Things I’ve learned This Week.

Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you, but here in the UK, it’s been a hot week.  It cooled down a little  … but not enough to ditch the shorts and T.shirts.  It feels like Summer!

Well my goodness, what a week this has been.  Mr.Cobs has been working on the garden at the back of our cottage.  It’s taken us a while but we finally found a vision for it.  There are lots of new plants, evergreens, ferns and a selection of flowers.  He’s sown some seeds and they’re growing madly, and things are beginning to look so lush and green.  At last!

When we bought this cottage the majority of the back garden was paved over in decorative paving.  All very smart and very easy to tend to, but there was nothing inspiring.  Nothing that made you want to sit out and just be at one with nature.   That had to change – but we had to live with it for a year before we began to make any rash moves, so that we could see what was growing, and how the sun behaved  in our garden as we are surrounded by protected tallllll pine trees, so they make a high up canopy over the garden which filters some of the sunshine – but we had to work out when, how, where and how much sun each part of the garden got.

Then came the moving of some of the paving, re-laying in some places where it needed to be.  Then we had to do something with the soil.  It had paving on it for who knows how long – so we had to get something into the soil to make it more acceptable to plants.  It’s been what feels like a long journey, but it will all be worth it – we kept telling ourselves.  (Although, there have been times when we’ve said:  “it would have been easier to leave the paving right where it was!”)

And now … just about three weeks after Mr.C began making planting changes this year,  it’s begun to be such an incredible pleasure to sit out there listening to the birds, rather than just walk through it.  It’s all looking so green and lush.  So alive.  Even birds have now started to visit the garden and pop along to watch whats going on!  Sitting on the decking is the most amazing joy now.  Truly a fabulous new blessing.

Anyhoo…   you’re here to find out what I’ve learned this week, not for gardening news!   … so here goes:

I learned this week that … If you were to spell out the numbers in their sequence (1, 2, 3 = one, two, three, etc), you would not find the letter  ‘A’  until you reach One Thousand.

You’re now thinking about this and some of you will even now pick up and pen and see if I’m right.  🙂

I also learned that on Good Friday in 1930, the BBC announced:  “There is no news”.  Yes, honestly.  Here is where I learned about this:  BBC UK, News/No News 1930  –  it will open in a new tab for you.

I learned this week:  That one particular species of jellyfish, Turritopsis nutricula, is considered biologically immortal as it can—and does—revert to its immature state even after reaching sexual maturity.

When it encounters unfavorable environmental conditions, the adult Turritopsis jellyfish normally overflowing with tentacles that evoke the image of the head of Medusa  –  simply sinks to the ocean floor and reverts to its juvenile polyp phase which resembles nothing more than a tiny clump of cells.  Even more fascinating is that the jellyfish can repeat this process of regression and re-growth endlessly.  To date, there have been no reported observations of its death due to aging.

Maybe we should be rubbing ourselves with oils, lotions and potions made from jellyfish,  and eating jellyfish instead of calamari (octopus/squid)?  (umm ….  I don’t think I want to do either of those things to be honest.  ewww).

  • Did you know (and I learned this, this week) 99% of all people get scared when asked this question:  “Can I ask you something?”.  Now, I can actually see how that would work.  Can you?

If you type “Atari Breakout into a Google page search bar and click for Google to do its search, then once the page loads choose to view  “images”  you’ll get a nostalgic blast from the past.  NB… you have to wait a moment for the page to change – just wait  … only a few seconds…  it will change.  Get ready to move your mouse!  🙂  (when you’ve won one game, a new game will load for you).  You’re welcome.  😀

Since I became aware of them, I’ve been very suspicious of these voice activated bits of equipment which you can have in your home as a ‘helper’ … and I learned this week what I suspected …

Whenever you speak into Apple’s voice activated personal digital assistant, it ships it off to Apple’s data farm for analysis. Apple generates a random numbers to represent the user and it associates the voice files with that number. This number — not your Apple user ID or email address — represents you as far as Siri’s back-end voice analysis system is concerned.

Apple say  . . . Once the voice recording is six months old, Apple “disassociates” your user number from the clip, deleting the number from the voice file.  But it keeps these disassociated files for up to 18 more months for testing and product improvement purposes.  (allegedly).

And finally …  if you take your age, multiply it by 7, then multiply it by 1443,  the answer you get will be your age, repeated 3 times.  Go on … try it.  It’s true.

But … we all know why you’re really here.  You’re wanting a little Friday Fix of Fun.  Ok… here are ….

The Jokes!

Doctor:“I’m not 100% certain of the cause. It could be related to alcohol.”  —  Patient:“It’s cool. I’ll come back later when you’re sober.”


Q:  What is Heck?  —  A:  It’s where you go when you don’t believe in Gosh.


Q: What did the Teddy Bear say when he was offered dessert?  —  A:  No thanks, I’m stuffed.


A Penguin was arrested when at check-in at the Airport yesterday.  After two hours they released him saying “He’s not a flight risk.”  (penguin?)


I bought the world’s worst thesaurus yesterday.  Not only is it terrible,  it’s terrible.


My friend asked me to help him round up his 37 sheep.  I said “40”


What’s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing.


and finally . . .

My friend says to me: “what rhymes with orange”  …  I said: “no it doesn’t”

And those are the jokes folks!

Thank you so much for coming and sharing a coffee moment with me.  I love seeing you, it makes the place such a fabulously friendly place to be.

I’m sorry that my blog has been rather quiet this week.  Heat, Summer sunshine, high temperatures have a rather upsetting affect upon me and make some medical problems flair up all at once, leaving me feeling less than amazing.  So my apologies for being a little Missing In Action.  But I bring a note from my mother  husband. [hands note over]

May I say a warm welcome to some new followers.  I won’t name names, but wanted to say hello and to say not to be shy about making a comment.  You’ll soon become part of the great gang we have here and people will begin to recognise your name and even come and visit your own blog (if you have one).

Thank you all (again) so much for coming, it very much means the world to see you here and to chat.

Wishing you all a really fabulous Friday, and an even better weekend.  Don’t put unwrapped boiled sweeties in your pockets.  Don’t cheek your mothers.  Don’t run with scissors.  And … DON’T put peas up your nose!!

May today be fun for you, and … whatever you’re doing, or wherever you’re going,  may your God go with you.

With love ~



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42 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned This Week.”

  1. Good morning!
    Your garden sounds like ours did…when we moved in here, the back garden looked like a ploughed field as the previous couple grew raspberry canes. We had to dig a pond too, as we had quite a few fish to re-house as well! It sounds like it’s coming along nicely though.
    I’ve been enjoying the warm weather since it seemed like all we had was torrential rain for weeks…I do hope you’re all right and not in too much discomfort though.
    Just so you know…I reached for pen and paper to try the number…and I think the penguin joke is totally the funniest!!!
    Hope you are well, have a great Friday, lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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    1. Hello Samantha.
      From what you’ve said it sounds like you had a mountain to climb with your garden. Have you ‘finished’ (as if a garden is EVER finished! lol)

      I would very much like a new shed … but himself says no. I think the old shed is too tired and not up to the job, but … it’s his shed so I can’t really push my want on this one. [sighs]

      I knew at least one person would have to work out the number thing. It’s like being given a challenge that you just have to take. (If it’s of any ‘comfort’ … I did too when I learned that one! lol)

      The penguin joke … I’ve a feeling that one might make a few people stop for a moment in order to make itself reveal the funny. 🙂

      Thank you so much for coming Samantha. It’s a total joy to chat with you.
      Wishing you a truly lovely day, and a fabulous weekend.
      with love ~ Cobs. x

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      1. Good morning – I hope you are well. Dreadful awful news last night in London-my thoughts are with them.
        I wish I had taken before and after shots with our garden…although I am still waiting for our shrubs to grow up and restore some privacy to the garden after my partner decided it would be a good idea to rip out our privet hedge…
        Lots of love to you xxx

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        1. Hello Samantha.
          I woke this morning to the news about London. I think we were all expecting this to happen again … and again and ..,.
          Kind of like pockets of vile statements saying ‘we can’.

          I think social media needs to take some responsibility and get their act(s) sorted out. Although the worlds Governments and authorities can be ready and attempt to get to ‘them’ before they commit the crime – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
          Social Media(s) are the chains weakest link. They have to now step up to the plate if the world is to over-come this vileness which is spreading like a disease.

          Londoners are made of the stuff of warriors. They will continue with their daily lives just to show *them* that they WON’T stop the world turning.

          However, me, I’m not that sort of warrior. Things like this hurt me deeply, right where my heart and soul meet. My ‘warrior’ comes out in prayer, love and the mentally putting on the Armour of God.

          Ok …. moving on…

          Gardening… Y’know, I’m the most useless at taking the ‘before’ shots. Even with my crafting, I get half way in and think: “Oh, I didn’t take a photo of this before I painted it!”

          Aw, the chopping down of the shrubs which gave you your privacy. You must have some major regrets about that. I really feel for you there Samantha, and I hope your shrubs (or ‘shurbs’ as I originally typed!) put on a B-I-G growth spurt for you.

          Thanks for coming. Love seeing you here.
          love ~ Cobs. x


    1. Ahhh … well when you write ‘and’ you’re not writing a number but a word. So in order to keep it to the ‘rules’ you should be writing:
      one, zero, one
      one, zero, two.
      one, zero, three.
      etc etc.
      But … you’re not alone because I did that exact same thing when I first worked it out. I thought I’d beat the system, until I realised … ‘and’ wasn’t a number. :/
      Great to see you Quietwater, thank you so much for coming and sharing a coffee with me …
      love ~ Cobs. x


  2. It’s been beautiful weather hasn’t it? We’ve been a little cooped up as Mr C is recovering from his shoulder op. However, my son and I have been to the allotment and it’s lovely there at this time of year. It sounds like your garden is coming along beautifully. Hope you are feeling ok (and that your ailments are not caused by peas in orifices or running with scissors). The teddy joke made me laugh as that’s how I feel after yesterday’s barbecue! Take care x

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    1. Hello Mrs.C
      Yes, beautiful weather. So bright and the skies here in the South of England are just incredible.

      Although … and this will tickle you … we (Mr.C. and I) were out in the car yesterday and I sat in the car and looked up to the sky, and gasped. “Oh My Stars!!! The sky is AMAZINGLY blue!! It’s like … it’s like a Mediterranean Sky!” …. and it was. It was the bluest of blues that blue could ever be.

      Then I realised I had my sunglasses on.
      Cor, what a total let down it was when I took them off.
      The sky was still a nice clear blue colour, … but it wasn’t that magical Mediterranean blue.

      I wanted to take the sky into photoshop and jig it up a little! LOLOL.

      Laughed at “peas in orifices and running around with scissors”. Thankfully no, the ailments aren’t because I was that daft. lol. There are a little combination of health issues which can flair up now and again and suddenly become worse (like putting them under a powerful microscope) – and the summer heat are one of the things which can cause flair ups.
      A flair up added to the heat are a combination which ends up making me feel quite poorly, and can enforce the use of a wheelchair – which I absolutely hate.
      BUT I won’t be having a pity party, so no cake (sadly) and no spirited drinks (I pretend to be a grown up by drinking straight Tonic Water. It makes me think I’m drinking G&T!

      But I’m here, I’m alive and my brain works (after a fashion) and for that I’m really thankful. 😉

      The Teddy Joke …. yeah … it tickles my stuffing too! lol. 😀
      sending love ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Friday evening here 🙂 lol That sure was a lot of work moving all the pavement! I am thrilled you are seeing more green and the birds singing their songs!! Sounds like Mr. C. has been busy! Have a Wonderful weekend and well wishes too!! Sending big XXX

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  4. I loved hearing aboout your garden. There is something peaceful about gardens. About 2 years ago I planted some Milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies. Last year I saw 2 and was so excited. This year they are ut there daily. Last week I was out walking Daisy and to my suprise I saw 5. I couldnt contain my excitement and I reached for my phone to snap some pics ………… ugghh what a let down, I had left it in the house lol. Anyways…. As always I enjoyed your fun facts!!! Have a fantabulous week!!!!

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    1. Hello Tam, lovely to see you!
      Yes, you’re so right. Gardens can be such peace filled places.

      How lovely to hear you managed to attract Monarch Butterflies. I really hope that over time, more and more come to visit.

      I can relate to the ‘left phone at home’ when you spot something you need to photograph. Happens to me allllllll the time! Grrr.

      Thanks so much for coming Tam, and for sharing a coffee moment (or two) with me. It’s so lovely to see you here.
      have a beautiful weekend my friend ~ Cobs. x

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  5. I’m glad you ended with jokes or I’d be traumatized by the thought of eternal jellyfish! Bad experience when I was 6, resulted in asthma attack from panic,,it’s cool now, I’m fine (it’s amazing what you can face whet you’re trying not to inflict your fears on toddler! “Oooh look Mumma, can we go see it?” !!!) 🙂 Enjoy your weekend in the garden Cobs! Anna x

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    1. Hello Anna, aw it’s lovely to see you again.
      Oh. My. Word!! Your bad experience at 6 years old involving a jellyfish. I can see why you’d want nothing more to do with one.

      Have to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever ‘met’ one, but knowing what they can do, I don’t think I want to.

      You’re right about trying not to inflict ones fears onto any toddler. With me, it’s spiders and those big crane flys. UGH! The spiders … I can’t touch, and they can terrify the life out of me. But when Little Cobs is here, I will pretend to be fascinated by them.

      Crane Flys on the other hand … I can be turned into the worst psychological case in the world, by those. They seem to know that I’m scared of them, and so make it their lifes mission to come and scare the living daylights out of me. They make a bee line and follow me where-ever I go. Horrible things.

      Have a fabulous weekend Anna.
      love ~ Cobs. x

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  6. Good morning, Cobs,
    I love your Friday post, especially since I get them early I get to share your interesting facts in the car to school with the kids. The numbers and The letter A produce a quiet car as most were thinking that through. Lol! I didn’t get a chance to talk about the jellie but keeping it in my pocket for later. We were just at the Monterey Aqurium enjoying their large display of jellliyfish, they are beautiful to watch…..behind glass. Oh, one last thing, being native Californian, can you define for me what the English consider a “cottage”. I think our definition, defined by movies mostly, is vastly different from reality. ;). Thank you for another great end of the week post.

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    1. Hello Morning S. 🙂
      I’ve just read your fabulous comment out to Mr.Cobs and it tickled both of us that you entertain your little ones with some of the things you’ve found on the Friday “What I’ve Learned” posts. What a brilliant use for a blog post! Love it. ❤

      I can imagine that the jellyfish were beautiful at the Monterey Aquarium … behind glass. That's exactly how I'd like to see them. They truly are little miracles of nature, to look at. But coooo, they can leave their mark – in more ways than one!

      The question about defining what a Cottage is in 'English' terms … well Mr.C and I puzzled over this as we have personally owned two different sorts of cottages. One was 140+ years old, small, brick built, two story and with a huge garden to the rear of the cottage.

      Where-as the cottage we now live in now is a much newer build, [currently] all on one level, still small, but it has a dedicated art annexe (which was already there and waiting for me when we viewed the property – and I cried when I saw it) aand …. the cottage is by the sea. I think I'd describe it as 'sweet', with an almost Gingerbread sort of look to it.

      Cottages here in the UK can be detached, semi detached (attached to another property) or even terraced. Some will have a thatched roof, some will have a tiled roof.

      If you Google the words British UK Cottage – and then when it gives you the page, choose 'images', it will give you a plethora of different looking British Cottages.

      You could then change the search, by adding Modern to the beginning of the search words, and it will show you some more modern properties.

      You could also have a look at Wikipedia:
      that has some helpful photos of cottages around the world.

      Hope that's of help … and that I haven't misunderstood what you wanted to know! lol.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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  7. Dearest Cobs,
    Your garden will be a land of enchantment in no time! I do have to admit though that I’m a little frightened of birds. I very much enjoy listening to them break the day with their lovely chirps and songs. I also enjoy seeing them from a distance, preferably with a window between us. They are little aerial miracles, but they have swords on their faces!! I know they are perfectly safe and I should embrace their feathery funness, but if they ever chose to attack!!!! I just don’t completely trust them.
    Which brings me to my next comment – the voice activated digital assistant. I shan’t say much but let me assure you that I share your opinion on this. We will need to come up with a secret language to discuss this any further! I only very recently used the GPS directions on my phone. My husband and I were going to visit my son at his new place and became hopelessly lost. I feel rather silly because I actually used my cell phone to call my son and asked him if he could give us directions from the little market parking lot that we had parked in to sort it out. He was more than a little perplexed why I was calling him when I had the solution right in my hand the whole time. So I fumbled around a bit with my phone until I was able to activate the “Turn by turn directions thingy” on my phone. I was both amazed and horrified by this little device knowing where I was and where I wanted to be!! I have never felt more like a fuddy duddy in my life. So even though I still do not care for all of the data gathering that our smart little machines do, hubby and I have decided that we really like the “Nice Lady” that helped us find our way that evening. We take her along with us now when we are out and about.
    I do hope you are feeling better soon – I am sending an extra scoop of well wishes your way!
    Please have a fabulous week and we will chat again very soon!
    ~ Tami

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    1. Hello Tami, my fun filled fabulous friend!
      I rarely take my cell phone out ever since I found out that it can track my movements. Now I don’t do anything or go anywhere which would be considered in any way of interest to those tracking me. But I don’t like some Government official tracking my movements like my Mom did when I was 14 years old. I’m a lot more than 14 years old and the only reason I need tracking now is because I still haven’t worked out all the different ways to get back home here where we live. And sometimes there are road works, re-surfacing etc, or an accident or … well just about anything … and if Mr.Cobs isn’t in the car (he who knows all the different ways to get home), then I’ll run into a problem which might end up with me in tears and thinking that I’ll never get home ever again! lol

      But … we do have a sat-nav, which is kept in the car. So I guess that I’m probably being tracked on that anyway so … I’m now wondering why I’m bothering.

      New Technology scares me a bit. It’s complicated bits of equipment which are meant to make life easier, but, for me at least, they make life ohhhhh sooooo much more complicated, because I’m not someone who reads the instructions. I just dive straight in and expect to learn while playing with it.

      EVERYTHING should come with one page of idiot proof instructions …. for people like me.

      I’m glad you found your sons new place, and that the kind lady was nice enough to show you where it was. Bless her little cottons socks. (a saying we use in the UK … just in case you hadn’t heard that before)

      Oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

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  8. I am sooooo behind on reading blogs!!! And I am so sorry for that. I hope you are feeling better. I think we got your hot weather here in the US Midwest. 80’s and 90’s and muggy. I really hate muggy.
    I really had to laugh about the stuffing peas up your nose. I had a cousin (when we were small…fortunately) who stuffed a small sponge thing up his nose and didn’t tell anyone. They finally noticed his breath smelled something awful and hauled him into the doctor. There they found and dug out what he had jammed up his nose. He never could give my aunt a good reason why he did it. That topic still comes up at family gatherings.
    Thank you so much Cobs for bringing back the good funny memories!
    Take the time to sit in your lovely garden, listen to the birds and get better.

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    1. Awww, I have to admit that the stuffing of the sponge thing up the cousins nose, first made me wriggle, then I had a momentary laugh, which quickly turned into ewwwww when I heard about what happened next. Poor little chap.

      The “Don’t stick peas up your nose” (I think) came from either a sit-com or some programme on the TV or Radio. I don’t know how I came to learn it, I only know that I seem to have been born knowing it.
      Bit like: “Wear clean underwear in case you have an accident!” (lol) 🙂
      and: “Always wear pyjamas or nighty to bed in case there’s a fire and you have to be rescued by a fireman!” 🙂
      OH… and my favourite: “If the wind changes you’ll stick like that!” 😀

      It’s called the Universal Mother Code (UMC). All mothers are imprinted with this at birth. 😀

      I’m warmed through to the cockles of my heart that something I said brought back some beautiful, good, funny memories.

      Thank you so much for coming Chicken. I’ve missed seeing you about the place.
      I promise faithfully to go and sit in my garden this afternoon. Pinky Promise.
      with lots of love ❤ ~ Cobs. x

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      1. Now you made me laugh! about the clean underwear and accident thing. My boys always responded, “Why? If we are in an accident they just cut them off and ruin a perfectly good pair of new underwear.” There was some weird logic in that thought….somewhere.
        I think you are right about the UMC. Did you ever hear the one, “Don’t cross your eyes or they’ll stay that way?”
        And I always think we moms, tell our kids to wear sweaters cause we are the ones that are cold!
        Enjoy that garden!

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        1. Yes – the ‘don’t cross your eyes’…. that was covered in the “If the wind changes you’ll stick like that” …. when I was a little thing (Mr.Cobs would say I still am) … my mother would use that ‘If the wind changes’ …. for tongues being pulled out. … eyes being crossed….. thumbs in the ears, while eyes bulging and tongue out, waggling furiously…. anything basically. It was a one thing covers all statement.

          BUT … I believed it, and it scarred me bloo*y silly. I was terrified to let my face show anything but my regular face – especially if it was a windy day.

          Parents! They have so much to answer for!!! lol

          Ah, bless em. ~ C. xx

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  9. Thanks for some more amazing facts, but I don’t think I would want to keep going back to juvenile and starting again! Once for me is more than enough! You garden sounds like a wonderful green haven of peace, and I for one will be glad when we have our own new garden too, but like you we have a lot of ground work to cover first! Have a lovely week 🙂 x

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    1. Hello Kim.
      Great to see you. I’ve been wondering … have you found your new home yet?

      No … I agree with you. Once is enough for me. I’ve already said that I don’t want to come back again for another whirl. This life is making me dizzy enough.

      Again, thank you so much for coming Kim. It means the world to see you here.
      Bless you ~ Cobs. x

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      1. We are in the red tape process looking into the costs etc etc, but we can’t wait to go! We have seen a house we really like but difficult being so far away to be able to view until we know our ‘budget’ but fingers crossed the wheels are turning 🙂 x

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            1. Ok … well, a tip from the wise… don’t actually go looking for a new place until you’ve accepted an offer on your current home.
              We found a wee cottage that I fell head over heels in love with, and it took so blooming long to sell our own cottage (and a £35,000.00 drop in price) that we lost the cottage we wanted to buy. I was absolutely heart broken.

              Thing is … if you sell and can’t find somewhere (because you live so far away – and it’s a bloomin’ jaunt to got to and fro all the time), you can always short term rent a place where you want to move to, and then you’ll have plenty of opportunity to visit as many properties as it takes, and register with all the estate agents in the area. And because they know you’re living in the area and have the money in the bank – so are a cash buyer. Which also gives you a great deal more bargaining power!

              Very good luck with your sale. x

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              1. Thanks for the tip, l stopped looking cos I did fall in love with a property and then it was gone! Just want to get going, a new life awaits 😁😁 x

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  10. Oh, I’m so late in reading this…it’s Sunday night and the weekend disappeared! Yuck! And tomorrow is Monday and the beginning of another 5 day work week….I want my weekend back! I so enjoy your posts. It put a smile on my face, even though it is Sunday night and tomorrow is Monday! I’m so far behind on reading my emails and blogs…trying to catch up tonight before I am 2 weeks behind! LOL! Have a good week! 🙂

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  11. Hello Cobs, gosh it has been hot hasn’t it. I should not have complained about the heat last week as today I had the pleasure of the school run ( I don’t drive ) in torrential rain. It is lovely to have birds in the garden. My husband fill and refills his bird feeders diligently in the hope of attracting more and it seems to be working. We live in a reasonably built up area but besides the normal sparrow and robins etc we now get gold finches and last week a jay popped in twice – I couldn’t believe it.

    I think my laptop is spying on my – I can be sat chatting to someone and my laptop will flash up with a request to help me as it can hear me talking about something or other. It freaks me out lol.

    Just tried your little age fact/sum – that’s a bit odd. How on earth does that work?! Hannah xx

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    1. It’s MAGIC, Hannah. Totally magic. [flick and swish!]

      That laptop thing … that would TOTALLY freak me out. So much so that I’d stop using the chat feature altogether and get a techy to do something to make that stop.

      I have to admit to having an Ad-blocker on both of my puters. Laptop and big ol’ desk top. I cannot abide all the adverts. They drive me nuts.

      It’s a freely available to everyone ad-blocker, so you could perhaps give that a try and see if it works.

      The rain… OH. MY. STARS!!! It was bally awful yesterday. Like someone turning a tap on… and off. And on …. and off… and on …. ad infinitum. All darn day. The wind was SO strong that it knocked two of my big palm plants over. They’re stood in chunky pots and in quite (I would say) sheltered spots in the garden … but both had blown over when we got up this morning. Poor babies.

      How lovely to have these new birds in your garden.
      We’ve just put a big plastic saucer (for under large pots with plants in) on top of something which Mr.C made me last year. So far we’ve only attracted a pair of greedy Magpies… but I’m hoping that we get some smaller birds soon.
      Although if Miss ‘I’m the boss of this garden and I’ll kill you if you land’ Maisie (cat) – also known as Mental Maisie – gets her way, she will have caught and eaten said Magpies before that happens.
      She got her arms around a Maggy today, and it was me YELLING at the top of my voice at her, which scared her to death, and so she let it go. I told her that if she did that again:
      A) I’d skin her
      B) She’d be lucky not to lose an eye to these birds, as those beaks are vicious tools!

      Not sure if I scared her enough .. but we’ll see. (phew!)

      Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my, your Maisie sounds like she could get herself into trouble with those magpies. Quite amazed that she could catch one. My little cat has deep desires to catch a bird and will climb to the top of our silver birch tree to chase them (seriously, he needs to stop that though as I can’t cope with seeing him that high. Ha ha.) He never succeeds thankfully. His most recent ‘kill’ was a pair of socks my daughter left in the garden lol. Hxx


        1. LOL…
          Maisies best catch was one which Alf Capone (other cat here) caught, brought home and left as a gift in the garden. She claimed it and that was her best catch so far.

          She scared me to death when she leapt up and grabbed the Magpie who was stood on the edge of the new bird feeder.
          silly, stupid, brainless, but oh so loveable little creature that she is.

          Liked by 1 person

  12. Fabulous post as always Cobs. Took me a while to get the numbering and the A. Drrr! I am so slow some times 🙂 I also sat here with the calculator to get the age showing up 3 times 🙂 There you go. You learn something new every day. The garden sounds wonderful. Hope you took lots of before and after shots. Would love to see them.
    Take care, Hugs, Flo x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did the calculator thing too Flo. because I didn’t believe it when I heard that one. It ‘felt’ too fantastical to me. lol
      Thanks for a fabulous comment, and for coming and sharing a coffee with me.
      Heaps of love and squishy stuff. ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

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