh metal affair with various dishes etc) and we’ve had so many dropping by for a long session of drinking that Mr.Cobs has to keep going out there and topping up the water dish. Poor things.

      I echo your words: I hope it rains soon.

      Thrilled you like the Domes Rabbit. Thank you so much for coming and visiting.
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  10. I’m right there with you about the heat, Cobs. Last week, we had days that were 35 degrees C with a humidex of 45. (Don’t know what that translates to in Fahrenheit; probably well up the Brimstone & Hellfire Scale.) I also use a mister bottle of water liberally, frequently. Anyway, I’m glad to see you were able to do more crafting, and the adorable results were well worth it. I love the little gnome in a dome – and all that fairy dust!

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    1. aw Hello Gillyflower πŸ™‚
      Sounds like we’ve all been suffering the heat this year. Brimstone and Hellfire absolutely! I swear to Dog that I’ve lost ten pounds just by melting!

      Thrilled that you like the Domes, and particularly the Gnome in a Dome, and all the Fairy Dust!
      Thank you so much for coming for a visit.
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  11. Those little domes are so absolutely sweet Cobs!! I am also sorry to hear that you are having the hot weather also. We are in a heat wave that is not only hot but also humid…..I HATE it!!! I do not hate much but heat and humidity is something I hate.
    I have found that a bit of peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle with witch hazel is wonderful to spritz on oneself to feel a little cooler…plus it smells really good!
    I hope your weather shapes up and you no longer sizzle and fry on the beach.

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    1. Hello Chicken.
      I’ve been reading, as I’m making my way round blog posts I’ve missed on blogs I follow. about how some parts of the US are having heat problems too. (I’ll be over to your blog very soon!)

      I haven’t been on the beach – waaaaay too hot for me, but I swear I can smell those gently frying bodies of holiday makers, which are sizzling away in the full sun, on the beaches here.

      Have to admit that I’ve never been a sun worshipper, and can’t fathom what the joy is about laying on a beach and doing nothing for hours on end.

      Sitting for a while, wandering down to the waters edge and letting the water tickle my toes, maybe braving the seagulls and having a bit of a picnic … but stripping off and begging the Sun to frazzle my skin … nah. I’ll stick with my ‘pale and interesting’ look. LOL

      Ooo, the peppermint and witch hazel spray sounds interesting. I know that peppermint does have that cooling effect, so I can imagine hat in a spray it would be a real boost.

      Thrilled you like the new domes. Bless you for coming, and for the fabulous message. Love chatting with you Chicken. πŸ™‚
      Wishing you a beautiful day! Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx


  12. Oh what little gems these are! So cute! I don’t know that I would have the patience (or the eyesight) to make something so small….I shall leave that to you. I so need to get back in my craft room. I have been so busy with work, and then of course, helping my mother inventory 83 years of household items! I believe we are on our second week of doing that. She had a lot of stuff! Wow! Hopefully we can wrap that up and they can get on with the reconstruction of her home. One can only hope! My craft supplies are needing a little love right now! I do believe that they think I have abandoned them! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nancee πŸ™‚ . . . aw, it’s so lovely to see you.

      83 years of household items to inventory!!! Oh. My. Goodness! OK, it’s not a job I would exactly enjoy doing, not even for myself (and I have less than 83 years) – but it’s obviously a very much needed task of determination, and one that you’re heading towards the end of. Well done to you, and to your mum. I think you are both brilliant and your team work is amazing.

      Thank you so much for coming. I’m thrilled to bits that you like the little Domes.

      Now then … it is your duty to go and keep your crafty stuff company and make something stunning! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Fairy dust gets everywhere! These are seriously special and magical. Ooh, I think you should make little Christmas magical elves and worlds in domes.

    Sorry to hear that you have been suffering in this heat. I have read recently (one of those random facebook comments and I can’t remember why it was even said) about someone using a fan but putting bottles of frozen water in front so it blew cool air. I have absolutely no idea if it works but thought I’d mention it. It’s been a little cooler today, as in I didn’t melt into a puddle on the school run. I’ll try to blow the cooler weather down to you. Hxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooooo…. it’s working Hannah. I think it’s feeling a tad cooler.
      I got all excited yesterday when I heard them say on the weather report that there was going to be BIG RAIN on Friday …. however, looking at the map I think it misses us. 😦 Booooooo!


  14. Good evening, dear Cobs, I hope you’re managing with the heat – I know it’s so much hotter down south. Here as per usual everything misses us, rain too, so it’s like living in soup at the moment. However…the heat suits my creaky bones and I love summer. We’re trying to keep our garden as lush as possible for our wildlife family with plenty of shady spots left for the girls. If yours will let you, damp cloths for the soles of their paws and the inside of their ears…have you got B & M? Mum got a self-cooling mat for her dogs from there which they love…

    The domes – do you KNOW how much I would have loved one of these when I was a little girl?? Real fuel for the imagination and I love them even more as a grown-up as I can see how much work has gone into each little artwork!

    Wishing you a cooler and pleasant evening, lots of love to you πŸ™‚ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooo… I’ve just told Mr.Cobs about your Mums dogs mat from B&M … I think we’ll take a trip there this weekend – maybe on Sunday when the World Cup Final is played (it will be empty then … YAAAY!), and see if they still have any.

      I do the dogs ears with a damp cloth and she LOVES it. She goes all dreamy eyed – a bit like someone has hypnotised her. lol. But the cats … well Alf Capone has let me do it once, but hasn’t fancied trying it again. Maisie Dotes … she looks at me approaching with a wet cloth and instantly thinks that it must be some form of torture so legs it. tsk… she’s a total loony cat.

      The Domes … Well watch out next week, for there is a very special Home Under the Dome which I’ve made this week, which is going to be a Giveaway! If you fancy putting your name in the ‘hat’ to be in with a chance of winning one.

      Thanks for coming Samantha, and for the lovely comment.
      Sending much love and squidges your way ~ Cobs. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good morning dear Cobs – just to wish you good luck in your trip for a cooling mat, I think they had towels also…

        Will definitely keep an eye out for your giveaway! Hope you are well and wishing you a peaceful Sunday πŸ™‚ xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Hello Cobs, good to see you again, and those fabulous little dwellings under the domes – they look really good.
    As you say, it is far too warm at present… I just want to sleep, and I can’t as it is soo warm! So, I do the next best thing and drape. And flake. We had some lovely rain the other day which was nice… but it’s back to hot now.
    Hope things become more comfortable for you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Tom πŸ™‚
      You’re right … sleep is so difficult when it’s this hot. I’m not sure that I sleep (eventually) or if I simply pass out with exhaustion.

      I like your ‘drape and flake’. That sounds like something I could do. I shall try that out later. πŸ™‚

      I wish we’d have some rain. I’ve lost a Pieris (beautiful shrub which, when it blossoms, looks like it’s heavily strung with pearls. Just glorious). And I’ve lost a little conifer which was planted only about two months ago. My garden is really struggling now. So … could you send rain down to me please? I need a night of rain, rain and more rain.

      Tickled that you like the Domes. Thank you for your lovely words and kind comments. πŸ˜€
      Sending ice cold squidges from my corner to yours. ~ Cobs. x


  16. Hello Cobs, I was down your way (well Essex) for a few days, and boy o’ boy it wasn’t ‘alf hot and sticky, so totally sympathise with you, you poor thing. Up norf’ it might be hot but it usually comes with a mild breeze and instead of humidity that feels like the tropics, it is a lovely crisp heat, which is far more manageable, so our move was very much the right thing to do! Don’t know if this suggestion will help, but put a pack of wet wipes in the fridge, and when you think you are a boiling point, slap one on your face…’s amazing! Hope your feeling better soon. Hugs Kim πŸ™‚ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kim πŸ™‚ aww … It’s so lovely to see you.
      You’re spot on… it is like the tropics here. There are an awful lot of holiday makers who are walking around with burnt bits! Shoulders are the parts I see the most, and some of them have made me cringe. Silly daft things!

      Walking along the beach, there’s a gentle breeze, which is lovely. However, in order to get that you have to walk in the glare of the full sun – so on balance, I’d rather be home with all the fans blowing! lol

      I have wet wipes on hand Kim … but I hadn’t thought of putting them in the fridge. Might give that a go – thank you!

      Thank you so much for coming Kim and for the lovely chatty comment. Hope all is well with you both, there in Wales, and that the longer you’re there the greater your happiness grows. ❀
      Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx ❀


      1. Thank you Cobs, but we are actually in Doncaster! Up here the air is less humid, so easier to bear but it is awful hot today! We had fans going in the office, one of which I swear is a Boeing 747 ex-engine, it’s gi-huge lol. Every time it sweeps round I hang on to my paperwork for dear life! Hope you will soon be feeling less sizzled and more bejazzled xx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Doncaster! Ohhh, I thought you’d moved to Wales!! Flipping heck – where did I get that idea from?!

          I’d placed you 200 miles away from where you are! LOL.

          Well… now I know …. I shall make sure I don’t move you to Scotland next time. LOL.

          The Boeing 747 fan sounds PERFECTION! Although .. not one for the craftroom. (Can you imagine all those papers? Eeeeek!)

          Thank you for your lovely wishes. The lady on the weather report this evening said it would be cooler tomorrow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she wasn’t telling fibs.
          ~ Cobs. xxx ❀


    1. LOL .. with regard to the ‘craftathon’ – you could use some of those little jars of things (mustard, mint sauce, small jam jars, chutney jars – that sort of thing) emptied out and washed (obviously! lol) – and they might find it easier to work the ‘things’ into the inside of the lid (leaving a space around the edge for the top of the glass jar to fit into the lid), and once they’ve got everything in place and any glue used all dried, just put the glass jar on the lid and screw it together! One instant Fairy Dome πŸ™‚

      Wishing you a fantabulous time of craftathoning. (new made up word, which I’m claiming. lol).
      Squidges and buckets of love ~ Cobs. xxx


      1. Love that idea, I’ve got a lot of jars as people keep saving them for me to make chutney! We might have to have a day devoted to making things. The more I read the word craftathon the more I like it! X

        Liked by 1 person

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