A moment lasts all of a second . . .

. . .  but the memory lives on forever.


I made a card based around one I saw in a magazine a few weeks ago.  It was the sentiment they’d used on the card which struck me and I wrote it down in my note book, hoping to use it at some stage.  I went on-line to check that this sentiment didn’t belong to a crafting companya stamp or something like that,  and it didn’t  – (yay!).

I printed the sentiment and cut it out using an oval die from a set bought  a while back from Tattered Lace.


The card is pretty much self-explanatory if you look at the selection of 4 photos in this post.

The papers I used are from a selection of left-over scrapbooking papers – the two different prints were originally from the same book of papers.  I layered them up on top of a soft rosey pink paper to pick out the lovely pink in the roses, then onto white card.


Made on a white 6×6″ card – the front of which I scored down the centre and folded it back on itself so to give that an extra dimension to the card. The oval sentiment is mounted onto the folded front of the card.


The adornments the roses, the star, and the Angel bunny inside the card, are all from a selection of Tilda adornments, which I’ve had for ages.   I tied a bow of pink satin ribbon from my stash and . . . .  Voila!  That’s all there was too it!


Once I’d figured it out, and chosen the papers I wanted to use, – the actual making of the card was really quite quick.

Well …  It’s Wednesday again!   I’ve not liked Wednesdays very much since I was at school. 

On Wednesday (when I was at school)  we had:-  a whole morning of Cookery.  Loved Cookery!  Then after lunch we had Double Geography (which I didn’t like),  then a lesson of Historywhich I quite liked,  and finally, at the end of the day, was a Double PE  (physical education).  Having PE  at the end of the day  Was. A. Nightmare! 

Our [meany] PE teacher wouldn’t end the lesson until five minutes before the end of school bell rang.  This meant that we had to: Get stripped off;  take showers;  get dried;  get dressed;  and get out of the door and run the length of the playground and to the bus stop,  all within those five minutes,  or the chances were that we’d miss the bus and have to walk home.  She was a real pain and wouldn’t listen to us when we begged her to give us ten minutes instead of five, to wash, dress and get out to our bus.  Hence …  I hated Wednesday, and after a gazillion years of not being in school, I still have that ‘droopy mood’  feeling about the day.

What about you?  Do you have any day that you don’t like very much?  Or days you remember from school which you didn’t look forward to?  Do tell and share with me.

Aaanyhoo …..  Wishing you a truly lovely day.  May the weather be warm, may the wind be gentle, and may you get out of school in time to catch your bus!

Sending squidges from my corner to yours ~





44 thoughts on “A moment lasts all of a second . . .

  1. That card is absolutely beautiful! I am going to Pin that one to my stamping board on pinterest!
    Hmmmm…..I don’t think I have any day in particular that feels bad. I know my husband used to hate Mondays because he really did not like working in a factory. He has not worked there for years but he still seems to like Fridays best after all that time.

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    • Aw so thrilled you like the card Chicken, and I’m honoured that you’re going to pin it to your Pinterest board! (I’m all wriggly and smiley here due to that. LOL)

      I know what Mr. Chicken means about the Monday/Friday feeling – for Mr. Cobs suffered those days too. He used to work in a Government post and his Monday morning ‘glums’ would begin around midday on Sunday. I was so glad when he took early retirement because the glums disappeared like a magic spell had been cast.

      Thanks for the lovely comment Chicken. Love love love having a chat with you.
      Sending special Chicken Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • Hello Anne, how lovely to see you.
      I’m over-joyed that you like the card. Thank you.

      I’m so happy you don’t have un-favourite days, and I hope that remains exactly like that for evermore.

      Thank you so much for coming to visit and share a coffee moment with me.
      Sending love, from me here, to you there. ~ Cobs. x

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  2. What a pretty card-a real vintage feel to it and I love the sentiment 🙂
    I liked Wednesdays at school..it marked halfway in the week and I remember one year, the timetable of lessons worked out so all the Maths and P.E.lessons were over with by Wednesday lunchtime for the rest of the week!
    Have a lovely day :)xx

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    • Hello fabulous Hannah.
      Awwww … yes, I remember it well. Our girls used to get ‘droopy’ by the time the end of Wednesday came and went. I remember the eldest one saying (on one Thursday morning) that although she liked school, she didn’t want to go again because she was too tired. She said: “I can’t fit anymore inside my brain ’cause it’s full up!” LOL.

      Thanks for coming Hannah. LOVE to see you and have a chat over a coffee moment.
      Have a great rest of your week! ~ Cobs. x


  3. Such a lovely Card Cobs! I love it and the sentiment is timeless. You are so clever to write it down in a notebook:) I used to keep a little tablet in my purse and when I had an idea or thought come to mind I would jot it down, I need to start doing that again! I really don’t recall a specific day of the week I didn’t look forward too. Have a Wonderful day Cobs.! xx

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  4. Of course the card is beautiful and sweet and lovely. Your talent just shines every time you post something creative..
    Days? Well now I’m not sure which is the least liked. Years ago Sunday ,which should be a day of rest, wasn’t. Getting 4 boys ready and out the door to church and getting lunch afterwards was a free- for- all sometimes. Then doing it all over again for the evening service. And Mondays…getting back into the groove of school even when we homeschooled was a chore. But…”This too shall end ” ..and goes by way to fast when looked at from this end. LOL

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  5. I love the card, you can’t go wrong with pink! Wednesday’s are miserable to me as they were always staff meeting day and I had to attend one today until 6pm. I came home grumpy and tired and glad I don’t have to go every week! Your school Wednesday’s sounded horrific. 😔

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    • Hello Mrs. Craft!
      Agree totally .. with pink, everything is possible.

      I can only imagine what a delight your staff meetings are. Lots of hot air, plenty of mumbles. A few grumbles … and just one person who thought “the meeting went well!”.

      As a young Cobs. … school Wednesdays were worthy of a great big grimace!
      So glad I’m not there now!
      Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  6. Sorry I missed this post. Am having Reader issues again so am going round everyone individually. Takes for ever! Anyhow, I love your card. I have some bow dies and forget to use them, so a reminder is always good! I hated Wedsnesdays too. Kids TV always had those weird dubbed programmes on and they used to give me the creeps! Wasn’t keen on Sunday evenings either. Homework and damp laundry. Yeuch!

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  7. I loved the card and especially the wee bunny inside. I also had a PE teacher that made us go almost until the bell. Horrible creature. She did get a talking to from the principal tho’ and changed her tune. It was also for the kids who caught the bus. Some people reeeeally shouldn’t be teachers or involved with people in any way.
    Thanks for my morning smile Cobs, have a lovely day.

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    • I’m fully in agreement with you there Soozy … some people REEEALLY shouldn’t be teachers. Some folks just aren’t suited to being involved with young folk in any way. Yes … totally in agreement there.

      Thank you so much for visiting and sharing a coffee with me Soozy. It’s lovely to chat with you.
      Sending squidges ~Cobs. x


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