The Friday Post ~ 26th January 2018

Hello dear pals . . .  happy last Thursday in January 2018.  In part, this month has flown past at great speed…  but at about the 22nd something changed and since then it’s slowed down somewhat.  Oddest thing, but I can’t explain it better than that.  (But then …  I’m an odd thing myself and I can’t explain ‘me’ either!  lol)

Right …. let the EDUMACATION BEGIN!

Today is Australia Day, also known as Anniversary Day and Foundation Day.

Australia day is the national day of Australia, and has been an official public holiday since 1994.  Celebrated annually on 26th January, the day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, marking the start of British colonisation of Australia.  Records of the celebration of Australia Day date back to 1808, with Governor Lachlan Macquarie having held the first official celebration of Australia Day in 1818

On this Day in History

1340 – King Edward III of England is declared King of France.

1500 – Vicente Yáñez Pinzón becomes the first European to set foot on Brazil. Vicente Yáñez Pinzón (Palos de la Frontera (Spain) c. 1460 – after 1523) was a Spanish navigator, explorer, and conquistador. Along with his older brother Martín Alonso Pinzón, he sailed with Christopher Columbus on the first voyage to the New World in 1492, as captain of the Niña.

1565 – Battle of Talikota, fought between the Vijayanagara Empire and the Islamic sultanates of the Deccan, leads to the subjugation, and eventual destruction of the last Hindu kingdom in India, and the consolidation of Islamic rule over much of the Indian subcontinent.

1788 – The British First Fleet, led by Arthur Phillip, sails into Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) to establish Sydney, the first permanent European settlement on the continent. Commemorated as Australia Day.

1808 – Rum Rebellion, the only successful (albeit short-lived) armed takeover of the government in Australia. The Rum Rebellion, also known as the Rum Puncheon Rebellion, of 1808 was the only successful armed takeover of government in Australia’s recorded history. The Governor of New South Wales, William Bligh, was deposed by the New South Wales Corps under the command of Major George Johnston, working closely with John MacArthur, on 26 January 1808, 20 years to the day after Arthur Phillip founded European settlement in Australia.

Afterwards, the colony was ruled by the military, with the senior military officer stationed in Sydney purporting to act as the Lieutenant-Governor of the colony until the arrival from Britain of Major-General Lachlan Macquarie as the new Governor at the beginning of 1810.

1837 – Michigan is admitted as the 26th U.S. state.

1841 – James Bremer takes formal possession of Hong Kong Island at what is now Possession Point, establishing British Hong Kong.

1905 – The Cullinan Diamond – the world’s largest Diamond ever – is found near Pretoria, South Africa at the Premier Mine.  Weighing at 3,106.75 carats (621.35 g or 1.3698 pounds).   It was named after Thomas Cullinan, the mine’s chairman.

In April 1905, the diamond was put on sale in London, but despite considerable interest, it was still unsold after two years. In 1907 the Transvaal Colony government bought the Cullinan and presented it to King Edward VII on his 66th birthday.

Cullinan produced stones of various cuts and sizes, the largest of which is named Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa, and at 530.4 carats (106.08 g) it is the largest clear-cut diamond in the world. Cullinan I is mounted in the head of the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross. The second-largest is Cullinan II or the Second Star of Africa, weighing 317.4 carats (63.48 g), mounted in the Imperial State Crown. Both diamonds are part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

Seven other major diamonds, weighing a total of 208.29 carats (41.66 g), are privately owned by Queen Elizabeth II, who inherited them from her grandmother, Queen Mary, in 1953. The Queen also owns minor brilliants and a set of unpolished fragments.

In 1905, transport from South Africa to England posed a bit of a security problem. Detectives from London were placed on a steamer ship that was rumoured to carry the stone, but this was a diversionary tactic.  The stone on that ship was a fake, meant to attract those who would be interested in stealing it.  The actual diamond was sent to England in a plain box via parcel post, albeit registered mail.

The story goes that when the diamond was split, the knife broke during the first attempt. “The tale is told of Joseph Asscher, the greatest cleaver of the day,” wrote Matthew Hart in his book Diamond: A Journey to the Heart of an Obsession, “that when he prepared to cleave the largest diamond ever known, the 3,106 carat (632 g) Cullinan, he had a doctor and nurse standing by and when he finally struck the diamond and it broke perfectly in two, he fainted dead away.” It turns out the fainting story is a popular myth. Diamond historian Lord Ian Balfour wrote that it was much more likely he opened a bottle of champagne, instead.

Rumours abound of a “second half” of the Cullinan diamond. According to Sir William Crookes the original, uncut diamond was itself “a fragment, probably less than half, of a distorted octahedral crystal; the other portions still await discovery by some fortunate miner“. Crookes thus indirectly indicates that the original, larger crystal broke in a natural way and not by a man-made cut. Others have speculated that before Frederick Wells sold the diamond to Sir Thomas Cullinan he broke off a piece which sized in at about 1,500 to 2,000 carats (300 to 400 g).

External Links:  Elizabeth II’s Jewels   …  The Cullinan Diamond …  and …  The Home of The Royal Family

1907 – The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III is officially introduced into British Military Service, and remains the oldest military rifle still in official use.

1911 – Glenn H. Curtiss flies the first successful American seaplane.

1915 – The Rocky Mountain National Park is established by an act of the U.S. Congress.

1920 – Former Ford Motor Co. executive Henry Leland launches the Lincoln Motor Company which he later sold to his former employer.

1926 – The first demonstration of the television by John Logie Baird.

John Logie Baird was a Scottish engineer, innovator, one of the inventors of the mechanical television, demonstrating the first working television system on 26 January 1926, – and inventor of both the first publicly demonstrated colour television system, and the first purely electronic colour television picture tube.

1934 – The Apollo Theatre reopens in Harlem, New York City. The Apollo Theatre in New York City is one of the most famous clubs for popular music in the United States.

1961 – John F. Kennedy appoints Janet G. Travell to be his physician. This is the first time a woman holds this appointment.
1962 – Ranger program: Ranger 3 is launched to study the moon. The space probe later missed the moon by 22,000 miles (35,400 km).
1965 – Hindi becomes the official language of India.

1966 – The Beaumont Children go missing from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia.  Jane Nartare Beaumont (aged 9), Arnna Kathleen Beaumont (aged 7), and Grant Ellis Beaumont (aged 4) were three siblings who disappeared without a trace from a beach near Adelaide, South Australia in 1966.  Known collectively as The Beaumont Children, their case resulted in the largest police investigation in Australian criminal history, and remains Australia’s most infamous unsolved cold case.

1978 – The Great Blizzard of 1978, a rare severe blizzard with the lowest non-tropical atmospheric pressure ever recorded in the US, strikes the Ohio – Great Lakes region with heavy snow and winds up to 100 mph (161 km/h).

1988 – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera has its first performance on Broadway, at the Majestic Theatre in New York.

1992 – Boris Yeltsin announces that Russia is going to stop targeting United States cities with nuclear weapons.
1998 – Lewinsky scandal: On American television, U.S. President Bill Clinton denies having had “sexual relations” with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

2001 –  The 7.7 Mw Gujarat earthquake shakes Western India with a maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme), leaving 13,805–20,023 dead and about 166,800 injured.

2006 – Western Union discontinues use of its telegram service.

❤  ~  ❤  ~  ❤

Born on this Day

1857 – the 12th Dalai Lama (d. 1875)

1880 – Douglas MacArthur, American general and Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1964)

1904 – Ancel Keys, American scientist (d. 2004)

1905 – Maria von Trapp, Austrian-born singer (d. 1987)

1908 – Jill Esmond, English actress (d. 1990)

1922 – Michael Bentine, British comedian (d. 1996)

1925 –  Paul Newman, American actor, activist, director, race car driver, and businessman, co-founded Newman’s Own (d. 2008)

1958 – Anita Baker, American singer

1958 – Ellen DeGeneres, American actress and comedian

1963 – Andrew Ridgeley, English musician

1967 – Col Needham, English businessman, co-founded – ‘Internet Movie Database’

~  ❤  ~

Died on this day and remembered here:

1795 – Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, German composer (b. 1732)

1973 – Edward G. Robinson, American actor (b. 1893)

1979 – Nelson Rockefeller, 41st Vice President of the United States (b. 1908)

2008 – Christian Brando, actor and son of Marlon Brando (b. 1958)

~  ❤  ~  ❤  ~  ❤  ~

Well that’s it.  Schools over.  But ….  now we have . . .  PLAYTIME!

These are the jokes, folks!  …

Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards?  He was just going through a stage!

My dog ate all the scrabble tiles, and now he keeps leaving little messages all around the house.

Have you visited that new restaurant yet?  The one called Karma?  There’s no menu, you just get what you deserve.

Why don’t scientists trust atoms?  Because they make up everything.

Why did the chicken go to the séance?  To get to the other side.

Where are average things manufactured?  The Satisfactory.

What sits at the bottom of the sea and twitches?  A nervous wreck.

What kind of exercise do lazy people do?  Diddly Squats.

What does Charles Dickens keep in his spice rack?   The Best of Thymes,  The Worst of Thymes.

Harry prays to God:  “Dear Lord, please make me win the lottery”.

The next day Harry begs the Lord again:  “Please make it so I win the lottery, Lord!”

The next day, Harry again prays:  “Please, please, dear Lord, make me win the lottery!”

Suddenly he hears a voice from above:   “Harry, would you kindly go and buy a lottery ticket.”

❤  ❤  ❤

Thought for the Day

Bucket Lists.  I don’t believe in having ‘Bucket Lists’.  Why would a person make a list of things they want to do, when there’s so much to do in life anyway?  Why limit your life to a shopping list?

Your life is happening NOW.  Don’t miss a thing.  Don’t miss going outside and seeing the colour of the grass.  Don’t think about seeing XYZ in another country when you haven’t even seen to the bottom of your own back garden!  Why long to visit Buckingham Palace and see the Queen, when you haven’t even seen your own Aunt for ….  how long was that?  

Instead of a bucket list, lets throw that list in the bin and make a sign instead.  A sign, on a piece of A4 (or something bigger if you have it), and pin it up where you can see it every single morning, without fail.

On that piece of paper, write: 



Seize the day …. make the most of the present and stop thinking about next week, next month, next year, sometime in the future.  Live NOWRight now.  You could be run over by a bus any day soon.

Don’t let your last thoughts be:  I wish I’d have appreciated the colours of the pansies my mom grew.  –  I wish I’d have visited a coffee-house weekly and ordered a different coffee (or tea) every single time I went, so that I could experience them all.

Do as much as you possibly can now.  Right now.  Because you don’t know that everything will fall into place for that shopping list you fondly call your ‘Bucket List’.  Benefit your life now,  . . .  because:  LIFE BEGINS TODAY.

❤  ❤  ❤

Well that’s me done and dusted.   😀

All that’s left for me to do now is  wish you a truly wonderful weekend.  May you find some magical smiles this weekend. And … may the coming week, the last few days of January, bring you peace and joy.  The earth is warming up – although I know that some of you might not think it is … but it is.  I can feel it happening.  Spring is on its way …. unless of course, you live in Australia or one of the other places upon Earth which are just about to leave their summer and go into Autumn.

Thank you so much for coming and having a coffee with me. Sending you much love and a big bucket of squidges ~

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  1. Oh my gosh, I had no idea diamonds could be so big! That is fascinating. We are studying crystals and the history of rocks is pretty interesting. I also love the info about Rocky Mountain National Park. My husband and I lived in Colorado before Little Bit was born and we used to drive through that park. It’s so beautiful. Hope you’re doing well. I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been taking a writing class, studying art, and some other things. Hope you have a wonderful day! ❤️❤️

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    1. Hello Jessica, it’s so fabulous to see you.
      How truly lovely your memories must be of driving through the Rocky Mountain National Park together with your husband, and I’m so happy that I included that tidbit of information today which brought back your memories and brought you a warm smile to your heart.

      Great to hear about your writing class and art studies. These would make terrific blog posts. You could share what you’re learning and teach us at the same time! 🙂

      Thank you so much for coming Jessica, and for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. It’s fabulous to hear from you.
      Take care.
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Love when posts pop up memories, don’t you? ❤️ That’s a great idea. Maybe I will write about my classes. Some interesting stuff! Sorry I haven’t commented in so long. I hope to be better at that!!

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        1. Aw Jessica … you don’t have to apologise to me. Life sometimes takes unexpected turns and demands attention. Friends understand these things and they don’t fret over them, simply because they love you and totally understand.

          Sending you much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  2. Morning my lovely! You’re not a bit odd, you’re completely bonkers…all the best people are! 😉 hope you and Mr.c are ok? Star of Africa very cool and Australia and some awesome birthdays….especially Mr.ridgeley…anyhoo must get on, Just thought I’d say hello 👋 squidges always, Anna x

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    1. Hello Anna
      I’m bonkers? Oh dear – and I just thought I was being ‘amusing’. eek!
      Oh…. but….. Is it me who’s ‘bonkers’ . . . or could it be you? 😀 lol

      Mr.C and I are ticking along nicely, like y’do. 😀

      Thrilled you got some enjoyment from this Friday post. It’s lovely knowing I’ve made you smile.

      Thank you for coming Anna. Have a blessed rest of your day. ~ Cobs. 😀


      1. I told you, the best people are mad…so I’m fine with it….Happy here in my own weird world 😉 glad you’re both doing fine ☺…and you always make me smile 😘😘 as a p.s. I read some bits to the teenager and am proud to say she knows who Andrew ridgeley is, despite being 20years too young to remember 😉

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        1. I have to confess that when doing those ‘Born on this Day’ bits, I’m always ever so slightly thrilled to learn that ABC was born before me, so is older than I am.

          That feeling of ‘happy and up’ doesn’t last for long, mind. I instantly get a mental picture of that person, and see how great they look, and how young. [sigh].
          This is the wonderful reminder I need to climb down off my little step and get on with getting on! lol.

          Your daughter knowing who Andrew Ridgeley is … I’m BIG TIME impressed!
          Bless her heart. 😀


  3. I love your idea of an ‘Actuality List’ ~ I today will begin my list with 1 thing I WILL do today it may only be walk around the garden to spot new shoots emerging … but without your suggestion of living in the moment it’s something I would not have done
    Thanks for keeping me focused on today instead of revising yesterdays irks and tomorrows what if ‘s
    Love Ya xx

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    1. Hello, wonderful Mrs.P 🙂
      Thrilled to pieces that you liked the ‘Life Begins Today’ – Seize the day, ‘list’.

      I hope your walk around your garden gives you something that you didn’t know you were missing, but felt the difference because of it.

      Thanks for coming P, and for the lovely chat you left for me to find. Bless you.
      Much love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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        1. Ohhh Pussy Willows!!! It’s blinking ages since I saw Pussy Willows. Ok.. that has to be put right. I’m going to see if I can fit one into the garden somewhere, and if I can, I’ll add it to the growing list of ‘things Cobs wants in the Garden’.

          Sounds like a rejuvenating time for you this morning, Mrs.P. I can practically feel your happy bubbles popping. 😀 ~ C. xxx

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  4. Thank you, Cobs! I always enjoy your Friday edumacation posts, but today’s was stellar! I think I really needed your thought of the day (“life begins today”). Have a great day!


    1. Hello lovely Kathy 🙂
      It’s so nice to hear that you enjoy the Friday posts, and that you especially enjoyed today’s offering.

      I’m also glad that the ‘Thought for the Day’ made a connection for you. ❤

      Have a beautiful 'life begins' day, my fabulous friend. May you feel the benefit of each and every brilliant moment – for every moment is brilliant.

      Sending much love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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  5. Hello Cobs, another great round up of facts. Today does have a spring feel to it. The sun is streaming through the window and, in fact, my son’s new solar powered toy/construction has sprung to life for the first time. It has the cat most concerned 😂 Hope all is well with you. Hxx

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    1. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I would pay good money to see a video of your cat watching that toy/construction working all by itself. I can almost hear the cat thinking:
      “Do THEY know this is doing that? They’re here …. but they’re not doing anything?! Am I the only one who can see this? Am I going crazy? Or are they? … … … humans are mental!”
      Maybe you should take a video of this happening and put it on You Tube. You could make a fortune from it! lol

      Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


  6. A good Friday to you, Mrs. Cobs! I just recently obtained control of the TV remote, and so watched some Q E II on the BBC. There was one story about the crown jewels – so amazing! I loved her apparent sadness over the state of the pearls on the coronation crown (pearls have to be worn to maintain their luster!) and her telling of how she has to hold her head so still and level so as not to unseat the crown when she reads her opening speech at Parliament. It was fascinating to me – and to know that only she and the crown jeweler can touch the jewels – at one point the interviewer asked that the crown be moved closer to the queen so she could touch it, and she just shot him a look, reached out and pulled it over (gently of course). Made her quite human. But what a wonderful set of traditions!

    I did hear that a new diamond has been found, no idea if it is the same mine or not, that is larger yet than the Cullinan… say it isn’t so!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I heard that ‘news’ too … but it’s yet to be confirmed – was the last I heard.

      I saw that programme too … well … I saw a little of it, but the rest is taped so I’ll catch the full thing asap. But from what I’ve read, the ‘chat’ was really something fabulous – so I can’t wait to watch the rest.

      The pearls … being a pearls girl myself (since the age of around 8 years old) – I can totally understand her pain about them not being in great condition. I’d be heartbroken.

      Great to see you SalPal, and so happy that you enjoyed this part of the post and could connect with it. I love it when things come together like that.
      Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. oh, do watch it! she was really sweet, but still queen like. I can’t remember if it was that or something else I saw about the coronation – what an amazing event! And she was quite queen like when speaking of the boys running under her train! I wish we had a queen instead of a trump.

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  7. Amen to the bucket list being dumped. Yes…today is all we have and we jolly well better make the most of it. Crafting is on hold while I continue to get the hoop house back in order. Good grief what a mess.I did take photos of my work in progress which I hope to blog about. We will see. You know how that goes or doesn’t go with me. Plus there have to be recovery days in between all that grunt work.
    Thanks for all the new learning. Love to the Cob family xoxo

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    1. Hello Bev….
      Like you, I’ve been missing in action … some sort of bug and also pain has kept me from the joyful stuff.

      I also missed your Birthday yesterday. Darn and blastit to heck and back!!!. But … yesterday I began to feel a little brighter … so expect an envelope to arrive via post in about a weeks time.

      Sorry to hear that the hoop house is still causing you problems. Do you perhaps think that you would be better asking one of the big burly male members of your family to give you a hand to get the better of it and finally beat it into submission? Don’t be afraid to ask them Beverly. They’re more than willing to help you. You just have to ask. They’d be only too pleased to help.

      Sending love your way. And buckets of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Now Cob.first I am sorry you have been under what ever. Being under anything can be very uncomfortable. Birthday…yes it came and went. Last weekend #1 and DnL treated me to dinner at their place. Lovely card and gift card included. Better steak than the local although it is nice sometimes to venture out. Then last evening #3 and his crew filled me with burgers and fries with a chocolate cake the kids help make.( They are into tv chef show for kids)Now remember the oldest is only 7 and the girls are 5,4,3, and almost 2. Little bit didn’t help she is only 3 mos.They also had a gift card that was for Christmas but it traveled to Aruba first. lol
        Today I was back in the hoop business. Managed to get three of them down.Being a farm wife has given me all kinds of talent. Yes I could ask for help and I do when I can’t do it myself. There are only so many hrs. in a day and theirs don’t always match mine. It was kinda iffie at one point but I stuck with it and got the job done. May not be able to get out of bed in the morning but who knows…maybe it will rain and that will be a good excuse to stay in.
        Well.. look whos rambling on and on. Love you Mrs. Cob …Give yours a hug for me.

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        1. Hugs are free and easily obtained in Cobweb Cottage, so that’s ‘can do’ Bev. 🙂

          I’m SO proud of you for how you’re managing that hoop house. I know you’re made of stronger stuff than some (me), but you used to have the help of the fabulous man – and you two would do things together, which halved the job. Please don’t wait until you’ve crocked yourself. Just ask them to help. It’s their time to do this Bev. Don’t be too proud to call on those who will step up to the plate and get the job done. It will save your energy for the stuff that you can do more easily.

          You struggled and bought those boys up. It’s now time that they step in and take up the position of ‘man of the house’. But they won’t do it unless you ask, because they are probably thinking you so like to be independent that you’d rather collapse trying than let anyone else help. So they don’t because they think you don’t want them to!

          tsk tsk.

          The gift card which went on it’s holidays … to Aruba???!!! It took itself off to the Netherlands, rather than face Christmas and the silly season?! Well I hope it bought you a holiday gift back from Aruba, to apologise! (lol)

          Loving the invitations to dinner to celebrate your birthday! Fabulous time, and great food by the sound of it.
          Do you think . . . that if I tell them when my birthday is they might . . . LOL!

          Thrilled you had such a lovely time.
          Sending you lots of love Bev. Heaps of Squidges … and a birthday kiss on each cheek. ~ Cobs. xxx


          1. I don’t know exactly when your BD is. only sort of. Email me if you don’t want the world to know. lol
            Please don’t think my sons aren’t helping. Goodness knows they do things I can’t.Like changing out the propane tank. #3 and I did that earlier in the week. He used the lift on his BIG truck to move them around. and #1 and I have been going through all of DH’s tools etc. to see what I need to work with and what he can use. Lots more to go through.we also are going through my dad’s shop to start cleaning it out. Gets really crazy around here some times.
            Aruba wasn’t a vacation. lol. That is where his rig is parked for now but it may be moving soon…to Australia. Good grief…that is a two day flight from here.
            Rain….guess I will miss GT’s ball game. \
            Have a great weekend …give Little Cob a hug for me.

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            1. Ohh heck… Noooo I know you’re wonderful boys help you Bev. I was talking about the Hoop House. If you don’t tell them you’re finding it a darn strain, then they don’t know. You bought your brood up correctly – so I know they wouldn’t leave you to your own devices … I’m just concerned that you are trying to fight with the hoop house and darn near killing yourself. After all, you’re just a little dot of a thing, and that hoop house is waaaaay bigger than you are. It’s practically a monster!

              LOL … Aruba … I didn’t mean that everyone went on holiday … just the voucher had a holiday and got away from the silly season. LOL

              It’s hasn’t so much ‘rained’ here today. It’s more like drizzled and made sure everything stayed nice and wet. Really nice and wet. Miserably, slippery, nice and wet.

              Boringly, miserably, slippery, grey, dark grey, nice and w.e.t. [sigh]

              But, Little Cobs brightened my day and wanted to do something arty and crafty. So he collected together some of his dinosaurs from the dino box here in his room, and brought them to the (covered) table … and we proceeded to make a card with dinosaur feet prints all over it. Even the envelope was decorated.

              After this … he still had more ‘making’ bugs inside him, so I grabbed a little canvas from the craft room, and a selection of coloured paints, and he painted birds with his fingers (blobs of paints from his finger tips) – once dry I added the features and he totally fell in love with what he’d made. He was SO proud. Totally cockahoop about it. So I wrote the details on the back of the canvas – date, age, name – and then once I was absolutely sure that everything was 100% dry, I sealed the canvas and he presented it to his daddy when he came to collect him.

              Back at home, his mommy was so filled with happy bubbles at the painting, she sent me a text message about it.

              His Daddy told him that he could have the picture up on the wall of his bedroom. Awwwwww.

              I shared a photo of something I’ve made for you with Little Cobs today – and when I told him who it was for he instantly said: “awwwww…. I love Beverly!”.
              He knew EXACTLY who you were.
              I wanted to scoop him up and hug him till he complained! LOL.

              Love that little man so very much.
              Love you too Bev. ~ Cobs. xxx


  8. A lot of interesting facts Cobs. I remember doing a wee project at school on the Cullinan diamond. I wonder if another part exists? I bet John Logie Baird would be amazed at the poularity of his invention. God bless Maria von Trapp for ibspiring one of my favourite films. Have a great week dear Cobs x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Daisies! 😀
      How strange that you should say that – (about the Cullinan diamond) – for I too seem to remember learning something about it at school. I know about it and don’t know how I know, but have this speckled little memory of one of my teachers (Mr. Dargue – pronounced ‘Darg’) telling the class things about this wondrous diamond and how it came to be in the Queens Crown.

      John Logie Baird … I’ve a feeling that he’d be rather puzzled by the things now shown on the incredible thing he invented, and possibly more puzzled that people actually watched those things! I know I’m puzzled by the popularity of some of the programmes made and shown. :/

      You and I have that film in common too Daisies. I love the film too, and always wanted to get married in the dress she was wearing in the film. So elegant.

      Thanks for coming – I adore seeing you here.
      Have a blessed day, and a fabulous next week. ~ Cobs. xxx


  9. Hello My friend!!!. Thank you for the wonderful cup of coffee and all the fun knowledge!! BTW I just love Phaton of the Opera. One day I hope to see it in person. Could you imagine being given a diamond that large for your birthday? WOW… course you would have to hire full time guards to watch over it. I agree with you Life begins today… SOOO why not Carpe Diem!! =) Thank you again for all your wonderfully inspiring wisdom!!!… xoxoxoxox my friend. Have a wonderful weekend. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello fabulous Tam! 😀
      Can you imagine being given a pair of diamonds that big …. as earrings? LOLOLOL!!

      Life does indeed begin today – so we should live it today! So … I’m going to do something outrageous tomorrow when I get out of bed. Not sure what it’s going to be, but I’ll know when it pops into my mind! 😀 (I’ll make sure it’s legal though) lol.
      Sending hugs, love and wishing you a fabulous weekend. ~ Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Not sure about spectacular, but I bet it involves glitter – whether I want it to or not!
          Everything else I do seems to involve glitter – even visiting the bathroom! Mr.Cobs frequently comes out of there laughing about the twinkling floor – even when I haven’t been using any! (sigh – the troubles of a crafter, eh? ) LOL.
          Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

          Liked by 1 person

  10. I loved the crown jewels facts, you never really know much about what’s in them, just that they’re a bit posher than the jewels you get on the high street. Mr C and I have our own mini versions of the split diamond (not the same shape as the crown jewels) in our wedding rings, they came with a certificate to prove they have one rock split in two. Although ours are mere splinters of diamond compared to the Queen’s! You’re on top form again with the jokes and I’ll be chuckling my way through the day thanks to you.
    Also, I feel distinctly springy too! We are 5 and a bit weeks past the shortest day now and the evenings are getting a little lighter for sure. Have a lovely weekend x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE the one rock split into two and the two rocks set into yours and Mr. Crafts wedding ring. How beautiful is that?!!! I also love that the jewellers thought to supply a certificate to prove this.

      So beautiful and so romantic. Something incredible for your children to know about too.

      Thrilled you enjoyed the jokes. Having a chuckle is a great way to stay young. Which can only be a great thing!

      Sending pre-spring squidges – each one rolled in diamond dust, wrapped up and hidden in a bucket of love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤


  11. “For those who say diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a dog :)” I can’t remember who said that, but I must agree. I think I have a ring with diamonds, teeny tiny diamonds, but diamonds none the less, but you know, I like other gems too. Sapphire, Ruby (my birthstone), Amethyst, Turquoise and so on. I have a couple herkamer (sp) diamonds too, for show on my mantle. They are not very big either, expensive to get big ones.
    We have daffodils starting to poke their heads out, Snowdrops up already and crocus are following suit. I have Hyacinth coming and Tulips! Spring is on it’s way.
    We had a bitter cold wind last night and more rain expected today and for the whole weekend. I looked out the window and yes, it’s raining again. Make your way up island and you got snow! yuck. I couldn’t believe the temp, it was 5C here, so I can imagine the higher elevations would have snow. They actually had to close the ski resort Mt. Washington, last week!!! They had too much snow and the avalanche warnings were high. Cars were buried in the parking lot with about 4 feet on top, they couldn’t get out, too much snow, it really was a winter wonderland. Glad I was at home on my couch watching it on the telly lol
    Dogs are fed, my tummy is doing okay, so now on with my crochet today. I am making tiny granny squares for a friends doll bed. She sent me a picture and asked if I knew how to make it. Sure I said forgetting all the wee ends to sew in afterwards. grrrr. Aw, she is worth it tho’. I do enjoy sharing with others, you get so much in return. Friendship, true friendship is hard to find and once you get some, hang on tight. 🙂 *insert heartshape here lol
    much love Cobs and you have a great weekend as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Soozy.
      Aw, it’s so lovely to see you…. and so wonderful to hear that you’re in the midst of doing something crafty!! Joy of joys, you are crocheting. How incredible that is to hear!

      I don’t crochet … I keep trying, but I just don’t think it’s for me. (But I will continue to try – I’m not a give in sort of person).

      Good to hear your tummy is ok. But not so good to hear the weather you’re experiencing.
      We’re having lots of rain, and some very high winds – which have broken parts of my neighbours fencing – poor things. Mr. Cobs was out there in the pouring rain and howling wind, giving them a hand to try and do something to secure the fencing until someone can come and replace the parts that are shot to pieces. This will cost them a fair bit I fear.

      Like you, I love all sorts of ‘gems’ too. I think I’m just a child at heart who likes to play dress up. I love scarves and jewellery. But … the jewellery has to be real. I can’t wear the junk jewellery that I was happy to wear when I was a young thing. For some reason it just looks silly on me.

      The heart shape … now here’s something I can help you with.

      To make a heart shape, you need to type one of these < (less than – or – angle bracket), and straight after it you type a number 3.

      You'll find this < on the bottom row of your keyboard, and it's the 'capital' of the , comma.

      So < and the number three 3 makes this: ❤
      But make sure you don't leave a gap between the two things. (Obviously leave a gap either side of them – just no gap between them).

      Thanks for coming Soozy, and for the fabulous chat.
      Sending squidges and love ~ Cobs. xxx.


  12. You know Cobs, I had a gap in the memory receptors of my brain, I do know how to make the hearts, just couldn’t remember if it worked on here, but it must as my smiley faces show up 🙂 Boy I tell ya, sometimes I wonder about myself. But thank you for the lesson. ❤ There are so many symbols but I lost that piece of paper that does angels and devils and oh so many more. =^.^= Anyway, back to sewing up this wee blanket.
    as ever

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Oh, once again you have filled my head with so many things to digest! I’m not sure where to start! LOL! Oh, I so agree with the throwing out of the bucket lists! I’ve never understood why they call it a “bucket” list in the first place!? Seems to me that buckets just get filled with “dirty” things that we throw away….dirty water…weeds from the garden…you get my drift. I want to see things and enjoy God’s creations…like the beautiful sunset, the moon, the beautiful spring flowers…etc! I agree with you, don’t make a “bucket” list, make a to do list…visit that Aunt, plant those flowers, smell the roses, just enjoy each day! Hugs to you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nancee. 😀
      Bucket lists …
      I’m happy to make a shopping list so that I don’t forget to buy particular things from the shop.

      I’m fine with making a list of people to buy Christmas presents for – again, so that I don’t forget to buy a particular person a gift.

      I’ll even make a ‘Honey Do’ list for Mr. Cobs, because although he states he has a very good memory – I would contradict that statement somewhat by saying he has a selective memory. So I make ‘honey do’ lists so that things do eventually get attention from him.

      But I draw the line at making a list for life experiences. I can’t imagine a more soulless experience than having a list hanging somewhere making sure you feel guilty about not following the list and getting those things done.

      Why would you give yourself an instruction list on what things you should do in order to ensure you have fulfilled all those things you’ve instructed you need to do before you die??? It makes no sense, and I certainly can’t imagine enjoying life knowing that I’m doing XYZ because I have a list of instructions telling myself that I should do it, because if I don’t everyone will know I’m a loser, and that will add to the feelings of guilt and a feeling of not only letting myself down, but disappointing all those people who believe in me!!

      I have no list for life – I only have shopping lists, or the odd post it note reminding me that I need to make a card for some reason or another. Those other lists can go to heck in a handcart, for I want nothing to do with them. They’re guilt lists of demands upon self. ewwwww.

      Great to hear that you aren’t a lover of them either Nancee. Let’s start a movement to throw out the Bucket List, and free everyone from guilt and the weight of the huge demands (and more often than not, the costs) of a shopping list for life.
      Much love ~ Cobs. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh so true! 😂 I do find myself making lists or little reminder notes, but that is only because I am getting older and don’t want to forget something! 😂 No bucket lists here though!

        Liked by 1 person

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