Things I learned this Week.

Haaaapy Friday!

It’s February.  The month of  ❤  Lurve. ❤  (imagine I’m saying that with a French accent … it will sound so much better.)

Did you know:  That February is the third month of winter?  In the Southern Hemisphere February is a summer month the equivalent of August …  so  G’day down there.  Hows your summer?

  • Also …  In Old English, February was called Solmonath (Mud month) or Kale-monath (Kale or cabbage month).  So Kale and Cabbage is on the menu for the rest of the month!
  •  Americans (I’m informed) have trouble with the word February – last year, a press release from the White House consistently spelt it as Feburary.
  • ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is the only Shakespeare play that mentions February.
  • The birthstone for February is amethyst.
  • The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst protected the wearer from drunkenness.

So … what have I learned this week?

Well …  I’ve learned that what I thought were just ‘quirks’, aren’t.   I really do seem to have some sort of OCD problems going on.    I’ve always thought I was just weird – or ‘pernickety‘, as my Grandma used to say.

Silly things can make me feel uncomfortable.  Sort of ‘wriggly’.  A picture hanging at an angle.  I’d have to straighten it up.  HAVE TO.  There is no choice about it.  If I walked out of a room and left it …  within about 3 minutes you’d find me back in that room straightening that picture. (even if it wasn’t even my house!)  But I just put that down to me being a tidy person.  Nothing wrong with that, eh?

If venetian blinds aren’t quite level … eventually they’d drive me nuts and I have to stand up and go over to sort them out.

Couldn’t bear it in my old doctors surgery when I saw that the bead chain thing on the bottom of the vertical blinds had come ‘un-hooked’ from one of the slats.  I waited until the seat by the blinds had become free, then moved over and fixed it.  (Daughter No. 1 wasn’t overly impressed mind).

But … this week there was an article which Mr.Cobs found in an on-line newspaper which he was reading and he told me about it, showing me some of the pictures.  Of course, I had to go to the website and have a better look!  Worst thing I did.  I should have closed my eyes.  Gone off and done something to take my attention away.  But I didn’t.  I looked!

The pictures I share with you here, are a selection from that article.  Let’s see how you get along with these.

I’ll start you off with a gentle one …

1)  Does that ‘corner‘ upset you at all …  or is it just a clever bit of design?
2)  You’ve sharpened your pencils.  You look at what a great job you did, … only…  you didn’t.  Is this going to upset you?  Do you feel like you want to reach into the computer screen and grab them so that you can do a better job?
3)  Can you see the problem here?  Look at the bottom of the post, and where it finishes on the corner of the step.  Hmmm.  Could you live with that?  Or would it … DRIVE YOU NUTS EVERY SINGLE DAY?


4)  Now I know that hole in the dashboard isn’t for your cups of coffee.  You probably know that hole isn’t for cups of coffee.  So – let’s pretend  …  You climb into the car.  How long could you live with that cup of coffee (or maybe it’s coke) living in that hole?  I’d last about 9 seconds.  Yes seriously.

Ok … let’s move the goal posts and take this one step further into madness  ….

5)  Look at this photograph.  Don’t look away.  LOOK AT IT.  How long could you live with those handles not being level and those doors not fitting or level? 

Are you starting to feel your level of comfort shifting at all?

6)   Imagine that you have to walk past this door every day, twice a day.  Once on going out, and once on coming home.  How fast would you have to walk past this door, with your face set to ‘stone’ and your eyes staring hard at the pavement, in an effort not to be drawn to even glancing in the direction of the door?

Are you beginning to get a sort of itchy feeling going on?  Feeling restless?

7)   You use the restroom, and this is what you face when you go to wash your hands.  There are THREE sinks.  Why are there FIVE towel dispensers?  And why, if they felt the need to put FIVE paper towel dispensers over those three sinks, did they have to put them so …  ‘creatively’ on the wall??  OH … AND DO THEY KNOW THAT THE DARN BIN NEEDS EMPTYING???  [sigh.  grrrrrrrr!]
8)   It was ‘right’ at some point.  When they first did the laying of the cobbles and the pavers, that manhole cover was done so that the pavers and the cobbles all matched.  However …. at some point, someone lifted that manhole cover to tend to something.  But when they put that cover back, they didn’t put it back correctly.  THIS would SERIOUSLY hiss me off SOOooo much that I’d be begging Mr. Cobs to lift it and put it right.    What about you?


Have we found your level of ‘un-acceptable’ yet?  What number of photograph got to you?

9)   You had a new staircase put in…  but after the guys finished and left, you had an uncomfortable feeling about this first flight of stairs.  What the devil was wrong with it?  Something was wrong ….    Shall I give you a clue?   Ok … CLUE:  5 down.  Look at 5 down.

And finally …  I’ve left this photograph until last because …  well, for me at least,  this is the one which is probably THE most serious one of all.  This is the one which would get me using the word:  DIVORCE!  Either from himself or from either daughter.   Brace yourself …

WHY???   Why would any sane person do this?  This isn’t normal behaviour.  Not for me.  Whoever did this …. I would have to have them committed. It’s not the behaviour of a person whose brain is functioning on any normal levels.  If they didn’t want the ‘crust’, then just cut a slice in a normal fashion, then cut off the crust and dispose of it into the bin – or put it on the bird table for the birds!

These photographs, although featured in an on-line Newspaper article, can be found on a website called   Bored Panda   …  but Bored Panda doesn’t just have these sorts of photos.  They have sections for practically everything.   Check out the  Little Polish Village  – where everything is covered in colourful flower paintings!   Oh … and while you’re there,  do take a peep at the  Two Disabled Rescue Cats  – which is not in the least bit sad.  Watch the video and you’ll smile for the rest of the day!

Anyhooo ...  Although I’ve learned a few things this week …  I wanted to share this OCD thing with you so that you could have a bit of fun with it too.

So I guess that the only thing left is ….  The Jokes!   Brace yourself ….

Bob left work one Friday evening.  But it was payday, so instead of going home, he stayed out the entire weekend partying with his mates and spending his entire wages.

When he finally appeared at home on Sunday night, he was confronted by his angry wife and was barraged for nearly two hours with a tirade befitting his actions. Finally his wife stopped the nagging and said to him, “How would you like it if you didn’t see me for two or three days?”

He replied, “That would be fine with me.”

Monday went by and he didn’t see his wife.

Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with the same results.

But on Thursday, the swelling went down just enough where he could see her a little out of the corner of his left eye.

Q.What has a bottom at its top?   —  A. A leg.

Q.  What do you get when you cross a sheep and a bee?   – – –  AA bah-humbug

Q.   How do you fix a broken Tuba?  —  A.  With a Tuba Glue!

Q.  What game would you play with a Wombat?  —  A.  Wom.

Q.  How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Christmas? —  A.  He felt his presents.

Q.  What do Cats eat for Breakfast?  —  A.  Mice Krispies

And those are the jokes folks!

I hope your week has been a good one, and that no gremlins got in there and spoilt anything.  However … if they did – you have to just remind yourself that sometimes we need a gremlin or two just to make our brains work out the way to deal with those little divils.  And ..  we learn by them.
I hope your weekend is relaxed and happy.  With a little love sprinkled around the place, and a few smiles to warm your heart.  Remember to share your own smile with someone else.  YOU might just change someone elses day, or even life.  We could all do with as many smiles as we can get.  So share yours!

Sending loving thoughts, happy wishes and loads of squidges ~


Author: The Art of Cobwebs - aka:- thecobweboriumemporium

Hello. I'm 'Cobwebs'. I live in a wee little cottage in the South of England, aptly called Cobweb Cottage. This little dwelling really is a cobweb factory. Not inside (well, occasionally) - but outside - flipping heck! This information should give you a clue as to why my blog is called The Art of Cobwebs aka: The Cobweborium Emporium. I've been arty and crafty from a very young age, and although my crafts have sometimes turned a corner and taken me in another direction, I've always crafted in some way, shape or form. One day, in the blink of an eye, life changed somewhat for me and the consequences were many. I had to find a new way of being 'artistic'. Card making; scrap-booking; producing ATC's and ACEO's; needle felting; Polymer clay; painting- but in a more relaxed style than I had before, and sewing, - are all things which I visit, as and when life allows. I've fairy recently become a Textile Artist and am enjoying this new creative outlet very much as it offers me so much scope for letting my imagination run through a grassy field and feel the wind in my hair - (mentally, of course). I love to create. To make things. I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you've given your time, rather than your cash. Thank you so much for visiting. Please visit my blog (link below) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy, even if it's only a handful of jokes! (yes, seriously - there really are jokes!) Wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. <3

50 thoughts on “Things I learned this Week.”

    Yes…picture #5 was the one that got me… great jokes that I intend to tell my son as soon as he wakes up too…have a good day 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Samantha, Happy Friday!
      The handles on the doors …. I KNOW! 😮 I really couldn’t live with those like that. It would drive me nuts.

      Have a wonderful day Samantha! Hope your son gets a smile from the jokes. 🙂
      Squidges ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Spent all day laughing internally at your Wombat joke…didn’t realise till I got to Asda I had in fact been laughing out loud..! 🙂 x

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kathy.
      Thrilled you like the photo’s this week. I thought we could all do with a little something different, and this was the thing which stuck out in my own week this week. Taught me a lot about myself. I’m not just ‘funny’ about these things (which I thought I was) … I’m a pain in the rear end! LOL

      Wishing you a lovely weekend Kathy.
      Squidges, from me to you ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello lovely Rabbit!
      Always such joy to see your little avatar appear on my blog.
      Thank you so much for coming for a visit and spending some time with me.
      Thank you also for your lovely comment. It’s so great to chat with you, dear Rabbit.
      Sending love your way and wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day.
      loving squidges ~ Cobs x

      Liked by 1 person

        1. The feeling is mutual my friend. I absolutely love your blog too. It has this way of chilling a reader out, and the more they read on through a post, the more and more ‘happy place’ they gently find themselves in. Like sitting down and sinking into a fabulous cloud of loving ‘sighhhhhhs’.

          Love you Rabbit. xxx


  2. The thing is with OCD once you know what it is (after years of thinking this is strange) it isn’t so bad somehow 🙂 Ok, the photos. The pillar on the steps and the cupboard handles would drive me to distraction and I would probably end up getting a sledge hammer to them…see OCD. Maybe the dyers are for different heights of people ie., children or the elderly. Not sure why so many and not sure why one is over the bin! Someone thought it was a good idea! 😉 Fab post as always. Lots to think about. Have a great weekend.
    Flo x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Flo!
      Before I forget … did you see my reply to one of your comments, about ten days ago (ish) telling you about the Felting Machines? I promised to come back and let you know what I’d found out.

      The OCD … now I know I’m obviousl OCD, I kind of feel really guilty about it. When I was just a pain in the rear end, or ‘pernickety’, it seemed like a laughable kind of thing which my family all joked about. Now that I can see this is a ‘thing’ … I feel like I should be able to cure it. But I don’t think I can. These things really do drive me NUTS!

      Love chatting with you Flo. Thanks so much for coming for a visit, and for your fabulous comment.
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x


  3. lol love this post. The cupboards and the stair rail and the post would HAVE TO BE FIXED. The pie would cause me to NEVER bake another one. But the crooked door would intrigue me and make me chuckle.

    And FYI, not only can I SAY February, I can spell it too. Not sure why the White House wasn’t able to. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. I think perhaps the WH spell checker perhaps has broken down. (Or been fired. lol)

      I’m thrilled to pieces that you love this post. I did wonder if perhaps my list of ‘what I learned this week’ should have included some of the other things I’d come across during the week, but I got concerned that the post would be like an unrolled roll of loo roll! So kept it just to the photos with explanations.

      Thrilled to hear that you have some of the same irritants as I do. That pie just killed me. I sat for ages, staring at that photograph and getting more and more anxious about the pie. I would be absolutely FURIOUS with whoever did that. (Although our girls would pull straws to do it, then hide round the corner, waiting, waiting, waiting for me to come home and find it, and hear the cries. lol.

      Sending big squidges ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I am so thankful that I am not OCD but having said that, those cupboards would be fixed, not acceptable work unless it was me after a couple drinks. The rail on the banister would also drive me nuts being the wrong way and would soon be fixed! That person is so very lucky that the Mcdonald’s cup is not leaking soda all over the place! Some people really. Now that front door thing, is kinda cool. I like to mess with people sometimes and that would definitely do that! Maybe I am a little ocd? … nah. BUT that pie?!?! that was the absolute end, obviously someone doesn’t like crust!
    Thanks for giving us something to think about Cobs. Have a great weekend over there.
    I am looking at snow here! This winter has definitely been different on Vancouver Island. Victoria is usually quite mild in the winter with lots of rain, but not this year. I do enjoy seeing the white stuff falling but it is the aftermath that I don’t like and the dogs doo doo’s are hard to find until you step in one! It is supposed to be a weekend filled with rain, rain mix and snow. Good thing I went out yesterday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Soozy!
      I honestly didn’t think I was OCD until I saw these photo’s. I know I don’t have the really bad OCD things – such as touching my nose three times and jumping over the step before I can leave the house in the morning – I’m blessed that I don’t have any of those types of problems. But things like the ones in the photos really do bug me and I HAVE to do my best to put them right.

      And the Pie … well quite frankly I think a firing squad would be the answer. LOL.

      Your weather sounds cold, and possibly snowy. Like you, I like it when it’s falling as the whole world becomes hush quiet and magic happens. But don’t like it when the cars push the snow up into the curb and turn it into dirty snow and horrible slush.

      We are expecting storm Doris apparently. Winds, rain and more winds. I think we’ve tied everything down and moved anything which could be caught up in the wind, so now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that no trees fall. However … if one does … I’m grabbing the shoes of the witch and running like a gazelle, at the same time as holding a hose pipe to drown any other witch who I may come across. 🙂

      See you on the other side of the rains and winds (and snow) Soozy. Take good care my friend. ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh how you make me giggle. We have had our share of bitter cold winds and of course also today, they kick in again. I have just made a pot of soup to help with the wicked colds we have so off I go to eat some. God help any witch that gets in my way! lol Until next time. 🙂 Stay safe and warm.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Those photos were beyond the pale. They all got to me, but I think the spindles in the stair rail called for action. I’d kick the upside down one every time I passed it. Thanks for all the laughs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dearest Anne!
      It’s so fabulous to see you. I smile every single time I see your name pop up. I get this kind of warm fuzzy feeling, like opening the door and finding one of your favourite people there, saying ‘SURPRISE!’. lol.

      Glad you’re with me on the annoyance of these photos. They’re tiny little things to some people and they can live with them. But they just BUG me major time and I’d have to get them put right. Straight away! :/

      At least I’m not alone on this ride of ‘crazy’. It’s good to have fellow sufferers. 🙂
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend Anne, and sending you heaps of love ~ Cobs. x


      1. You are definitely not alone in being bothered by things that are askew. If I ever meet you in person, I’ll stand as straight as I am able. I’m teasing. I’m sure we’d see eye to eye.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Ooh! Your photos made me feel all funny. At my old school there was a tapestry in the staffroom and it was wonky, every day I straightened it and every morning it was wonky again. I’m pretty certain the school ghost did not have OCD, nor was he/she afraid of the formidable looking headteacher from victorian times whose portrait hung in the office. I fear I may have some OCD traits! Have a lovely weekend x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok… I’m officially making a club, for very select people, who join me in my OCD weirdness. There will be a form to fill in, for all would be members.

      I’m SOooo glad that I’m not alone in this ‘thing’.

      Have a truly blessed weekend Mrs. Craft… and stay out of the rain and winds too!
      Love ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

        1. 😀 Good thinking Batwoman! Or should that be Bat woman? Or maybe Bat-woman? Bat Woman?

          Hmmn… this is going to be more time consuming than I first thought.

          Maybe we should ‘do it’ in text speak, like all those trendies do it now?

          Gr8 i.d.a Batwmn. C U Mundy @ 8. x

          Nooooooo! That would drive me NUTS!
          lol ~ ❤ ~ Cobs. x


  7. My husband is laughing like a banshee about the pie. He is now plotting where he can do that and drive someone nuts. I, perhaps, misjudged and showed him the photos.
    The photos were hilarious! I could not live with things being how they are in those pictures. It would drive me nuts if I or someone did not fix them.
    I also read the joke to my husband about the guy who went out partying. Too too funny!
    You have no idea how you brighten my day Cobs! Bless you for that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Chicken! 🙂
      Do you know .. I KNEW that Mr.Chicken would do this. I don’t know how I knew, I just knew. Maybe I recognise that naughty little divil which lives within him, waiting for the opportunity to come out and make the naughty stuff happen! lol (bless him).

      I’m thrilled you enjoyed the photos and loved the jokes. And thank you for the beautiful words. I’m so happy to know that I’m able to deliver a little fun and sunshine into your days, via a blog post. Really happy … and humbled to know this. Thank you dearest Chicken. Long may that ability reign. 😀

      Thanks for coming, Chicken, and for the kind and beauiful comment.
      Have a truly blessed day my friend.
      Squidges ❤ ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I sent the link to my sister (who is more OCD on these things than I am) so she could also enjoy! She read and told me she recalled having that happen when sharpening a lead pencil. She said by the time she was done all she had was a nub and it still wouldn’t write! I think that thought still sends her over the edge.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Actually laughed out loud .. then felt guilty so told myself to stop…. but I’m still chuckling inside. I could see the whole scene … and for her to stick at it, keep sharpening and STILL not be able to write with the darn thing, even when she’d reduced her pencil to a bit of wood showing the meerest temptation of lead … ohhhh… I love her for her dedication, because I would have given up while the pencil still could be broken in half and thrown in a lake somewhere, to drown. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PENCIL!

          Bless her heart. I hope she never encounters such a vile thing as another pencil which refuses to allow her to use it in the custom for which it was made.

          Dear Lord, please bless Chicken Grandmas sister.
          She needs a Pencil Angel to be on her side. If there isn’t a Pencil Angel already, then please could an Angel be given the job?
          Many thanks. – Cobs. x

          That should take care of it Chicken. 🙂
          Sending love and thank you’s by the bucket load just for the big smiles. ~ Cobs. x

          Liked by 1 person

  8. I have ‘learned’ to let a lot of things ‘go’ OCD wise due to my job at ‘The Workplace’ …. but seriously someone actually hung their front door like that ??? I am soooooo going to have to find out where it is and pay them a visit LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Fascinating February facts, Cobs! I never knew of Solmonath and now I’m intrigued as for the names of the other months from way back when! Do you know February never used to exist? I’m sure you do… neither did January. There was just a gap.
    Those photos were fun, I’m sure I could hear you fizzing as I read through the captions! The only one that affected me was the cup in the hole in the car. Who? What? Why would you…?
    Haha! Tuba glue. Love it!
    Have a good week, Cobs! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right back at you Tom!
      (oh.. and no … I didn’t know that January and February didn’t exist! So .. no after Christmas sales, and no Valentines cards and chocolates?! {sob}

      Although mind …. did we get to miss out on winter snow, ice, fog, and the type of rain we’re currently having? Hmm.. maybe the trade off would work in that case!
      Great to see you Tom. Wishing you a truly entertaining week. ~ Cobs. x 🙂


  10. You would never be able to live in my house. Previous owners had done some “improvements” themselves, which did not turn out quite like they planned. In the kitchen I have about 8 drawers. One, just one, of them was drilled to place a pull. I haven’t tested the theory, but I think it is drilled with incorrect measurements. It appears to never have had a pull.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!! Aw Scrappy … in our previous home (one we lived in for a gazillion years and raised two children in) … on the day we moved into the cottage, I found out that the work tops in the kitchen, weren’t even attached to anything! I walked into the kitchen to make tea for the removal men, and as I walked past the corner of the first unit, carrying the kettle into the kitchen, my coat caught on the corner of the worktop … and pulled it half off, whick yanked me backwards and I was almost swept off my feet! LOL

      And the cottage we live in now … that needed quite some refurb work when we bought it – and I vowed after that, that I’d never move into a property which needed big jobs done, ever again. I swear to dog that I aged ten years during that refurb.

      Aw Scrappy … I feel for you with your 8 drawers – but having said that … we have 6 in our kitchen, and I think I’d happily squeeze in another one – just for ‘my’ stuff. LOL

      Have a great day Scrappy. Squidges ~ Cobs.x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We bought a fairly new house in order to cut down on remodeling. As it turns out, a great many things were missed during inspection. So our no refurb house has turned into the, “in what order do we do all of these projects?”

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Hello Cobs, I shouldn’t have looked – I am you see totally OCD although when the Dr pointed it out I was shocked. I think I shall see these images in my dreams (nightmares maybe) for weeks lol. That manhole cover is laziness although totally the type of thing my husband would do to annoy me 😀 Hannah x

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I’m late, I’m late but I did find you and Chicken. PC is in the Dell fix it shop and I feel really left out. after all of the photos I’ve taken and can’t post it is driving me crazy. Love the valentine pig and all of these crazy ,drive us crazy misshaps . I may not be able to find you tomorrow but today has been fun. Love .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww,how did you know, Beverly, that I was thinking about you today? You knew … and you popped up here. Lovely to hear from you, and am filled with hope that they can fix your PC. I shall keep my fingers crossed … and my eyes, my legs, my toes. Basically … not looking my most attractive right now! LOL

      Sending oodles of squidges ~ Cobs. x


        1. LOL! Thank Heavens that my pooter doesn’t take pictures because I currently look like a crazy woman … my hair is doing it’s own thing and doesn’t want me to change anything about it. Refuses totally to be tamed and won’t allow me to even do a straight, neat parting.
          Thank Heavens for no camera! LOL xxx


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