The Friday Post ~ 1st December 2017


Well it’s here.  That day we were thinking was still miles away and we had plenty of time to do our Christmas shopping …. well today is the first day of December and Christmas day is just 25 days away.  Or … since you can’t actually count Christmas day itself,  24 days away.

But … if you discount today (1st December), because, well, it’s maybe not fair to include today since some of you reading right now will perhaps have just come home from a day at work, so let’s discount today too, – that makes it 23 merry Days, in which to buy the perfect presents for all those people you need to buy for,  and get them home, wrapped beautifully and labelled up, ready to give.  There.  23 days.  That’s ok, isn’t it?

So anyhoo … shall we get on with your Edumacation?  I know it’s Christmas soon, but you still need to be educationamalised so that you can come out with interesting facts at the works ‘do’, or just impress the boss with your magnificent intelligence.

On this Day in History

1824 – U.S. presidential election, Since no candidate received a majority of the total electoral college votes in the election, the United States House of Representatives is given the task to decide the winner (as stipulated by the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution).

1913 – The Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line.
1919 – Lady Astor becomes first female member of the British Parliament to take her seat (she had been elected to that position on November 28).

1952 – The New York Daily News reports the first successful sexual reassignment operation. 

1958 – The Our Lady of the Angels School Fire in Chicago, Illinois kills 92 children and three nuns.


The Our Lady of the Angels School Fire broke out shortly before classes were to be dismissed on December 1, 1958, at the foot of a stairway in the Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago, Illinois.  The elementary and middle school was operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.  A total of 92 pupils and 3 nuns lost their lives when smoke, heat, and fire cut off their normal means of escape through corridors and stairways.  Many perished while jumping from second-floor windows (which were as high as a third floor would be on level ground).  Another 100 were seriously injured.

The disaster led to major improvements in standards for school design and fire safety codes.

1960 – Paul McCartney and Pete Best arrested then deported from Hamburg, Germany for accusation of attempted arson. Former Beatles drummer Pete Best told Absolute Radio that he and Sir Paul had tried to use the condoms for extra lighting.

“We pinned them on the wall and they spluttered. Let’s get it clear, they weren’t used,”  he said. “We were charged with trying to burn our van down.”

Best said the pair were returned to the UK on suspicion of arson.

1964 – Vietnam War: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson and his top-ranking advisers meet to discuss plans to bomb North Vietnam.

1969 – Vietnam War: The first draft lottery in the United States is held since World War II. On December 1, 1969, the Selective Service System of the United States held a lottery to determine the order of draft (induction) into the U.S. Army for the Vietnam War.

The days of the year, represented by the numbers from 1 to 366 (including Leap Day), were written on slips of paper and the slips were placed in plastic capsules. The capsules were mixed in a shoebox and then dumped into a deep glass jar. Capsules were drawn from the jar one at a time.

The first day number drawn was 257 (September 14), so all registrants with that birthday were assigned lottery number 1. Men of draft age (those born between 1944 and 1950) whose birthday fell on the corresponding day of the year would all be drafted at the same time. The highest draft number called from the 1969 lottery was number 195 (September 24).

A secondary lottery was also held on the same day, to construct a random permutation of the 26 letters of the alphabet. For men born on a given day, the order of induction was determined by the rank of the first letters of their last, first, and middle names.

The lottery was conducted again in 1970 (for those born in 1951), 1971 (1952) and 1972 (1953), although the 1972 lottery went unused as the draft itself was suspended in 1973.  Lotteries were also conducted in 1973, 1974 and 1975 although the assigned numbers went unused.

1973 – Papua New Guinea gains self-government from Australia.
1974 – TWA Flight 514, a Boeing 727, crashes northwest of Dulles International Airport killing all 92 people on-board.
1974 – Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 6231, crashes northwest of John F. Kennedy International Airport.

1981 – A Yugoslavian Inex Adria Aviopromet DC-9 crashes in Corsica killing all 180 people on-board.

1982 – At the University of Utah, Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart.

1990 – Channel Tunnel sections started from the United Kingdom and France meet 40 meters beneath the seabed.

2001 – Captain Bill Compton brings Trans World Airlines Flight 220, an MD-83, into St. Louis International Airport bringing to an end 76 years of TWA operations following TWA’s purchase by American Airlines.

🎄  🎄  🎄

Born on this Day

1761 – Marie Tussaud, French creator of wax sculptures (Madame Tussaud’s) (d. 1850)

1913 – Mary Martin, American actor and singer (d. 1990)

1932 – Matt Monro, English singer (d. 1985)

1935 – Woody Allen, American film director, actor, and comedian

1940 – Richard Pryor, American actor, comedian (d. 2005)

1944 – John Densmore, American drummer (The Doors)

1945 – Bette Midler, American actress and singer

1946 – Gilbert O’Sullivan, Irish singer

1958 – Charlene Tilton, American actress

🎄  🎄  🎄

Thought for the Day

Christmas is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.  We know it’s coming because the lights are already lit-up in the shops.  The trees are decorated and the Advent Calendars all have one door open.

The prophets of anxiety (in the newspapers and on TV) are predicting a difficult time for the shoppers and retailers of our over-stretched, debt-ridden lands.

Some of us feel the imminence of Christmas in the sensations of excitement and dread:  of wishing it would never end … and wanting it to be over with now.  Of the need to be at home, with family and friends – and the desire to escape it all and get as far away as possible.

The Grinch, in Dr. Seuss says:  “Christmas!  It’s practically here!”  …  Then he growled with his fingers nervously drumming.  “I must find a way to keep Christmas from coming!”

Advent means the arrival  – or coming  –  of an important person or thing.  But break it down into its compound words:  ‘ad’  and  ‘vent’  and it looks alarmingly like something to do with advertising and windows.  It sounds like a big commercial wind!  Which of course it is, and it has been, and probably always will be.  Which is why Grinch-like, seasonal rants about the commercial aspect of Christmas will do nothing to change it.

Priests asking us not to throw out the baby Jesus with the bath water should save their breath.  If they want us to question anything at Christmas it should be the baby:  Do we need the babyDo we want the babyWhat is this baby for?  It’s easy to see that Christmas  “doesn’t come from a store;  easy to guess it means a little bit more” [the Grinch again] .  But the question for all of us is:  What???

Isaiah, a prophet who lived before Christ, framed our need in this way:  “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down”.  There was an ache for a saviour long before one appeared.  As to what this saviour is for – Isaiah put it in these startling terms:  …. “… for those living in darkness, a light has come.”  and later …  “…he will be pierced for our transgressions and by his wounds we are healed”.

For Isaiah it took 600 years and a thousand advent calendar windows before the double doors opened on the baby in the manger he predicted would be  “the Saviour of the World”.  That’s a kind of patience – a kind of expectation and waiting – which is hard to grasp.  In theory, for us,  the waiting is over.  The baby – whether we like it or not, is here.  God is with us.

As the Grinch discovered, we can’t stop Christmas from coming:  “Somehow or other, it came just the same”.  The challenge for us this advent is finding the space to think about why it came at all in the first place.   And that applies to those who believe, and those who don’t.

🎄  🎄  🎄

Well.  I’m all puffed out now and have talked so much that my throat is sore!  I think it must be coffee time, for I need lubrication to the vocal chords.

This last week for me has been another one of crafting up a storm,  but making things I can’t share because I made some things for some lovely people who come and read my blog….  goodness knows why they come and read it. Kindness is the first thing that springs to mind.  lol.

But … I can start on other things now, so can share and will be doing so.  HURRAH!

In the meantime …  I want you to be good.  Don’t eat too many sweets.  Not too much chocolate.  And don’t do that thing which you’re Mother told you would make you blind.  Oh … and don’t stick peas up your nose.

That last one … I should perhaps explain…  Apparently – this was said by an Irish mother many, many moons ago.

She had to go out but had no one to look after her large brood of children, so she gathered them all together and told the three eldest that they were going to be ‘in charge’ for the next half an hour while she was out of the house.  She put her coat and hat on, gathered up her shopping bag and handbag, and put her hand on the door knob …. but paused and looked at them all in a very stern, Irish mother way, saying:  “Be good.  Don’t be getting yourselves into trouble.  Don’t be making too much noise – we don’t want someone calling the police!  And …  DON’T STICK PEAS UP YOUR NOSE!”  …  and with that she left.

20 minutes later she was back in the house to find a row of children all sat upon the work tops in the kitchen, with the three eldest children trying to do something which the one child was crying about.  Upon taking in the scene she saw that one of the eldest had his arms tightly wound around a child, so holding the childs arms down.  The second eldest had the child’s head in her hands and was tipping the childs head backwards.  And the eldest of the children had the mothers tweezers from her dressing table and was attempting to shove them up the little childs nose.

“What the divil are you doing to that child?!!”  She yelled.  “… and why they all on the kitchen tops?”

The three eldest children explained . . .  there had been no trouble until they found out that the youngsters had popped the pea pods on the kitchen table, and pushed peas up their noses and couldn’t get them down again.

“Why the dickens did you do that?”  she demanded to know, looking at them very sternly  …..

“Because you told us not to!” came a crying reply.

Hence I say to you ….  “Be good.  Don’t be getting yourselves into trouble.  Don’t be making too much noise – we don’t want someone calling the police!  And …  DON’T STICK PEAS UP YOUR NOSE!” 

Have a wickedly wonderful Friday, and a truly fabulous weekend.  May the force be with you.

Sending love and squidges ~





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61 thoughts on “The Friday Post ~ 1st December 2017”

    1. LOLOL … hello Tam. I’m sat her grinning like an idiot.. I’m tickled pink that you got some fun and a good giggle from this post. The peas story – I’ve known that for SO many years that I don’t even know how I know it. I think it might have been one of those factual stories I read, and thinking about it, I’m guessing it was from a Readers Digest – which I used to subscribe to. (Not sure why I’m still not subscibing, because they were such an enjoyable read!). I’ve remembered the story ever since and ‘infected’ many people with it – so much so that they too now use the phrase to all and sundry, just as I do! LOL. And now … I’ve ‘infected’ anyone who reads this post, too! eeek! (… at some point, I swear to Dog, that I’m going to be asked to leave blogland and never come back, for infecting people with my funny words and phrases).

      Thanks so much for coming Tam. LOVE seeing you and chatting.
      Have a blessed rest of your day, and a truly wickedly wonderful weekend!
      Love and squidges ~Cobs. xxx ❤


      1. LOL You may infect me with your whitty fun knowledge any time. I love it. I am sure everyone that reads your blog and chats with you feels that way. Leave blogland? Ppfttt no one better even try and ask you too!! i am pretty sure your loyal followers would roll up thier sleeves and say … Thats fighting words!!! =) Have a fabulous day my friend. xoxoxoxox ❤

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        1. Awwww Tam .. thank you. Bless your beautiful heart. You’ve brought such a warm glow to my heart and a smile to my face. Thank you, my lovely blogging friend.

          I shall continue you infect you with my fun. I pinky promise. lol ~ love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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  1. Oh happy Friday! When I see your post in my reader it makes me happy because I enjoy my education, and it reminds me that it’s Friday and I don’t go to work on Friday’s!
    The school fire story made me sad, because of me being a teacher. I can imagine the desperation to escape. 😢
    On a lighter note, the peas up the nose is brilliant, and the kind of thing my two would do!
    We have bought a lot of presents now, I just need to wrap them, buy a few more and write cards. It’s not just the commercialism, but the pressure to make it ‘perfect’ and join in everything-elves, Christmas eve boxes etc. I feel bad that my kids might miss our but you can spend too much and cause overexcitment and then ruin it. I must have a think and decide which things we will do.
    Have a lovely weekend x x

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    1. Hello Mrs. Craft!
      Aw I love seeing your name here. It gives me a warm internal giggle, like opening the door and finding a much loved friend stood there who you weren’t expecting. 🙂

      The school fire … yes, I found that a dreadful pain to my heart. I couldn’t have left my little charges, I would have had to stay with them, knowing that we would all likely perish.

      Peas up the nose… Aw, when my two girls were little I know, had I said this as a joke to them, that the minute my back was turned, they would have been there, with peas, and pushing them forceably up their nose, simply because I’d said they shouldn’t. The pair of them are very much .. erm … ‘free thinkers’ (being polite there. They don’t read my blog, but one day they just might so I want ’em to know I love them) … and will always attempt to do things that I’ve said could be dangerous or (and this is the biggie) .. not something that a young lady should be seen to be doing.

      Daughter No1 went down the tattoo road, and I am pretty confident that this happened because I said that I hoped neither of them ever had one. Admittedly the tattoo’s she has are actually really pretty and really well done – but I can’t help wishing that she hadn’t had them done.

      Don’t you dare feel bad and think your children are missing out! You do so very much with them (and for them) and I think they have a well balanced life full with things that have been lovingly done and arranged for them. Trying to do ‘it’ all just leads to spoilt and over stimulated children who become increasingly demanding and disrespectful if they don’t get what they believe they’re entitled to.

      OK… I’m sounding like a very old soothsayer who lives at the bottom of a dry wishing well and is never seen! LOLOLOL

      Mrs.Craft … you and Mr.C are doing a mighty fine job with your children. Don’t go on the ‘guilt trip’ – it costs way too much, both in money and emotionally. Decline the invitation if the guilt trip invite is delivered to you. 😉
      Sending oodles of love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


      1. Bless you, you are so kind. The pressure really is on parents nowadays with social media being so full of things you ‘should’ do. My dad told me he would disown me if I had a mohican haircut (I’ve never fancied one anyway!) 😂
        Have a lovely weekend x

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    1. Hello Anna
      23 days and 16.4 hours …. but that was at 7.42am this morning, when you commented. It’s now 11.55am … and the clock is ticking. Oh. My. Word! I’m hiding the clocks, and turning the cuckoo off so that nothing can remind me that I’m running out of time for just about everything! eeek!

      Thanks for coming Anna. 😀
      Squidges indeedly doodly~ Cobs. x 🙂

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  2. Good morning!

    The snow has stopped now thank goodness…yes, I bought my girls an advent calendar ( they don’t like the catnip or milkdrop treats so I have to look for fish flavoured ones ) and as soon as Charlie wakes up she can open the first door – she’s the oldest so she gets first go.

    I always enjoy your Friday posts for their sense of human continuity down the years..and of course the thought for the day. People just need to remember to be nice…a little thing that would make a HUGE difference..

    Also – I have no intention of sticking peas up my nose…although I have had a fly in the eye!

    A lovely post, have a wonderful day and lots of love to you 😺💕xxx

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    1. Morning Samantha! 😀
      I’m so glad you mentioned Advent Calendar …. I forgot that Mr.Cobs had bought me one! Yay!
      I won’t buy Miss Belly on legs (dog) an advent calendar because she’s on a diet. So to give the cats one would feel so mean, so I’m afraid that they live by the food rule of: ‘if someone else can’t have it, then nobody can’.

      I’m thrilled to bits that you enjoy the Friday Posts, Samantha. It’s so nice to know that you enjoy the read. You’re absolutely right about the “sense of human continuity down the years”. For me, it shows me that some of the things which are happening in the world today, which worry and concern me, aren’t exclusive to the time we’re living in.

      “People just need to remember to be nice” …. yes …. they need to: BE THE CHANGE!
      I’m so SO glad to hear that you won’t stick peas up your nose! A fly in the eye …. I can relate. [sigh] It’s those tiny, weeny little midges. They get blown into your eyes even when there’s no wind!

      Have a blessed day Samantha. Love you to bits ~ Cobs. xxx

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  3. Another round up of interesting titbits to start my Friday 🙂 Its quite chilling to read about how the draft order was reached in the US. Plucking random numbers from a glass jar trivialises something so important.

    Christmas……. I used to love it and now I tolerate. I love the lights, the anticipation and seeing my children delight in it but there also comes this huge pressure to do things, see people and have everything perfect. I sound like the Grinch I know – after two awful Christmases (is that spelling right?) I have argued my case for frozen roast potatoes, turkey crown and a chance to sit and enjoy it. I am not particularly religious despite a catholic upbringing but I do miss the appreciation at Christmas that it is about more than presents. None of this however will stop me from enjoying my chocolate advent calendar because I need an excuse to eat Lindt chocolate at 9am 😀

    Right I have had my Friday morning rant!!! I shan’t bore you any more. Wishing you a very happy Friday. Love Hxx

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    1. Hello Hannah ~ Great to see you!
      The War Lottery – men chosen to be heroic and go into a war knowing that they very well might never come home again … I agree. A trivial way to go about things concerning war. I would prefer to hear that men (and women) felt the true need to fight on behalf of their country in order to do whatever is necessary in the situation, and so offer themselves to serve, rather than go low and do it Lottery style. Of course – there may be a need for more people than came willingly, so then there has to be a new routine of bring people forward. I don’t know what that system would be, but I’m pretty sure a Lottery isn’t the right one.

      Christmas …. aw Hannah, don’t feel bad about how you now feel. As we ‘grow up’ and get older, we actually do get a little wiser, and with that wisdom comes a new knowledge. There is nothing to say that there is THE way that things should be done, but I can heartily recommend a couple of things which might bring about the changes that you might be feeling the lack of.

      Begin some new family Christmas Traditions. Something that you, as a family, do every year.
      Have someone take a photo of you, each year. All of you sat in the same places you were sat (stood) last year, and the year before and the year …. etc etc. So that you can see exactly how you are all changing as the years pass. Print out that photo and put it in an album (handmade? – that would be incredible!) – perhaps with a bit of writing which will remind you of what happened during that year: e.g. Billy lost his favourite bear – we told him he’d gone on a trip around the world and that he was sending a new friend who would arrive on Christmas Day. or …. This was the year dad made the wonky shelves. Mom marked the table with her paints and the stain wouldn’t come out. Susan saw her first ever Dragonfly this year. That sort of thing.

      Make a new tradition of going for a walk on Christmas afternoon, and everyone standing around a tree and then all hugging it – all at once – and wishing it a Merry Christmas!

      Or .. volunteering to deliver food and gift packages to people who, by no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times. (If you want more information on how to do this, let me know and I’ll email you). You might be too late for this year, but you can make sure that next year your name is on the list as a volunteer, with your family helping.

      Or … how about making a photo booth – white sheet over a couple of chair backs, or over a clothes horse, as a plain background – and some funny paper hats, comical glasses – pretend moustaches, beards, scarves, cheap feather boas from the pound shop. … and take photos of everyone pulling fun faces and just having a great time. Print the photos out (with a couple of extras) and put those in your albums so that the little ones can look at them whenever they like. And the extra photos … they can take into school if they want, to show teachers or share the giggles with friends. (you could also pack the photo booth things and take them to Grandma and Grandads house and set up a photo booth with them and the children.

      It’s the memories that you’re making, Hannah, which will fill your children with so much love from you and their daddy. Memories that can last a lifetime – and they will. My girls still remember the Christmas Eve’s through the years, we all spent delivering of food and gifts. They still remember the year I made them hug a tree with me and Mr.C. It’s the memories which mean the most and fill them with love. They might not remember what they got for Christmas that year, but they will certainly remember the memories you made with them. I promise you.

      Right … now we come to the BIG news … your Chocolate Advent Calendar. For the first year ever, Mr. Cobs gave me a Chocolate Advent Calendar today, and like you … I had a tiny little chocolate mitten this morning. It didn’t happen until about 11am – but when it did, awwww it was so good. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten chocolate that early in the day, but I can see it becoming a firm favourite. LOL

      Oooo… nearly forgot … no one will care that you’ve bought frozen roast spuds, nor indeed a turky crown. Mr. Cobs and I have had a turkey crown for the last four years and we highly recommend it. It slices way easier than a bird on the bone. It’s got (for some reason that neither of us can figure out) way more actual meat than a Turkey has. It makes brilliant sandwiches on Boxing Day, and it’s great cut into small chunks with salad and super duper in curries! Enjoy the day – the week – Hannah. It’s the Law!

      You can come and have a rant annnny time you like Hannah. And … if you don’t want to rant here, you have my email addy, you just rant in an email and I’ll reply. Pinky Promise.
      Sending big hugs, lots of squidges and buckets of love ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Hello, thank you for such a lovely reply. You are right – I need to start a fresh with Christmas with new expectations and new traditions. We inadvertently started a new tradition 2 years ago and now it is something we are looking forward to again this year. I love your ideas though and will certainly be doing a family photo (funny or otherwise although to be honest any photo of my son is funny because he doesn’t know what else to do when a camera appears!) I have dug out my Christmas plates and bowls that have been hidden at the back of a cupboard unused for 2 years. They will be washed today and I will surprise the children with them with their dinner tonight. We spend Sunday making angels with paper and glitter – I will get there and I am determined to feel festive lol.

        I hope you are enjoying your chocolate advent calendar. Hannah xx

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  4. Why do we do these things to ourselves?. Getting over worked about Christmas that is. I am pretty sure this was never ment to be and saddens our Lord. My whole perspective on Christmas changed after my youngest son left us just before Christmas in 1996. After the funeral we came home from Alabama and even though my Dad and nephew had put up a tree for me things just didn’t matter. It became clear that THIS ISN’T WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. The gospel must be shouted from the roof top but the time and expense of what most consider Christmas can’t be pleasing to our Father.
    Sorry for the grinch attitude but time is short and we all need to look up. In the mean are made and going in the mail, children’s musical is Sunday ( grand has a solo) and grandparents day at school next Tuesday. Life goes on.
    Cob…you are one of the lights in my life and I wish you weren’t so far away but thankful that you are a friend who I never would have met outside of blog land. See…God is good and gives us what we need.xoxo

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    1. Ohhh, sweetest Beverly .. you’re not a grinch at all. Your feelings are a result of the dreadful loss of your son just before a Christmas 21 years ago – and that alone would sound a base note upon all Christmas’s since then, and also times changing.

      With times changing and things moving in a different direction to the one you recognise, you can see where things could go wrong and in some cases are going wrong.

      You are, of course, right, Christmas isn’t meant to be spent by spending money. Christmas shouldn’t be about what is bought in the shops.

      In my opinion (and this is only my opinion), Christmas is about love. Sharing; Caring; Joy; Peace; Love. The giving and receiving of love.
      Nothing will ever surpass it, nothing ever could.

      It could be love between parents and children; mums, dads; friends; boyfriends, girlfriends; the girl on the till at the grocery store; the postman; Grandma; Grandad; neighbours … the list goes on and on.

      Our wish to express our love leads us to buying something which is given with love, and makes the receiver smile at the kindness, and feel the love with which the gift was given.

      For me – something that someone has made means the absolute world to me. For someone likes me so much that they give me their time in the form of the item I’m holding in my hand. Time is the key for me.

      But … for some people, a small gift bought from a store is the ‘thing’, because for them, it shows that someone loves and cares so much that they use their time searching for a gift from a store, bought just for them.
      So it works either of the ways.

      However … getting overworked for or about Christmas … well that’s like an internal pressure cooker. I know that many years ago I got that feeling one Christmas. I was in-charge of everything … or it felt like it. From buying all the gifts, to wrapping, hiding, cooking, buying food, searching for that missing item on the list. Sitting up till 3am putting a pink castle together for one of the girls presents from Father Christmas. Then collecting my Mom and cooking Christmas Dinner (Christmas dinner is a huuuge thing here in the UK – a little like your Thanksgiving is a huuuge thing in the USA). Starters, main course, dessert, cheese and biscuits, speciality coffee and petit fours.

      I remember one year I almost had a meltdown when I found that everywhere had sold out of Lemons. I called in, phoned round and there were no lemons to be had at all. Then the phone rang and it was my friend. We chatted for a while and I mentioned in passing that my favourite way of cooking the Turkey was out of the window this year as I couldn’t get a lemon for love nor money.

      She instantly said that I could have one of hers. She’d got two in her fruit bowl and knew she would only need the one, so she gave me one.

      That year the greatest gift I received was that Lemon, and I remember it – 25 years later. It was given with love and kindness, and I loved her for it and always will.

      Unfortunately time (I really have come to dislike that word: time) … time has moved and although we are moving with it, you and I (and several hundreds of thousands of people) are moving slower than time is moving. So we have some of the new fangled gadgetry – cell phones and cable TV etc. we still however long for the days of old when they didn’t exist, for days were better then. There was no need then of Facebook – for children went outside and spoke to one another. Adults had conversations with each other, over coffee. The met up to go shopping together, or to go for a pint of beer together, and they actually spoke. They didn’t carp about each other and they weren’t spite filled towards each other. We valued each other and loved each other.

      And now … things are moving forward again and it is this new direction inwhich we, the world, are travelling, which is causing me great concern. Having robots, of one description or another, in all our homes. I watched a TV programme just last night about how an American company have built robot ‘girls’ who can be bought for around £8,000.00 as a talking,moving, posable, eye lid blinking, mouth and head moving sex doll. Not the old blow up doll which became the joke thing. These actually look like real people. TOTALLY freaked me out. TOTALLY.

      I too wish we lived closer together, and like you I am so thankful that we ‘found’ each other. Blogland is our home, and I am blessed that in this world of strangness, Blogland was opened up for people like you and I, as a place where we could get along and meet other lovely people too.

      God, is indeed good. And I agree … he gives us what we need, or puts us in the position to gain what we need.

      Oh … and by the way … YES – a BIG YES to looking up. For everyone.

      It is a proven scientific fact that looking up can and does make a body feel more positive.

      In years gone by (Dickensian times), doctors would tell patients who came to them telling them that they needed some sort of potion to make them happier – the Doctors would give them nothing but a piece of advice: “Keep looking at the chimney tops”.

      And it has be proven, scientifically, that keeping your head tilted at just the right angle to see the chimneytops on the tops of houses, is the right angle to set in motion better, happier, more positive feelings of well being and happiness.

      So Mrs. Bev, I leave you with this prescription: Keep looking at the chimney tops!

      Love you heaps! ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Speaking of chimney tops…I need to go to a neighboring town and buy a chimney cap so the rain and snow, if we ever get any, will not go down where it isn’t suppose to go. That is one of those things we just never got around to doing .(There are a lot of those things around here. ) But that means going shopping and you know how much I love to go shopping…Not! But…I need to get paint too so maybe I’ll get those two things done next week …or …maybe tomorrow. Never know when the mood will strike. Love you!!!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Do you have to look far from the tree to answer that question?

            I bet you’d have done the same thing (or similar) when you were that age too. I’ve no doubt that you gave your mother moments of shaking her head in bewilderment too. LOL.. ~ C. xxx


        1. Ok … but pray tell me Mrs.Bev .. how the dickens are you going to fit that cap to your chimney top??? Don’t you dare say that you’re going to climb up a ladder, young lady, because if you do I’ll … I’ll…. I’ll … well I’ll send you an email and possibly even use a naughty word or two!!!

          Paint.. I’m presuming for the bedroom.

          I would like to slow you down young lady – but I know that would be an impossible task. Just don’t go climbing ladders Beverly. Please?
          Love you too, Missy. Big time! ~ C. xxxx

          Liked by 1 person

          1. No need…son #3 has a bucket truck he uses when not on the rig. He takes down big trees for people who need to get rid of them. My pasture is full of mulch piles which he will sale after they decompose.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. A bucket truck … now that gave me a moment of the giggles as my brain sent me images of a bucket tied to a stick on a truck.. however my brain eventually kicked into gear and told me it was probably the same thing as we call a ‘Cherry Picker’ – which you can get in various different forms and vehicles, but basically it’s that platform with the guard rail around it, which is on hydraulics and can lift the platform with a man standing in it, very high up in the air.

              Great job on the selling of the mulch! It will pay for all the hard work done in actually getting all that ‘stuff’ togeher and into piles so that it will rot down properly. xxx

              Liked by 1 person

              1. It really is a truck that has a lift and big box in the back to hold all the clippings.( Like the power company uses.) GT got to ride up high with him to measure the tile for the cap. He was so excited.

                Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a sad story about those poor wee school children and nuns dying in the fire but tge mind boghles at Paul Mc Cartney and Co. What were they thinking!?
    I hope soldiers are never drafted ibto war again. Fullstop. What a way to be chosen.
    I am glad you ended on such a fun note. Peas up the nose. Thank goodness I never tried it. I did stick my foot into a Bird’s custard tin once and nearly severed my wee toe…
    Have a great week Cobs xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Daisies 😀
      Paul McCartney and co… I know!!! What an eye opener that one was! Like you, I too thought ‘what on earth were they thinking’ … and back came the answer: ‘they weren’t. That was the problem!’

      I ditto your heartfelt feelings and thought about being drafted into wars.

      I’m thrilled to know that you never stuck peas up your nose .. but …. what the heck were you doing sticking your foot into a Bird’s Custard tin???

      Either you have to tell me here, or you have to blog about it on your blog – because I need answers!!! 😀
      Sending love and squidges to you Daisies ~ Cobs. xxx

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Always love coming to visit Cobs! You raise my spirits!
    My husband still has his draft card in his wallet! He was #1 in the 75 lottery. He says he can still remember his heart dropping to his shoes when he saw the list posted on the bulletin board in high school (he was a senior that year and they always posted the list in school).
    Laughed about the peas up their noses….I had a cousin who shoved all kinds of things up his nose! You would think he would have learned after the first time but….nope!!
    Have a great weekend Cobs.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can only imagine the feeling when Mr.Chicken saw his name on that list.

      Your cousin obviously loved the attention he got for the few moments those things were being rescued from the prison of his nose! Bless his little heart. (I just hope he grew out of it and not still loving the attention. LOLOLOL).
      Wishing you a truly blessed weekend, Chicken.
      much love ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh I so look forward to your posts! They always brighten my day and add a bit of knowledge to this old head of mine! Oh, and one of the birthday “boys” is from the town I was raised in and still live in, Richard Pryor. I can’t say “born and raised” in because I was actually born in St. Louis MO, but we moved to Peoria IL a few months after I was born…. Hugs to you Cobs for brightening my day! Hopefully soon I can find some time to get my crafting done! Ugh! Christmas is coming and I haven’t even started my cards yet! Yikes….time is ticking away! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Isn’t it lovely to be able to say that you grew up in the town of someone well known? I know that there are a handful of internationally well knowns from the place I was born in, and thinking about them gives me a kind of warm wriggle inside.

      Crafting, making Christmas cards, and Christmas in general, combined with time ticking away … I can relate. Ohhh, how I can relate. [sigh]
      Sending crafty vibes and an attempt to slow down time! Along with squidges and love ~ Cobs. xxx


  8. Oh this one may be a favorite-I just love what you wrote about Christmas. How beautifully said. Pleae know you made a difference for me today. I have been quite overwhelmed with all I have to do and was in danger of losing the Christmas Spirit. Thanks to you I have regained what was all but lost. I love you! your rabbit

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, my favourite Rabbit! 🙂
      Ohhh, I’m tickled pink that you liked what I wrote about Christmas, and I’m just wide eyed with wonderment about you saying that I made a difference for you today. Bless you, my dearest Rabbit.

      I’m so flattened out to hear that you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all the things on your ‘to do’ list, and wish I was there to help in some way or fashion. Even if it was to entertain you by popping open a peapod and sticking a pea up my nose!

      There … I bet that made you smile. eh? LOL 🤣

      Sending you BIG buckets of love ❤ and a boatful of Squidges ~ Cobs. 💋 x x x

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Sorry not been paying as many visits as would like to your blog, but the move is almost upon us and things are pretty hectic, so I hope all is good with you, and will hopefully be back in blog-land in January. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Hugs Kim x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well my goodness, … do you know I was only talking to Mr.Cobs about you last night, and here you are popping up!

      I was wondering when the move was going to be and felt that either it had already taken place, or was imminent!

      Hope that you manage to get everything packed and ready to go, and that your removal company are incredible and helpful to a fault.

      Sending good vibes for your moving day to go perfectly. ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you Cobs for the fabulous facts. I was actually in PNG for Independence Day Celebrations. Saw the young Prince Charles etc. Fun Days indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Barbara … ok, PNG . . . you’ve lost me there (and possibly 90% of the worlds population who don’t live in the USA – so I don’t feel the ‘dumb’ – lol).
      Soooo . . .
      What is PNG, and does it have something important which relates to the US Independance Day? 🙂


  11. Goodness, I learnt a lot by reading this post. I have beautiful memories of Christmas but I like to start it later in the month so the experience is concentrated rather than spread over a lot of days. Does that make me grumpy? I hope not, but my very best for the season anyway 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Grumpy? No, not in the least, Peter. It makes you the person who you are.

      We’re all unique – and yet all the same. It’s a fabulous, wonderful, weirdly strange combination, and I love that we are all made and develop like this. It makes life so rich, so magical. So truly beautiful.

      So with that in mind, may I wish you, in advance, a Christmas filled with peace and joy. May your Christmas be blessed in many, many ways, and may you, at some point during either the lead up, or the day itself, feel the love in the room.

      Thank you so much for visiting and sharing a coffee moment with me. It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you.

      Wishing you a blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. 🙂


    1. Aww, laughing…. that exercise is GREAT for the soul.
      So as your un-qualified Doctor (of giggles), I’m writing a prescription for a laugh or giggle, or indeed even an inward chuckle, as many times a day as humanly possible.
      Have a blessed day QWC. ~ Cobs. x


  12. I was going to say ‘Welcome back’ but it looks like it’s me who has gone and lost your blog! Anyway, I found you again via the internet and I’m excited about the catching up I have to do on here. Love, from Sharon xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Sharon
      I see you’re now under a new blog name. Quite a difference from your previous one. I never knew you suffered with depression … or am I interpreting your home page blog post the wrong way?
      — Perhaps is it that you want people who suffer with depression to post on you blog?
      (unsure, so thought I’d ask to make sure I’m aware).

      Either way, nice to see you 🙂 Hope life is treating you kindly and that you and your family are fighting fit and as groovy as possible.
      Wishing you a blessed day! Thank you for popping by ~ Cobs 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Cobs, It’s great to hear from you again!

        Thank you for your concern and thanks for feeling that you know me well enough to ask: No, I do not suffer from depression but I have a heart for those who do. There are so many bloggers on here who are afflicted with this – millions! I do not claim to have all the answers, but just want to be a support to those who are suffering in this way.

        Yes, I got very side-tracked and distracted with my other blog and there were quite a few posts I did not like. I wanted to start afresh and to stay focussed. I included you in a final blog where I thanked all my followers and regular chatters. I thought i was following you on this blog but somehow I seemed to have ‘lost’ a few people. But I’m back on track now, ready to catch up with all that’s been going on in the cobweborium of life 🙂 Many blessings xx


        1. Hello again 🙂
          Oh my goodness …. I would never presume to know you well poppet, but I do think that depression is something which, if left alone with only the sufferer to think about it, can become like a nuclear envelope, and because of this I will talk about it freely in order to totally dismiss some of that stigma about it. It’s OK to talk about it.

          I used to live with someone who suffered severly with depression so know it from the other side of the curtain, and also have a relative who suffers with this now, along with a couple of other ‘add on problems’, which make their life interesting. If people want to talk about their personal journey then that’s great. But if people don’t wish to talk on a personal level, then that’s great too. But everyone must know that there is help out there from people who are trained in this area, and that they might not get the right person for them straight away. but they must never give up and must try again with someone else. Eventually they will find their professional who will be right for them.

          Anyhoo . . . I was surprised to read that you didn’t like quite a few posts which you’d made on your blog, for you always came over as firm in your opinions and not afraid to detail them in your blog posts. Your opinions might not be necessarily the same as your readers, but they were yours, it was your blog and so your right (obviously within the law and reason) to post about them.

          But … you have a shiny new blog now which changes the direction of your blog posts, and I hope that this new blog is one which only makes you happy and full of sunshine.

          May you be guided with your blog posts, and blessed with some lovely new followers. May any comments you receive be good ones, and may you also find that you can have some light hearted fun. For I think we could all do with a little fun in our lives, for it allows a gentle breeze to blow around our minds and freshens us up a little.

          May I take this moment to wish you and yours a happy and blessed Christmas. ~ Cobs. 🌲

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Definately! Fun is good. Yes I was very firm in my opinions, but sometimes our voice only shows what we say, not how we say it. No tone can be heard nor facial expression and so with strong belief posts, there is always the risk of sounding stroppy, arrogant or judgemental. Plus I began to warble on about myself and anything and everything, because my brain is always on over-drive. I wanted to reign myself in and focus on a particular subject and focus more on Jesus rather than me. Plus I got bored of the layout and colouring. The only thing that annoys me about this new layout is that there seems to be no Archives listed as promised. But I daren’t play around with it anymore! Thanks for your Christmas well wishes. The same to you and the felines. I wish you a healthy one with lots of laughter and warmth. xx

            Liked by 1 person

  13. I am so late!! I learned all the facts, and also love the ending of the “Don’t put pea’s up your nose!” There were some computer issues, which I didn’t have time for the technical nonsense! lol Updated and now back on track 🙂 Have a Wonderfully Blessed Week! XX

    Liked by 1 person

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