Rodney Rooster – 4th ATC/ACEO – painted for World Watercolour Month

Did you know that this year, 2017, is the Chinese year of the Rooster?   It began on January 28th, 2017 and lasts till February 15th, 2018.   The Rooster is the tenth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign.

So … what else could I paint for World Watercolour Month but … a Rooster!  Rodney Rooster in fact.

When I paint an ATC (ACEO) I cut a piece of watercolour card bigger than the required size – this is because the size, (2.5″ x 3.5″) is a little small to hold, and you don’t have any ‘spare room’ to hold onto the piece.  So I will measure and draw out the exact size of the ATC, but then cut the watercolour card bigger, so that I have places to hold onto the bit of watercolour card, without getting my thumb prints all over the places I’ve painted.  BUT …  doing this can sometimes be my downfall...  as it was with Rodney the Rooster here.

Rodney Rooster – a hand painted ATC/ACEO #WorldWatercolorMonth

The above photograph shows Rodney the Rooster painted on a piece of watercolour card, which I cut a little bigger than the required 2.5″x 3.5″.  But if you look carefully at the photograph, you can see that I measured and drew in the ‘box’ of the exact size of an ATC, so that I wouldn’t paint any of the details outside the required size.  All well and good so far.

Once I’ve finished painting, and the paint is fully dry, I then cut the ATC’s to the correct size and all’s well in ATC land.  BUT … can you spot where, in my gung-ho state of  ‘lets get this painted’  I made one of the mistakes I am sometimes known to make?

I painted to the size of the ATC …. rather than paint  within  that size.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts about ATC’s,  that I love to ‘frame’ my ATC’s/ACEO’s with a mount – and even sometimes frame them behind glass (raised up off the painting to safeguard the painted picture), and because of this, I have my mounts cut to just a tiny bit smaller than the required mount size, so that everything tucks nicely behind that tidy mount.  And that normally works perfectly,  [sigh] …  but not today.

RODNEY ROOSTER ATC ACEO 2 #WorldWatercolorGroup
Rodney Rooster ….  was too big for his boots …. or rather, just a tiny bit big for his mount!

Today I had obviously left my brain on the pillow when I got out of bed this morning.

I had a choice.  I could either hide a bit of his beak behind one side of the mount.  Or hide some of the ends of his feathers on his tail.  Neither was acceptable.  So … I went with choice three…  I used a heavyweight textured paper mount which was cut to the exact size of an ATC/ACEO so that none of his feathers were hidden.  Problem solved.


RODNEY ROOSTER ATC ACEO 3 #WorldWatercolorGroup

I prefer the wider mount (the blue one) – but needs must.

Lesson learned?  I doubt it.  I’m a total numbskull and I’ve done it before so I’ve no doubt I’ll do it again  (and again! lol).


But y’know …  maybe I like him without a mount at all.  Ahh, Cobs…   it’s just an ATC/ACEO ….  not World Peace!  Stop fretting.

Thank you so much for coming and allowing me to introduce you to Rodney.  Mr. Cobs is going to have a surprise when he reads this blog post on Thursday morning . . . .  he thought I’d said that I’d painted  “a cockle”.  Bless his bad hearing.  Always thinking of food is perhaps more like the problem!  LOL

Have a truly blessed Thursday.  Be good to yourself.





Author: The Art of Cobwebs - aka:- thecobweboriumemporium

Hello. I'm 'Cobwebs'. I live in a wee little cottage in the South of England, aptly called Cobweb Cottage. This little dwelling really is a cobweb factory. Not inside (well, occasionally) - but outside - flipping heck! This information should give you a clue as to why my blog is called The Art of Cobwebs aka: The Cobweborium Emporium. I've been arty and crafty from a very young age, and although my crafts have sometimes turned a corner and taken me in another direction, I've always crafted in some way, shape or form. One day, in the blink of an eye, life changed somewhat for me and the consequences were many. I had to find a new way of being 'artistic'. Card making; scrap-booking; producing ATC's and ACEO's; needle felting; Polymer clay; painting- but in a more relaxed style than I had before, and sewing, - are all things which I visit, as and when life allows. I've fairy recently become a Textile Artist and am enjoying this new creative outlet very much as it offers me so much scope for letting my imagination run through a grassy field and feel the wind in my hair - (mentally, of course). I love to create. To make things. I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you've given your time, rather than your cash. Thank you so much for visiting. Please visit my blog (link below) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy, even if it's only a handful of jokes! (yes, seriously - there really are jokes!) Wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. <3

38 thoughts on “Rodney Rooster – 4th ATC/ACEO – painted for World Watercolour Month”

  1. Beautiful rooster, another beautiful ATC card and painting! You are going to town on this challenge. I was thrown off my days when I saw another post but so thrilled to see your lastest creation. I like your final frame decision (option 3) it looks like he has room to strut his stuff! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Morning Scrapper 😀
      Thank you for your lovely comment!
      Yes, option 3 allowed him breathing room, and, like you say, room to strut his stuff. 😊

      Thank you so much for coming, and for leaving a chance to chat with you. Love talking to you!
      Have a truly wonderful Thursday.
      Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Awww! Loving Rodney. Fabulous and what a great name!! 🙂 This is so much fun to follow Cobs. Looking forward to the next piece of art.
    Hugs Flo xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Flo., my fabulous blogging friend. 🤗
      Chuffed to little bits that you like Rodney, and his name. lol.
      I have to admit that I’m really enjoying this World Watercolour Month Challenge. It’s such fun (and keeps me from getting into mischief! lol)

      Thanks for coming Flo, and for leaving such a lovely comment and gving me chance to chat.
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x


  3. You might make fun of yourself, but I’m not going to be influenced by that. My filter is set to accept anything that proves you are brilliant. Frankly, I couldn’t paint a blizzard or a blackout with water colors. I find it easy to be envious. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Anne, you have such a wonderful, beautiful, generous heart and I love you for it.

      Thank you so much for both coming for a visit, and for leaving such a lovely comment which touched my heart.
      Bless you.
      Sending hugs ~ Cobs. x


  4. Rodney is a real dude. I am so impressed you are keeping up with the watercolor thing. I’ve slipped a little but hopefully will get back to it.I just keep thinking about all those weeds in my beds that aren’t going anywhere unless I take them out.
    Long ago we raised pasture hens(200 of them)for eggs and had the most beautiful roosters. The prettiest one got kinda mean and we evicted him from the enclosed pen. The first night out …he disappeared with no sign.We think a fox but there were no feathers or anything. Sad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Beverly.
      I’m really enjoying the Watercolour Challenge. I very rarely paint anything now, so this is reminding me how much I use to love doing it.

      Your chickens:
      One half of me is saying “Ooooh! 200 chickens! How fabulous!!” … and the other half of me is saying …. “… but the roosters …. plus 200 chickens …. ooooo my goodness, the noise!”

      Poor old bully boy Rooster … maybe he wandered off and found a new home, with just a few chickens, where he could be THE Rooster in the hen house! fingers crossed for this to have been what happened.
      Ooodles of love and squishes ~ Cobs. x

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  5. Oh. My. Word!! I have been missing out! This is wonderful Cobs! Of course you knew I would like this Rodney Rooster you created.
    I am going to have to get reading! I have been so busy with family events that I am so very far behind….and then my wordpress is misbehaving….all I get is a white screen when I click on reader! So very hard to follow and read fellow bloggers when I cannot even see them! Hopefully I get this straightened out soon as I hate missing out!
    Love seeing and enjoying your talent!


    1. Hello Chicken.
      I’d noticed that you hadn’t visited for quite a while, but had seen you pop up elsewhere, and you were posting on your blog, so figured that you just didn’t have enough time in the day to get round to visiting everyone.

      Maybe you need to get help direct from WordPress for the blank screen problems. They’re really great when you call on them for help. I’ve had to ask them for help twice and both times they were totally incredible.

      Thanks for coming, and for leaving a comment. It’s so nice to see you. Hope you get the blog reader problems sorted out soon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Just a thought ….
          When you click ‘Reader’ and the window opens up … do you then click ‘Followed Sites’?

          I know you probably do because … well you’re clever. But … just in case you were sat there waiting for the actual page itself to load, I thought I’d ask, cause …. well, you never know! lol

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          1. Yes I always did that. I have changed my browser from Edge to Google Chrome and it is now up and running properly again! I also got my Pinterest boards back….which may or may not be a good thing….depending if you ask me or Chicken Granddad………

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            1. LOLOLOLOL… ohhhh Pinterest!!! My BIGGEST waster of time on the net. Why do we love it so much??? It’s just moving pictures about from one place to another … and we barely ever go and check out those pictures.
              Nuts. We’re all nuts! lol. xxx

              PS … I use Firefox as my browser of choice. Recommended to me from a friend who’s a computer bod. It’s a GREAT server, and so much safer too.
              (Just in case you need another server at some point!)

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      1. Oh….and I can also use the little bell in the upper right hand corner and read what Rabbit Patch and Kindergarten knowledge have commented. For a long time I couldn’t make those two blogs work with that….who knows why???? Not me!

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  6. Hey, you kept it to the perfect size, right?! I don’t remember reading anything saying that you couldn’t fill the size with color, correct? Anyhow, I like it in the blue frame. I think the green is a bit much with Rodney’s coloring! What a cute fun image! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL yes, it’s the correct size so it ‘qualifies’ .. it was just a tiny bit too big to be put behind the mount.

      But .. it worked without so it’s ok. It’s just a little ATC… not brain surgery (as I told myself. lol)
      ~ Cobs. x

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  7. I do love chickens and wish I could have some where I live. You can have 5 hens only but not where I live. The neighbours would not like me very much. I adore my neighbours, so I don’t want to upset the apple cart. 🙂
    I love Rodney, do you actually have him? Do you have chickens? I’m sorry you struggled with the mounting of Rodney, but it looks great now. Why do we struggle so badly with how things look. Artisans or crafters are so hard on themselves. We are our own worst enemy. 🙂


    1. Hello Soozy.
      No I don’t have a rooster, and quite frankly the noise that my two chickens make when they’re announcing the arrival of a new egg, is more than enough noise for me.
      We crafters are, like you say, our own worst enemies, for we see the perceived flaws in something we’ve done. Where-as an on-looker doesn’t.
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x


  8. Rodney’s cool, Cobs!
    I didn’t think to make my small pieces of watercolour paper just that little bit bigger… if I do some proper ATCS I’ll consider it. I say that now, but I’ll forget… now, where was I?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Tom.
      You said: “if I do some proper ATCS I’ll consider it.” … you’re doing proper ATC’s you daft head!
      You’re an artist. You Paint!
      Those ATC’s could turn into ACEO’s and sell.
      Go take a look at Ebay, and put ATC or ACEO into the search bar to take a peep at what people are selling there.

      Your jungle animals paintings – I’d make sure of the size, and then fix them carefully to the middle of a blank card – maybe a 5×7″ card – and then sign the back of the card, at the bottom, and add that you are the artist.

      You could sell them on ebay – or Etsy – or … if you have a museum nearby you could approach them and see if they’d like to take your cards and have them for sale in the gift shop – tell them what you want money wise for the cards, then they’ll add a mark up price and take their cut giving you the price you said you wanted.

      You could also see if the gift shop of a nearby Safari Park would like to stock some. Or even a local shop. Somewhere nice – not a store which would normally hold Hallmark Cards as they probably won’t be into Artist Painted cards.
      Think about it. 😀 😀
      ~ Cobs. x


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