Glitter and Twinkle

How do you photograph an item which has glitter on it?  (insert a red-faced, steam coming out of the ears emoticon here and you’ll get a picture of what I look like right now).

I’ve made something that I want to share with you, but, out of all the photographs I’ve taken, I cannot get a good photo because the glitter which I’ve used shows up in the photographs as dots and blobs and looks like the glitter fairy has flown over it several times, instead of twinkling merrily like very fine glitter dust does.

So … any tips for photographing something which twinkles and sparkles like mad when viewed with the eyes, but looks like a crazy mess on a photo?

Sig coffee copy



  1. I struggle with this as well. I guess I would try natural light (no flash) on a cloudy day, it wont; be as sparkly as sunshine, but maybe it will photograph better? Other than that I have no idea. And I want to see what you made!

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    1. Yes tried the dullish day photographs. I think I’m going to have to just post the best picture(s) out of all the rubbish ones. It’s such a shame because when I look at it with the ‘naked eye’, it looks so magical and like I’ve got some sort of talent. On the photographs it looks like a maniacal Fairy, high on the fairy equivalent of catnip, has whizzed past it at a gazillion miles an hour, and dumped her lifes supply of glitter on it. Where-as I only added a tiny amount. {sigh}

      I actually giggled out loud at your last sentence. I saw you, inside my pea-sized brain, leaning forward slightly, bending towards me, looking like a school teacher, talking to a pupil who had hid her piece of artwork under the desk and was reluctant to get it out. LOLOL.
      Aww… still giggling now! Love you Salpal. ~ Cobs x


        1. I never thought of that! What a dope I am. {sigh}. Crumbs … I’d be dangerous if I had a brain!

          I’ve just scheduled the post to go live in about an hours time … so you’ll be able to take a peep – probably when you’ve been to bed … or not, depending on the time zones. ~ sending hugs ~ Cobs. x


              1. I just went and saw that beautiful tag! (tried to comment on it and my browser crashed – grrrr) I can see it gave you a hard time to get photographed properly, but it is just beautiful! I love it!

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                    1. Aww thank dog for that! I honestly thought it wasn’t the glitter but the fool on the other side of the camera who was obviously too stupid to be left in charge of a piece of equipment! Tsk … I was writing it off as {what is known in technical terms as..} a ‘1d 10t’ fault. [sigh]
                      love you Sal. My fabulously fun blogging friend. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Ooooo… I’ll go and give this a try! I do have a rather out of focus picture which kind of shows the glittery effect but … ah, I might post it and hope it helps. I’ll try your method first though Kim.
      Thank you SO much for the comment. Fingers crossed!
      Sending crafty Sunday hugs ~ Cobs. x

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