The First Christmas Card of 2016

I finally did it.  I jumped in and made my very first Christmas Card of 2016.  I don’t in the least feel anything like it’s coming up to Christmas, but there was a little niggle forming inside me telling me that I really should do SOMETHING,  and I think it was simply because other blogs have all started featuring their own Christmas cards.  It kind of made me feel like I was being a total lay-about.  Like that pupil in school who never turned in their homework.

So I did my first Card for Christmas this year …  but with a twist.  It’s not the normal ‘opening’ card with four sides (front, open left, open right and then finally the back).  Nope.  This one is made on a great big post card (as you can see) which measure 21cm long – or for those of us who still work on the fabulous, can’t be beaten, original measuring system in the UK – that’s 8.25inches.


The Post Card doesn’t open up.  Instead I cut a stand for the back of the card which folds out, and makes the card stand up all by itself.  If you can’t imagine what this looks like …  go back to your school photos, the ones which came in a mount.  On the back of those mounts was a fold out stand, with another little bit to it which then folded down, and locked the stand in place.  Well that’s exactly the same as the stand on the back of this card.

I totally forgot to take photo’s of the making, apart from one .… so this is all I’ve got to show you how it all came together …  so I’ll try to tell you, but if there’s anything I miss or anything you want to know, just ask away in a comment.


I began by tearing up some corrugated card, and then some paper which I’ve had in my stash for a while, pale beige with white snow flakes on it.  I distressed and inked the paper and fixed it onto the card next to the corrugated.  Added some Polyfilla in appropriate places and in order to give it all that frost appearance, I added, to the Polyfilla while still wet, some Mica Flakes;  Chunky glitter, and some very fine glitter dust.

I used a mixture of Polyfilla (yes the type you use on the walls – but buy the flexible Polyfilla in the tube – so that it doesn’t crack and flake) and in some places (along the top) a little dimensional paste, in order to achieve the snowy, icy look I was after.

The Father Christmas ‘postage stamp’ you see in the top right hand corner, is a stamped image, which I stamped onto some brown paper and then fussy cut out.  Then added the white berry twig, twisted into a wreath.

While that all dried I used some Buff It  (by  Pinflair) in red and gold, to the sleigh.

I cannot recommend Buff It highly enough.  It’s a fantastic product, which you use very little of, and mix it with a tiny bit of water.  If, while you’re working on your project, the Buff it on your plate, or tile or glass mat, dries up, you simply add another little tiny drop of water, and it all starts working again.  It dries super quick.  You then buff it with a soft cloth (I use a dried baby wipe) and it positively gleams!  You can find it HERE on the Pinflair website.

Then I began to build up the elements . . .  using the holly and berries (which are made from felt), and the red tinsel (which I curled) along the bottom.   The Poinsettia flower and leaves are made from a set of dies – (which I bought from a fellow blogger about 3 months ago).  I cut the flower itself out of red card, but the leaves were cut from three different shades of green card.

I wanted everything to have that crisp, icy look,  so after I put the flower parts together, I dragged a tiny bit of dimensional paste around the edges of some of the petals and leaves, and using some Tonic Glitter Accent in Fresh Snowfall I ‘iced up’ the flower & leaves.  This Tonic Glitter Accent in their Fresh Snowfall,  is ‘like’ a Stickles (only in a much bigger bottle) but this particular one, in the Fresh Snowfall, is very thick.  Very sticky, and sets hard.


While everything was drying I made some ‘gifts’.  These gifts took me ages!  Bits of paper and card.  Tiny bits of bakers twine. Sticking the paper down without sticking the whole thing to my fingers!  Ugh!  I popped the presents into the sleigh then turned my attention to making ‘snow’.

I found some fabulous little tiny round dots which twinkle like a million stars, in The Range (in the UK – sorry to folks in other places) when I went shopping last week and fell in love with them.  I wish I could show you how fabulous they are but I can’t get a photo of the twinkles.  They look more like sequins in the photos, but they’re really nothing like them at all.  So so lovely, and, would you believe, all made from a tiny bit of plastic.


I added Christmas Red Stickle ‘berries’ to the wreath surrounding the Father Christmas stamp and some Red and Green ribbon and string bows at the left hand side of the card.  A metal silver charm in the shape of a snowflake hanging from the berry wreath, and some more red tinsel around the seating area of the sleigh.  Aaaaand  that’s all there was to it.

So there you have it  … I’ve made my first Christmas Card!  I have no idea who I’ve made it for as I didn’t have anyone in mind while I was making it, I just knew I wanted to make a Christmas Card on a big Vintage Style Post Card, with a sleigh on it and some tinsel.  After that I just kind of winged it!  But have to admit that when I stood back and looked at it once finished,   I loved it  …  and hope you like it too.

Have you made any Christmas Cards yet?  I’ve done a little Christmas Shopping, but making cards just …. well, it still feels too early for me.  Tell me what you feel about it.  I’d like to know that I’m not alone in this feeling … but I’m starting to think I am.  eeeek!



Author: The Art of Cobwebs - aka:- thecobweboriumemporium

Hello. I'm 'Cobwebs'. I live in a wee little cottage in the South of England, aptly called Cobweb Cottage. This little dwelling really is a cobweb factory. Not inside (well, occasionally) - but outside - flipping heck! This information should give you a clue as to why my blog is called The Art of Cobwebs aka: The Cobweborium Emporium. I've been arty and crafty from a very young age, and although my crafts have sometimes turned a corner and taken me in another direction, I've always crafted in some way, shape or form. One day, in the blink of an eye, life changed somewhat for me and the consequences were many. I had to find a new way of being 'artistic'. Card making; scrap-booking; producing ATC's and ACEO's; needle felting; Polymer clay; painting- but in a more relaxed style than I had before, and sewing, - are all things which I visit, as and when life allows. I've fairy recently become a Textile Artist and am enjoying this new creative outlet very much as it offers me so much scope for letting my imagination run through a grassy field and feel the wind in my hair - (mentally, of course). I love to create. To make things. I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you've given your time, rather than your cash. Thank you so much for visiting. Please visit my blog (link below) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy, even if it's only a handful of jokes! (yes, seriously - there really are jokes!) Wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. <3

53 thoughts on “The First Christmas Card of 2016”

  1. The card is gorgeous! I just started looking for Christmas gifts….just today. I have such a hard time shopping for that before Halloween. I think I am just going to have to get over it and get going!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [nodding in agreement] Years ago, when I was a young thing, I was so organised and had lists of things which I followed, and I knew exactly what everyone was having for Christmas. Now … I kind of just wing it and hope. So .. you and I will hold hands and get going together!

      Thrilled you like the card. OH .. before I forget … I went shopping yesterday, and have got something for you! Post Office will be visited this afternoon and a wee package will be on it’s way to you. 🙂
      Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

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        1. I’ve found that if I post to the USA by the end of a Friday, then the package/letter will arrive (more often than not) by the end of the following week. So I’m hoping for next Friday. But you never know. They (the postal system) might just surprise us! 🙂
          ~ Cobs. x


  2. Oh Cob!! We all want to be on your card list. This is way over the top my dear. Just stunning. Surely it is going to be one of kind. i can’t even think of making more than one of the creation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello lovely Beverly. 🙂
      Aww bless you. I’m chuffed to little bits that you like the card.
      Yes, it will be one of a kind. I try not to make two cards the same as then I feel like a production line instead of making something personal, with a heart.
      Sending you heaps of love and squidges, my friend.
      ~ Cobs. x


  3. Bloomin’ magnificent is what it is!! Truly superb. Great instructions and fabUlous photo. You must have been sending me the vibes because I have just been making some cards with postcards as the backing piece. Wish I hadn’t mounted them onto a cards now I have seen this. Thanks for all your comments Cobs. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. DH kept saying “what you laughing at”, “what you looking at?” “You’re going to fall off that chair in a minute”! lol!
    Take care, sniffing and scratching Hugs Flo xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SNIFFING AND SCRATCHING!! Ohhhh heck, … I’m laughing like a schoolgirl at the back of the classroom now. LOL!

      Aw, Flo, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thrilled to pieces that you like the card. How brilliant that you’ve been making cards with Postcards on them too!

      I’m back off to the cupboard now. I’ll send Gaz round to you … when I’m done. ROFL … ok.. I’m going to get into trouble here for laughing like this …. Mr. Cobs is already giving me one of ‘those’ looks. ROFL.
      I’m getting all hot and unnecessary here.
      Awww Lord …. now, inside my head,I’m singing that song ‘Trouble’ from the film The Music Man:

      ..sending much love ~ Cobs. x

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  4. What a totally Christmastastic (not a real word !!) card it sums up everything about the season in one fell swoop 🙂
    The Santa ‘stamp’ with the teeny tiny wreath around it is simply WOW
    It feels nothing like the festive season AT ALL maybe because it’s still mild, or is it because the year is galloping away at a rate of knots ? or could be possibly be that this year I feel so utterly unorganised … who knows but one thing is for sure whom ever your card is destined for will have something to treasure x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww bless you Mrs.P.
      LOVE that word: Christmastastic! I’m going to add that to my list of made up words which I useamalise daily.

      Thrilled you like the card. That Santa stamp caused me a few moments of made up swear words, I’m tellin’ ya. It was the first time I’ve used it, but I’ve had it for months. The little blighter didn’t want to come off it’s plastic carrier sheet AT ALL! Boy oh boy did I have a tug of war going on in the craft room with that one.

      I agree … it really doesn’t feel like the festive season is on it’s way and just around the corner, at all. I’m just hoping that the feeling arrives soon.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments.
      Sending squidges~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can just picture you entering wrestlemania with the stamp LOL
        Now the GBBO has finished & is leaving for channel 4 do you think you could get in touch with the beeb and get your own craft n’ tell show on the air ??
        Oh and if George Clarke could be a co presenter that would be good …
        AND I’ll come and bake some of my (famous in our village) signature scones so you & George won’t go hungry 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t think people would want to watch me getting glued up to the eyeballs. LOL

          I LOVED the GBBO and this series became so poignant when it was announced that the GBBO had sold it’s soul to C4. C4?!!! I mean to say … we all know that C4 isn’t a watchable channel for the nice ladies and gentlemen who love to watch it. However, I correctly guessed that the Hollywood chap would take the money being offered and jump ship. grrr.

          I actually sat and cried last night. Both for (and with) the winner (Candice) and because that it felt like the final closing of a beautiful book which lived within my heart and soul, which was never going to be read again.

          They’ll change it. It will be all funky colours, stainless steel shelving, and no doubt done in a Studio set – where the voices sound hollow and bounce off the walls. It won’t be ‘our’ bake-off anymore.

          But … I do wonder if they’ll give us something different on the Beeb, with Mary, Mel and Sue.

          If not … you and I could do a twosome, and we could have Mr. P with a section on house renovation, and Mr. Cobs could do a cooking quarter of an hour – Quiche, Sausage Rolls, Victoria Sandwich .. oh … and he’s discovered a way to make Scotch Eggs, so that they aren’t fried AT ALL. No frying! (and they taste really rather nice).

          So … maybe, since this is your idea, you could sell it to the BBC. Four people, four quarters of an hour each, all doing stuff that some folks might like. (still don’t think they’d want me and my glue gun though. lol. Do you have a glue gun? )

          However … back to the subject … I’d be more than happy to sample some of your scones – purely in the interests of seeing if they’re ok to serve to the public, naturally. 😉


          1. 4 people 4 quarters I’m sold !!! and YES you with a glue gun is a MUST !!!
            Do tell all on the scotch eggs front I’m most intrigued, I do love a (vegetarian) scotch egg!!
            Beloved thinks he’s risking life & limb letting me have access to knitting needles & crochet hooks I’m working up to a glue gun when he least expects it LOL

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Well we’re going to need glue guns for our Promo shot … you know the thing … like Charlies Angels.
              I was thinking that Mr. P could be brandishing an electric drill. Mr. Cobs could perhaps wield a spatula, and you and I would be in charge of the dangerous items – those being the hot glue guns.

              I think this would make a rather stylish silhouette. What say you, my fellow quarterer?

              You don’t have a glue gun? erm … I might be able to help you out with that … being serious here.

              I signed up for a subscription to a magazine, which had a bundle of stuff with which to tempt people in and make them subscribers. Part of the bundle was a glue gun.

              They sent me the bundle, but half the items were missing so I phoned them and told them & they took the details and said they’d get it sorted out. They did no more than send me the exact same things again! So I still didn’t have the missing items. I called them again … a chap this time said he’d get it sorted out and he really did sound like he meant it.

              A package arrived at the beginning of this week …. with the exact same items in it as they’d sent twice before.

              So … I now have some brand new spare Tonic Glue Guns in my craft room – which they’ve told me I can keep. I really don’t need that many spare glue guns. So Mrs.P … it’s your lucky day… would you like a brand new Tonic Glue Gun … so that you can use it in some paper crafting?

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Charlies Angels photo shoot ?? oh my goodness ..DEFINITELY
                now to the serious matter …I can only accept a glue gun if you let me send you a little something in return, one good turn deserves another in my little world 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Oh Goody! I can part company with a glue gun… and make space for my cup again! LOL.
                  Email me your snail mail address again, Mrs.P and I can package it up and get it sent. I’m going to use My Hermes couriers … is there a day you prefer for a parcel to arrive? Or instructions for the Driver? DON’T SAY HERE … put it in an email to me and then I can make sure that the package will get to you in the right way. (do you still have my email address? – if not, just say so and I’ll give it to you again)
                  Squidges ~ Cobs. xx

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  5. Cobs, OH MY GOSH! I love your standup postcard Christmas card (after all that work, somebody better preserve it and use it annually as a decoration, thank you very much!). I read this post last night, but could not wrap my brain around all of the details! Geez, Louise! I can see you framing these in a shadowbox and selling them at a local shop!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kathy, great to see you!
      Thank you SO much for your kind words. I’m absolutely delighted that you like the card.
      In fact .. so delighted I’ve just read your comment out to Mr.Cobs (who’s sat on the sofa reading the newspaper), and even he said “Awwww, that’s really lovely of her to say. Nice lady.”

      You’ve gained another fan, Kathy. 🙂
      Thank you so much for the comment. It means the world to me.
      Have a blessed day my blogging friend ~ Cobs. x

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  6. I was wondering what you were up to and checked your blog a couple of times in case I missed anything. Wowsa! This is amazing. It is like all of Christmas wrapped up in one lovely object. You are totally awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, you are so lovely Puff.
      I’ve been an ickle bit poorly – so very little crafting. That’s why you haven’t seen anything

      I’m beside myself with happyasitus that you like the card, and thank you so, so much for your lovely words.
      But awesome? Me? I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else. Someone who’s got talent. :/ lol
      Sending crafty vibes your way ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope, I am sticking with ‘awesome’. It takes such imagination to picture something like this, let a lone make it work and look fabulous too! Sorry you have been unwell and I hope you are fighting fit again soon. Hugs Xx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Why thank you kind lady. I too hope I’m fighting fit … or even just ‘better’ would be great. lol.

          I have no idea who you’re taking about with this ‘imagination’ and awesome and making things look fabulous. If you’re looking for talent, you’re on the wrong blog, pal. lol
          Squidges ~ Cobs. x

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ruthie.
      Hope you’re fine and dandy my blogging friend.
      Ohh, I’m just doing a happy dance because you like this card, Ruthie. (I must stop doing that. It’s just not a dance that a woman of my age should be doing.) lol
      Sending groovy crafty vibes from my corner to yours ~ Cobs.x


  7. That is one heck of a card!!! Great idea to do a postcard style, little works of art. Your attention to detail is stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Soozyb.
      Lovely to see you. I’m honoured that you like the card.
      Have to admit that I really like crafting with Postcards and yet I have no idea why. Isn’t that the oddest thing?! lol
      Thanks so much for coming Soozy.
      Have a blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh Cobs, such a magnificent card, well, work of art. Who ever receives that is one lucky person. You have put so much detail into it – you would see something new every time you looked at it. Just stunning. Hxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Hannah!
      Thrilled to see you, and I’m chuffed to bits that you like the card.
      Have you done the craft fair? I’ve lost track of the days this month and now I can’t remember which day you told me it was. If you’ve done it … tell me about it! How did it go? Were you a bag of nerves or cool as a cucumber and got it all together?
      Tell me!

      thanks for coming Hannah, it means so much to see you here.
      Sending oodles of love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Beautiful! Love the vintage look! Now I’m absolutely getting in the Christmas mood. I thought, just this morning, that I should at least start my Christmas to-do list. Now I’m going to do it. Now. Right now. Thank you for the nudge.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh my word, how beautiful this is. You captured that glorious feeling of Christmas as seen in movies of old – of prettily wrapped parcels festooned with red bows and I love all that texture to mimic fresh crisp snow.
    Such a special creation xx

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  11. This card is gorgeous! It’s worth 10 cards!
    Thanks for sharing your process!
    This year I’ve been creating Christmas cards all year round for the first time – thanks to Christmas card challenges, but it still seems too early to shop for Christmas presents.

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  12. Looks amazing, you certainly started with a bang! Goodness knows how but I managed to get way ahead,which is a good thing really, cos I can’t even manage to get into my craft room at the moment! Welcome aboard the Christmas train! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  13. It is beautiful! It deserves a frame. It’s like a diorama. I have this vintage Christmas piano music book that I’ve always wanted to turn into things like this. Let me know if you do another and show your steps. I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit over here designing new Christmas patterns for wrapping paper and fabric: Now that Halloween is over I’m really going to dive into creating for Christmas!🎄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Eileen, lovely to meet you!
      I’m thrilled you like the card and yes, I can see exactly what you mean about it being like a diorama!

      The Christmas Piano Music book would be wonderful turned into hand crafted items, and they’d look incredible held behind glass, in a box frame, perhaps done to a larger than ‘normal’ size – say a 10″sq or 12″ x 12″ – to give yourself plenty of scope to create.

      I shall pop over to your blog and take a look around, along with clicking the link too!

      Thank you for coming, and for commenting. I LOVE to hear from people who visit – it kind of makes blog land such a lovelier place and links us all to one another.
      Have a blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs. x


      1. I’ll have to pull out the old piano book and plan. Last year I wanted to do a diorama with one of the illustrations but it didn’t really work out: I have to admit I can draw and paint but I’m not particularly crafty. My vision and reality don’t often match up. But as with anything its probably because I only try it once in awhile as opposed to working at it and building up some skills. Glad to meet you today!

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