My Wish for You . . .

I’m a little late with my New Years wishes  sorry I’ve been quiet since Christmas.  I’ve been re-organising my craft room in between still not feeling too well, so the re-organisation took F.O.R.  E.V.E.R!  tsk tsk [sigh].

But, I’m back  (who groaned?  Come on – own up!) and although I’m late wishing you all a fabulous New Year,   I’m giving you my wishes for this new year in the form of a video.  Please click … sit back … relax … and read the text as it appears on-screen.  I think you’ll like this.

May this year bring many Blessings to you all,  with love –

Cobs siggy sml


3 thoughts on “My Wish for You . . .

  1. Great seeing you back! Thanks for the wish, it was beautiful.

    If the re-organization is done then you are to be applauded. Mine took from Dec 2013 to July 2014. It was a big job. I hope you show pictures, I loved to see your work area.

    I hope you feel better in 2015.


    • Hello LemonD! Aw I’m so glad that you liked the wish. I felt it was just the right thing for all the lovely people, like you, who follow my blog. I’m getting to know some really beautiful people all because of blogging and it’s such a blessing.

      My craft room re-organisation wasn’t as big as yours was. 7 months?!! You deserve a medal for sticking with it. Mine was just moving a cupboard from one wall to another, and re-siting a wall shelf unit. But it was the chaos which occurred because of these two jobs which took for ever and ever to put right. [sigh]. Now, although I’m able to craft again, I can’t remember where I’ve now put things, so I play a game of ‘hunt the craft thing’ several times a day! Keeps life interesting I guess. lol.

      Great to see you. Hope life is treating you kindly. Sending love ~ Cobs. x


  2. Great you’re back! I was wondering if you had gotten sick…As for the reorganization…I’m still doing mine…I think for us crafters, it’s a occupational hazard! I was working like crazy last summer reorganizing and now I can’t find anything! I know I have it…just where? Lovely video…thank you. Happy New Year to you too!
    Eva x


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