Goosey Gander ~ an ATC/ACEO – painted for World Watercolour Month

An ATC / ACEO Painted for #WorldWatercolorMonth

There are films that I watched as a child which obviously nestled their way into my heart and made a home there.  Or … perhaps it was some of the characters from the film(s) which had nestled into my heart….

I sat at my desk, paintbrush in hand and waited for inspiration.  I’d been singing inside my head for a couple of hours the song from Aritistocats – the one where they sing over and over  “Every body, every body, every body wants to be a cat” – as Thomas O’Malley’s friends (all cats) all play the instruments and sing the Jazz song.

Ok… you’re singing it now.  sorry about that.

Well … there are two characters in The Aristocats which are my most favourite – Amelia and Abigail Gabble.  The two faaaabulous Geese, who have a particular walk, and a particular piece of music which accompanies that walk.

I knew what I needed to paint …  but I had a choice.  Paint the Goose which I had pictured in my mind … or  go and look for a photo of Amelia and Abigail so that I could be reminded of how they actually looked.

Somehow looking for a photo felt like cheating, so I was going to have to remember what they looked like from memory.

I knew there was something fancy about them, and I guessed at a big ol’ ribbon tied around their necks….  like this . . .

Goosey Gander 1
‘Goosey Gander’.  An ATC / ACEO Painted for #WorldWatercolorMonth

But I found out that they didn’t have ribbons tied around their necks ….  they had their bonnets tied around their heads!  Aw bummer.  I’d already painted the goose with a ribbon by this time… ahh, I decided that I’d keep it exactly as it was.  So I did.

For those of you who’ve forgotten the Miss Abigails and Miss Amelia’s walk …  I’ve been to YouTube and collected a video …  You don’t have to watch this all the way through … you’ll get the ‘walk’ within seconds.

… I apologise if you’re now going to humming that tune for the rest of the day.  But hey .. if I’ve got to suffer, then you can come and join me! lol  😀

If you want to see that walk from the back I have another offering…  but I have a tale to tell before you watch it:-

Mr. Cobs recently painted our deckingwhich looks fabulous and I’m thrilled with it.  The cats were kept off it while it was drying.  However – Miss Maisie (neurotic at the best of times) took a dislike to the decking paint and to show her utter contempt, she developed a special walk, which I christened  ‘The Decking Walk‘ – – a walk which is a seriously odd thing to watch and funny in the extreme!  She pulls this wild face look – ears back, eyes the size of saucers and she crosses the decking to get into the house as if she’s trying to lift up her back paws and only walk on her two front paws.

Sadly … she cannot do the  required two feet walk.  So the resulting walk is bally hysterical!!!  Seriously so.

I knew that I knew this walk from somewhere but just couldn’t place it … however in trying to find the video of the ‘Goose Walk’ by Amelia and Abigail,  I suddenly had this LIGHTBULB moment inside my brain as I watched the beginning of this video…. – Watch the little white female kitten doing the walk …  THAT’S how Miss Maisie walks over the decking …. even though the decking has been dry for SEVERAL weeks.  She still feels the need to do  ‘The Decking Walk‘ …  so please watch and enjoy.  (again … you don’t have to watch the whole video … just a bit of it.)…


I ask myself alllll the time,  “why me?“.   Why do I get all these funny animals?  All of them are ‘broken’, like plants on the ‘hospital table’ at the garden centre.  No one else wants them so muggins here takes them home and loves them.

Anyhoo ...  back to Goosey Gander.  She’s a little ATC in size – so  2.5inches by 3.5inches and painted all in watercolours.

Goosey Gander 2
I took photographs in different lighting to try and get a decent photograph which captured the colours.  This photograph was taken with light flooding in from the window.    #WorldWatercolorMonth
Goosey Gander 3 with the Flash
This photograph was taken with the flash on.  #WorldWatercolorMonth
Goosey Gander 4 with lamp
… and this photo was taken with the desk lamps turned on and shone on it.  #WorldWatercolorMonth

You can see the difference it makes to the colours, and to the way the light plays on the the painting, kind of picking out details that you could ignore in other photos.

Ack … let’s not get into a photography lesson eh?  LOL.

Thank you so much for coming and sharing a coffee with me.

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday  edit to change it to : Wednesday.  (It’s a good job that the fabulous  Tom Merriman  is awake, commenting on blogs, and wished me a Happy Wednesday. I was convinced that it was Tuesday today!) May the hours pass peacefully and may you find some smiles hidden within the moments during your day.

Have a truly blessed day my friends.  ~




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19 thoughts on “Goosey Gander ~ an ATC/ACEO – painted for World Watercolour Month”

  1. She is fabulous!! Favourite so far….no loved the fish….no loved the cockerel…..Can’t choose. Love them all lol! Having so much fun following these Cobs. TFS.
    Hugs Flo xx

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    1. Hello Flo!
      Awwww I’m just chuffed to bits that you like Miss Gander. … and the fish….. and the cockerel … LOL
      I have no idea what’s going to be next… I just hope it’s not a splodge of muddy coloured paint! LOL.
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Cob this made my day. I don’t know where I’ve been but don’t remember the video’s and goodness I will have to look up the entire movie. Just too cute.
    You are really coming into your own with this watercolor trip. Great guns this is just adorable. Jolly good work my English friend.
    Who knows…maybe I’ll get back to it later. I did make a birthday card yesterday. My mother will soon be 94.years old and she will expect one. Good day to you Mrs. Cob.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Fabulous Beverly!
      Aww, thrilled to pieces that you like Goosey.

      Great to hear you made a card for your mum… 94 years young! You’re going to have to beat that! Are you going to post a photo and share it?

      Thank you so much Beverly for your kind words. I’m really rather enjoying the Watercolour challenge It’s made me pick up my brushes and just play. Little while, each day, just playing. Nothing serious. Aww it’s fabulous.

      Wishing you a throughly gorgeous Wednesday!
      Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Hello dear Cobs – thank you for this! 😍 I absolutely looooove ‘The Aristocats’! While I adore the darling geese, my favorite scene is when one of the wee ones walks along the train tracks….clickety, clickety – hoooohoohooo 😂
    I love your little Goosey 💕 She looks so sweet ~Tina xoxo

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    1. LOL . yes … I remember that scene!
      Aww, I just loved the Aristocats when I was a child. It made such an impression on me that I could have quite happily sat there, in the cinema and watched it again and again.

      Thrilled you like Goosey.
      Thank you so much for coming and for leaving such a lovely message. Lovely to chat with you Tina.
      Be kind to yourself ~ love ~Cobs. x

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  4. I loved the film and I love the picture! Although having met an angry goose I must say they’re not half as cute as yours looks…! As for suggestions…how about horoscope animals? A lot of people are born in July (me included) and I would love to see your interpretation of a crab…great little artwork! 💕

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    1. Oooo… now there’s an idea! I might just do that Samantha. 😀

      I shall now divulge to you that … I …. am …. totally …. TERRIFIED of Geese!
      And what’s more … they seem to know it, so they gang up on me and follow me … honking and shouting their heads off as they all clamber to get near me. I can hear them laughing as they honk.

      So although I love to paint them … and love to see them in Aristocats and movies … in real life … I see them as personal assassins who are out to get me and show me up by laughing at me when I start crying with fear.

      Thrilled you like Goosey Gander. Thank you so much for coming Samantha. Love seeing you.
      Have a blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs. x


    1. Ohhhh hello Sarah!
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Bless your heart.

      I think I like the ribbon round the neck too. It kind of makes her look like she’s wearing her Sunday Best ribbon. lol.
      Just as you said …’fancier’!

      Thank you again for coming, and for your lovely comment.
      Have a blessed rest of your day Sarah.
      ~ Cobs. x


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