Ye Olde Christmas Past!

Dickens seems to be a theme running through my mind over the past week or so.  Maybe it’s just because it’s Christmas time, maybe because there was the old Alistaire Sim, A Christmas Carol, film on TV about a week or so ago – one which is a favourite of Mr.Cobs, so it was, of course, something which was a ‘must watch’ film for the dear man.

I don’t know what it is but I do know that it’s settled itself into my brain, and now my craft room, as you can see by the latest card I’ve made, pictured above, along with the Charles Dickens book – A Christmas Carol.

Made on a 6″x 6″ white cardstock.  I used an embossing folder to make the brickwork impression behind everything.


I stamped the window and the street lamp using Penny Black stamps: Winter Illumination – which come as the set of two.  Then hand painted them using watercolours, and dried them with my heat gun, so not to let the cardstock get too wet and floppy.


Although the stamped image of the lamp does have a wreath as part of its image, I wanted to give the lamp a touch of ‘3D’, so made a teeny tiny wreath for over the top of the stamped wreath, and added a red silk ribbon bow to top it off.

The wooden fence, actually is wooden fencing.  I bought a length of it a few years ago, and have used little bits of it now and again for various projects.  It’s lovely stuff because the wood will take colour really well.  Here I painted it black, and dried it off using my heat gun, as I wanted it to ‘be encouraged’ to be a matt finish, rather than give a slightly shiny finish, which it has a tendency to do if you leave it to dry naturally.


A side on view, to show the various layers and depth to the card.

The Poinsettia flowers were made using a die, from pages cut from an old book and then inked up to colour the petals and leaves, with the addition of a few glass beads for the centres.

I added the snow using ‘Glossy White’ stencil dimension medium,  and then added some Pinflair Snow Dust to give it that crunchy snow look, and finally assemble everything with the use of black foam tape, Pinflair Glue Gel and a few dabs of glue from my trusty glue gun.

I think I’ve told you everything, but if there’s something I’ve missed or something you want more information about, don’t be shy about asking.  I’m more than delighted to help out a fellow crafter.

On a personal health note … It would appear that the infection I had has now cleared up  (hurrah!) but I’m still suffering this doggam awful pain and the doctor can’t figure that one out.  He’s checked me for any signs of a rash (thinking possibly Shingles) but there is none.  He’s booked me for a blood test (tomorrow) to take a look at my kidneys and see if something is going on there.  After that …  I think Mr.Cobs is taking me to our vets to see if they can sort me out.

Well that’s me done and dusted.  Have a wonderful, bright start to your new week.  May your Monday be peaceful.  Gentle.  Mild.  And may you end the day with a smile, and the thought that, if you consider what COULD have gone wrong today – all things considered, you had a fairly good day.

Sending warm wishes and snuggly hugs your way ~




40 thoughts on “Ye Olde Christmas Past!

  1. oh so glad you are getting better. Have you tried Turmeric for pain. I works. Aaaaaalso…like minds are fun. this stamp set was used on one of my card orders. The lamp post any way. I really wanted the other lamp post she has but it was sold out. Happen to me all the time ..just need to hop on thing s in a more timely fashion I guess. Do have a good day. xoxo to all the Cobs

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    • Hello Beverly.
      Turemeric for pain? I’ve never heard of that. Oooo, well there’s something new to look into!

      Aww sorry to hear you lost out on the stamp you wanted. But I know how you feel. I do that same thing and kick myself for not ordering something sooner. tsk tsk.
      Thanks for visiting Beverly. Hope your day is filled with blessings. ~ Cobs. x


  2. Really like the effect of the “snow”. I am after some mica flakes for that purpose. I have never used them before, only that glitter glue stuff for my snow. The window is very lovely and the lamp post, well, everything really.
    We had some rain mixed during the night here in Victoria, BC and it is stuck on my windshield, looks pretty, but …
    Thanks for sharing this lovely Cobs.

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    • Oooo, I hope that mix of rain and frozen stuff isn’t actually stuck to your windshield, bur merely resting there (so that it flies off with the first pass of the wiper blades). We’ve had some ‘scrape it off’ ice days here over the past couple of weeks – and those weren’t in the least bit fun. Brrrrrr.

      Thanks for visiting Soozy. Lovely to see you. ~ Cobs. x

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  3. I love this Dickensian look. Street lamps, railings and doorways for some reason really appeal to me for Christmas cards. So, I love what you made! Glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope the vet is gentle with you, and he doesn’t take your temperature…..

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  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better…..sad to hear you still have pain. Try the turmeric as Beverly suggested. I hear it is good for you.
    Laughed like a crazy woman on the vet comment. That is always a line my husband uses…”Do you need to go to the vet?” Never sure what he is thinking on that one and don’t dare ask. Just make sure when you see him you don’t bite….I am thinking that cone thing they put on dogs would NOT be a good look for this season.
    Loved the card!

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    • To be honest .. the vet has a better bedside manner than *some* of the doctors at my practise. However, there is one Doctor who’s brilliant….so he’s the one I see.

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, and I’m thrilled you like the card. Bless your heart.
      Sending squidgs ~ Cobs. xxx

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