Things I’ve Learned This Week

Welcome, dear readers, to the Friday Postcard from the land of Cobwebs, where you learn about the lessons life has taught me in the past week.

Without further ado, I’m going to plunge you straight into the shallow pool in which I paddle…..

I’ve learnt that it’s bloomin’ annoying when they suddenly take my hair shampoo off sale and instead bring out a NEW, IMPROVED variety, without any warning.  Had they put out a notification that they were going to do this, I would have gone and bought up as many bottles as possible and kept them in storage, for use whenever I needed it.  I’m now left with yet another seek and find operation to find a shampoo which doesn’t make my hair hang like it’s suffering with a bad bout of depression, or my head itch or burn. Or any number of combinationsWhy do companies do this?  It’s most impolite!

I learnt this week (and this one surprised the heck out of me that (last year) the Hershey Company of the USA had British Chocolate made by Cadbury BANNED in the USA, and because of that two of the biggest importers of Cadbury Chocolate were no longer allowed import and sell the British Chocolate within the USA.

The Hershey Company banned (yes banned) Cadbury Chocolate from the USA!  No I couldn’t believe this either so went in search of the truth.  Turned out … it was true….

Now I have a handful of friends who were born and bred in the USA and they all love British Chocolate.    So I hope that they will continue to be able to find what they desire.  However … a certain blogger – Chicken Grandma – will (next week) get her first taste of Walnut Whips which I’ve posted to her.  If she loves them … I want her to be able to seek and find them so that she can keep up her supply.  😉

I’ve learned that  when I’m not feeling too well,  I really, really should stop what I’m doing and just let my body heal itself in its own time, and not push my luck.  Because pushing my luck ends up costing me more days of not being too well.  So give in, give up and go to bed.  That’s the rule I’m going to go by from now on.

I learned the hard way that when I see some crafty item or another, and I fall in lurve with it, I should think carefully about whether I should buy two or three packs at the time …  because that store where you bought your item from, might just put the price up to double the price you paid just two days earlier, once it finds out that crafters really, really like this item and want it on their Christmas cards!  DOUBLE THE PRICE IN JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS!  What a liberty!  Grrrr!  😦

I realised (so I guess I learned this about myself this week) that I no longer take myself as seriously as I did when I was younger.  I’ve found that I’m far more relaxed and more chilled now.  Things don’t bother me like they used to.  Appointments being cancelled … [shrugs] that’s ok.  Just make another one.  The store being out of stock of the item I travelled there just to buy ….  ah nevermind.  Find something else, or wait till they get it back in.  Nothing really gets me angry or mad any more.  I’m just the chilled out person I always knew I could be if I tried.  Thing is … I’m not trying.  It just seemed to happen!

I’ve learned that no matter how serious your own life iseveryone needs a friend to be silly with.  Someone you can just be silly with.  Harmlessly so.  Innocent fun.  Just regular silly stuff.  Someone to have a laugh or a giggle with.

I’ve learned that my 5-year-old Grandson, Little Cobs, is apparently  the Worlds Chief Fingernail  Superintendent, and if he feels that my nails are too long for any Grammy of his, then he’s going to tell me about it over and over until I get my nail scissors out and cut that nail to a length he finds acceptable.  (yes … this really did happen.  I josh you not!).

I’ve learnt that Mr. Cobs and I are going to have to resort to trickery to get Little Cobs out of the house when he comes every Saturday for the day.  His daddy drops him off with us, and the moment that front door closes, we cannot get him to come out with us in the car at all.  He just doesn’t want to leave the house, not for weeks on end now – he’ll take his bike out into the garden and race around that, but that’s as far as it goes.

And … we think we may have figured out why.  He knows that if he goes out in Grammys car, it could be that we’re taking him home.  Soooo he might think that we’ll take him home if we go out, soooo …  we’re going to swap things around.  We’re going to pack a winter picnic in the car, then instead of Daddy dropping him off, we’ll instead go there and collect him from daughter and son-in-law’s home….  then we’ll go take him somewhere for this picnic (if it’s too cold to eat outdoors, then we’ll sit in the car and eat it).  Then afterwards we can do something outside.  Something fun.  Even just kicking a ball around the park with Grandad or even something like a hunt for treasure on the beach (if the sun is out).  Anything, just to get him outside having a bit of fun.

And finally ….

I’ve learned that the obnoxious smell which my dog can emit – particularly and only when her bottom is facing my way – be it in our bedroom, the living room or any other room – including my Craft Room (how very dare she)  …. might turn me green;  make me fall off my chair;  go into debt to buy sprays and expensive scented candles which will disguise the smell enough to stop me vomiting ….  but I’ve learned that I can actually live through them …. even when holding my breath and trying to make a hasty retreat to some other room where she can’t follow me!

Mr. Cobs let her eat what was left in one of our cats food dishes today which has caused her a windy pops problem  … and if he EVER does that again I’m going to either:-

A)  D.I.V.O.R.C.E him.  

B)  Cut his ‘pom poms’ off (yes we really do call them that ever since our youngest daughter asked us, when she was knee-high to an ant,  “Why does Daddy have pom poms and I don’t?”.   They’ve been ‘pom poms ever since.      … or 

C)  Shave all his hair off while he’s blissfully snoring the night away.

Be Warned, Cobs The Bogey Man!  Be Warned!.

Well … that’s a list of all the lessons life has taught me in the last seven days.  Or rather … it’s the ones I can remember.   So what about you?  Have you learned anything this week?  Has life taught you the secrets of how to stay forever young?  Win the lottery?  Be forever as beautiful as you are right now?  What?  C’mon, share what lessons you’ve learned this week.

If they’re tough lessons which require us all to gather around you and hug you … then we will.

If they’re lessons which require us to laugh  … then we’ll do that easily.

But if they’re lessons that we can learn from, then we’ll willingly all sit in silence as you tell us what we need to know so that we don’t make that same mistake.

If you’ve learnt nothing at all this week … then for goodness sake tell us your favourite joke!  We all need to laugh far more than we do.  So come on…  share your best joke with us!

Sending oodles of squidges from my corner to yours. ~




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Hello. I'm 'Cobwebs'. I live in a wee little cottage in the South of England, aptly called Cobweb Cottage. This little dwelling really is a cobweb factory. Not inside (well, occasionally) - but outside - flipping heck! This information should give you a clue as to why my blog is called The Art of Cobwebs aka: The Cobweborium Emporium. I've been arty and crafty from a very young age, and although my crafts have sometimes turned a corner and taken me in another direction, I've always crafted in some way, shape or form. One day, in the blink of an eye, life changed somewhat for me and the consequences were many. I had to find a new way of being 'artistic'. Card making; scrap-booking; producing ATC's and ACEO's; needle felting; Polymer clay; painting- but in a more relaxed style than I had before, and sewing, - are all things which I visit, as and when life allows. I've fairy recently become a Textile Artist and am enjoying this new creative outlet very much as it offers me so much scope for letting my imagination run through a grassy field and feel the wind in my hair - (mentally, of course). I love to create. To make things. I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you've given your time, rather than your cash. Thank you so much for visiting. Please visit my blog (link below) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy, even if it's only a handful of jokes! (yes, seriously - there really are jokes!) Wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. <3

53 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned This Week”

  1. Oh my word Cobs!!! You had me from start to finish on this one. I have never had to deal with the shampoo issue……I, however, had a company dare to quit making their salsa seasoning blend which I used to make my canned salsa. I still haven’t found the perfect substitute.
    Next up….how dare Hershey ban Cadbury chocolate!!! I love those Cadbury eggs……I am eagerly awaiting that UK package with the delightful little nuggets of chocolate goodness!
    I loved hearing about your 5 year old grandson. I have one myself and they can be so funny. And yes they are very determined when it comes to their opinions.
    Pom poms…….hmmmm I believe I will not venture there :). (though I confess I laughed like crazy on that one!)
    One thing I learned about this week: What a Harryhausen movie was (courtesy of Paperpuff). I may have to check them out!

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    1. I’m so glad that I’m not alone in some of these things.
      How very dare that Company stop making your favourite Salsa seasoning blend! Don’t they know how important it is when making canned Salsa? You’ve got to eat that stuff for weeks! You need it to taste as good as it always has! What a darn cheek.

      Ohhh heavenly Cadbury Creme Eggs. I used to love those and would have one a week. I can’t eat the regular sized ones now as they’re a little too sweet – but I can eat those tiny ones which you can get in a bag! So I’m not missing out at all.

      Little Cobs – he’s such a delight and so funny. It’s such a joy to be in the company of him. I think he’s going to be a comedian. He has funny bones.

      OK … now the giggling has begun here … Pom Poms. This is very much a true story of how this ‘term’ all began. When our youngest daughter was little (2 going on 3 years old) she loved nothing more than taking a bath with mummy or daddy. It meant that she had that person all to herself and loved to play with all her bath toys with mum or dad. She’d already bought up the subject of bosoms (or ‘boobies’ as I termed them for her delicate years), as she wanted to know why I had them, where-as she had just a flat chest. I told her that I’d eaten A LOT of mashed potatoes as I was growin up, and that meant that I’d grown bigger ‘boobies’. (I am such a liar – I will never go to heaven). We went on to discuss what happened if you ate all your peas, all your cabbage, all your carrots etc etc etc… until we’d covered all the vegetables which she pulled a face at eating – and instilled these vegetables with magical qualities in abundance, and made her feel like she really should give them a better go than she currently was. (There’s a method in my madness).

      So … when she called to me from the bathroom one day, I swanned in, with the big towel she loved, ready to get her out and dried … as I was cuddling her in her towel she suddenly came out with the question you read in the post. To this day don’t know how I got through the answer without falling onto the floor and disolving into fits of giggles.

      Mr.Cobs – poor thing, was a little blustery and said, later that day when little one was down having an afternoon snooze – that he felt it was time to stop her stipping off and clambering into the bath with him, as he couldn’t cope with the questions as well as I did. LOL! Bless his heart.
      But I felt his pain and anguish and agreed.

      That term, ‘pom poms’ has gotten me in trouble many times – especially with our old vet where we used to live. A very matter of fact vet, and tells it like it is. When we took our cat to be neutered (castrated), I asked her if it was true that they did “‘X, Y and Z’ in order to deal with the operation involving his pom poms”. (using x, y and z here so that we don’t have to get graphic ).

      Our vet burst into uncontrollable laughter, doubled up over the reception desk … red in the face and could barely gasp for breath. She couldn’t believe that there stood this grown woman of ‘a sensible age’, who was calling the cats ‘wotsits’ Pom Poms. LOL.

      She, and he veterinary staff, dined out on that story for years. In fact, she’s probably still telling the tale at dinner parties and sat around the Christmas table, today. LOL.

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      1. Isn’t it great when you can be “humor fodder” for the world? I find it to be quite wonderful. I probably like the shock value when they get that look on their face like they do not know if they should laugh or stuff it in……aaaaaaah life is good.
        My husband quit showering with the boys when they were eye level with his pom poms…..too many comments for him to deal with also.

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        1. Life is indeed great Chicken.
          I don’t care one jot about letting people laugh along with me at the things which happen around here in my corner. We all need to laugh more.

          I think that women (on the whole) deal with little childrens questions in a more matter of fact way, (with a bit of humour thrown in there). But men, when it comes to personal things, just don’t seem able to cope and they seem to say “Oh, er… ask your mother. She’ll know about that.” LOL.

          We’re obviously just great at making things up which our children believe. LOLOLOL.

          Although … there is one major question our daughter asked me while I was driving the car one day. From the back seat came this little voice:
          “Mummy …. why are trees?”

          “Why are trees what, sweetheart?”

          “WHY are trees?”

          “Do you mean why are trees green?”

          [audible intake of breath from behind me]
          NO! WHY ARE TREES?
          (frankly had she added ‘you stupid woman!’ to the end of that short sentence it really wouldn’t have surprised me)

          “Why are trees made of wood?”

          in a voice rather too loud with a touch of anger ….

          “NO!!!! WHY. ARE. TREES?!!!”

          “Darling, I heard you ask the question, but I don’t understand what you’re asking, that’s why I’m asking you questions. Do you want to know why trees are along the road?”

          Daddy WHY ARE TREES?”

          …. silence from Daddy ….. apart from bursts of hidden laughing with lots of silent crying of tears, from the front passenger seat.

          “Daddy can’t answer you at the moment, he’s coughing. Let me try again… Do you mean why were trees invented?”

          By this time the child in the back had totally lost control and was telling me, in no uncertain terms, that I was a dope and she needed Daddy to stop coughing so he could answer the question because he would know the answer.

          Daddy didn’t stop ‘coughing’ – in fact, his ‘cough’ got worse.

          That question went unanswered, and to this day, about 26 years later, that question will sometimes pop up again and it still goes unanswered. However, I now calmly tell that same child that she’s still not too big to be put over my knee for a good spanked bottom. She might have been too little back then. But she’s most certainly not now.

          Kids. Gotta love ’em, but couldn’t eat a whole one.

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          1. Oh heavens. I was laughing so hard there were tears!! I kept thinking to myself what does the word trees sound like that she maybe isn’t even talking about trees?
            Our second son would get that “How stupid are you look?” on his face quite often when he was a child. (He was much more savvy than the first son who would just ask.) I always tried to remember to NEVER ask, “How stupid do you think I am?” I am afraid they would have answered!

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            1. Ok .. you have me laughing now too!

              I waited until they were old enough to ‘get’ sarcasm before I asked the question: “How stupid do you think I am?” …. and it still rebounded on me. LOL. But I learnt never to ask that question ever again. 😉 lol

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  2. Poor Mr. Cobs….Ouch! 🙂 Hope the new technique works for young cobs and you can have some trips out.
    One thing I have learnt, going back to your craft stash prices, is that Lidls (suppose it would work with any brand) baking parchment paper works perfectly as a release paper when using intricate dies. It does annoy me when x company advertise their craft products as being “especially designed to work with x product” and the price is double or treble the cost of a household product. I refused to buy “craft” release paper out of principle. My thought being that I had bought the dies and they should work on their own.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear Cobs.
    Hugs Flo x

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    1. Hello Flo. Happy Friday!
      Like you, I too refuse to buy that ‘special paper’ meant to ease the problem of getting some die cuts out of the die. I use a cheap brand of wax paper which I bought from either Ebay or Amazon (can’t remember which). It works perfectly and cost me a fraction of the price.
      Thank you for the comment and the great wishes Flo.

      May you too have a wonderful weekend, filled with peace, warmth, smiles and love.
      Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Yeah, that Hershey company…we do get some of the Cadbury products that are made in the USA, but the recipes are different, so they are NOT as satisfying as we remember. (I did look a Dairy Milk bar straight in the eye while shopping this week…but my new blue jeans said, “Hey! Don’t even think about making me obsolete so quickly! DO NOT pick up that Dairy Milk bar!”

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    1. Ohh, I’m right behind you Miss Kathy, supporting you and your new jeans. But .. one little bit won’t hurt. One bit a day. At say 2/3/4pm, with a cup of your favourite tea/coffee/chocolate. Make an occasion of it. But separate that one cube of chocolate from the bar, and leave the bar in the kitchen, in a cupboard, and take that cube to the table, or your comfiest chair in the living room. Make it special, so that it means something.

      It’s what I did … and it worked for me.

      You’re right about the Cadbury Chocolate made in the USA tasting different. It’s because although they (in the USA) use the same ingredients, they’re not in the same amounts. We use more milk and less sugar than the usa, so the balance is different and therefore the taste.
      Apparently, to get the real stuff in the US, you have to go to one of those specialist stores which stock genuine British Goods (more for ex pats than anyone else – but they’re growing popularity with American folks is really surprising).

      Thanks so much for visiting Kathy, and for leaving a comment too. Very much appreciated.
      Sending love to you in your corner from me in mine ~ Cobs. x

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        1. Laughing like a drain here.
          I feel your pain.

          Because of my love of chocolate, but my need to not eat so much of it, I signed up and joined a club called Hotel de Chocolat. I paid a monthly fee, and for that fee I would receive one box of specially selected hand made chocolates. (you can look them up on Google – they’re rather nice!)

          Because it was a little more costly than a bar of chocolate, – it made me look at chocolate in a different way. Instead of eating a bar or even half a bar, I had to spread those chocolates out over the month, in order to always have some chocolate available to me. So I would eat just one chocolate a day. Every day at 4pm. It worked like a dream for me and proved to me that I really could limit my chocolate intake.

          Maybe this would work for you too. But … you have to promise yourself that you won’t buy any other chocolate at all. You HAVE to stick to just eating the more expensive chocolates – just one a day.
          ~ Cobs. x

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          1. Thank you for the suggestion! I will have to work on it. See, for me, any package of chocolate can become SINGLE SERVING once it is open! I still have offspring in the house who like treats (and then I hear the treats calling me, “Kathy! Psssst! Release me from my package!”). Most of all, I am a stress eater, and life is a bit stressful right now (I am worried about (in no particular order!): my mother’s health (heart issues, and hardheadedness!), my brother’s debate on whether or not to divorce (I vote yes, but that is just between you & me), and Offspring3’s newly fractured foot (yesterday)!! To quote Kevin Costner from the movie, “Bull Durham”, “we are dealing with a lot of shit here!” (sorry for the language if language is offensive to you)

            SO, THANK YOU, Cobs, for listening to me vent and offering wonderful suggestions!

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            1. Ohhhhh Kathy, that’s a LOT to deal with. No wonder you’re feeling stressed. Far too much worry all at once.

              I too am a stress eater, and I always turn to things which aren’t good for my health. It’s not because of any addiction, but because when things are bad or stress filled, we need to feel comforted in a particular way, and (sadly) chocolate ( and also – for me – fruit. I’m a complete pig for fruit) are the things which give me a voice inside my; head? heart? somewhere? – and it says> “everything is fine. It’s all normal. These things which have or are going wrong are everyday things. I can cope. There’s nothing at all to worry about”. Sadly that clever, calming voice only lasts for the moment of pigginess because after that comes the voice which says: “You ate all that! Why?”, and then all the stress comes back.

              I shall pray for your mother – and give particular mention to both of her ‘problems’.
              Your brother’s current troubles … Yes, we’ll keep your thoughts between you and me and best not to give him your thoughts – for if something goes wrong or he regrets a decision he makes, he may feel like you were the person who ‘helped’ him make the ‘wrong’ decision and blame you in some way.

              Then,just to make sure you have a full years quota of stress delivered all at the same time … your darling child fractured his/her foot yesterday. The words ‘Cherry on the cake’ come to mind.

              Kathy … you’ve earned the right to any of the shiddy words you want to use my friend, and no, no offence here.

              Not sure if you’re a believer … but I am, so I’ll be including you in my prayers, my beautiful blogging friend.
              If you’re not a believer then just take it that I’m pushing very good thoughts out into the ether, and asking the universe to send some help your way.
              Me…. I’m sending love and care, from my corner, to yours, in abundance.
              ~ Cobs. x

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                1. Aw, dearest Kathy, please don’t feel the need to apologise, and as for “unleashing ‘too much information'” … heckaroonie… what are friends for if not being there so that you can unburden all that carp which goes round and round your brain until you begin to think your head is going to pop!

                  Kathy .. you can unleash any time you want, and since all comments are moderated, if you put anywhere in your comment that it’s not for publishing … then it won’t be published and it will be kept private between you and me. And no… I don’t mind. I wouldn’t be offering if I did.
                  Chin up Private Kathy D. You and I have just formed a gang. It’s the smallest gang in the world, but it’s a mighty gang. We’re going to take on those problems and kick the shid out of them. YEAH!

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  4. Oh! And maybe, if you introduce Little Cobs to a map (paper or the internet), and show him where you want to go, how you will travel, he will be more inclined to go of your house?

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  5. It sounds like you have had quite a week !!
    A fingernail monitor, devising a subterfuge plan for Little Cobs, price hikes, removal of your shampoo, then poor K9’s ‘Gas Attacks’ I fear for Mr Cobs pom poms *laughing like a hyena …to the point Mr P thought I was having some sort of asthma attack*
    Things I refuse to learn are ..the difference between chow mein & chop suey ~ I like them both so the extra surprise when when my order arrives is a bonus I like to live on the edge LOL I don’t know who is who between Ant & Dec ..and don’t need to, I live betwixt the A15 & A17 and after all these years I still don’t know which road goes where..I know where I’m going just not the road I’m on …I’m under the impression if I learn any of the above I’ll forget something really important like where I live
    Hope you outing plan with Little Cobs goes as planned have a fantastic day together xx

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    1. … […]… “after all these years I still don’t know which road goes where..I know where I’m going just not the road I’m on …I’m under the impression if I learn any of the above I’ll forget something really important like where I live”

      YES YES YES!!! EXACTLY! I don’t know the names of the roads and couldn’t name them if my life depending upon it…. BUT … I know where I’m going and when to turn left or right, and which lane to get in as I’m approaching the roundabout.

      Like you … I fear that my brain will have to shove some things out of my ear, never to be recovered ever again, if I try to learn the names of roads or other stuff which, to me at least, isn’t necessary.
      Ooodles of love and squidgy stuff ~ Cobs. x

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          1. For goodness sake don’t ask me what day it is, I rely on the white board at ‘The Workplace’ for that information !! that& your Friday ‘things I’ve learned this week’posts to signify the start of the weekend LOL

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  6. Looks like you’re feeling better!!! I have one teensy question. If Mr Cobs has pom poms, does that make him a cheerleader? Give us a C, give us an O, give us a B…. I’d like to see the dance please?! I tried Hersheys years ago when an American colleague brought some back for me, but I wasn’t too keen, to be honest. I like the idea of spending money on decent, quality choccie though. And I have learnt that the walnut whips are still trying to say something. Another bloggy pal in Canada found a British shop there by chance this week and popped in. Guess what she found? Another convert to the Walnut Whip!

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    1. I am feeling a little more like myself. Thankfully!

      No, Mr.Cobs isn’t a cheerleader, and I hope that your comment doesn’t give him ideas, for I don’t want to see any dance that HE will think is acceptable in regard to the ‘pom poms’. (I think you’re cracked! You want to see the dance??? CRACKED right the way through!

      Walnut Whips .. oh they absolutely say something to me. But I will admit that I can only eat one. One is enough. Little Cobs likes them too … so we share one, because I think a whole one is way too much for me, so for Little C … no. I’d be scraping him off the ceiling! lol

      Re ‘decent quality choccie’: Have you tried Hotel Chocolat Puff? Or.. a little more expensive … Godiva chocolate? I think you might find your pleasure lies in those directions. 🙂

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      1. Yes, have tried both. To be honest, it would probably be easier to list the chocolate I haven’t tried! Ah well. Someone has to do the research, right? Still wanna see the dance. Or maybe just read a description of it….

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        1. Seek psychiatric help Puff.

          I’ve just told Mr.Cobs about your ‘request’ and, in his exact words, … “Nuuuuuuuu. Taint gonna happen” … but he laughed that deep throated laugh that always tells me something has tickled his funny bones and he’s gone away doing the male version of giggling.
          This goes: “Huhh. Hu hu hu huuuuu. Huhh” 😮

          OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!

          I think I’ve found Father Christmas when he’s off duty!!!

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    1. Hello Explore.
      Aw it’s so lovely to see you here.
      The chocolate thing … well I’ll be honest and tell you that when I discovered it was true, it made me doubt the fairness of trade, not just with other countries, but between traders within the USA. Hersheys is a BIG company, and they’re very popular within the US. So surely, to my mind at least, they shouldn’t be scared of a bit of competition from another company selling a product which actually isn’t the same as the product they themselves produce? Competition can be healthy and it makes one try harder to keep on top. But without competition, companies can get complacent and find no need to try to keep their customers happy and coming back for more.
      Like you … I just don’t get it.

      Little Cobs…. He is like the star in my heart which shines it’s light into every corner. I love him to the moon and back, plus tax. Then multiply it by a gazillion. I’m so, so blessed to have this child as my grandson.
      Sending you good wishes for a lovely weekend.
      Have a blessed rest of your day Explore. ~ Cobs. x


  7. Such a great What I learned this week, again! Don’t we have consumer rights? 😉 Or they change the packaging and fool our eyes! Dear Little Cobs. such a gift, fingernail monitor :), When they have so much fun, they just don’t want to go home yet! xxx Oh, My Goodness…pom poms…. never would have thought of that! we must be always on our toes, when our little ones ask questions we are un prepared for lol, 🙂 Great gifts Cobs. xxxxx

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    1. laughing like mad here….

      Aw Ruthie … bless your beautiful heart. You ALWAYS make me smile.
      In fact … I think we should set up a petition to have you on Prescription.

      Take two Ruthies twice a day, for ever.
      It would solve a lot of problems, y’know Ruthie. 🙂

      Sending you OOOOoodles of love and squishy stuff ~ from my heart to yours. ~ Cobs. x


  8. Brilliant! ‘Pompoms’ is going to be my new favourite word, I’m nearly crying with laughter! So many things to learn all of the time. I learned that mod podge and leaves are a tricky combination, and I got very messy! I also learned that tidying toys when the kids are on half term is a waste of time unless I tidy them into the bin. My favourite lesson, though, was check you have enough wrapping paper for the birthday presents. I’m not sure the newly 5 year old will like princess paper so I had to play present tetris. A truly brilliant Friday post as always, have a lovely weekend with your winter picnic. X x

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    1. Hello Mrs.C.
      Ahhhh… wrapping paper Tetris! I know that game SO well. Played it back when our girls were little and they eventually got used to those strips of wrapping paper in a different pattern and colour, running down one side, where it was the ‘join’ between what I had left, and what I didn’t have enough of. LOL

      Pom Poms … aw, it’s a word we honestly truthfully still use today.
      Along with ….
      ‘A Caterpillapilla’- said with an accompanying wiggle of the index finger. (a caterpillar)
      ‘A BeeBah’ (police car/ambulance or fire enging).
      Vigenar (for vinegar)
      Ambliance (Ambulance)

      and … oh so many more.

      We all now sound like a family of idiots when we’re talking because we use the words we’ve used that came out of our little girls mouths and just continued in that fashion. LOL.

      OH … add to those the things that we, as parents grew up with …. the one I can’t stop saying:
      Ooudledoodles – for Belgian Buns. I’ve called them Ooudledoodles … aw, since I can remember, and still do it now.

      Run Mrs.Craft … save yourself before I infect you too! LOL
      Have a truly lovely weekend. Love ~ Cobs. x


  9. Hello, I hope you got your shampoo issue sorted out. I was stuck the other day when my usual conditioner wasn’t on the shelf and I had to buy a different one. My hair is quite fine and just hangs (my daughter has beautiful waves, how, just how?) so the right conditioner is crucial. Do you know what? I love the new one. It’s double the price but I will not part with it

    I hadn’t heard about the whole Cadburys being banned in the USA but I had heard that the recipe of my beloved crème egg had changed which made me very annoyed.

    I hope all went well for your winter picnic with your Grandson. My kids (mainly my daughter) need visual prompts to show them where they are going, what you are doing etc. Maybe a map or just showing photos on the internet will help change his routine a little to help get out the house. My daughter struggles with language so just telling her will not always be enough. Saying that, I struggle most weekends to get my kids out of their pjs. They have figured out that if they stay in bedclothes that I can’t easily take them out and after a week at school my little boy loves nothing more than disappearing into the world of Minecraft and DanTDM (his favourite Youtub-er) to escape. Leaving the house is too much like reality plus he hates anywhere remotely crowded.

    Anyway, I’ve rambled on so I shall go and look forward to tomorrows instalment 🙂

    Hannah x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Hannah
      GREAT to see you.
      No, still haven’t managed to find a shampoo, so still looking to find the right one(again!). Like you, I’d happily pay double for one which gives my hair body instead of making it hang round my head like it’s got depression.

      Little Cobs and the winter picnic … well sadly he was just coming down with an ear infection so wasn’t well enough to visit the Lifeboat Museum which I’d planned for him, but we did have a picnic in the car which he enjoyed. But then he wanted to come home to Grammy’s house, so we spent the rest of the afternoon having lots of cuddles and eventually wrapped in a blanket, laying on the sofa, while I found some short, fun films for him to watch. Poor baby. He’s so brave.

      GREAT to see you Hannah. You’ve been so busy, I know, but I’ve so missed you and your posts.
      Sending hugs ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, poor boy – that is no fun but glad you got to enjoy your picnic before some much needed snuggles. You made it out the house though so that’s progress! I posted a picture the other day and I’m trying desperately to catch up with things. I’m either very slow or the life is going faster everyday because I just can’t find time for everything 😦 I have missed blogging so much though so it is my top priority to get back on with it. Hannah x

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know of the struggles Hannah. But … you are WOMAN! … and I watch you roar, for you do it so peaceably and in such ladylike fashion.
          Isn’t it amazing how quickly things mount up when you’re away from your blog for a few days. I miss posts from people when things are going on at home, and I try to catch up, but boy oh boy it’s tough sometimes!
          Pace yourself. You’ll get there, and .. people wont mind that you’ve missed a couple of their posts. Just pick up where you are today. Don’t stress the small stuff.
          Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x


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