The Friday Post ~ 2nd February 2018

Hello and Happy Second of February to you.  Did you say ‘White Rabbits’ yesterday?  If not, please say it right now.  This very moment.  Although it’s a little late, it might still work and give you the chance of a happy February. Just play along – even if you don’t believe.  What harm can it do, eh?

But anyhoo …  you’ve come for your Friday Edumacation Lessons, so please find your seats and settle down.  We shall begin. . . .

On this Day in History

1653 – New Amsterdam (later renamed The City of New York) is incorporated. New Amsterdam (Dutch: Nieuw Amsterdam) was a 17th century Dutch colonial settlement that later became New York City.

The town developed outside of Fort Amsterdam on Manhattan Island in the New Netherland territory (1614–1674) which was situated between 38 and 42 degrees latitude as a provincial extension of the Dutch Republic as of 1624. Provincial possession of the territory was accomplished with the first settlement which was established on Governors Island in 1624. A year later, in 1625, construction of a citadel comprising Fort Amsterdam was commenced on the southern tip of Manhattan and the first settlers were moved there from Governors Island.

Earlier, the harbour and the river had been discovered, explored and charted by an expedition of the Dutch East India Company captained by Henry Hudson in 1609. From 1611 through 1614, the territory was surveyed and charted by various private commercial companies on behalf of the States General of the Dutch Republic and operated for the interests of private commercial entities prior to official possession as a North American extension of the Dutch Republic as a provincial entity in 1624.

The town was founded in 1625 by New Netherland’s second director, Willem Verhulst who, together with his council, selected Manhattan Island as the optimal place for permanent settlement by the Dutch West India Company. That year, military engineer and surveyor Krijn Frederiksz laid out a citadel with Fort Amsterdam as centrepiece. To secure the settlers’ property and its surroundings according to Dutch law, Peter Minuit created a deed with the Manhattan Indians in 1626 which signified legal possession of Manhattan. He was appointed New Netherland’s third director by the local council after Willem Verhulst was recalled to patria and sailed away in November 1626.

The city, situated on the strategic, fortifiable southern tip of the island of Manhattan was to maintain New Netherland’s provincial integrity by defending river access to the company’s fur trade operations in the North River, later named Hudson River. Furthermore, it was entrusted to safeguard the West India Company’s exclusive access to New Netherland’s other two estuaries; the Delaware River and the Connecticut River. Fort Amsterdam was designated the capital of the province in 1625 and developed into the largest Dutch colonial settlement of the New Netherland province, now the New York Tri-State Region, and remained a Dutch possession until September 1664, when it fell provisionally and temporarily into the hands of the English.

The Dutch Republic regained it in August 1673 with a fleet of 21 ships, renaming the city New Orange. New Netherland was ceded permanently to the English in November 1674 by treaty.

The 1625 date of the founding of New Amsterdam is now commemorated in the official Seal of New York City (formerly, the year on the seal was 1664, the year of the provisional Articles of Transfer, ensuring New Netherlanders that they “shall keep and enjoy the liberty of their consciences in religion”, negotiated with the English by Petrus Stuyvesant and his council).

1709 – Alexander Selkirk is rescued from shipwreck on a desert island, inspiring the book Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.

1812 – Russia establishes a fur trading colony at Fort Ross, California.

1887 – In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania the first Groundhog Day is observed.

1901 – Queen Victoria’s funeral takes place. Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria; 24 May 1819 – 22 January 1901) was from 20 June 1837 the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and from 1 May 1876 the first Empress of India of the British Raj until her death. Her reign as the Queen lasted 63 years and seven months, was longer than that of any of her predecessors.  The period centred on her reign is known as the Victorian era, a time of industrial, political, and military progress within the United Kingdom.

Queen Victoria

Though Victoria ascended the throne at a time when the United Kingdom was already an established constitutional monarchy in which the king or queen held few political powers and exercised its influence by the prime minister’s advice, she still served as a very important symbolic figure of her time. The Victorian era represented the height of the Industrial Revolution, a period of significant social, economic, and technological progress in the United Kingdom. Victoria’s reign was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire; during this period it reached its zenith, becoming the foremost global power of the time.

1922 – Ulysses by James Joyce is published. Ulysses is a novel by James Joyce, first serialised in parts in the American journal The Little Review from March 1918 to December 1920, then published in its entirety by Sylvia Beach on February 2, 1922, in Paris.  It is considered one of the most important works of Modernist literature.

Ulysses chronicles the passage through Dublin by its main character, Leopold Bloom, during an ordinary day, June 16, 1904. The title alludes to the hero of Homer’s Odyssey (Latinised into Ulysses), and there are many parallels, both implicit and explicit, between the two works (e.g., the correspondences between Leopold Bloom and Odysseus, Molly Bloom and Penelope, and Stephen Dedalus and Telemachus). June 16 is now celebrated by Joyce’s fans worldwide as Bloomsday.

Ulysses totals about 265,000 words from a vocabulary of 30,030 words and is divided into 18 “episodes”. The book has been the subject of much controversy and scrutiny since its publication, ranging from early obscenity trials to protracted textual “Joyce Wars.” Ulysses’ stream-of-consciousness technique, careful structuring, and experimental prose—full of puns, parodies, and allusions—as well as its rich characterisations and broad humour, have made the book perhaps the most highly regarded novel in the Modernist pantheon. In 1999, the Modern Library ranked Ulysses first on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century.

1935 – Leonarde Keeler tests the first polygraph machine.  Leonarde Keeler (1903–1949) was the co-inventor of the polygraph.

On February 2, 1935, Detective Keeler conducted the first use of his invention, the Keeler Polygraph—otherwise known as the lie detector. Keeler used the lie detector on two criminals in Portage, Wisconsin, who were later convicted of assault when the lie detector results were introduced in court.

1940 – Frank Sinatra debuts with the Tommy Dorsey orchestra.

1959 – Nine experienced ski hikers in the northern Ural Mountains in the Soviet Union die under mysterious circumstances.

1971 – Idi Amin replaces President Milton Obote as leader of Uganda.  Idi Amin Dada (c.1925 – 16 August 2003), commonly known as Idi Amin, was a Ugandan military dictator and the president of Uganda from 1971 to 1979.  Amin joined the British colonial regiment, the King’s African Rifles, in 1946, and advanced to the rank of Major General and Commander of the Ugandan Army.  He took power in a military coup in January 1971, deposing Milton Obote.  His rule was characterized by human rights abuses, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings and the expulsion of Asians from Uganda.  The number of people killed as a result of his regime is unknown; estimates from human rights groups range from 100,000 to 500,000.

From 1977 to 1979, Amin titled himself as “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.”  In 1975–1976, despite opposition, Amin became the Chairman of the Organisation of African Unity, a pan-Africanist group designed to promote solidarity of the African states.  During the 1977–1979 period, Uganda was appointed to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

Dissent within Uganda, and Amin’s attempt to annex the Kagera province of Tanzania in 1978, led to the Uganda-Tanzania War and the fall of his regime in 1979.  Amin fled to Libya, before relocating to Saudi Arabia in 1981, where he died in 2003.

1972 – The British embassy in Dublin is destroyed in protest over Bloody Sunday.  Bloody Sunday (Irish: Domhnach na Fola) is the term used to describe an incident in Derry, Northern Ireland, on 30 January 1972 in which 27 civil rights protesters were shot by members of the 1st Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment during a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march in the Bogside area of the city.   External Link:  BBC Coverage

1980 – Reports surface that FBI were targeting Congressmen in the Abscam operation.  Abscam (sometimes ABSCAM) was a United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation run from the FBI’s Hauppauge, Long Island, office in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  The operation initially targeted trafficking in stolen property but was converted to a public corruption investigation.

1982 – Hama Massacre: Syria attacks the town of Hama.
1989 – Soviet war in Afghanistan: The last Soviet Union armoured column leaves Kabul.
1989 – Satellite television service Sky Television plc launched.

1990 – Apartheid:  F.W. de Klerk allows the African National Congress to legally function and promises to release Nelson Mandela.

Apartheid (meaning separateness in Afrikaans cognate to English apart and hood) was a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the National Party government of South Africa between 1948 and 1994.  Apartheid had its roots in the history of colonisation and settlement of southern Africa, with the development of practices and policies of separation along racial lines and domination by European settlers and their descendants.  Following the general election of 1948, the National Party set in place its programme of Apartheid, with the formalisation and expansion of existing policies and practices into a system of institutionalised racism and white domination.

Apartheid was dismantled in a series of negotiations from 1990 to 1993, culminating in elections in 1994, the first in South Africa with universal suffrage.  The vestiges of apartheid still shape South African politics and society.  External Link:  Apartheid at Wikipedia

❤  ~  ❤  ~  ❤

Born on this Day

1585 – Judith Quiney.  William Shakespeare’s youngest daughter (d. 1662)

1585 – Hamnet Shakespeare.  William Shakespeare’s only son (d. 1596)

1650 – Nell Gwynne, English actress and royal mistress (d. 1687

1882 – James Joyce, Irish author (d. 1941)

1925 – Elaine Stritch, American actress (d. 2014)

1931 – Les Dawson, British comedian (d. 1993)

1940 – David Jason, English actor

1942 – Graham Nash,  British-born American musician – born in Lancashire, England and known for his light tenor vocals and for his songwriting contributions with the British pop group The Hollies, and with the folk-rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

1944 – Geoffrey Hughes, British actor. (d.  27 July 2012).  Mr. Hughes provided the voice of Paul McCartney in the 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine, and rose to fame for portraying much-loved binman Eddie Yeats in the British soap: Coronation Street. He also appeared in the popular British television sitcom Keeping Up Appearances,  playing lovable slob Onslow – husband of Daisy, who was the sister of thewonderful social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced ‘Bouquet’).  Daisy was the sister without the  large house, Mercedes, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and Daisy didn’t have room for a pony either.   It was sister Violet who had all these things – plus she also had a musical bidet.   (I include this information for those of us who are lovers of the programme – and I know there are plenty of us! lol)

1947 – Farrah Fawcett, American actress (d. 2009)

1954 – Christie Brinkley, American model

1963 – Eva Cassidy, American singer (d. 1996)

1972 – Dana International, Israeli singer.

1977 – Shakira, Colombian singer

Died on this Day and remembered here

1969 – Boris Karloff, English actor (b. 1887)

1970 – Bertrand Russell, English mathematician and philosopher, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1872)

1979 – Sid Vicious, English musician (Sex Pistols) (b. 1957)

1980 – William Howard Stein, American biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1911)

1987 – Alistair MacLean, Scottish novelist and screenwriter (b. 1922)

1995 – Fred Perry, British former tennis player (b. 1909)

1995 – Donald Pleasence, English actor (b. 1919)

1996 – Gene Kelly, American dancer, actor, and director (b. 1912)

2007 – Billy Henderson, American singer (The Spinners) (b. 1939)

[end of school bell sounds]

PLAYTIME!  (These are the jokes folks!)

Two male friends talking to each other, and the one says:  “I’m certain there are female hormones in beer. When I drink too much, I talk nonsense and I cannot control my car”.

I’ve read so many horrible things about eating chocolate and drinking wine recently that I made a new, firm New Year’s resolution: NO MORE READING!

Has anyone else noticed that the  ‘&’  symbol looks like a dog dragging its bottom over the floor?

I heard the Secret Service had to change their commands.  They can’t say “Get down!” anymore when the President is under attack.   Now it’s “Donald! Duck!”

Two immigrants arrive in the United States and are discussing the difference between their country and the U.S.

One of them mentions he’s heard that people in the U.S. eat dogs, and if they’re going to fit in, they better eat dogs as well.  So they head to the nearest hot dog stand and order two ‘dogs.’

The first guy unwraps his, looks at it, and nervously looks at his friend.

“Which part did you get?”

Four elephants go for a walk on a stormy day. They only have one umbrella between them. How come they none of them get wet?

Well did anybody say it was raining?

Thought for the Day

Did you know that in an average day it’s estimated that we have roughly 60,000 thoughts?  I wonder, out of all those thoughts, how many of them are happy ones. 

I know, for myself, that happy thoughts create happy perceptions.  I know that when I’m happy, I seem to have this glow.  People seem to notice something about me – I have no idea what it is, but this happy feeling inside seems to show and glow on the outside of me.  I also seem to be able to conjure up this never-ending circle of happiness that just attracts more happiness into my life.

However, I also know that if I think negatively, or are pestering over something, worrying, or am angry or fearful about something, all the warmth goes out of my life.  And that ‘glow’ that I have when I’m happy, seems to totally disappear.

If we think negatively, or are angry or fearful, then those feelings seem to take us away from our pathway in life.  These negative thoughts seem to strip us of all of our power and out ability to negotiate life effectively  We seem to become afraid of everything and even act defensively in some situations that normally, we wouldn’t.  In return, this pushes away all the good things in life, like friends and the ability to see possibilities and then we just become even more negative which eventually leads to us being lonely and even more negative.  It’s like a vicious circle.

So …  I guess that the way to a happy you, is via your thoughts.  Not just because you instantly begin to feel better and brighter, but you also become stronger and have a more solid and stable foundation to your whole life.

Have a happy day, think happy …  and remember that you’re in control of those thoughts, not the other way round. 

You won’t be bounced around by life if you’re in the driving seat!

❤  ~  ❤  ~  ❤

Well that’s me done and dusted.  All that’s left for me to say is …  Thank you so much for coming and having a coffee moment with me.

May your day be blessed with peace, joy and all those things which will make your face smile and your heart happy.

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30 thoughts on “The Friday Post ~ 2nd February 2018”

  1. Loads of lovely interesting facts, thank you teacher. I do agree the way to a happy life is to CHOOSE HAPPY. It’s much easier to get carried away in the problems and miseries. My goodness 60,000 thoughts a day! Who knew (and now I do). Sadly many of those come along just as my head hits the pillow. Thanks Cobs I love my Friday Edumacation and giggles. XX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Barb. aw,so lovely to see you. 🙂
      Yes, 60,000 thoughts day … it’s almost impossible to believe that figure . . . but then, I can acknowledge that my brain never seems to just ‘rest’ – so I’m wondering if in reality it’s rather more than that! (although mind – very few of my thoughts are ones which Albert Einstein would be proud of me for having. LOL)

      Happy thoughts … Choosing Happy is a way of life for me.
      (But I’m not a saint and can’t say that I don’t ever suffer the ‘miserable’ – an I’ll admit to feeling decidedly ‘down’ on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week . . . but eventually my ‘make a choice’ brain cell kicked in and I chose Happy).

      Aw I’m thrilled to pieces that you enjoyed todays edumacation, Barb, and so grateful that you stayed to comment.

      We are all ruled by time now, so I’m very aware of how amazing it is when someone takes the time to leave a comment behind. Bless your beautiful heart for making my soul sing, when I came across your beautiful comment.
      Have a truly wonderful rest of your day, and wishing you a blessed weekend.
      Sending love and squidges your way ~ Cobs. xxx


  2. Ah… Cobs. Donald Duck had me howling!
    Love your inclusion of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’! I’m reminded of the many scrapes Hyacinth found herself in!
    And yes – that glow you give off when you’re happy is a real thing! An aura. I must really practice releasing my aura more often – particularly at work! 😀
    Have a grand Friday, Cobs! And White Rabbits! (I did say it yesterday!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually laughing like a drain here. I can hear you (inside my brain cell) actually laughing freely about Donald Duck. lol.

      Hyacinth … well, it’s because of her that my girls (when they were younger) realised that in actual fact “Mom is a snob!” G-A-S-P!! How very dare they!

      So … in order to live up to their view of me, I would answer the phone in the style of Hyacinth, saying: “The Bucket (Bouquet) residence, the Lady of the house speaking” , and … upon discovering it was one of their friends on the other end of the phone, I would loudly call them to the phone, saying” “It’s my sister Violet. You know, the one with the mercedes and room for a pony!” – which totally infuriated them. However – their friends loved it and would excitedly tell everyone at school how amazing Daughters 1 and 2’s mom was, and how funny she is too!

      Ahhh Parents Payback …. it’s wonderful when it happens. LOL

      Your (everyones) aura … when the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligned with Mars – (to borrow the lines from the song) – I’ve found I can see aura’s. It’s not something that’s ‘on duty’ all the time but it’s a beautiful gift.

      I would love you to glow Tom. You have such a lovely personality that I think only a few people get to see all aspects of. Start glowing when you have a few days off work, then remind yourself not to turn the glow off when you go back.

      Great to hear you remembered your White Rabbits. I truthfully believe it really does make a difference. (Obviously, we have to help it along – it’s not a magic wand!)

      Wishing you a fabulous Friday Tom… and a truly blessed weekend.
      Love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. There’s something strange in the neighbourhood, Cobs. This post doesn’t appear in my reader, so I’ve un-followed and then promptly re-followed you to see if that made a difference – it didn’t. The reason I say this, is that I received the notification for your comment like, but not one for your reply… so I’ve only just seen it! Apologies for that (and your previous post IS in my reader so it’s all the more strange!)
        There’s nothing wrong with being a snob – I used to ‘do it’ all the time back in the day; when I worked on Directory Enquiries in the distant days of black and white, or colour TVs with tubes and horizontal holds. I’d answer the calls all plummy, only the accent stuck and I used it in real life as well. It took me an age to get back to my normal northern accent (I still don’t think I’m fully there yet, either!)
        Parents’ payback is fun or annoying, depending on which side you’re on. I think it’s so funny, actually.
        I can see auras occasionally as well – I see a golden glow if someone is in a really good mood… or I ‘feel’ the colour grey if someone is in a foul one (that’s the only way to describe it – I don’t see the grey, but know it’s a grey feeling. I’m a bit daft like that!)
        I’d love for my golden glow to shine, but I feel I’m being ‘diminished’ in work so it is very tiring. As soon as my glow appears someone blackens it… although that’s probably my mindset and not there’s, which is something I need to work on.
        I always say White Rabbits on the first of the month – have done so for years… maybe not first thing, but as soon as I remember – and always on the day. I always say ‘Hello’ to Mr Magpie when I see one as well.
        Anyhoo – I’ve waffled on for far too long here – I really just wanted to let you know about the current gremlin situation, but on spotting your reply I had to reply in return… and write War and Peace while I’m at it!
        Here’s to a GREAT weekend! 😀

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        1. Ahhh, you can write War and Peace anytime you like Tom. It’s lovely chatting with you.

          The WordPress issues … It would seem that a lot of people are suffering with one problem or another.

          My problem was that each time I loaded WordPress, it would slow my computer (laptop) down to a stop and make the system race. I could hear the fans whirring and I began to think that the darn thing would explode any second.

          After trying one or two other ways of dealing with the problem, I finally switched from using Firefox when I wanted to come to my blog, and instead I used Chrome. This solved the problem altogether. So long as I don’t load WordPress onto a Firefox window, I’m fine.

          But … I have noticed that some comments have shown up in silly places and some comments haven’t appeared in the little window which opens up when clicking the wee bell (over to the right) on the bar at the top of the pages). And this still happens regardless of what web browser I’m using. So I think it’s all something to do with WordPress. They’ve obviously done some ‘improvements'(?) which has upset the system. See … this is the problem with geeks… the can’t accept that something works brilliantly so they should leave it alone. No … they HAVE to improve on something which works so very well and everyone loves it exactly how it is. [sigh]

          With regard to your task of trying to find your old friend … I think I’ve come up with the answer…. I’ll try to put a blog post together about a few computery wizzarding tricks, and include that one in the midst.
          But … if you would like me to go into more detail of ‘how to’ – just email me and I promise I’ll reply with the exact details of what to do and what you can achieve. 😉

          Auras – I would love to encourage you to find a different job. It sounds like this one takes away from you rather than gives you joy. Jobs are difficult to come by, and if you’ve worked there for a time, then I know how difficult it must be to jump ship.

          Thanks for coming, for re-following and for the great chat!
          Fabulous chatting with you Tom… and if you want details of the nerdy thing, feel free to email.
          Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x


  3. Afternoon Miss,
    Sorry I’m late ~ work beckoned this morning ~ but I’m here now, White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits …. Why are we suppose to repeat it 3 times I wonder ??
    The latter part of your post, from Idi Armin onwards I actually remember, it’s not so much a history lesson as current affairs LOL
    Thanks for the jokes perfect for brightening a grey, cool Friday late afternoon, happy weekend & may happy thoughts follow you always xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely agree! Much of todays post felt like I shouldn’t have included it as it wasn’t ‘History’ to me … until I sat and thought about it and realised that it was History to the young things who might visit.

      No idea why the 3 x White Rabbits…. I only ever said it once. But then, this came to me from my mothers side of the family and they were famous for not using up energy on “daft stuff” when it could be put to good use somewhere else! LOL.

      So glad you got a smile from the jokes. 😀
      Have a wonderful weekend P.
      Sending squidges and love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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  4. Howdy cobs… no white rabbits here, didn’t even turn over calendar until late morning yesterday 😳 lovely David Jason and Geoff Hughes. Sad about queen Vic and gene Kelly but obviously the best news is the apartheid ruling! God bless Africa, may their lot improve further. Thanks for the edumacation my lovely….squidges and good weekend wishes 😘😘

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  5. I’m late,I’m late for a very important date…no time to lose no time to waste I’m late . Yes …this is or was shopping day and it started off all messed up. When I got to the big store I didn’t have my list. Oh good grief….but since it is the same thing every week I managed to recover. My sister came up for a short visit and lunch ( nothing fancy just KFC chicken potpie) and now I have had all the learning my pea brain can hold for today. Tomorrow it will have emptied and it will be time to start again. 60000 ? Are you sure? And the Donald duck thing would be funny ( it is ) if it weren’t probably so true. (What a mess things are over here.) I like Mr. Duck…oh no I mean Mr. Trump. Mr. Duck is my neighbor and he is ok too. He is married to Penny Duck. You just can’t make these things up.
    I have a surprise coming up…later….it is in development stage….hang on!
    Until then xoxo to all the Cobs

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    1. Ohhh… you come to chat and then leave me suspended!!! Oh. My. Goodness!!! You KNOW what a child I am Beverly. Aw heck, I can barely contain my excitement now.

      When? When will it be developed???
      Oh My Goodness. I’m practically buzzing with excitement now.

      You’ve made something spiffing and you’re going to blog about it. But what is it??? What? WHAT???

      [CONTAIN yourself Cobs. Calm down. …]

      Donald Duck … awww… I love it Bev and had to include it. It was such fun, and very gentle, so I knew that no one would be offended.

      Penny Duck and Mr. Duck… how wonderful is that! Aww Bless ’em.!

      Ok…. I’m going to sit in the corner and wait. Quietly …. until you tell me.

      Actually … it’s bedtime … so I’ll go to bed and look in the morning! Sqeeeeeeal!
      Heaps of love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


  6. Phew! I thought I’d missed your post, but WordPress didn’t want to show me it 😢 I found it anyway, and I’m glad I did. The facts were super, but your final note was very relevant to me right now as I’m so very anxious with lots of negative thoughts. So tomorrow I’m going to try and be positive, and worry less. Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for making me think differently x x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ohhhh Mrs. Craft! We have to put this right straight away.

      You’re in charge of those thoughts, so you have to tell them to ‘fudge off’. Negative thoughts aren’t welcome. They don’t belong in your head.

      Have you got them out of your head and told Mr.C about them?
      If not him … then an adult member of your family?
      Or a gal pal?

      Sometimes just getting thoughts out of your head diminishes the power of those types of thoughts and within hours they’ve pushed off and you begin to feel better.

      If you suddenly find yourself thinking whatever it is which is causing you the upset – mentally tell yourself to stop, and purposefully change your thinking to something else.
      A purple elephant in a pink tutu, dancing with a tiara of flowers in her hair and pink lipstick on her lips.
      or …
      Sing ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands ….” and actually either clap your hands, or mentally clap them (if you’re on the bus or somewhere you can’t join in the song physically) – and sing the song for as many rounds as you can think of actions to do it to.

      Get yourself to answer questions ….
      Your date of birth, numerically, BACKWARDS.
      How long you’ve been married – years and months.
      Current ages of your children, husband … and … their dates of birth BACKWARDS.

      Or ..
      Your earliest memory of Christmas day, after Father Christmas had been.

      Any question which you CAN answer, but with a small amount of effort.
      Failing that … sing a song you like because it’s a happy song. Maybe a Disney song. Something which lifts your heart. Something which makes you think of joy.

      And if all that fails … go through your blessings and as you mentally name each one, give your thanks.

      And if that fails … I’ll come round with chocolate and we’ll sit and have a good old belly laugh together.

      Sending you my love, along with lots of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Ah bless you and don’t worry. I just have this amazing talent for worrying about worrying, and sometimes there’s just so many things to worry about. Then I remind my self most of it is out of my control anyway, which is annoying but also helpful as it makes me focus on what I can control. Mr C is very good, and used to my catastrophe creating. X

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        1. I think we can all go through those moments/hours/days when we worry and yet, worrying solves no problems, it just wastes days of our lives.

          Sending you squidges and sending prayers, heaven bound, for Angels to be sent down to you to surround you with their care and their love, and lift you up out of the dark, dusty places your mind drags you through.
          Stay sane my beautiful much loved and cared about friend ~ Cobs. xxx


  7. And once again, my brain is on overload today! Such wonderful tidbits of information. You always make my day with your wonderful Friday posts (and any other day you post too!). I love the jokes, and your special words of wisdom. We all need these reminders once in a while! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Sending Hugs!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hello Beautiful! I didn’t Loving my Cob’s Friday Post, Thank you for that 🙂 I didn’ get any notification of your post! I wast ready and waiting for it yesterday to no avail. I had to go looking for a comment from previous to find you. I have followed you again, I must go investigating on this! Have a Wonderful, Healthy and Blessed weekend to you and your’s! XX


    1. Hello Ruthie. 😀
      You aren’t alone in the WordPress problems. Various problems of one sort or another, I’ve been either told about or read about in the last few weeks. I’m guessing that they (WordPress) have made some sort of improvements or changes which have thrown a spanner into the system and is making it act up (again!).

      Lovely to see you Ruthie, and so thankful that you went in search of todays post.
      Sending you love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Another successful Friday email that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I had a good laugh about that & Symbol. I agree with you I much prefer feeling happy and projecting positive thoughts . Plus when you think negative those horrible lines appear on your forhead and cause wrinkles. =) so I have been trying hard to avoid those. =) Sometimes that is difficult at work. Thank goodness for moisturiser. I hope you have a fabulous weekend !!! Thank you for the coffee moment!!! Until next time my friend!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Tam 😀
      The & symbol tickled me too. lol
      Glad you found a few laughs in the jokes today. Like you, I prefer to have positive thoughts. Negative thoughts just lead you to have l.o.n.g. days of tedium and misery. You end up existing in your life, rather than living in it. No one should feel like that.

      Wrinkles … Tam … they’re going to happen. I have used moisturiser since the age of 11 (eleven) – the result of having parents in show-business, and my mother having to look very ‘made up’ and glamorous … hence I picked up the moisturiser and she told me I should use it every day and taught me how to apply it. I’ve used it ever since. And … although I don’t have facial wrinkles – I can see a developing wrinkle around both eyes. But let’s just call those smile lines, shall we? lol.

      Thank you so much for coming Tam, and for staying to have a chat. Love to see you.
      Have a truly lovely rest of your weekend.
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


      1. Laugh and smile lines are awesome.!! much better than frown lines, worry lines, and stress lines…. =) I am okay with wrinkles.. Like years from now… you know like when I am 70………. er maybe 80 =) So here ‘s to Happy days and smile lines… AND moisturiser =) .. Enjoy your weekend. I am about to dive into another few hours of making things. Thank you for having me!!! xoxoxoxox my lovely friend! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  10. LOL Cobs. I laughed like the dickens about the immigrants ordering dogs. But then….I bet you knew I would.
    You are so very right about how happy thoughts change your whole outlook and make a glow. I sometimes need to remind myself of that and choose happy. The day is so much better that way!
    Happy thoughts to you Cobs and I am slowly catching up on my blog reading now that I am home again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Chicken. :
      Yes, I absolutely knew that the hotdogs would hit the spot with you. LOL.

      Happy thoughts … it really can work. It can turn a whole day on it’s head and take you in a new direction. You’re right – it really is so much better that way.
      Lovely having you back again Chicken. ~ Cobs. xxx

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