Things I’ve learned this Week

Welcome to the Friday Postcard from Cobwebs, where I share with you all the stuff I’ve learned this week.

Life teaches us all some lessons and ‘stuff’ it believes we need to learn or know about.  Some of these things might be painful.  Some of them may give you a heartache.  Some may touch you so deeply that you can almost feel this  ‘thing’  slowly sinking into your soul.  Some things may make you cry.  But then there are some things which will make you smile.  Or laugh.  Or just set up your day with a base of a good mood which carries you through your day.  I’m hoping that this Friday Postcard, from me to you, will be one which starts your day off with at least one smile. Shall we dive in?

What I’ve learned this week  . . .

I’ve learned that when I leave the house, clamber into my car, put my seatbelt on,  start-up the car and put it into reverse in order to get off my drive ….  I’ve learned that around the point I’ve backed out of my drive and driven just a little way down the road,  it’s usually at this point  that I realise that the reason my eyes are so blurry isn’t because I didn’t get enough sleep, but because I’ve forgotten to put my darn glasses on!  [sigh]   Why do I keep doing this?  Why haven’t I actually learned this lesson yet.  You’d think that at my age (of over 21 plus a lot of tax), it would be as natural to put my glasses on as it is to pick up my car keys.

I’ve learned that the world has more information than a brain can surely hold,   but not enough inspiration.

We live in a computerised/technological world.  Everything is run by computers.  With more and more things being computerised, daily.  I watched TV a couple of days ago and saw how a short black cylinder with a blue light halo around the top can now turn on lights or the kettle or the washing machine or .. well just about anything  while you’re not even in the house!  It can make a shopping list for you by you just talking to it and asking it to add (eg) a loaf of bread to the list.  It sits in the corner, or on the table, or … well just about anywhere it seems, and it’s ALWAYS on.  You never turn it off.  It’s just there.  Listening to you and waiting for you to say it’s name – Alexa.

You can ask it virtually anything, and it will give you an answer within seconds.  How far away is the Sun?  It knows.  Is there a particular store in your city?  It knows.  How to spell a word?  It knows.  Watch the little video below, but beware … you might end up thinking you should have one. lol

Then the presenter on the TV showed me how I could get a tiny circular vacuum cleaner to clean my carpets and floors while I was out at work, by setting a timer on it.  Then, before I came home from work, the carpets would all be super clean.  However, if the machine began to run out of charge, it would return itself to the docking station and would re-charge itself, then set off again, back to where it left off, and continue cleaning the floors for you!

Then they turned to a fridge and showed us how a computerised ‘thing’ on the door, would take note of what was inside the fridge, and if someone opened the door and took out (say) the Melon.  Then this computerised gadget would know that it had been taken and would register this on the door.  It even had another little gadget installed in it which, at the press of a button, you could actually see what was in the fridge instead of opening the door.  Oh.. and it even took note of ‘eat by’ due dates, and would flash this information for you when that due date got near so that you could make sure to include that item in your menu.

See … this is all very clever but …  and here’s the thing …  What the divil is wrong with picking up a pen and making a shopping list?  What’s the problem with YOU vacuuming your carpet?  Is turning the kettle on so hard labour that we need a gadget to do it for us?  Why do we need a ‘Hive’ to control our heating at home, when we can cope perfectly well with getting our bottoms out of our chair and change the setting if we need to?

As for not opening the door of the fridge to see what’s inside …  is  ANYONE REALLY THAT LAZY  that they need this screen on the outside of the fridge door so that they can simply look at the fridge for the information???

Like I said … the world has more information than you can shake a stick at, and if you don’t know something, then a few taps on a keypad connected to the internet will get you the information you need to find out what you need to know.  But stop right there for a moment.  Computers are a recent invention.  Most homes didn’t have a home computer until around mid 1980’s.  So if you were born before around 1985-1990, then the question is … what did you do before then if you wanted to know something?   And what if we wanted to remember to buy a joint of meat and some apples from the shops – what on earth did all us numbskulls do then? We must have done something because we all know quite a bit of stuff and none of it was learned from or via a computer!

We now focus so much on the outside ‘stuff’ that there’s a deficit on the inside ‘stuff’.  Where are the things which are going to help with that?  Where is The Balance?  Where is the Inspiration?  What exactly is Inspirational about these gadgets?

Are we actually going to end up like the dystopia scene, (nearing the end) of the movie Wall-E?

I’ve learned this week  (and this surprised me)  that half the human beings who’ve ever lived are reckoned to have been killed by the mosquito.

3,000 people die of malaria every day (malaria caused by a mosquito bite).  That’s 45 billion human beings in our history.  Mosquitoes carry more than a hundred potentially fatal diseases including malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, filariasis and elephantiasis. Even today, they kill one person every twelve seconds.  Which leads me to thinking that if the super intelligent guys who are designing and making the gadgets which I’ve just talked about, instead put their minds to solving this mosquito problem, then perhaps that problem solving thing would REALLY be something to celebrate. (instead of seeing inside the fridge with the door closed. huh!)

I’ve learned that Mr. Cobs idea of putting super duper new over-head lights in the ‘Executive Art Annexe’ to replace the old ones  (craft room to you and me) was one of the best ideas he’s ever had (obviously the best was marrying me. lol).  These new lights are BRILLIANT!  It’s like having natural light in there all the time.  So much better for crafting by and I LOVE THEM!

I’ve learned that who ever’s in charge of turning Autumn into Winter is obviously new to the job this year, and that the previous person must have retired,  because –  on November the 1st,  it didn’t just get cooler, it turned into frost on my windscreen and me into a dithering woman who began the day wearing a v-neck long sleeve top, and had to get a scarf out to cover up that v-neck bit because it was icy cold!  Someone needs to have a word with this obviously new employee whose joy of getting the job has gone to his/her head (I feel it’s a chap to be honest – not sure why) – and ‘he’ is enjoying the power he’s now got.   I wonder if he was a Traffic Warden in a previous existence?

And finally …  I learned some new (to me) jokes … and I just  HAVE  TO  share them with you….

Why do the Teletubbies go to the toilet together?  ….  because they’ve only got one tinky winky!

Why is 6 afraid of 7?  . . .   Because 7 8 9

How do you make a band stand?  . . .  Take away their chairs

What’s white and can’t climb trees?  . . .  A fridge!

What do you call an alligator with GPS?  . . .  A navigator.

What do you call an alligator in a vest?  . . .  An investigator.

I’ve just put my friend Richard on speed dial on the phone.  . . .  it’s my Get-Rich-Quick scheme.

Ok I’ll stop.   … you’ve suffered enough.  🙂  lol

Wishing you a truly Fabulous Friday, filled with a balance of innocent fun, smiles, love, care, and friendliness.  May any gremlins which get into your day be shooed off and not hang around long.  Have a wonderful dayBut … remember to stop and make a memory at some point today!

Play safe, be good to each other,  and may your God go with you.







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39 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned this Week”

  1. Actual tears again at the jokes, especially the teletubbies one. I’ve learned sometimes new isn’t that scary, that I overthink every flipping thing and that some people are low lives whilst others are true gems. An older lady had her handbag stolen in town the other day and the lady in the shop we were in was so kind and helpful to her. I felt overwhelmingly sad for her, she had no phone numbers with her to contact anyone. I emailed her employer (big chain store) to say how great she was but I can’t stop thinking about the lady whose bag was taken.
    I went to a new school and met some lovely people as well as having a fab day which reminded me why I chose teaching as a career.
    Have a lovely weekend x x

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    1. Ohhh Mrs. Craft … I want to just hug you right now.

      We don’t always thank people at the right time, for the right thing, or for the right reasons. So keeping that in mind, . . . I want to thank you for caring so much, both about the lady who had her handbag stolen, and about the lady who helped her.

      Bless you for emailing the employer of the one lady and praising her. That was such a wonderful thing to do. I pray that the lady who had her bag stolen only lost a small amount of money, and that any cards she lost in the theft were stopped quickly enough to ensure that no purchases were made using the cards.

      Perhaps, if you feel you wanted to do something, I’m wondering if the Police who dealt with the case would pass on maybe a handmade card from you, with a note inside, wishing her well and saying how upset you are for her. If you wanted to you could include your telephone number, or your address.

      Over-thinking …. ohhhh Mrs. Craft, you are speaking to the Queen of Over-thinking! I have driven my family crazy because I make alternative plans (for every single thing) JUST IN CASE something should happen.
      Aww, I can very much relate, and you’re not alone.

      Tickled pink that you liked the jokes and that my own favourite (the Teletubbies one) was the one which hit you in your funny bone! LOL

      BRILLIANT sounding day at the new school! Is this one you’re going to be working at?
      Teaching … a hard job, and many people don’t realise how hard. I’d like to put those complainers who stand outside school and gripe about the teacher in their little darlings class, in with a class of 30 children, for one week, and see how sane they come out at the end of that week. (personally I’d place my bet on them lasting no more than a couple of hours).

      GREAT comment Mrs. C. Thank you so much for coming and for spending time to chat. It’s like I poured coffee for us and we sat at the kitchen table just sharing our week. Loved it. Really, really enjoyable.

      Sending squidges and love ~ Cobs. x

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      1. Bless you, thank you. The school was a one off, just covering a teacher on a course, but still lovely. I will have a think about what to do about the lady who had her bag stolen, I’ve no idea if it was reported or anything as the shop assistant took her to the security officers who patrol the shopping area. I can pray for her though, and I will.
        I think kids we probably earned a cake with that coffee, putting the world to rights! Xx

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  2. The new weather ‘Guy’ has been round ours to throw his weight about as well !!!!! gawd it’s chilly and only 4 days into November what is that all about LOL
    Don’t even get me started on computerised thingys to rule the home … I think it’s almost scary that folks would give a computermebob that much control in their lives …or is that just me being paranoid ?? I’m surprised I even managed to grow up as computermebobs didn’t enter my life till the mid-late 80’s no wonder crafting has such a cult following as it relies on personal inspiration and input ….rant over I’m off to ‘The Workplace’

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    1. I agree with every single word you just said.
      The weather guy …. needs me to go and have a wee chat with him about the politeness of things, and how to introduce a new season of weather to the lovely people down on planet Earth. He desperately needs to learn some manners.

      Yes, you’re absolutely right about computermalising things in the house. IT SHOULDN’T BE DONE AND … those fools who are trusting this stuff, blindly, don’t see where this could actually end up. Daughter No.2 used to roll her eyes and laugh at me when I ‘went off on one’ (as she used to say) about camera’s being inside laptops, and how they could be turned on remotely and no one would know. So… I cut the sticky part of a post-it note off the post-it, and then stuck the sticky bit over the ‘eye’ of the camera on my laptop… and I’ve done that ever since.

      But … I’ll let you into a secret… Daughter No.2 now does exactly the same thing! Now this young woman was a complete computer whizz kid from an early age … and if she’s now got to that stage where she’s not overly trusting of __________(fill in blank space) then I think that I’m happy to have been doing this for quite some years now … and happy to admit that I do it too.

      You rant all you like P. I’ll be on that platform with you, waving the flag (do we have a flag yet? We should make one!) and supporting every word you say! YAY!

      Have fun at The Workplace.
      Oodles of love and squishy stuff ~ Cobs. x

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      1. I love how sooner or later our children come round to our way of thinking …see mum always did know best LOL
        Gawd help anyone who turned my computermebob camera on remotely I’d scare them half to death with my Medusa hair, my uber comfy pink fluffy dressing gown on – my days off or a nurse tunic on workdays…the poor folks would think they had tuned into a live version of The Rocky Horror Show / play Misty for me …
        Just to complete the image you already have of me in your minds eye I have seen the most fantastic pair of Sarah -Jane style slippers ~ the fact a 90 yr old was wearing them has nothing to do with the tale ….just let me say I was soooo torn to wrestle them off her to make them my own, I can feel a crochet project coming on !!!!

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        1. Those slippers sound like the real deal! I can only imagine the softness and warmth. AND the fact that they’d stay on your feet too!

          You might be able to enter for the Rocky Horror Show … but I was cast for the Munsters. eeek!
          lol ~ Cobs. x

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          1. If only we has been cast in the Adams Family *deep sigh* Moo & I watched together last weekend it’s lovely to see him react to the films ect I love ..he asked if we have a ‘Cousin It’ ~do you know I think that accurately describes one of my rellies lol

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  3. Oh, Cobs, only one Tinky Winky! You have me giggling aloud in the predawn here! I am all for computers and innovation, but I don’t think my appliances need one (unless it can tell me what part just broke and how much it will cost to fix it!). So glad that the new lights Mr. Cobs installed for you are fabulous. No solution for the “forgot me glasses” issue…been there, done that. Have a wonderful weekend, I hope your new weather controller eases up. 😉

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    1. Hello Kathy, Happy Friday!
      [actually laughing to myself here] … yes, the Tinky Winky one is my absolute favourite too. LOL.

      I’m totally in agreement about household appliances not needing to be linked up to computers for any reason. Have people on Earth really got that lazy?

      Lovely to see you Kathy … thanks for dropping by and having a coffee with me!
      Have a wonderful day. Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  4. Good morning Cobs 🙂 Thank you for the chuckle – I am sat her laughing at your jokes whilst making a mental note to read them to my daughter later. She loves having jokes to tell people and its high time we have a new batch.

    My mum has hive heating and she loves it until the unthinkable happened. Yes, her internet went down this week, just as the new chap controlling the switch between autumn and winter started his job and the mornings got frosty. With no internet she couldn’t turn her heating on. I shouldn’t laugh really because my heating is currently not working properly either but I feel justified in sitting shivering as I ate all the Halloween chocolates (I mentioned yesterday about the enormous bag left) and I’m convinced that I must now be burning off the extra calories.

    I remember the day when my family got our first computer. I was about 14 I think. Dial up broadband was just the funniest thing as it made a sound equal to what I think it would sound like if aliens invaded. My kids think I’m joking when I tell them this, no, that I’m making it up to try to teach them a lesson – me ‘kids, the wifi has gone off for a minute, find something else to do’ to which I face a wall of blank stares. I love modern gadgets but I already learned a love for other things, ie, books, listening to music, crafting and the best, silence. My kids are growing up in an age where everything is available online so why pick up a book and browse through it or why just sit and enjoy something quietly without having someone chattering on inanely on YouTube. I guess its up to me to teach them but its hard when its all around you now. I have taught my daughter to read the small print on all the advertising that she now sees as I was becoming fed up with being pestered with a long list of demands for things she has seen. She now comes to me with a list of all the ‘bad’ points (batteries not included, only £79.99 etc).

    I seem to have left an essay instead of a comment. What I have learned this week – that eating a big bag of chocolate makes my clothes shrink in the wash 😉

    Have a good Friday. Hannah x

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    1. Dearest Hannah ….
      firstly .. I love you to pieces for visiting and leaving such a wonderful chat for me to get settled with a coffee and read. After reading, I sat back and really did feel like we’d chatted and put the world to rights over a cup of coffee. WONDERFUL!

      Your moms heating … see, this is what I’m talking about! Your mom has Hive controlling her heating for her. But … if the internet connection breaks down, as in your moms case, then people are left freezing and without any heating at all. We cannot MUST NOT put all our trust into computermalising our homes (I made up that computermalising word – but it fits what I’m trying to say). If the internet fails, then not only will our heating go belly up – but our fridges will turn themselves off. Our kettles won’t any longer have a button to turn them on because they will have removed that bit as it surely won’t be needed anymore!!! Our whole lives could totally break down because of an internet failure. Yes, it might only be for a day until they fix the problem… but, as I have personal experience I feel totally correct in saying that some internet failures can last many months. It works/it doesn’t work. It works/it doesn’t work. It works …. we had this problem continually happening for over four months – sometimes two or three times a day. Had our home been run by computerised bits of expensive gadgets, our home would have been like a cell in a prison. Somewhere we slept and sat, but with no joy and certainly not home.

      Ahhh… oh the joys of dial up!!! LOLOLOL. I remember the singing sounds, beeping, squeeeeeeeealing, high pitched computerised sounds which went right through me. I used to turn the computer on and go and get things ready for our evening meal. Peel potatoes and carrots, chop them and pop them into a pan of water. Then I’d make a coffee and come back to the pooter to see if it had finished and actually connected. YAY if it had, but if it hadn’t … I’d walk off and do something else to fill in the time. Vacuum. Get the ironing board out and iron Mr.Cobs shirts. Check computer again … go back and iron school dresses, blouses, trousers. Check computer again. Look at clock… almost time to go and collect girls from schools … so I’d give up and turn computer off, with the thought that I’d try later, when the girls had gone to bed.

      You tell your little ones that they need to believe you because I can confirm every word you say!

      LOVE that you’ve taught your daughter to read the small print – for that’s where they hide the actual information that you really DO need. It’s also a way of teaching her the real value of something. She’ll learn quickly that these companies can really pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to the truth about toys.

      With regard to the lesson you’ve learned this week … ahh, we’ve all been there, done that, got the T-shirt (which no longer fits becausssssse … lol). Don’t sweat the small stuff. Unless it helps to burn off the extra calories as you sit shivering in this cold.

      Not an essay at all, you dafty. A beautiful, incredible, wonderful visit with a pal, where we talked and talked and put the world to rights. Even if it did entail a bit of a giggle about moms heating (and I hope she’s back to toasty warmth now). Loved it Hannah. Totally.
      Sending warm squidges ~ Cobs. x

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      1. It does feel as if we have had a proper chat today 🙂 My Mum is indeed warm for now but the whole thing is being temperamental and it will be weeks till and engineer goes to look at it (the wifi that is).

        The problem with having everything controlled with a tap on your tablet or phone is that we will eventually need to eradicate the need to shift off the sofa for anything more than the loo (heaven forbid any gadget should be called to replace that!)

        The extra chocolate calories were an essential to help me fight my cold. The biggest lesson I learned this week is that if the bag of chocolates is left next to my craft desk any type of will power is forgotten.

        Dial up internet was hilarious. Half the time it didn’t work and the other half you couldn’t find what you wanted 🙂

        Anyway, the day is running away again and I haven’t even washed the dishes from breakfast yet.

        Hope you are having a lovey Friday. Hannah x

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        1. [nodding]… it really does feel like we’ve spent time together, chatting, me helping you do the dishes, you sharing some time in the ‘Executive Art Annex”, both of us going through my stuff and seeing if you want anything I no longer use …. Y’know, the usual girly get together. lol. (if you were here, I’d have to get the vacuum out in my craft room, because there are so many bits of paper from die cutting, on that floor that I’m seriously worried that it’s going to swallow me up and I’ll never be seen again. But .. at least I’ll be happy. LOL

          I know the struggle with crafting and chocolate being there. It calls to you, like a Siren calling to the sailors . . . or like Kaa, the snake, mesmerising you … “Trust in me, just in me
          Shut your eyes and trust in me
          You can sleep safe and sound
          Knowing I am around

          Slip into silent slumber
          Sail on a silver mist
          Slowly and surely your senses
          Will cease to resist.

          see .. you don’t know it yet, but your heart and mind are now calling silently to chocolate. It’s a plot. A Government plot. Although they keep spouting on about the world getting fatter, they’ve doing stuff which makes chocolate addictive. (and you and I are too weak to resist! lol). xxx


  5. Is there a key to retrieve something that has been wiped off of reply? Why can’t I get this right once…..Agree totally that the “smart” tech. stuff has dumbed us down .. Cob….your funnies are too funny. xoxo for the day.

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    1. Hello dearest Beverly.
      Aw … I feel your pain in the wish to retrieve something which was wiped off a comment/reply when you’ve typed it. I HATE it when that happens to me. Apparently it’s because my right thumb gets lazy and droops down over the little mouse pad on my laptop, which then somehow highlights a section of my typed word, and …. WIPES THE DOGGAM STUFF OFF MY REPLY! (and now your’s apparently too).

      I know the pain.

      Yes … tech stuff really has and is making us more stupid, every day which passes. It worries me Beverly. It worries me for the future of the world, and our children, and grandchildren. All this computerised stuff is not good for their minds, their brains or their thinking/reasoning abilities.

      Glad you liked the jokes, and that you got a smile from them.
      Thanks for visiting Beverly. I love seeing you my friend.
      Sending oodles of squidges ~ Cobs. x


  6. OH MY Dog! 🙂 Yesterday I was looking forward to your “Things I learned This Week” So many great points again!! Balance! It is such a work in progress, such as I am 🙂 The pro’s and con’s! Sending lots of warmth and sunshine from me to you! xxxx 🙂


    1. Hello fabulous Ruthie!
      [sings. . . “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey”] 🙂
      Aw, I’m thrilled to pieces to see you here, sharing a coffee with me, Ruthie, and so happy that you enjoyed this weeks Postcard from Cobs. lol

      Life is a work in progress, isn’t it. I really don’t feel that with all the ‘challenges’ we have with life in general, every day, that we need to mess up our homes with computerised this, that and all the others! I mean to say … who would need to know, without opening the fridge door, that there was no melon in there? Is opening the door of a fridge so difficult that we humans can’t manage it? If we can’t manage it, then why would we need to know what’s in the fridge, because … even if we knew and wanted that thing, we couldn’t open the door to get it!! LOL.

      Sending hugs and squidges from me here, to you there. ~ Cobs. x

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  7. See, now I am wondering what happens in a house where there is already a person, maybe a child, called Alexa? How confusing will that get? Alexa – have you done your homework? Alexa – where are you going with that? Alexa – go to bed. Alexa – eat your broccoli. Alexa – stop picking your nose. That sort of thing. You’d probably have to rename the kid. Or at least pay for the therapy they are bound to need as an adult when the issues of constantly having a machine answer for you in your formative years start to kick in.
    Also, the FRIDGE. Supposing you are trying to organise a surprise party for a loved one? Then they walk past the fridge and the closed door lights up and tells them it is stuffed to the gills with sausages on sticks and birthday cake? The manufacturers have not thought this through AT ALL. I think something akin to a digital passport is required. So only certain people can open the fridge or see the contents from the outside. Dieters won’t be tempted, kids won’t know that vegetables are being hidden in their dinner. It could even end up with the dog learning how to see if there is a juicy chunk of meat inside and Sunday lunch is a goner. Then again, we could just keep the fridge as it is.

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    1. Actually laughing out loud. (or ‘lod’ as I originally typed).

      It’s little Cobs I worry about … how can I tell him that there’s only fruit for pudding, when he could clearly see that there’s a bar of Toblerone in the fridge, and some fingers of fudge, and some chocolate buttons, and (his favourite) Mint Poppets. He’s going to realise that his Grammy is a great big fibber! I cannot deal with that. No.. not having that Fridge at all. Besides… it’s freaky!

      Alexa .. I have a very low opinion of Alexa. Lower than you first might think.
      ~ C. x

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  8. Absolutely love the jokes…..from tinky winky to get Rich quick! I am going to have to find someone named Rich just so I can use that joke :).
    Laughed about the sticky note over the little camera on your computer. My husband did the same thing with ours. Our sons laughed till they heard a computer geek say they did the same thing!
    Not sure what we did without all the “conveniences” people have now. I think we had kids so they could run turn the tv channel (before remotes).
    I did ask my fellow cook at school the other day what we used our spare hand for when we were in school. She gave me a funny look till I explained that every kid is saw had their cell phone tightly gripped in one had and lunch tray in the other. I just wondered what we used that other hand for as we had no cell phones……..
    Always enjoy your Friday lists….I learn things :).

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    1. I’ve just read your comment out to Mr. Cobs and we’ve both sat here chuckling away together. LOVE your comment “I think w had kids so they could run turn the V channel” … Mr. Cobs guffawed at that. (me … I gasped and said: ‘Oh! I forgot about that! No remotes. oh heck, yes. Look how lazy we’ve got!’ ~ with eyes as wide as saucers!

      The ‘spare hand’ … again, I never thought about that either! Laughed but at the same time, … my brain kind of acknowledged that although this was funny – there actually is some truth about that. What did we use that hand for?

      So happy tha you like this Friday thing. I’m sometimes stunned by the things I’ve learned .. and amazed at how the smallest thing can tickle the heck out of me and bring out my inner child to play.
      love ~ Cobs. x

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      1. I think you are so right about the inner child thing. My husband often says life was more exciting as a kid. I think you have found the secret and that is opening our eyes to the wonder of the small things that we learn. Keep them coming and you and Mr. Cobs have a blessed weekend!

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        1. Ohh, you too Chicken. (I’m a tad miffed you haven’t had your walnut whips yet… and worried that a customs officer saw that they were labelled ‘confectionery’ on the customs label and … uhmm… how can I say this …. erm … decided to do a taste test. But … I might be worrying too soon. They could turn up next week.

          I cross my heart and promise faithfully, Chicken, to keep ’em coming for as long as my brain works and my fingers type.

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          1. I know….I keep asking my husband if he is sure the whips did not come while I was gone. Else I might suspect him!!
            I do know that our mail seems to come a day or so later than my family in town. Being in the country always takes a bit longer to get here.
            as soon as they get here and I take my first bite I will let you know.
            Hmmmmm…..I wonder if our mailman has been reading the blogs about the walnut whips……..I may have to check for chocolate and marshmallow on his face and walnut pieces in his teeth.

            Liked by 1 person

  9. ‘What’s white and can’t climb trees? . . . A fridge!’ although the special one you refer to would know HOW to do it!
    Good post once again, Cobs – especially the part of how we could be using our minds better. We can do it – it’s just doing it. We should come up with a device that gives inspiration – that may help. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suggest a bundle of bloggers I know. They fill me with lots of inspiration. Not always sensible, but inspiration all the same. 😉
      Great to see you Tom, and thanks for the fabulous comment.
      Happy Saturday my blogging friend. ~ Cobs. x


  10. So much learning in so little time! Amazing what our minds do whether we’re paying attention to them or not. I found your learnings amusing, worthy of reflection, and, in the case of computers, a little spooky. I’m so glad I dropped in on you today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh hello Aunt Beulah! Aw I do so love seeing you.
      Thrilled that you got a little fun out of this post, and yes, it really is amazing what our minds take in and learn – even if we don’t register these things.

      I’ve found the more I pay attention to ‘THE MOMENT’ – the more I see lessons, and the more I learn, about myself, life, the world, and just about everything, the more joy I experience! It’s almost … magic.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. HaHaHa Cobs, love the jokes! As for gadgets, the only time Alexa will be useful for me is when senility really kicks in and I need to be told how to do things and when! So right when you say how did we cope without these things? Personally an awful lot better, as we actually had to learn our jobs, remember everything and use everything in order to live! Well I’m jumping off my soap box before I get really going lol! Love the Friday posts. Hugs x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kim.
      Oh, I absolutely agree with you there! I think we really did do an awful lot better before we had all these gadgets and computers which were meant to make jobs more efficient, but instead of doing that, they’ve dummed down our brains. Our brains no longer function in an educated way.

      Thrilled you like the Friday ‘Things I’ve Learned’ posts.
      Sending good wishes your way ~ Cobs. x

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