If Love is Blind, then why is Lingerie so Expensive?

Well,  …  I could leave that statement (title of the post) right where it is …  because it’s a serious question.

But … it’s also the stamped sentiment on a card I made a couple of days ago, and I’m here to share it with you.

I love this stamp.  It’s one of those fun little ‘sentiments’ which pops into my head now and again, ~  and I came across it last week while on a search for another stamp which had gone into hiding.  Once I saw this one I knew I had to change my plans just so I could use it.  So the search for the original stamp was abandoned, and I cracked on with the ‘change of plan’.

Everything I used on this card all came from stash.  

As all crafters will tell you …

  • You might need three different coloured Tiny Buttons, but you have to buy a pack of about 30 …  so you save the 27 for when you’ll need them next.
  • You might want some Dictionary Print type paper … so you buy a little pad of 25 sheets, and use two … so you save the remaining 23 for another time.
  • Lace .. you buy a yard (or metre) but only need five inches … the rest gets saved.
  • You perhaps require a miniature Frame,  you buy a pack of 12, use the one you need and the rest .. .

. . .  well..  you can see where this is going.  I have half a packs of this, that, and the other – and some of the things I have here in my craft room are years old.  Seriously.  I’m really not making it up.  The little metal thimble you see in the photo above (hanging from the trinkets pin) … is from my stash, and I’ve had a little box of those for about 8 or 9 years now.

And the inside …   well that’s  Just for You! . . .

It makes a fun card for any gal pal .. who has a birthday;  down day;  up day;  just want to make you smile day;  ….  anything.  It would even make Mom or Grandma laugh.  (Or maybe that’s just my Grandma (Dads Mom) … cause she had such a rascal sense of humour and loved nothing more than us travelling the distance to see her and then taking her to the posh pub across the road from where she lived and buying her, her favourite drink,  half a pint of *Stout!   She would get quite giddy on it. (just one drink!)  lol  Bless her beautiful heart).

(*Stout is a dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast.)

Thank you so much for coming and having a coffee time with me!  I SO enjoy your company.

We’ve all met such wonderful ‘friends’ via our computers and blogs, and we’ve learned a lot from each other too.  Mainly, in my case, I’ve learned that there are some really great people out there who have a similar sense of humour to me, and aren’t shy about allowing their inner child out to play.  Which is just INCREDIBLE!  Such a laugh and so much fun.  (Yes …you know who you are.  I’m not going to name names, but you, sat there with your face going just a light shade of hot, you know I’m talking about you!  LOL)  🙂

Have a spiffingly brilliant day today. 

Do something lovely for someone else.  The first person you walk past when you’re outside, or the first person who walks past your house …  wish them wonderful things.  Pray for them, if you pray, or, if you don’t, then just push a really lovely wish out of your head and out into the world.  Lets all get this going.  Let’s make the world feel like a better place.  And who knows …  the first person you see, might just be praying for you or wishing something wonderful for you.  It happens!

Sending you happy Wednesday squidges, from me in my corner, to you in yours.



44 thoughts on “If Love is Blind, then why is Lingerie so Expensive?

  1. Lovely card! I do love cards that have all tiny “THINGS” on them, they add loads of visual interest and “The Borrowers”was one of my favourite books when I was a little girl..your Grandma sounds a character too! Have a lovely day 🙂 xxx

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    • Hello Samantha, and Good Morning!
      Happy Wednesday. 🙂

      I too like cards which have little adornments and details on them, because although you get that initial ‘view’ of the card, when you keep on looking there are more little things which reveal themselves and you end up with a card which keeps on thrilling you (me).

      My Grandma was a character, you’re right. She was fearsome when I was a little little girl, but as I grew up, I ‘got’ her and she became an absolute delight and a total hoot. In fact, so much so that I begged her to come on my ‘hen night’ (the night all the girls get together and have a few martini’s and a few giggles together) and she came. Ohhh she was such fun and all my girl friends absolutely adored her.

      Thanks so much for coming for a coffee with me Samantha. As always, it’s such a delight chatting with you.
      Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend.
      ~ Cobs. x

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  2. What an utter indulgent piece of art~ I absolutely love it !! what a talented Cobs you are, and resourceful buying lots of little bits of this & that just knowing one day it will all fit together to make a masterpiece

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    • LOL … there’s no “knowing one day it will all fit together” involved, lovely Mrs.P. – because that would presume that I knew what I was doing…. but in actual fact I haven’t got the first clue! LOL 😊

      Thank you for coming Mrs.P… I know how busy your days are right now, so seeing you here is such a massive pleasure. Bless your beautiful heart.
      Heaps of love and squishy stuff ~ Cobs. x

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      • Playing catch up …goodness I’m out of puff running to stand still at the moment LOL hope is all well in your part of the world I have been lurking on your blog ~ you are an inspiration to all crafter’s across Blogland 🙂

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        • Ohhhh I’m so happy to see you, MrsP! I was getting a little concerned when I’d seen no sign of you anywhere.
          I know you’re tied up with RLS (real life stuff), and I know how much a little chap can wear a body out (cor, don’t I just!) so I knew that you were likely lying stretched out on the ground with your face downwards on the carpet, and we could all hear the muffled cries of …. “Gin and Tonic. Gin. And. Tonic! JUST GIN THEN???.”

          Thrilled to see that you’ve been helped onto the sofa and given matchsticks for the eyelids. 😀

          Me? Inspiration?
          Ahhhh… you’ve had too much Gin!
          Remove the matchsticks, put a pillow under your head and sleep.
          Everyone ….. shhhhhhhhh!
          love and squidges, and so happy to see you Mrs.P ~ Cobs.x

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    • Nah … you must be thinking of someone else Beverly. lol.
      Besides … I’ve seen your cards and they really are little wonderments. OH … and …. I HAVE one of your cards, so I KNOW FOR SURE EXACTLY HOW CLEVER YOU ARE!

      Do you know … I still have that card on display on top of my fire. I love it so much.

      Handmade cards mean so much to me. I don’t get very many of them, so when I do, I celebrate them.

      Thank you so much for coming Bev. It means the world to me that you do. Bless your beautiful heart.
      Sending loving squidges ~Cobs. x


  3. Like everyone else has said, this is a lovely card and all the wee embellishments you have put on it, well, the eyes just love it. And yes why are undergarments soooo expensive, you never see them. One thing I do notice is that when there is lace involved, you feel better, and if you feel good, you look good. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet post Cobs. Be well.


    • Hello lovely Soozy!
      Aww thank you so much for your kind words.
      I’m over-joyed that you like the card, and all it’s little ‘bits’.

      Yes! Exactly WHY is underwear SO expensive? I mean to say … it’s made with pretty much the same materials as any other underwear. It’s not like they had to specially train a caterpillar to produce that bit of silky stuff to make that bow on that bra. Nor is the lace unobtainable. Nor the fabric they use for other parts. NOR the elastic required for those lower under-garments!

      All of the fabrics are freely available … so why am I being charged the equivalent of what some gals spend on a weeks groceries, for four pairs of you know whats?!! I don’t even get a weeks pairs for that amount.

      Sheesh! Us gals are being taken for a ride when it comes to unders.

      But … you’re right. We do feel somehow rather better than our usual, when we have a little lace involved. 😊
      Squidges of the loveliest sort, ~ Cobs.x


  4. That card is a piece of art! You know I never thought about that question on lingerie…..now I am going to have to!
    For a bit there I really worried you were going to start naming names……and then I started laughing to myself. I am so glad I found your blog!

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    • LOL … like I would name names. pfft. LOL
      I’m glad I found you too. One of the greatest treasures in life are friends like you. You are most definitely one of my loveliest blessings.

      I’m so happy that you brain is now thinking on those lines, regarding the price of lingerie. Us gals are being taken for a ride when it comes to te price of undies, I swear. We need to start barganing for them, when we’re in shops and about to buy! LOL… can you imagine? The staff in shops would have to receive psychological help for the shock! 😀 lol
      Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

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  5. The sentiment reminded me of that band – Was it Dr Hook? They used to have funny titles to some of their songs? Anyway, your card is Fab. U. Lous! I love all the little details and bits of interest, and oh, the colours too!! You have such a skill for bringing together different bits and pieces and making them into something beautiful!

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  6. Phew! Just got back from visiting myself a few years ago, to get my blog started.
    Blogland’s great for meeting great people, Cobs. We’re all different, have different interests, yet get to know each other just by reading words on a screen.
    You mentioned inner children being allowed out to play- I have loads of Inner Aspects that crop up from time to time over on my blog – each one just slightly quirky. I can’t say I’ve met my Inner Child yet, unless that’s the aspect in control, which would make sense at certain times! Hehehe!
    Oh, and the cards you make are wonderful. I love those little niknaks.

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