Things I’ve learned this week

Aaand  it’s Friday again.  Can you believe how quickly Fridays seem to arrive?  Or is that just me being old and weird? 

Well we’re here to find out what I’ve learned this week  and I’ve learned a lot…


I’ve learned that although I’m scared stupid of spiders, I’m not scared of Dragonflies.  In fact, I’m SO not scared of them that I tried to collect up and save the life of a Dragonfly who’d popping into my craft room, through the open window.  I was trying to be so very careful with him and not hurt his little wings or anything – but I was being too careful and so couldn’t catch him.  In the end I called on Mr.Cobs to come and help, as I was concerned that he could end up not being able to get out and then I’d find his little body,  lifeless, on the windowsill …  and then I’d feel a huge sense of guilt,  for ever and ever, that I hadn’t tried harder.

Mr.Cobs thankfully managed to guide him to the open window where he neatly popped out and flew away.  (The dragonfly flew away, not Mr.Cobs.  I think Mr. Cobs would have great difficulty getting off the ground).


I learned that the ampersand (in the picture above and here: &) has a most fascinating history.  It first came to light over 2,000 years ago!  Now that alone was enough to turn my eyes into the size of saucers.  I mean to say … look at that funky shape (above) …  that isn’t something which you perhaps would have expected to be around over 2,000 years ago.  But there’s more: …  It started out as the Latin word: et – which meant  ‘and’.  But because of the way Latin was written (all curls and flicks) the ‘e‘ and the ‘t‘  sometimes looked as if they were as one letter, which was the beginning of the ampersand  ‘&’.

BUT … the actual name ‘ampersand‘ didn’t exist until around the 1830’s, when ‘&’ was (would you believe it ..) … the 27th letter of the alphabet!  WHO KNEW?!    The ‘&’ mark ended the alphabet like this: X  ..  Y  ..  Z  ..   and per se and‘  (and=&)  –  and since ‘and per se’ meant: ‘and by itself’  …  this final phrase ‘and per se’ was lazily mumbled and stumbled over by English school children when they were reciting the alphabet,  it was, through use of the mumbled English,  eventually re-born as  ‘ampersand’

(If you say the original  ‘and per se and’  out loud a few times until your mouth gets used to saying it, you can eventually ‘hear’ how you could slur it, as a bored child would do when being made to recite the alphabet for the fourth time, and make it sound like ‘ampersand’)

I’ve also learned this week that a picture very much like this little picture (below) hit just the right spot in me and spoke to me like it was the Lord talking gently over my shoulder, into my ear:

Love what you do 02.09.16

My incredible, amazing,  the funshine of my life Grandson,  Little Cobs, has developed an all-encompassing love of his teddy bear over the summer (school) holidays, and that teddy bear travels everywhere with him.  From morning till night, that little bear is carted around like it’s tied to him.  His mummy (our daughter) sent a text message to her father (Mr. Cobs)  asking if he could make a bed for ‘Round‘ (the name of Little Cobs teddy bear.  I know!  RoundI have no idea why either, but that’s the name Little C. gave the bear and we know better than to question it).   I said I’d design it, and Mr. Cobs could make it.  But until it’s made we sorted out a lightweight (so easy to pick up and carry for a small boy), plastic (but that flexible plastic which you can bend – so that it won’t break) box,  which I donated from my craft room, as a bed for ‘Round’,  and when Little Cobs came to visit for the day on Wednesday this week, I told Little C that I would make a pillow and bed throw (duvet) for Round so that she (oh yes, ‘Round’ is a girl, I think I forgot to say that) .. so that Round would have a comfy pillow to rest her head and a lovely bed throw to cover herself up with so that she was snuggly in her bed.

Mr. Cobs lifted my sewing machine from its sewing bag and set it down on the table for me, . . .  and as I sat cutting some material to make the throw …  I became aware of a performance over to my right, coming from the living room.  I stopped what I was doing to see Little Cobs fighting his way through the living room with one of the chairs from his drawing table.  …. huff, puff, huff  ….  He was rather firmly informing Grandad that  NO, he didn’t need any help, he could do it himself!  So Mr. Cobs opened the door wider so that Little C could manly bring in his own chair to sit and keep me company as I sat sewing bed ‘stuff’ for Round. (Keep in mind that this little boy has cerebral palsy which affects his walking and co-ordination, and his articulation of words to some degree, and you’ll understand why seeing him struggling purposefully with this chair made my heart sing).   It was right then, as I looked at the little man now sat to my right, that I realised I couldn’t have a more perfect moment than those few seconds.  Here was this tiny scrap, sat on a chair a quarter of the size of mine, keeping me company and watching me sew and make things for his beloved bear,   as he sat hugging said bear and waited for the magic to happen.  In that moment I knew that I LOVED what I am able to do.  I love that I can craft.  That I can paint, stamp and colour things with him. I love that I have a pile of stuff in my craft room which is just for him.  I love that there is a huge jar filled with all manner of wonderful craft goodies, which he’s seen and knows is sat waiting until this Saturday when he and I are going to have a crafting day, just Grammy and Little Cobs.

And I loved and gave thanks, in that very moment, that I knew enough about sewing dolly and teddy things from when our girls were young,  to quickly make a quilted bed throw and soft, squishy pillow for  Round the Bear, who has a fluffy  heart on her bottom, and holds my grandsons heart in her paw.

Hello God, it’s me again.  Please don’t let him lose Round,  for he will be inconsolable if he ever does. Thank you.

When I had finally finished sewing, and cut off all the loose threads, I gave the new bedding to Little Cobs and helped him put them in Rounds temporary bed, with Round tucked up snuggly, like a bear should be.  He gazed at the bed throw and touched it gently.  Feeling how soft and squishy it was and then he looked at me in a way which I hadn’t seen him look at me before.  I saw that his little brain was trying to work out something that he hadn’t noticed before – that being that his Grammy obviously had a magic wand and was a witch who could magic up wondrous things he’d never dreamed of.  I’m dreading him coming on Saturday and asking me to make him a full size Racing Car.  There’s only so far that my magic can stretch to.  I’m great with ‘swish and flick’  for small things   … but anything big requires Harry Potter himself!  lol

And finally …

I’ve learned that I care more deeply about the blogging friends I’ve made here than I realised.

I received a message from a blogging friend who I ‘met’ when I first began blogging (2 years ago).  I clicked to follow her, she clicked to follow me, and so it went on.  We would read each others blog posts and comment, like you do.  Then … she posted a blog post on June the 30th this year in celebration of being married to her husband for 50 years!  I can tell you that this surprised the heck out of me – and told myself that I’d obviously read it incorrectly because I ‘knew’ she couldn’t be anywhere near 50 years old!  She was too vibrant, too ‘with it’, too …. aw – just TOO.   No way could she have been married for 50 years!  However, when I checked with her, she told me that yes indeed, she and her wonderful husband had been married for 50 years!  (You could have knocked me down with a feather!  I was SO surprised).

Then, last week, I heard from Beverly after a  period of ‘quiet’  (I’d noticed a lack of posts on her blog for about a month, but guessed that they may be away on a summer holiday or off seeing relatives).

Last week Beverly commented on a post on the blog here and told me that she had something to tell me and she would tell me later.  True to her word, she came back and told me that she has lost her husband a few short weeks after their 5oth Wedding Anniversary.  He’d had a fatal heart attack.  When I read the message I felt like someone had placed a hand around my throat and was holding it in a tight grip.  I couldn’t swallow, couldn’t breathe properly and neither could I make this news register with my brain. This surely couldn’t be correct.  It COULDN’T be.  They’d only just celebrated their anniversary.

I read that message three times,  and on the third reading I had to read it out loud so that I could be sure that I was understanding what I was reading.  And then … I didn’t understand why.  Why was this man taken?  What exactly was the ‘plan’ here?  How could it be that there were really bad people left alive and roaming the planet, killing people, blowing them up, and causing so much heartache, anguish and pain, and yet, here was this man,  a wonderful husband to Beverly and father to their children, taken – without warning.  Why?   I don’t understand the plan.

Hello God, it’s me again.  I don’t understand.  Forgive me.  I know you have a plan and that it’s probably a great plan, but sometimes I have to admit that I wonder why some things happen, when there are, to me, more obvious things that could have happened which surely would make the world a better place.  Aw, I know I probably don’t know what I’m talking about … but you know how I like to run these things past you when I can’t figure them out for myself.  Thank you for listening.  ~ me. x

I’ve always known that I develop a feeling of ‘caring’ for people I get to know via my blog here.  The ‘comments’ facility is such a wonderful thing.  I get to know people because of it, and more often than not, we get to have a bit of a giggle together.

And … if one of you doesn’t post for a while then you’ll no doubt find me putting a comment on your blog saying hello and trying to make sure that everything in your world is groovy.

This heartbreaking loss which Beverly is coping with,  has shown me exactly how much I care for all of my blogging friends.   Don’t get me wrong I knew I cared …  I care enough to go up and down my list of blogs that I follow, every month,  in order to look for names of people who I haven’t heard from for a few weeks and will pop to their blog and leave a message saying hello.  But I didn’t realise how much I cared.  I do now.

I’ve learned a lot this week.

And now … it’s your turn my friend(s).  Tell me, in the ‘comments’ facility,  what you’ve learned this week.  Let’s turn this into a mutual learning experience.

Don’t think you have to use the comments to ‘comment on a post’any post.  You can use the comments simply because you have something you wanted to say.  You can chat away to your hearts desire.  If you have a problem and need to off-load it, then you’re very welcome to do so.  It can be a craft thing, a worldly thing, a ‘which dress to wear’ thing …. a heart thing …  any  thing.  If you want to talk about ‘it’  then go for it.  I think the ‘Comments’ should be re-named.  Not sure what to …  maybe you have a suggestion?

Sending you my love and good wishes for a wonderful weekend my friends.  Be safe out there.  Oh … and make memories.  Days are made for you to make memories.

Thanks for coming and sharing a coffee with me.  I love seeing you here.  Have a truly blessed rest of your day,

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34 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned this week”

  1. You won’t believe just how much I am enjoying this blog. I get tears in my eyes when you talk about Little C and “round”, and omgoodness, how thankful you are for the things in your life. Caring about people 🙂 I find great comfort in your words. I have a dear friend that I met on-line and we have been friends now for about 6 years. We may never meet, I in Victoria, BC Canada and she in Allenhurst, NJ, but we are almost like two peas in a pod. There are a few friends like that on line, and when they aren’t there, you worry.
    Please keep writing cause if you don’t, I will come looking for you to see what is up?! Thank you.

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    1. Hello Soozyb. Lovely to see you again!
      I’m so touched that you’re enjoying the blog here. Thank you for telling me this. I kind of type away and post photos, sometimes wondering if anyone will be really interested, – so to know that you’re reading and enjoying is such a wonderful thing and it made my heart smile.

      It sounds like you’ve met your ‘friend match’ in your on-line friend of 6 years, which is just incredible. When you consider all the people who are online and using computers now, to find someone who you feel that comfortable with and build a close friendship with is a phenomenal bit of wonderment which borders on magic! It’s an amazing feeling knowing that there is someone there, on the other side of your computer screen, who really does care and who you care about too.

      I plan to continue writing until someone tells me to stop. So hopefully you won’t have to come looking for me Soozy. lol.

      Thank you so much for visiting, and for the comment. It’s so lovely to hear from you again.
      Sending hugs ~ Cobs. x


  2. I really wish there was a “love” button as “like” does not seem like quite enough. I loved this post from beginning to end. I smiled about your grandson with his bear (my grandson also has a stuffed bear that he will not be separated from). I could just picture you making magic things for him and I am sure he tells everyone that his grandma is magic.
    I have to agree about blogging friends. My husband asked if it was like pen pals and I told him that he had it exactly right. I wish I had a great answer for you on God’s plan but He has not told me either. This past week I went to the funeral of a 10 year old boy killed in an accident. (The son of a friend). I have no idea why he was taken but I do know that in his short time on this earth he impacted more people than most people do in ;7 decades.
    What I learned this week: Life is short, people and relationships matter, you don’t have to meet face to face to become friends, and that someday God will make the plan clear and until then I will trust.

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    1. Hello Chicken.
      I 100% agree, I too wish there was a ‘love‘ button. There are posts which I like, some I like very much. But there are posts which I absolutely love, and that extra button would be perfect. WORDPRESS .. If you’re listening … could we please also have a LOVE button? Thank you.

      Yes, blogging friends really are kind of like pen pals! I know that there is very little chance of ever meeting any of my blogging friends, and not only just because of miles apart, but also of our lives just getting in the way. But I know I wouldn’t be without any of them. There are a few blogging friends who have taken a very long vacation from blogging, who I miss so very much because they were such wonderful, gentle people and brought so much fun into blogging, and others who have just stopped blogging altogether. Hopefully only because their real life became so busy with wonderful, amazing things (or they won the Lottery), that they just now don’t have time to blog anymore. I send them good wishes and pray that they’re healthy, happy and very much loved.

      I was so deeply saddened to read of the tragic loss of your friends 10 year old son. I cannot begin to imagine how greatly his loss has impacted upon his parents. The death of a child goes against everything we ‘know’ about the natural order of things, and leaves us confused and in a foggy mist of pain and misery. May their God be with them and help them in every way.

      It is the loss of a child which I find hardest to deal with, and it is at that time ‘The Plan’ stinks and feels like a thoroughly bad one. But … I remind myself that children aren’t ours to possess but to love, for however long they are meant to be with us, and there are things of great importance which we are to learn from our experience of having them in our lives.

      You’re right, life is short and it’s people and relationships which matter the most. And yes … I agree, you don’t have to meet people face to face to become friends. It’s something which just happens, in both the mind and the heart. We just become friends. Simple as that. But so wonderful.

      Sending you love and a friendly squidge, from my corner to yours. ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Aren’t grands the most wonderful gift God has ever given us grandmas? Thank you Cob for the kind words but mostly for your caring. It has been a great help to know someone hears my cry. Love you , Beverly ;aka Lateblooming; aka Bebe


    1. Hello dearest Beverly.
      I’m so happy that you had the chance to pop along today. I would have liked to put a note of the link to your blog, into this blog post, but didn’t like to as it kind of felt it would be like an ‘invasion of privacy‘, so felt I should just use your first name so that readers could at least connect with you via your name. I hope that this was ok.

      Yes, you’re absolutely right … Grandchildren really are the most wonderful God given gift. I couldn’t ever understand why Grandma’s and Grandad’s went on about how wonderful it was to have grandchildren, until I had one myself. Then, this magical thing happened and I understood. Little Cobs is this little bit of wonderment wrapped up in human boy form. Definitely someone sent from heaven. I was blessed to actually be there at his birth and I play that little recorded ‘memory video’ of his birth inside my head every now and again, and still feel the tingle. It was a day of tiring struggle for my daughter, worry for her husband (my son-in-law) and true ‘God in the room Magic’ for me.

      I’m here whenever you want me for whatever you want me for. If there is anything I can do, just say and I’ll do my very best. But … just to let you know … if you’re too quiet, for too long, I shall have to come and poke you with my magic stick, just to ‘hear’ your voice.
      I love you too, dear friend. ~ Cobs. x


  4. I agree that making memories is such an important thing. Little moments that you can look back on. Doesn’t need to be a trip to Disneyland, just some time spend doing something joyful. I like the idea of different WP buttons too. If someone posts a sad thing, I don’t want to click ‘Like’ at all, because I don’t like it at all! Maybe we could have a range of buttons? Or a ‘how did this make you feel’ button? Happy? Sad? Sympathetic? I don’t know. But something better than ‘like’ for sure.

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    1. Hello Mrs. Puff.
      <Nodding in agreement>. We do need some other button to show an empathy or feeling other than simply ‘like’. (But not a ‘dislike’ or [even worse] a ‘hate’ button. Oh my goodness, trolls would love that button!)

      I can see what you’re saying about clicking the ‘Like’ button when someone has posted something sad, sadly it’s the only button available, which is a shame because some people aren’t easy with posting comments maybe through shyness or uncertainty, so having the availability to acknowledge what has been written and even maybe show support in their own way, the ‘Like’ button comes into use for that situation I think. But you’re absolutely right, we could do with another button as well as the ‘Like’.

      We’re on the same page with the memories, Puff. Actually remembering *that* moment or *this* minute is so important.
      In this fast pace world we live in today, where it’s all ‘instant this’
      and ‘instant that’, microwaved instant food; instant text messages; drive thru’s to order & collect food; drive thru for Coffee!; drive thru banking!; shops which will deliver the same day; phone calls where-ever you are; we all too easily forget something which was a special moment – such as a smile at something or someone; or someone holding your hand at just the right moment. But because the cell phone might ring, the special moment is taken away and forgotten and instead of that person remembering that moment, they ‘forget to remember’. The memory might be there – but it’s gone straight into the memory box inside the brain and by-passed that trigger which makes that moment something to remember forever.

      Y’know … although this ‘fast’ pace is a great thing in some circumstances, I’d pay a decent price to go back to when phones stayed in the house; text messages didn’t exist; drive thru’s didn’t happen in this country; and my biggest bugbear: Facebook didn’t exist. I blame Facebook for so many problems which have and are leading to a decline of civilisation. Facebook has replaced the person with an object, and I dislike that mightily.
      [ok .. picking up soapbox and tucking it under arm]
      LOVE seeing you Ms. Puff, as you know. Don’t stop posting because I’ll come around and poke you with a stick
      Squidges to you there from me here ~ Cobs. x

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      1. On reflection, maybe that is exactly why there is just the one button to push. We all accept it has limitations but it performs a function. Now, mobile phones, I could rant on about them for ages. I REALLY dislike them intensely. Well, no actually, I dislike the way they are used. A group of people go for a night out together and then spend most of it talking to or texting others and saying what a great time they are having. Or when people go to something like the Olympics and film it with their phone, and watch it through the phone too, instead of just looking around them. Don’t get it at all.


        1. Ohhhh don’t get me started on Mobile phones being used when you’re visiting someone, with someone for a time together or driving, sat motionless at the traffic lights, at the dining table eating dinner with friends or relatives. AND ON CHRISTMAS DAY they should be turned off altogether and only landlines used.

          And yes … going to the Olympics – or a comedy show – or a concert – or … anything like that … phones should be put somewhere safe on the body where no one can pick-pocket it and left there! I saw the news and watched how many people were watching their phones recording the thing they’d paid a large amount of money for to actually be there and watch it with their own eyes.

          My biggest dislike about mobile phones? On the day we buried my mother, my brothers eldest children took out their phones, turned on their cameras and were taking photographs of coffin in the hearse, surrounded by the flowers. I had to tell instruct my brother (rather firmly) to get hold of his children, stop them from taking photographs, and tell them to be respectful and behave themselves, or they’d have me to deal with.

          Mobile phones at a funeral, should be turned off in the car, before you step out of it and go into the church or join the other people who are stood waiting to go into where-ever the funeral is to take place. No phones on until getting back in the car to go home.

          Y’know Puff … you and I should get one of those white coats, and a hat like a policemans only with differnt coloured stripes, give us a clipboard and we’re good to go. We would be the Cell Phone Police.
          Oodles of love heading your way, from me. xx

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          1. That’s terrible behaviour at your mother’s funeral – I never heard or seen anyone doing that before. I don’t suppose they thought there was anything wrong in what they were doing though. Anyway, I’m definitely up for a bit of patrol work. Can we have glittery stripes? And wands? Ballet pumps? Fairy dust? And a theme tune…

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              1. GENIUS!!!! We need an ice cream van, so we can play it real loud. And we can jump out of the serving hatch. D’you wanna be Starsky or Hutch?

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                1. Seriously? Well if I could choose anyone it would be Daisy Duke, but since I don’t have her figure perhaps I should lower my sights and say I should be … … … … … … … Ah… I’ve got it … based on figure shapes I think I should be Eric Morcambe.

                  Ok… I get it. I have to choose one of the choices you gave me, so I’ll choose Hutch, because that’s what my wabbit lives in. I’ll be A Hutch.
                  🙂 ❤

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  5. Oh my! So much love in this post. Round and his bed, was so wonderful – you are a fabulous magic grandma! And Beverly – she is so lucky to have you and vice versa. Our blog friends are real, which is hard for people to understand. We share so many things, even if we have never met!

    What I learned this week? That I can’t count or the person who wrote my pattern can’t count, I don’t know which (maybe both?) and it doesn’t matter, I am adjusting the pattern as I knit, but it was frustrating to rip rip rip.

    That when I get frustrated at work my heart event monitor tells the world with loud beeps and that actually is good, everyone is being super helpful, lol. They are scared. Scared they will have to do my job if the beeping becomes permanent, I think.

    That I love my home and all the aspects of having it, even the chores. And I can’t wait for vacation when I get to spend some time there with very little scheduled.


    1. Hello fabulous Salpal!
      LOVE seeing you here .. but you know that already so I won’t gush all over you and make that monitor beep. lol

      I’m so glad that you can see the love in this post, because every inch of it came from my heart. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful bundle of loveable and easy to love blogging friends who mean the world to me. These relationships start out simply with one message/comment and they grow, over time, as we both get to know one-another, and there’s nothing like them. They’re special, incredible people.

      Awww, sorry to hear about the mistakes in your pattern. That must be infuriating. I remember when I tried to teach myself to knit something a little more complicated than a scarf …. oh the frustration! I thought I was doing so well and I patted myself on the back for how lovely the pattern was coming together and when I got to the sleeves (which were all part of the pattern – knitted into the baby cardigan/jacket I was making) I got so far in the knitting of those sleeves and then realised that something didn’t look right. When I put the jacket down on my knees and sort of folded over each of the front sides, I found that I’d knitted one arm on the left side of the back and one arm on the front of the right side of the jacket. I could not believe it! …. and …. I couldn’t put it right. That was my last knitting venture for anything other than knitted squares to make blankets, or scarves. Going around corners is way out of my abilities. [sigh]

      Your vacation .. you have to promise me that you’re going to rest up and DON’T do anything at all which will make that monitor beep. Not even once. Take it easy Missy. Or else!
      Sending oodles of love and squishy stuff ~ Cobs. x

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      1. I’ll be good, I promise!
        I bet you could knit corners if you believed you could and took it slowly. That pattern sounds a bit confusing, but there are other patterns. 😉 Stop by for coffee I will help you.

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        1. Aw .. see, that’s just one of the reasons I love you.
          Have a truly wonderful holiday at home Salpal.
          I shall be asking for a little warm sunshine for you, but not so hot that it will melt you mind! LOL
          Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

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  6. My friend Cobs! You heart is poured out into words so eloquently while tears roll down my cheeks at the words on the your blog are so touching. xxxx Life experiences, Loves, Loss, and accomplishments. I know that life is short and I will try and grasp it with both hands and feet 🙂 xxxxRuthie~

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    1. Hello dearest Ruthie.
      Seeing your name here always makes me smile. Instantly. You’re so warm and lovely that I can’t help but love you.

      You’re right. Life is far too short. But we have to get older in order to realise exactly how short it is, don’t we.

      ‘Young things’ with airy fairy thoughts, think of themselves as invincible, and getting to 50 years old is a million years away and something they don’t have to worry about. Sixty years old is a Grandma and Grandad age and at their ‘young things’ age it just doesn’t figure with them. 70 years old = ancient; and 80, well you could them that anyone of 80+ years old were born when dirt was invented and they’d believe it! lol.

      I love that you’re grasping on with both hands and feet. I can’t say I’ll join you because my feet don’t come up that far anymore. I can get the right leg up but the left leg refuses nowadays, following a ridiculous, self inflicted accident during a Yoga move.
      Dontcha hate getting old? Even Yoga become a dangerous sport! LOL
      Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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      1. Thank you sweetie! That is so true, true and true 🙂 we just picked up our Grandson who turned 13 ( yikes in July) for the weekend! Family gathering at my home on Sunday 🙂 Much love to you and have a wonderful weekend to you and yours 🙂 chat soon!
        xxx Ruthie~


  7. Hello Cobs.
    Life can be cruel but my Mum always told me that only the good die young and I held onto that for many a year when my brother died when I was 12 and he was 19. Like you I couldn’t make any sense of someone who was so caring and so talented to go so young, and I didn’t get to know him like my brothers did either, but looking at the world today, I think he is in a much better place and for that alone I am grateful, and now Mum is with him too, and she told me off for not letting her go sooner to be with him (not that it had anything to do with me!), so you are so right when you say cherish every moment, so now I consciously made a vow to dump the negative things that happen to me, and cherish the precious things that make me smile, like your blog! Big hugs Kim x


    1. Hugging you right back.
      I’m sorry to read of the passing of your brother at such a young age. It must have impacted upon you greatly.

      You’re right; the world today isn’t the most pleasant place, but history tell us that Earth has been going through bad times for as long as records have been kept – and that’s a long time! I think they just seem worse to you and I because we’re living through these latest (to us) wicked and cruel acts of violence and savagery. But I do fear for the direction the world seems to be going in. Have we travelled too far down this road of destruction to turn back, or start afresh? I certainly hope not, but I’m not sure about it.

      Thank you for coming dear friend. I know how busy you are, but it’s such a joy to see your name pop up.
      Sending love to you from me. ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I enjoy your coffee chats Cobs. The dragonfly story made me laugh. Glad Mr. Cobs didn’t jump out the window and fly away, 🙂 We had a little excitement this morning. We live in the country and mice are a fact of life. Callie cat had pulled the live trap out from between the fridge and the sink and was sitting on it. As I was trying to get her off it the house started shaking — yes we had an earthquake here is Oklahoma. Apparently they are becoming more and more common and more severe — related to the oil industry. After things settled down Bob was able to relocate the mouse to a new home and Callie got a nice treat for alerting. As far as we know no damage to our house or-others in our little community. Take care– Genie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello beautiful Genie, aw it’s so wonderful to see you here.
      Well my goodness, what a way to begin a Sunday! A trapped mouse, a cat sat on the trap and … AN EARTHQUAKE!
      I’ve only ever experienced one earthquake, which happened in the very early hours of the morning (around 3am’ish). It was a mild one, but it was enough to let me know that I wouldn’t ever want to live in the areas of the USA where they were a common thing. It scared me like nothing before and felt like one of those really old, powered by steam, steam rollers was trying to force our cottage to collapse. The noise alone … oh my goodness – I could HEAR the earth moaning and the earths plates grinding against each other. And the surprising thing was …. Mr. Cobs slept through the whole thing!

      I’m relieved to hear that there was no damage to you or the property and so glad that Bob managed to re-locate the mouse! So thinking about it .. I guess that it’s turned out to be a better Sunday than it could have been!
      Thank you so much for visiting and sharing a coffee with me.
      Sending love and hugs your way ~ Cobs. x


  9. I’ve just sat read and cried at your post and all the beautiful comments you have received and the answers you wrote back, I send you and each of your fellow companions, family & friends all my love, your post is like a ripple in a pond, may peace and happiness search you out for the coming week ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh, hello Mrs. P.
      It’s such a delight to see you here. I know that you and I are kind of ‘newish’ to each other, but I found very quickly that you were so very easy to love as a blogging friend, and so I did, and your comment shows rather some of the reasons why, too.

      Thank you my friend for your kind words and the lovely wish. I too wish you a truly beautiful week … but then … there is one thing on the horizon for you which I know will make your life sweeter by it’s presence.
      I so want you to have some incredible, memory making adventures with your new, fabulous car. Don’t forget to take photographs so that when you’re as old as dirt, you can open up a scrapbook and re-live your memories of the first days that your car came into your life.

      You also need to have a name for her, or him. For cars are just objects until you give them a name…. then they become something oh so more personable. (As my own little ‘Ella’ will tell you).
      If anyone reading is wondering what the heck I’m going on about … then here’s where you can find out everything you need to know: me … this is no ordinary, run of the mill car. It’s something … [sigh] dreamy!
      Sending squidges from my corner to yours Mrs.P ~ Cobs. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Such a wonderful reply to my comment, All being well Beloved & I will be fetching Millicent Morris on Tuesday, the camera is at the ready and our new adventures will begin LOL

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know this sounds really silly but …. I’m SO EXCITED!! You’d think it was my car. Everytime I think about you going to collect her, I get these ‘fun bubbles’ squiggling up the central core of me. Sort of a ticklish, giggly feeling.

          Ohhh I can’t wait! So, so thrilled for you. ~ Cobs. x ❤

          Liked by 1 person

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