Friday Post: Things I’ve Learned this Week

Friday has come around all too quickly in Cobweb Towers. Y’ know . . .  I used to laugh at my Grandma when she said (in her Lancashire accent)  “Eee, the days fly past so quick!  I wake up on a Monday and by the time I’ve had a cup of tea, it’s Friday!”. 

Then as my Mother grew older, she too would say similar things, and I told her that she’d turned into Grandma! 

And now … I’m saying those same things too.  Where has the time gone?  When did I grow ‘old’?   I didn’t notice time slipping by Was I too busy?  What on earth was I doing which made me not notice that I was growing older?   I used to laugh about the Grey Hair – I actually even liked it.  It added hi-lights to my dark hair.  But … I swear I’m not actually as old as my birth certificate says  … because I still feel like a child.  My inner child is there in everything I do or say.  Very much in evidence.  When someone is not nice to me, I still cry like a child would.  I have a belief that everyone surely is nice . . .  (and yet … the news tells me a totally different story!).

I used to laugh about me saying things my mother used to say, and I’d tell our two girls:  “Oh my goodness I think I’ve swallowed Nanny!  She’s just popped out of my mouth!”  …  and they’d laugh their funny, chuckling, little girl laughs.

However …  I noticed a few years ago that both of my beautiful daughters had begun to have my  sayings ‘pop’ out of their own mouths, and I’d laugh as I told them to  “be careful girls …. you’re turning into your mother, and you really don’t want that to happen!”.    And yet, it’s the funniest thing –  because,  for some strange reason that I really can’t fathom, they seem to always be just a tiny bit pleased that they’re hearing me ‘pop’ out of their mouths. They hear themselves saying the very things I used to say to them when they were growing up and they appear to like it.  It kind of tickles them in some odd way.   [shakes head and chuckles to self].

Anyhoo …

As I said, it’s Friday and we all know what that means …  it means that I’m sharing with you the things I learned this week So … are you ready?  Here goes:-

  1.  I learned that the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes. I learned from this that I’m not an average person.  [sigh]  It takes me about an hour, sometimes two and occasionally more than that, to fall asleep.  Don’t feel sorry for me, it’s just me.  Do these people who fall asleep in 7 minutes have nothing they need to think about?
  2. I’ve learned that the average chocolate bar has ….  [get ready for this one. . .] . . .  8 insect legs in it.  Oh.  My.  Stars!  Never has anything been such a wonderful dietary aid.
  3. The Electric Chair was invented by a Dentist called Alfred P. Southwick..  (Still want to go and get your teeth looked at in that nice comfy dentists chair this week?)  🙂  Mr. Southwick was present on August the 6th, 1890 when a gentleman by the name of William Kemmler was executed by electrocution.  It was reported that Mr. Southwick said:  “There is the culmination of ten years work and study.  We live in a higher civilization from this day.”
  4. A cat has 32  YES – THIRTY TWO – muscles in each ear!!!  AND … I also learned that that fold of skin forming a little pouch on the lower part of a cats ear has a name!  It’s call Henry’s Pocket Isn’t that just the sweetest thing?! lol.
  5. I’ve learned that some Doctors are complete and utter nincompoops.  I shall say no more on this subject, you’ll just have to believe me.
  6. And finally we end where we begun;  on the subject of sleeping:  …  I read this on the internet somewhere this week, and it’s been one of those things which has been on a loop inside my head.  So in the spirit of sharing and with a nod to the Olympics  …  I hand the baton to you!

I wonder ..

And there you have it.  Things I’ve learned this week.  Not entirely sure what I’m going to do with these ‘facts’ but at least I’m full of … what? …  knowledge? …  things?  …. stuff?  …. well… I’m full of something and it’s not what Mr. Cobs just suggested!!  tsk tsk.  He’ll be spending five minutes on the naughty seat for that little bit of bad behaviour.  If he carries on, I’ll phone his mother, THEN he’ll know what trouble looks like!  🙂  Mrs. Cobs Snr. loves me.  She tells me so every time I speak to her.  (I think she’s just grateful that someone took ‘himself’ off her hands!) fnar fnar.

So …  Is there anything you’ve learned this week?  Maybe some fun stuff?  Or … have you:- Done stuff?  Bought stuff?  Won stuff?  Anything?  I’ll pour the coffee … you tell me about it, and we’ll share a laugh or two between us.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.  Remember to make a memory as you go about your days.

Heaps of love and squidges from my corner to yours….

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Author: The Art of Cobwebs - aka:- thecobweboriumemporium

Hello. I'm 'Cobwebs'. I live in a wee little cottage in the South of England, aptly called Cobweb Cottage. This little dwelling really is a cobweb factory. Not inside (well, occasionally) - but outside - flipping heck! This information should give you a clue as to why my blog is called The Art of Cobwebs aka: The Cobweborium Emporium. I've been arty and crafty from a very young age, and although my crafts have sometimes turned a corner and taken me in another direction, I've always crafted in some way, shape or form. One day, in the blink of an eye, life changed somewhat for me and the consequences were many. I had to find a new way of being 'artistic'. Card making; scrap-booking; producing ATC's and ACEO's; needle felting; Polymer clay; painting- but in a more relaxed style than I had before, and sewing, - are all things which I visit, as and when life allows. I've fairy recently become a Textile Artist and am enjoying this new creative outlet very much as it offers me so much scope for letting my imagination run through a grassy field and feel the wind in my hair - (mentally, of course). I love to create. To make things. I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you've given your time, rather than your cash. Thank you so much for visiting. Please visit my blog (link below) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy, even if it's only a handful of jokes! (yes, seriously - there really are jokes!) Wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. <3

16 thoughts on “Friday Post: Things I’ve Learned this Week”

  1. My brother told me about fact #2. He said the reason people react to chocolate and sometimes get migraines is not from the cocoa but the ground up cockroaches that are in the beans when they are ground. I try not to think of that as I buy and eat a Toblerone candy bar or have a s’more.

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    1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! Aw, I’m all wriggly here now. Not a happy wriggle, more a squirmy one. Eew, cockroaches.

      It was a squirm when it was insect legs – but when you think about ground up cockroaches in chocolate, somehow it becomes a whole new level of ‘ick’.

      I never dreamt in a million years that I’d look at chocolate in the way I’m now doing … but right now, if someone turned up at the door with the promise of a life time supply of the best chocolates in the world – I’m really not sure I’d take them up on the offer.
      Crumbs! I can’t believe I’m actually saying that. [gasp]
      Thanks for coming for a coffee with me, Chicken G. 🙂 I love to see you here, and chatting.
      Sending squidges, to your corner from mine ~ Cbs. x

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        1. About 20% of me feels like that … the other 80% tells me to keep finding out more, as it will help me lose a little of the muffin top I’ve developed simply because I’ll stop eating the stuff which has insects hidden in it.
          lol. ~ Cobs

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  2. I’ve learned that chickens think red nail varnish is blood and will attack your toes when you collect the eggs. I ran away, leaving a flip flop in the chicken coop and managed to stand in a chicken poo on the way. How we laughed! 😂😕

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    1. Actually laughing out loud!
      Aw I remember this soooo well Mrs.C. Although we now have only two chickens, it’s Mr. Cobs who sorts them out, cleans the hen hutch and other than checking on them over the gate, and going for a chat with them every now and again, I don’t have any close relationship with them in ‘that’ way. But … we used to own a little group of cluckers and I adored them and spent time with them every day – so I too learned that they rather like the look of painted toe nails. LOL.

      I’m sat here now with this vision of you in my head, stood outside the chicken coop, looking mournfully at the lost flip flop, knowing that it no longer belonged to you, and even if someone went in there and retrieved it for you in five minutes time – that flip flop wouldn’t ever be worn again, because there will be no way that all that chicken doo dah will wash out of it. (Besides which it will have little war wounds from it’s ‘hen’counter with the chickens! LOL.

      Aw … I’m laughing with you, not at you. I’m so glad you shared this with me, MrsC. My day has been injected with a level of ‘fun’ from reading this.
      Love and squidges ~ Cbs. x

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        1. Ohhh BLESS YOU! 🙂 … I’m laughing like a drain now! Both at the flip flop being a Birkenstock – so no, absolutely no way are the chickens winning that one! AND …. your 4 year old being trained up to brave the theiving, toe pecking, chickens instead of you. lol.

          I think the 4 yr. old needs: welligogs; one of those body suits that crime scene investigators wear (on TV); and … A HELMET! A Hard Helmet – because, bearing in mind that this little person is only 4, and chickens can jump and flap in order to get to (and over, as I know to my cost) height.

          Oh … and those specialist gloves which don’t let anything through. Because those little fingers will look like wriggling worms to greedy gob chickens!

          [sigh] … chickens!… I swear they have ulterior motives and are actually planning a coup, in secrecy of course. We don’t know about it … because we don’t talk chicken. But if you sit and watch them, you can see how they are talking to each other about you. They never take their eyes off you, and they talk to each other ALL. THE. TIME! Almost whispering … “cwaw, eck eck eck. Cwawwww, cwaww, eck eck eck”. Planning a coup. Totally convinced.
          Keep an eye out Mrs.C. You don’t want to be taken by surprise!
          lol ~ Cobs. x


    2. Yes chickens do go after people with red nail polish! You should have seen a friend of mine dance when my free ranging girls tried to get at her toe nails. I laughed so hard(she still talks to me after this episode) she kept swatting at the girls and they just get going after her toes. I am glad to hear you retrieved your flip flop…..or that someone was kind enough to do so.

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  3. Hmmn…I guess I have learnt that, based on my chocolate consumption, I am probably about 40% insect leg.
    I therefore have also learnt that I don’t seem to object to the taste of insect leg….
    Good to know, bearing mind it is predicted we will all have to start eating bugs to sustain us…

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        1. I’ve had a continual attack of flying midges this summer. They seem to like my ankles. Unfortunately when I feel them on my legs I fidget, I’m jumping about and smacking my ankles, rubbing my legs and almost ‘snatching’ them from one place to another and calling out words like: “bl**dy things” and “I’m being eaten alive!” … and quite frankly I know I look like I’m having some sort of weird attack of biblical proportions which has been inflicted upon my being!

          Himself says “You must be tasty, because they don’t bother me” …. and I’m never sure how to take it. Is it a good thing .. or a bad one? I have no idea.

          Summing up – you and I have worked out … I’m bug fodder! Oh. My. Stars! The week just gets better. LOL
          Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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