Friday Post:- Things I’ve learned this week!

I’m hoping to begin aFriday Post’, as each Friday comes around (and boy do they come around quicker the older I get!).  Each week I find I’m learning something(s) new and hoping to share these with you  …  if my one remaining brain cell remembers to do this, of course.

Before I branch out into this weeks life’s lessons can I just take a moment to say  ….

Hello and Welcome to a handful of new followers who have joined us.  It’s fabulous to have you joining the team here and so lovely to see and meet new folks.  Please don’t be shy.  Chat to me and the rest of the great team in a comment, so that we can get to know each other.  Talking in blog land is something I heartily encourage as otherwise it’s just like another Facebook – and we don’t need another one of those.  So … in the words of someone famous though sadly not here with us anymore...  Can we talk?

Anyhoohere’s what I’ve learned this week:

1.  As I’m sat here right now, in my favourite grey t.shirt which is all wet down the left hand side (visibly wet), I’ve learned that I should ensure I put the cap  PROPERLY  on my plastic see through squash tumbler/flask before I tuck it into the crook of my arm and hold it firmly against my body (left br3@st) so that when I bend slightly to pick up the crafting freebies which came with my magazine this morning, the said ‘orange squash’ doesn’t leak all over my t.shirt,  causing me to look for all intents and purposes like a heavily lactating new mother!  (*Dear God, it’s me again.  Can you make sure no one comes the door right now because I look a total mess.  thank you God ~ me. x).

2.  I’ve learned this week not to put my glasses (spectacles) down on my crafting surface, anywhere near where I’ve dropped a small bit of the opaque, removable Scotch tape which I use to keep my dies in place during the cutting process in the machineBecause … if  that tiny bit sticks to a lens of my glasses, I instantly think I’ve gone ‘wonky’ in one eye and a tiny bit of panic steps in.  (Hey, so much  is going wrong with me over the past .. what?  Donkeys years??  –  yeah, that will do, – that a wonky eye just seemed like another laugh which my body was having at my expense).

3. I’ve learned to stop checking if air dry clay is  …  dry yet?.  . . .  And now?  . . .   Is it ready Now?  . . .  And NOW? [sigh]  Leave the darn thing alone over-night, woman! [double sigh]

4. I’ve learned that there are some of the most incredibly wonderful people in blog land, who turn from blogging pals, into blogging friends,  into incredible blessings in my life.

Mentioning no names   (The Artisan Duck).  . . .  I had a lightbulb moment a few weeks ago when perusing a blogging pals blog, and I mentioned the idea in a comment to her.

She took that idea and had a play around and improved on it, and from that initial play, she produced the most incredible, darling Hat Pins,  which the scrapbookers and card makers amongst us like to use in our crafting.  But .. Hannah’s  whoops I almost forgot I wasn’t mentioning any namesthese Hat Pins are different and so wonderful for card makers/scrapbookers because …

  • instead of the mile long hat pins (which Hat pins are normally made in), Han  … ‘Miss Maker & Amazing Talented Artist’ makes her hat pins on shorter, lighter weight, pins, so that we crafters don’t face either having to try to cut pins down (a dangerous affair as I know to my cost)
  • or trying to work out a way of covering up a huge stem of a hat pin in ways which we really don’t want to. 
  • Neither do they weight a card in such a way that they cost more to post,
  • nor drag the front of a card forward or even make it fall down because of the weight. 
  • Neither are we faced with trying to ‘hide’ the sharp points of the pins so that the receiver or someone in their family doesn’t get stabbed by the point of a hat pin.

In photographs the pins look great.  But in real life …  the pins are little stunners.  The beads and pearls on the pins twinkle and shine and sparkle beautifully, and the length is totally perfect.  More than perfect.  And on cards – they are the perfect length.

How do I know this?  –  My blogging friend sent me the selection of pins to say thank you for the idea . . .

Hat Pins1

. . .  and a handmade card, made by her herself with two of her pins added as embellishments. 

Hannahs Card
See the two handmade hat pins?  Aren’t they pretty!

I’ve had ideas popping out of my head and fingers for donkey’s years and I’ve shared them with the folks who I thought might like the idea(s), but this is the first time anyone has ever made me feel like Hannah has. She validated my suggestion, and let’s be honest here, we all need validation sometimes in our lives.  I had ‘an idea‘. Nothing else. Just an idea which I shared with her.  Hannah liked the idea, ran with it, (not while holding scissors) and then thanked me and is thinking of making them and putting them for sale.  (I hope she does because I’d buy these.)

 I know I simply won’t be able to give these particular pins up by using them on cards because … well to me, they’re not a ‘for crafting’ item, these are a special gift, handmade and given to me from a special blogging friend.  No, I cannot part with these, not for all the tea in China.  They’re mine

So … I’m wiser (and older) this Friday, but not just for the 4 points mentioned above.

What about you?  Have you learned anything this week?  Do share!  If it’s something funny then you’ll make us laugh.  If it’s something you’ve cried over, we’ll hold your hand and cry with you.  If it’s something which has made you wiser .. tell us and share the wisdom.

[Looks down at her t.shirt]  …..  ooo goody!… it’s dry now!   (Hello God, it’s me again.  You can cancel that last request and let folk come to the door.  The t.shirt is dry now.  Thank you.  ~ me. x)

Wishing you a truly great Friday and promising that normal service (of crafting and making a beautiful mess with scraps and glittery things) will be resumed on Monday.  In the meantime … I’m cleaning my craftroom.  It looks like someone had a right old paddy in there at the moment.  I swear I don’t make THAT much mess when I’m crafting – so it certainly can’t be me! (I bet it’s that cat of mine!) lol.  We also have our own little star coming to stay over the weekend, and although we love, love, love to have him – but we both feel twice our age by the time he’s gone. 🙂

Have a truly wonderful weekend all.

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Author: The Art of Cobwebs - aka:- thecobweboriumemporium

Hello. I'm 'Cobwebs'. I live in a wee little cottage in the South of England, aptly called Cobweb Cottage. This little dwelling really is a cobweb factory. Not inside (well, occasionally) - but outside - flipping heck! This information should give you a clue as to why my blog is called The Art of Cobwebs aka: The Cobweborium Emporium. I've been arty and crafty from a very young age, and although my crafts have sometimes turned a corner and taken me in another direction, I've always crafted in some way, shape or form. One day, in the blink of an eye, life changed somewhat for me and the consequences were many. I had to find a new way of being 'artistic'. Card making; scrap-booking; producing ATC's and ACEO's; needle felting; Polymer clay; painting- but in a more relaxed style than I had before, and sewing, - are all things which I visit, as and when life allows. I've fairy recently become a Textile Artist and am enjoying this new creative outlet very much as it offers me so much scope for letting my imagination run through a grassy field and feel the wind in my hair - (mentally, of course). I love to create. To make things. I truthfully believe that the best gifts in the world are those in which you've given your time, rather than your cash. Thank you so much for visiting. Please visit my blog (link below) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy, even if it's only a handful of jokes! (yes, seriously - there really are jokes!) Wishing you a truly blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. <3

30 thoughts on “Friday Post:- Things I’ve learned this week!”

  1. This post made me smile, especially the part about air drying clay. I don’t use it, but I am so impatient with paint or mod Podge and always leave a fingerprint from my far too early ‘is it dry yet?’ checks. I too always spill my drinks, I stick to patterned clothing which makes my clumsiness less visible!

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    1. Hello Mrs Craft. Lovely to see you. 🙂
      Awww I’m glad you can relate to the ‘is it dry yet?’. Normally I’m good about these things and don’t touch … but I was particularly eager to get going with the idea I had and wanted to complete a card a.s.a.p.

      Patience really isn’t my forte. [sigh] tsk tsk.

      So lovely to see you here, it gave me the biggest smile when I saw your name pop up! Thank you.
      ~ C ❤ bs. x

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        1. Actually laughing out loud here. Thrilled you like the blog name but …. I know, I know … [shakes head at self] no one can say it.

          I built a little black board (at the top of the page over to the right hand side) which shows how to say it. So many people can’t get their tongues around it so I thought it would be helpful…. I doubt it is, but I thought I’d give it a try. lol.

          Your blog is so lovely and I’ve fallen in love with that little Amigurumi Octopus! If you start selling those on etsy or ebay etc, you must let me know! 😉 I reckon you could make a fine few crafting pennies from the sale of some of those. (They’d sell well at craft fairs too!)
          Sending crafty squidges to your corner from mine ~ Cobs x

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          1. Thanks so much, I keep thinking about selling stuff but I’m not sure I could make enough of them with the kids about (I can’t take my eyes off them for a second and they keep refusing to sleep!) One day I will have an Etsy shop I’m sure. X

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            1. You will. You perhaps should do a small craft fair to begin with. Perhaps one at the local church, or even at one of your childrens schools. They normally either charge for a table (so you pay for the space that a table takes up – but you will probably have to take your own pasting table – easily folded – and a couple of tablecloths to cover it) and you can make things for items to stand on by simply using different sizes of cardboard boxes, which you throw another bit of cloth over to hide them. (Try and make all the colours of tablecloths in the same colour tones so that it looks ‘right’) .

              You really should give it a try. You make some wonderful items and people really would buy them … especially the smaller things which are more affordable.
              Put the idea on the back burner and let it simmer there for a time. In the meantime … sell the children.
              No .. no .. I’m only joking there. Please don’t sell your children. 🙂 🙂 🙂
              Well … I’m off to bed because I have my wonderful Grandson coming tomorrow and he’s staying till Sunday. I shall probably recover sometime Wednesday … or a fortnight on Wednesday. lol
              ~ Cobs. x

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    1. LOL… see that’s the thing. I always thought I had total control of my brain. Turns out, I don’t, and my brain ensures I know how little influence I have over it by eliminating the very things that I ‘knew’ I’d remember. [sigh] Now . . . erm . . . what were we talking about again?
      🙂 🙂 🙂
      Love and squidges to your corner from mine ~ Cbs. x

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  2. The pins are lovely, aren’t they? You made me laugh, reading this over my morning coffee, and reminded me of my own senior moment this week. On Monday, as part of her new life at the coast, my mum’s house was cleared and some of my her furniture came to me. So, the removal men are bringing stuff in and leaving it wherever they can. I walked into my hallway, saw a standard lamp (I have two of the same design) OUTSIDE the door of the room they are usually in. So, my brain didn’t go ‘oh, the house clearance chaps have brought me mum’s lamp by mistake’. No. My brain, just briefly, went ‘oh, how did that get there? Triffid?’!! I think I may need medication…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m smiling big time here . . . your lamp being a Triffid!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love it! ❤ There's a certain sweetness about times like that, which doesn't come at any other time. A certain moment of laughing at yourself and loving yourself all at once. And … because we can laugh at ourselves, it makes the whole fun aspect even more sweet.

      Y’know .. I’m so thrilled for you, your mom joining you at the coast. It might take her a little while to actually feel like she’s ‘home’, (I know it did with me) but it will come eventually.

      Lovely to see you P.Puff. Have you ordered your street cred jacket with your ‘street name’ on the back in rhinestones yet? [actually giggling out loud and happily here]
      Heaps of love and squidges ~ Cbs

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  3. I think we got confused somewhere?! My mum is with my sister at the coast, I am still in South London! But I know what you mean, and thanks for the kind thoughts. Jacket is apparently ‘in the post’!!!

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    1. Ah haaa! And the lamp has been plugged in and shone a light into the brain of Cobs…. then everything becomes clear! [sigh] Dontcha hate getting old? Things just …. well they just … JUST are!

      Can’t wait to see a photo on your blog, of you wearing your street jacket. [not sure if anyone should be sat laughing like I am now] LOL
      ~ Cobs. x

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  4. Hello Cobs, thank you so much and I’m so pleased you like your hat pins. I’ve been trying to message you back (it’s taken me hours just to write this! School holidays are great but I have no brain cells left lol) about your bunny bottoms in pots – they are sheer genius. So clever.

    I have totally lost my train of thought now but I thought this post so funny. Hannah x

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    1. Kids are in bed and Chinese takeaway is well, on its way, so I hope I can formulate a comment that is in someway coherent……..

      As I said earlier, thank you so much for such kind words about me and the hat pins. It was the least I could do given all the kindness you have shown me and I am truly delighted that you like them. My Etsy shop is in the process of being set up but life is moving at a child’s pace now that we are into the summer holidays (ie, that should probably read ‘I’m fitting it in between building Lego and breaking up fights’ lol). I love the card you sent me and the packaging idea.

      As for the other things you have learned this week, all very useful lessons but if you are like me you will still be sticking your fingers in air dry clay this time next week – glossy accents in my case!

      Have I learned anything this week? Yes, that there are truly lovely, genuine people out there. That an kindness can go a long way – your card brightened my day. Thank you Cobs for being such an incredible, supportive blogging friend.

      Hannah xx

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      1. Ohhhh Hannah, I’m choked. Bless you. You are such a gentle hearted person, and you and I have similar hearts – both silly hearts together, but both our hearts planted firmly in kindnes and friendship.

        I was honoured to help, and thrilled that you let me send my rough idea for packing your incredible hat-pins, and giggling that the Bunny Bottoms card made you smile a tad.

        BUILDING LEGO!!! Oh. My. Goodness! My Grandson, the star in my heart, LOVES Lego. I, however, am more than useless at building it or making things look like what they’re supposed to look like. If you want a space aged car which comes from the brain of a woman who isn’t into Science Fiction, so makes it up as she goes along, then I’m your (wo)man! But – my efforts are normally looked on with a pity smile from my Grandson, who then shakes his head, takes my creation to the Lego box (plastic box with a label I put on the front saying LEGO), where he proceeds to make ‘minor’ adjustments (read: break it all apart) and turn it into the thing it was supposed to be. He keeps asking me to build Lego, … so I feel that all his faith in me hasn’t yet evaporated … but I really don’t think I’ll ever be able to build Lego into something he recognises. (He on the other hand is a whizz at the darn stuff)

        Before now I’ve squirelled something I’ve made into the box for him to find next time comes to stay.
        He opens the box and furrows his brow, before reaching in, and, on picking up the wonderful piece I’ve made and am proud of, says: Grammy … what is dis?” [sigh]

        I swear that one day he’s going to fire me as his Grammy and employ the dog in the position instead. LOL 🙂
        Sending love and squidges to you, my blogging friend,
        ~ C
        bs. x

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    2. Hello HANNAH!
      Ladles and Gentlemen, may I personally introduce you to Hannah, who is The Artisan Duck, – the amazing artist (you HAVE to see her artwork!) who is also a crafter and the very gal who made the hatpins I spoke of in this post. [introduction over]

      Ohhh I remember school holidays from when my two girls were little. The first few days were brilliant. Then the days after weren’t so brilliant. Until eventually I heard those words which every parent hates to hear … “I’m boooorrrrred”. I mean to say .. seriously? All those toys? That really expensive combination of swing, glide ride, trapeze bar with trapeze rings, climbing frame, slide, and raised sitting & plotting area which we poured hours over designing and bought you from TP Toys?; The trips out, the cinema visits, trips to the theatre – on childrens themed show days; even special shopping days out in other towns, (where they were given an amount of money to spend on anything they liked); garden parties with their friends, on a pasting table, covered in table cloths, with oddly named food (normal food, just named – on flags – with odd, strange names) and ‘vampire bludge’ for drinks (lemonade coloured with a couple of drops of food colouring, then re-labelled so it read ‘Vampire Bludge’) … oh and more, soooo many more things. And yet they were still “bored”?!!! It was at these times that I heard my mother pop out of my mouth: “Well your bedroom needs tidying up so go and do that for 30 minutes. I challenge you to a 30 minute clean up! On your marks … get set … go!” (and they dragged their feet and dropped their little shoulders down to their bottoms, wailing that it “wasn’t fair”! Ohhh I was worn out by planning the activities let alone doing them! So yes, I know exactly how it is. Been there, done that, got the t.shirt and am so glad that I don’t have that every day to contend it because I swear I’d pour the darlings down the drain with their bath water if I did. LOL 🙂

      Sending you healing vibes for your weary heart and uplifting thoughts for your tired body.
      Squidges ~ Cbs. x


  5. I loved your post, you do so make me laugh! Glad I’m not the only one who is a 100 mile an hour calamity at times! It’s never me, I’m just following my brain! Well done Artisan Duck too, for taking ‘the pin by the beads’, so to speak, and running with it. Two very talented souls coming together in the magic of craft, how brilliant is that! Hugs x

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    1. Hello Kim! 🙂
      Thrilled that I made you laugh. I try. (Mr Cobs said I’m very trying! Not quite sure he means it the way I’d like to think he does. lol)
      I’m happy to hear that it’s not me who’s brain is faster than the part of me which tries to keep up!
      Thank you for the comment Kim, it means the world to me. Bless you.
      Sending love ~ Cbs. x

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      1. Mr Cobs didn’t know my Mum did he, that was her favourite saying to me! We must have a former joint life somewhere, that is finally coming home to roost! 🙂 x

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  6. What have I learnt? That if my trousers have odd flaps at the front and hard-to-reach pockets, then I’ve probably got them on the wrong way round!

    Sarah kindly pointed this out today infront of her friends, who collapsed in laughter.

    So glad I can entertain them for free.

    As for the glasses thing: reminds me of one of John Hegley’s poems. He talks about a lady who spends ages walking around with a cracked lense only to discover it was the leg of a dragonfly. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ROFL! Ohhhh I haven’t read that poem – I shall have to go and find it on the internet now. It sounds like my sort of poem.

      I’m giggling to myself here, about you and your back to front trousers. LOL… Aww, I think we’ve all been ‘there’ at some stage. About a year ago Mr. Cobs and I went out in the car to go to a furniture place not far from where we live. Just as I was getting out of the car an about to enter the store, Mr. Cobs whispered … “You’ve got your top on inside out!” “WHAT?” …. Oh my stars! I had as well! I turned around, got back in the car, parked round the corner from the store, in a place where there were no shops or houses, and kind of made myself as small as I could so that I could take off my top, and put it on correctly. I thought I’d been really clever …. until … I looked out of the side window to see a bl^*dy big CCTV camera pointing in my direction. I slumped back in my seat, feeling like the loser I was. But .. I manned up (as they say) and drove back to the store and went inside to shop – hoping that no one in the store was actually watching me dis-robe and put my clothes back on again.

      So … you’re not alone in your inability to put your own clothes on correctly. I think it’s a thing we develop from the age of around 35, and we do it just to give others the chance to have a laugh.
      That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. 🙂
      Love to you and yours from me and mine. ~ Cobs. x

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