A Peacock made from Stamp Soup!

I saw the technique for making this card demonstrated about 3 weeks ago and the whole thing fascinated me so much that I tried to remember every little thing about how the demonstrator made her creation.  Now I know that I haven’t got it exactly the way she did it, but it’s close enough.

Made on an 8″x8″ scored and folded card, using Polkadoodles Stamp Soup stamps, called Regal Peacock.  But … that name really is just a suggestion, for you could make a million different creations with these stamps because the results will come from your imagination.  You and I could begin with the same stamps and yet we’d make something way different from each other.

Here ….  take a look at them:

Polkadoodle Stamp Soup

. . . can you see the peacock stamp in there? . . .  No?  That’s probably because there isn’t one!   I used 7 different stamps to make the peacock.  You can pick them out … they’re the ones which are a little darker in colour.  I used a black Stazon Ink Pad (solvent ink) so that I could then colour the images using watercolours.

Polkadoodle Peacock close up

You don’t have to be ‘neat and tidy’ when painting the Peacock feathers,  just free-handed with the paint.  Then once dry, all the feathers (which were stamped onto spare card, then painted) have to be cut out and then ‘feathered’ at the edges by cutting into the images with light, small cuts.  Those peacock feathers are then adhered to the main peacock body which I’d previously stamped and coloured using the watercolour paints, directly onto the card.

Finally …. some parts of the peacock were embossed with gold and green embossing powders.

Polkadoodle bright light

. . .  and that’s all there was to it!

Although simple to make … I had to spread it over three days so it kind of felt a little time-consuming.  All the waiting for paint to dry, and cutting out of all the feathers….  little things, but they all added up to time.  But it was a totally, thoroughly enjoyable make, I have to admit.  A lot of fun – and I can’t wait to make something else with those stamps now.

coffee cup

So anyway …  how the divil are you?  I feel as if we haven’t got together for a coffee and chat for weeks and weeks.

In my world … the chubby dog (aka the Belly on legs) had to go to the vet this week.  I noticed that she had some tiny patches of hair loss on her back so off to the vets we went and after some examination and a bit of testing, we were told she’s got a Bacterial Skin Infection. (That’s the dog not the vet who has the skin infection).  So we have a little bottle of stuff which we have to massage into her skin … wait 5 minutes, then thoroughly wash off.  And we were given some tablets, which she has to have twice a day.

Now she really doesn’t mind the tablets.  She’s called ‘My Little Fat Bitch‘ for a reason.  She can eat as if it’s going out of fashion, and she thinks those tablets are treats, so woofs them down!

And  . . .   she really loves the massage bit of the stuff in the bottle … but … the bit she’s not at all happy with, is the  ‘wash it all off’  bit.  She HATES the shower.  HATES it.  Did I say that strongly enough? I’m not sure I did so let me repeat myself:    SHE HATES THE SHOWER.

She’s told me time and time again;  . . .   “Belly is not designed for getting wet.  Don’t let Belly get wet.  That umbrella …. that’s for Belly. Hold it down here, over Belly – NOT over you!   Don’t let Belly Get Wet!! 

She SO hates getting wet that she would rather plait her legs,  (‘braids’ for folks in the USA),  than go out into the garden to have a tiddle if it’s raining outside.  This adorable, much loved pooch  even squints in the rain.  Yes, seriously. I kid ye not!

So the massage and shower isn’t the most enjoyable task … but then … I don’t have to do it.  Mr. Cobs Senior takes on that job, (bless him)  because I feel like Cruella de Vil  if I try to do it.

When it’s all over and done with … you have to see that rotund little dog absolutely barrel out of that bathroom!   She’s like a bullet out of a gun!   It’s among the funniest things to watch …  and boy can her little legs can move when she wants them to!

So anyhoo  . . .  what’s going on in your corner that you’d like to share with me while we drink the last few sips of coffee from our cups?

Won the Lottery?  Got a new job?  Sold your house?  Adopted a new pet?  Or … by any chance . . .   Does your dog have a bacterial skin infection?  Your cat?  YOU?  I can recommend a vet!   🙂

Wishing you a thoroughly enjoyable Thursday.   May the hours go as fast, or as slow, as you would like them to.  Just find the fun and enjoy it.

Be the reason someone smiles today.  Heaps of squidges from me in my corner, to you in yours.



Author: The Art of Cobwebs - aka:- thecobweboriumemporium

Hello. I'm 'Cobwebs'. I live in a wee little cottage in the South of England, aptly called Cobweb Cottage. This little dwelling really is a cobweb factory. Not inside (well, occasionally) - but outside - flipping heck! This information should give you a clue as to why my blog is called The Art of Cobwebs aka: The Cobweborium Emporium. I've been arty and crafty from a very young age, and although my crafts have sometimes turned a corner and taken me in another direction, I've always crafted in some way, shape or form. One day, in the blink of an eye, life changed somewhat for me and the consequences were many. I had to find a new way of being 'artistic'. Card making; scrap-booking; producing ATC's and ACEO's; needle felting; Polymer clay; painting- but in a more relaxed style than I had before, and sewing, - are all things which I visit, as and when life allows. I've fairy recently become a Textile Artist and am enjoying this new creative outlet very much as it offers me so much scope for letting my imagination run through a grassy field and feel the wind in my hair - (mentally, of course). I love to create. To make things. I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you've given your time, rather than your cash. Thank you so much for visiting. Please visit my blog (link below) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy, even if it's only a handful of jokes! (yes, seriously - there really are jokes!) Wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. <3

46 thoughts on “A Peacock made from Stamp Soup!”

  1. Oh what a great card! I’ve never seen a stamp set like that…it looks interesting! I see so many possibilities! Hmmmm. I can just see your little four legged friend charging out of the bathroom! Our Jiffy used to do the same thing! I was always the one that had to give him a bath. He hated baths and would give me those big brown eyes saying “Really?”. He loved to eat, too, but not pills. We always had to come up with something else to put the pills in as he would just spit them back out. We would try wrapping a piece of cheese around it, but he would eat the cheese and spit the pill back out on the floor. We tried meat. Same thing. He loved peanut butter, so we would put peanut butter on a spoon. He would lick the peanut butter off of the spoon all the way around the pill and then just walk away. Finally, I figured out if I took a piece of cheese and split it into 3 pieces and spread peanut butter on each piece, hiding the pill in one, and then roll them up. He would eat them. He never knew which one had his pill. If I did it with just one piece, he wouldn’t eat it. He would sniff it and walk away. But, oh we so loved him. And we miss him dearly! 🙂

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    1. What a darling little poppet Jiffy was. He sounds like our British Bulldog, Poppy, who we sadly lost some years ago. She, like Jiffy, could sniff out a tablet from twenty paces. However, her food love was cheese.

      We used to ‘massage’ a piece of cheese so that it became soft and workable, and wrap it around the tablet. But, exactly like your Jiffy, she could smell the tablet. So we had to practically produce a big theatre production and get all excited and animated about how brilliant the cheese was, before we even got near her with tidbit . . . and then we would have five little bits of massaged pieces, all around the same size . The first bit and second bit we gave her were just cheese, after that it might be a tablet … but it might not. Those last three were always switched around in the hope of getting the tablet past her.

      The things we do to get medication into our much loved fur babies! lol.

      Like you, I miss Poppy,painfully so. She was a truly incredible dog.

      Thanks for the fabulous comment Nancee. I loved hearing about Jiffy, and I think he and I would have got on. I would have understood him … and his joyous funny little ways. ❤
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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  2. I like the card Cobs, looks like it took awhile to make it. Love the face and all the little squiggles.
    Did I tell you that my ol’ dog Stan went in for eye surgery a week ago? They had to take out his remaining eye. He is doing quite well all things considered. I just wish he could still hear that would make the adjustment a bit easier. Dogs are remarkable creatures in how they can adapt to change quite fast. Stan is still bumping around but I’m sure he will get the lay of the land soon enough. 😉
    Sorry your little “Belly” isn’t doing so great. We all have had skin issues at one time or another. My semi-feral cat Bob gave us all ringworm when we first met him. He was a carrier, so he didnt’ show any signs of the ringworm. Boy that is one hard thing to rid yourself of cause it just gets into everything. I had a long haired cat and two dogs at that time and it was soooooo difficult we had it I think around 4 months!! Yes you heard me, four months.
    I had to take Stan out for a quick check this afternoon as there was some drainage coming from a tiny stitch and I wanted to be sure he was okay and we go again on Monday to get stitches out, only three as she, my vet, sews the lids on the inside. The last time you could see any stitches at all.
    Wish I could show you a picture of him. 13 year old Boston terrier with lots of grey. He also has a mole like thing on the top of his head and a fellow at the park said he was trying to be a Unicorn. I loved that 😉
    My rheumatoid is back and causing me some pain alright. One lump is on my tendon the back of the right ankle and one on my right arm just above my wrist. Yuck so this makes my wrist sore. It’s been such a long time since I have felt this kind of pain, but we will deal with it. I always do.
    An artsy friend is coming over tomorrow to help me get some things straightened out and more organized. Lord knows we could all use that 🙂
    Well Cobs I must hit the hay, morning comes early when you have a blind dog that is always in the dark. Bless him.
    hugs from this great island in BC.

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    1. Hello Soozy 🙂
      Yes, you told me about adorable Stan. Poor little poppet.

      I really feel for him. It must be so disorientating to be sighted in only one eye, deaf …. but then to lose the sight in that remaining eye! How much bad luck can one little chap get?

      But … with you as his carer, I’m hoping that he makes a full recovery and gets used to his new world very quickly. Bless his little heart. (I just want to scoop him up and cuddle him).

      How lovely to have your arts friend coming over to help you sort some of your things out.
      I’ve had a BIG clean up in my craft room this week, and moved some things around to make it work better and make better use of the space. I’ve still got a little more sorting to finish, but I’m hoping that will happen today, and that everything will be back to working order then. (Although mind .. I’ll likely not be able to find anything after this! lol)

      Wishing you a wonderful day with your friend. Remember to have some fun!
      Sending lots of squidges – and loads of ‘sorting out’ vibes too ~ Cobs. x 🙂

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      1. I, like you, will have trouble finding things once sorted, as it is now, I can find most of my things. lol Nothing is labelled, I am really not good at it, this is why my friend Kim is coming to help, her organizational skills are amazing. As it is right now, I have no space to create, as it has one knitting project on it or magazines I haven’t read. Pencil crayons, knitting needles, finished socks make up my coffee table. It’s just me out in this part of the house, so it really hasn’t made me “jump” to it. Now tho, with Stan, things need to be more organized and bumpers around until I get a “halo” made for him.
        I am sorry for repeating myself, but my memory isn’t very good since all that chemo all those years ago. They say that crap is sooooo bad for every part of your being and the things I have seen and read about cancers and their “cures”, I would be trying many things, depending on the cancer of course before I would allow chemo to touch my body again. “The Truth About Cancer, A Global Quest” is very very interesting and worth watching if you know anyone with cancer or even if you don’t know anybody, which these days would be a stretch.
        Thanks for listening Cobs, sorry to dump on you like this. This is supposed to be a happy place, to come and smile.
        Believe me I do smile and even chuckle to myself. 🙂 Thanks again.

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        1. Aw Soozy … you haven’t dumped anything on me. If you want to laugh, moan, complain, sing with joy or grizzle about the world … then you can do so.

          I’ll just let you do it, and then cheer you up!

          I’m sorry to read about your struggles with Cancer, but … thankful that you are now fit and well, and still with us all. And so is Stan, I bet.

          Labelling …. aw heck, now that’s something I’m hot on. Everything has to be labelled because my memory is now shot to pieces so I need to be able to see where something is now living. Everything has a place, and everything is in it’s place, unless I’m using it for a project that I’m currently working on.

          All the drawers ‘make sense’, and every draw is labelled – even though I can see into the drawers – I still label them. It just makes looking for something SOOOooo much easier.

          Get some sticky labels Soozy, and go crazy! Your life will become so much easier. Truthfully.

          Sending heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. x ❤

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    1. Hello QuietWater!
      lol … I’m so thrilled to hear that you get that warm smile when reading my blog posts.
      Life seems to deliver these moments of fun and joy everyday. I know they could be looked on as problems but I try to find the fun in each ‘thing’, and then everything just becomes a blessing. Maybe in disguise, but I’m getting a wonderful education on how to find the joy in disguise. lol.

      Have a blessed rest of your day, Quietwater.
      Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  3. I do love your posts, I always end with a grin.

    That card made me ooooh out loud. What a fun, unusual stamp set, must be great to play, and so many ideas! The fun sketchy head of your peacock with that uber luxurious tail is just amazing, very effective.

    My cat, Kye is a lovely boy, but a failure as a cat. I have heard so many tales of the difficulties people have tricking cats into taking tablets, and His Lordship was all for getting a tablet introducer (some long thing which goes to the back of the poor cat’s throat and puts the tablet where it’s a case of choke or swallow, sounds rather mean to me). I tried to out his wormer into a treat, dropped the tablet on the floor and non, he’d eaten it! Fat boy has to have two because he weighs 6kg/very nearly 1 stone – in his defense, he’s actually just huge, not obese like the squeaky voiced nurse at the vet said – and gobbled the second down equally quickly

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    1. Hello Isn’t SheC. 🙂
      Great to see you!
      So glad that you got some smiles at the end of this post.
      Chatting about my animals is like asking me to talk about what makes my heart sing. Animals in general are a love, but my own … aw, they each and every one of them, nestle into my heart and never leave. Even the ones who have been little rascals (thinking here of a dog from early in Mr.C and I being married, called Custard. He had a hate campaign for any curtain I hung at the door. I’ll sayno more. lol).

      Your cat, Kye, sounds wonderful, and very much like my big cat boy, Alf Capone. He too is HUGE, and black. He looks and moves very much like a small Panther. But, again, like Kye, not overweight. However, I cannot pick him up. He’s SO bloomin’ heavy!

      How very rude of the squeaky voiced nurse at the vet to call him obese! She obviously didn’t look properly at Kye before she loaded him onto the scales. I’d have been sorely tempted to call her a name or two after that and see what she felt about it. :p

      Thanks for coming Isn’t She, and for the fabulous comment. And … for sharing wonderful Kye with me. ❤

      Hoping you have a blessed rest of your day.
      Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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  4. I so love this peacock and that stamp set us going straight on my wish list. Love the way you have combined the stamps yo make the body. Your tale did make me smile too. I have never had dogs but the same process of pill taking went on in our house with the cats. We had one particular cat (Blue Boy) who we could never get to take a pill. I had to wrap him in a large towel with just his head poking out clamp him under one arm with him on my lap, prise his jaw open (no mean task) pop said pill into the tiny gap and then hold his mouth shut and stroke his throat. He would go completely boss eyed but you had to wait at least 5 mins for the pill to start dissolving (he never swallowed the darn things ever) he would be frothing at the mouth before you let go. He would then spend the rest of the day trying to clear the taste from his mouth. He didn’t get the correct dose but half a consumed pill was better than nothing! Our very last cat (Guinness ) loved food not only his own but he got it into his head that whatever we were eating was his by right as well. He became a very efficient dish washer!! He would move from savoury meal scraps straight to pudding bowls and back again in case he had missed anything. It took ages to load the (electric) dish washer of an evening as everything had to be inspected first. How we pandered to that cat. He has been gone 3yrs now but we still miss him. BTW loved your Friday joke.
    Hugs Mrs A.

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    1. Hello Mrs.A 😀
      Thrilled you like th Peacock. … and that you’re putting the stamp set on your wish list.
      I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get back in my craft room to play with it some more. It leaves everything open to your imagination – which I absolutely love.

      Your tale of ‘woe’ regarding getting a tablet into Blue Boy has made me hoot with laughter. Aw bless his beautiful heart. Love him.

      Guinness .. ahhh, now I fully understand this cat, for Alf Capone is a cat who is tempted by human food.

      He loves ice cream (even mint flavoured), obviously adores cream, (being a cat and all that), but will even turn into the softest beast for spray cream – and that’s nothing like cream! lol.

      He loves gravy, crisps, jam, sponge cake, basically . . . he’ll try anything.

      He stands on his back paws and leans his front feet either on my thigh or arm (or sometimes the table if he feels I’m not paying attention) and ask politely for me to “Shares, Mom, please?”

      Naturally … I share. lol. Aw I can’t help myself. He’s too, too beautiful and so polite. He’s a totally, 100% adorable, monster sized cat, (not fat – but tall and got the physique of a small Panther), and I love him with all my heart.

      Unlike Guiness though … he hasn’t learn’t about the dishes in the dishwasher. Thankfully …. because I reckon he’d break something! LOL.

      I was so saddened to hear that Guinness has left us now, but I know that he’s left a Guinness shaped hole in your heart, for I can feel it through your words.

      I hope that you’ve gone on to share your life with other fabulous cats, because you need a cat in your life.

      To be honest, I think everyone should experience life with a cat at least once.
      Why? … well this video should explain that one . . .

      Chuffed to pieces that you enjoyed the Friday joke. To quote a well known UK comedian, Frank Carson, who’s sadly no longer with us ….. “It’s the way I tell ’em” isn’t it. LOLOLOL

      Thanks for coming Mrs.A … and for the brilliant chat. Loved it. ❤
      Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. x


  5. What a wonderful card! Those stamps makes the imagination run wild doesn’t it. Your peacock is certainly regal too with all that amazing detail. Time consuming or not. Magnificent! You’re little belly story gave me a big smile and bought back a wonderful memory of my mum’s dog Peggy. She never minded when she had to take pills as she knew she would get treats. She was a border collie and just like your little one, hated the bath (didn’t have showers in those days, come to think of it, didn’t have a bath either, only tin one!) The minute Mum started to pour the pot of boiled water, then the pots of cold into the tin bath, Peggy use to make a run for it. We use to have to lock all the doors, close low level windows and we (being my Mum, 4 brothers and I), scrambling round arms, legs, paws everywhere. We all use to be in hysterics and she still managed to elude us quite often, but when we finally caught her, she use to have such a grin on her face, and once in the tub would stand there quite happily! She use to plot her revenge though stood there with shampoo suds all over, cos if we happened to leave the back door open, when we lifted her out, she would shoot off like a rocket water splaying everywhere, and dive in the grubiest, grittiest, piece of ground she could find and roll and rub herself right into the ground! Her white bin would then look grey and she would lay on her back, feet in the air with a smile of content like no other. Good times though! Thanks for bringing back great memories x 🐶

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    1. Hello Kim! 🙂
      Thrilled you like the Peacock card. You’re right … the stamps make your imagination run wild. They’re just fantastic.

      Awww thank you for sharing the story of your Mums dog – Peggy. She sounds like a whole bundle of fun.
      Although …. not funny when you’ve gone to all that trouble to catch her and bath her … and she shoots out of the door, still damp and rolls in the mud and dirt

      Bless her beautiful heart. Lots of fun I bet, living with this dog. Your warm words convey how much personality this little rascal had inbuilt into her little body.

      She must have been and still is, sorely missed, and left a special Peggy shaped hole in the hearts of those who loved her.
      Such a beautiful hearted dog.

      Thank you so much for coming Kim, and for the amazing sharing of beautiful memories. I love chatting with you – anytime, but especially so when it’s about our animals. They’re total blessings in our lives.

      Sending squidges, and hoping you have a blessed rest of your day.
      love ~ Cobs. x


  6. What a fun stamp set. You did it well my friend but then with your imagination how could it not be.
    Life without our fur friends…not me. Even though Babe and I have our moments I do love her . She is just so obnoxious.She is not happy we have finely closed the flower garden off so when I do go out and try to weed I let her in. Then she can alert me to anything that should not be there…like no necks.

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    1. LOL… Babe is just trying to take the head of the household position. You just have to be persistant and show her that your head leader, and she has to follow you, not the other way round.

      But … she loves you Beverly. This is why she’s taken that position. She feels that she should protect you, and that means also going in the flower garden. Having her there when you weed will begin to give her the chance to see that in actual fact, you rule the roost.

      You’re right about the stamp set… it really is a load of fun. It allows your imagination to run wild and free.

      Thank you for coming Bev. I love to see you here. It gives me such a gliff to see your name.
      Sending bucket of love and squidges~ Cobs. x


    1. Hello lovely Anne! 🙂
      Aww, you don’t have to feel sorry for us. It’s such a joy to have this fabulous little dog. She’s a real poppet and a total hoot sometimes.

      She’s now 13 years old and is showing signs of aging now. She has grey hair around her head and muzzle, and she has cataracts too. I will sometimes catch her looking at things with a kind of sideways glance – to try and see whatever it is that she’s looking at. And she can’t abide the dark because she can no longer see in the dark. So when I let her out in the garden for a tiddle at bedtime, even though we have a lamp outside which reacts when she walks out in the garden and is quite a bright light, I still use a torch so that she can see better. Bless her heart.

      I love her to bits and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

      Thrilled you like the card Anne.
      Thank you so much for coming.
      Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. x


  7. I hope your Belly on Legs gets better soon…though you might really miss the entertainment value of her shooting our of the bathroom.
    And that card…..that card is so absolutely cool! You never cease to amaze me, with your talent, Cobs. I am in awe….yes in awe! I can copy stuff but my brain doesn’t quite kick into gear to come up with something like that on my own.
    Anyway…..have I won anything lately….YES!!! I actually won a drawing and won a free lip gloss. Chemical free lip gloss from Root (it is a makeup line that is chemical free). I am just excited because I don’t tend to win drawings so this is pretty cool.
    All righty then……you have a wonderful day Cobs! Lotsa squidges (really squidgey squidges) your way.

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    1. Awww a win of any kind is a good day!!! MANY CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Fabulous Winner of the Month!

      Right … we need to see a blog post about your win! This is big news around here, so you just have to share.

      Chuffed to pieces that you like the card. It was a fun make and I thoroughly recommend the stamps. They leave such a lot to your imagination. Anything is possible with them. Fabulous stamps.

      Thanks for coming Chicken. I LOVE seeing your name here. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. 🙂

      Sending oodles of squidgy squidges of the most squidgy kind ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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        1. LOL… I can see that right now, in my minds eye.
          You’ll take the cosmetic world by storm and they’ll all be clammering to sign you to their labels!
          Fame and fortune awaits a certain Chicken Grandma!
          Glamour world … prepare yourselves! You don’t know what you’ve let yourself in for with this fabulous Gal!

          he he he. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Aww hello Michele. Aw it’s so lovely to see you here. I adore seeing your name pop up when I click that little bell thing with the orange on it. Such an honour and a treat. Bless you.

      You have a skin infection??? Oh lord! Well…. I think you need a bottle of this stuff, and someone to massage it in, every other day …. then you have to wait 5 minutes, before rinsing it off – thoroughly!!. You also have these huge horse sized pills, which you have to have a half a one, twice a day. After a week you should be fine and groovy again. Go see your vet. (I understand they’re cheaper than some doctors over there!! eeek lololol)

      Joking apart … I hope your impetigo clears up really quickly. I had that one and it was bloomin’ awful! So itchy and sore. Awful. Horrible.
      Sending squidges of the gentle kind, so as not to rub any area of your skin which might be sore and hurting.
      ❤ ~ Cobs. xxx


  8. Oh Cobs, I adore this card and I can well see why it would take 3 days to complete it. I kept scrolling up and down to see if I could pick out all the parts of the stamp set used to make it. Your peacock is spectacular.

    Hope your dog is better soon. My cat was at the vets today as he has been quite under the weather. He seemed to be feeling a little better tonight as he came to see what I was cooking for our dinner (he is a total pest around food – he will pretty much eat anything I leave out. Wheatabix, cooked spaghetti, bread, butter – seriously, anything). I have to laugh at the hatred over washing the treatment off 😃

    It’s been a strange day all round but I won’t bore you with all the details now. Hxxx

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    1. You don’t ever bore me Hannah. You have a moan if you like, or unload the stress and bothersome stuff. I’m here. I’ll listen …. then I’ll likely make you laugh with an inappropriate joke …. but I’ll get you smiling again.

      I guess it’s possible that Mr.Cat may have eaten something which has disagreed with his constitution …. since he’s a bit of a greedy guts. Bless his beautiful heart.

      Alf Capone is the cat in our family who will try anything once. He LOVES ice cream, cream, cheese, …. funny thing is … if we have fish and I save him a tiny bit, he turns his nose up at it. I’ve told him many times that he’s a cat, and cat’s are supposed to like fish. But apparently I’m wrong. He’s not a cat, he’s a person trapped in a fur body and I should treat him as such.


      I hope the cat keeps improving and that there are no more trips to the vet, as they can be expensive.

      Thrilled you like the card. I can highly recommend the stamp set. Everything is up to your imagination, which is absolutely brilliant. Love them.

      May your Friday be better than your Thursday.
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x ❤


  9. Your card is beautiful. Poor doggy… LOL they can be funny creatures. Like disliking baths when they should love them. Loving the cone over the head when they have a booboo they cant bite at. LOL I swear my Daisy loved that freaking CONE… She thought it was her bonnet and would prance around in it like it was a fancy hat to show off. Funny Funny Animals. Wouldnt trade them for anything though. Would we? LOL Loved the story. I hope your much loved doggy gets better very soon! xoxoxoxox..

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    1. Hello Tam 🙂
      Dogs .. yup, they really are funny little darlings.

      Loved the bonnet story with Daisy. Aww bless her beautful little heart! I can see her in my minds eye … happily wearing her Sunday Best Cone, and walking tall in it. LOLOLOL.

      No wouldn’t trade them in, ever. You’re right there.
      Thanks for coming Tam. Love seeing you. Thank you also for the fabulous comment. Chatting with you is so fantabulous.
      love and squidges ~ Cob. xx

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      1. Ohhhhh She was funny! I actually felt sorry for her and took it off of her for a bit. When I went to put it back on she wiggled her butt and wagged her tail and sit down. Like Hurry make me pretty .. haha made me laugh. Then she would prance all around the house. Daisy is a little Shelty/Terrier mix, She is a prissy little thing.

        Speaking of the cone story.. I had a cat and her name was Jasmine =) She had to have her paw operated on and had to wear a cone. It just so happened during that time Southern california decided it was a nice time to have a earthquake. That poor cat took off and because she couldnt see out the sides.. smacked the wall with that cone… After the ground quit shaking and rolling.. I went to locate her and make sure she was okay. I found her hiding in the spare bedroom in the corner behind the bed.. that poor cone.. resembled a accordian wrapped around her dainty little head. LOL I am sure she didnt appreciate me laughing when I saw it.. But after beind terrified .. seeing that made me feel better.. Since she was fine. lol

        Liked by 1 person

          1. haha Thank you!!! I can not take credit for her name. I got her when she was 2 and she lived to be 15. Beautiful grey and white tabbyvery dainty and prissy. She was a fun cat but she didnt like people.. Just us. lol


  10. No bacterial skin infections here this week, Cobs, I’m delighted to announce. I hope your dog has now gotten over her horrendous ordeal and is speaking to you again.
    And I love the card… very clever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miss Belly on Legs doesn’t hold a grudge for very long, for she knows bad behaviour never did win any treats or charcoal bones. 😉
      Thank you for your lovely comment Tom. Belle thanks you too. I told her you mentioned her and she’s wagging like mad. 🤗


  11. What a lovely card! How wonderfully inventive, and a cute peacock too, even though all the ones I have met in real life have been horrendously vicious…
    No advice to offer on the shower or tablet front, I’m afraid…tablet giving in my house is a long drawn-out battle…and as for doggy bathtime at my mother’s house…well, we don’t speak of flooded bathrooms or half-drowned mothers…! 😸

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