The Christmas Tree and The Holly Wreath.

For this last day of easy to make, cost conscious, Card-io Stamps Christmas cards, I wanted to make two cards which would be suitable for men.  So I pinned in mind two particular men and made cards which I thought  they might like – but I still stuck to my ‘rules’: –  they had to be simple;  with few adornments or embellishments; and they HAD to fit into a regular sized envelope – so that they’d be less costly to make and to post.

I decided upon a Holly Wreath, and a  ‘manly looking’  Christmas Tree. 

The Holly Wreath card, was made on a plain 6×6 scored and folded card, using a small selection of individual Card-io Stamps.   I stamped a circle of leaves, branches and fronds, randomly, but still with a nod to it being balanced.  I didn’t want it to be symmetrical, but instead sort of loose and flowing.  With a red, fine nibbed pen, I dotted little red berries into the wreath images, which gave it a little bit of interest.

With that same fine nib red pen, I wrote the flowing, red  ‘~noel~’  at the bottom on the card, as the ‘sentiment’.  Then came the fun bit.

I bought (some time ago) a couple of metres (or so) of teeny tiny holly leaves and red berries, bound onto some slim wire, (can’t remember where I bought mine from, but I know you can get it on Ebay for less than I paid, so do have a look there, but shop around on there as there are sellers who are selling it far cheaper than others).   I trimmed a short length (about 5 inches) off it,  made it into a circle, and then attached it to the card (using glue gel), directly on top of the stamped wreath so that it gave it life and movement and brought the whole card together making it more ‘special’.  I tied a little red satin bow, added it to the top of the wreath and VOILA!  Card finished.

Holly Wreath Card

I absolutely adored making this card.  It was easy, clean, pretty to look at and apart from waiting for the glue to dry, it was made in minutes.   AND … it fits inside a regular envelope!  YAY!  😀

Card 2

I wanted to make a ‘man card’  with a Christmas Tree on itbut I didn’t want to make that abundant tree with all the tinsel, baubles, lights and presents beneath it which you normally find on Christmas Cards.   I wanted something a little different, but which was still recognisable as a Christmas Tree.

1 Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy branches

I searched through my box of Card-io Stamps to find the tree I had in mind,  mounted it to an acrylic block and, using a dull brown colour of Memento Ink Pad, I stamped the tree in the middle of some craft cardstock.

Ok..  that turned out great … what next?

I really didn’t have a plan for this one.  I was just ‘winging it’… 

I looked around my craft room for something which would look like baubles … but not baubles.  I didn’t want brightly coloured things, I wanted something more … ‘organic’.   Something more in keeping with the masculine feel which I was trying to achieve.  My eyes came to rest of some bags of Craftwork Cards CANDIYes!  The very thing!

2 Oh Christmas Tree Candi

I chose a handful of  Candi in just the right colours and using some teeny tiny little double-sided sticky foam dots, I attached Candi to the tree.  Once they were all in place, I then felt that they needed a nod towards something twinkling.  So using a small nibbed glue pen, I ‘drew’ glue around the edges of the Candi and then sprinkled a little glitter over the glue.  The effect was exactly what I wanted.

I added some fine lines of glue along the branches, and sprinkled some fine white glitter dust over this to make it look like twinkling snow resting on the branches.  The finally …  using Pinflair Glitter Glue, I scribbled glue around the base of the tree and then added Pinflair Ice Diamond over the top, and sprinkled just a tiny bit of iridescent glitter over that, just to give it that eye-catching sparkle which freshly fallen snow seems to have.

4 Oh Christmas Tree

I mounted this onto tartan paper, and then mounted it all, at a jaunty angle, onto a 6×6 scored and folded card.  I had to forcibly stop myself from adding ribbons, twinkly sparkles, sticky back pearls and all the other things which were all calling to me from their hanging hooks…  “Cobs.  Co-o-o-bs.  We’re here!  Come use us!”  Tsk tsk.  …  these embellishments are such flirts!

For readers who might not have come into contact with Candi before …  They’re ‘dots’ of paper type product, which are shaped into domes which look very much like brads.  You can either glue them flat (I’d use a glue gel for this, since they’re domed) or, like I did on this card, use teeny tiny sticky foam pads.  But … although they’re raised from the card and add dimension, they still remain quite ‘low’ in height, so they fit easily into a regular envelope and don’t add any depth to a card.  You can buy them in a huge variety of colours and designs.  They’re very lightweight and perfect for all sorts of things.  (You can even make flowers and leaves out of them!).

3 Oh Christmas Tree depth view
photo to show how Candi hardly adds any depth to a card.

Again, this card was so quick to make, but a very enjoyable make, and I really loved the end result.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing a few moments here with me.  I really do appreciate the time you share with me, and it means the world to me to know that you’re here.  Thank you.

Have a fabulous Friday.  May your day pass without any problems and I hope no gremlins get into the day at all!

Sending my love ~

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14 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree and The Holly Wreath.”

  1. Great cards both of them Cobs, but I specially like the wreath one, can’t believe you wrote that word Noel by hand, so clever. Love the look of the little holly leaves in the centre too. The very modern looking treee looks great too though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Astrid 😀
      The hand written ‘~noel~’ … I did have to practise it a couple of times first (on a bit of scrap paper) to make sure that I got it ‘flowing’ in the way I wanted it to look. So long as it’s a short(ish) word I can pull it off .. but don’t ask me to write a long word because my fears [of wobbling or spelling the word incorrectly] show up in the middle of writing and can totally ruin anything I’m trying to do! LOL
      Thanks for the visit Astrid. I love to see you here and really appreciate that you leave a comment. So thank you, bigly. Sending love 🌻 ~ Cobs. x


      1. I thought your handwritten “noel” was a stamp! It’s gorgeous! Both cards are simply lovely! I especially like the “snow” you added to your tree card. Beautiful work, Cobs! Hugs, kathy


        1. Ohh Kathy, bless you, and thank you. I so love seeing your name pop up when you’ve visited – so much so that it gives me this warm, squiggly feeling right in the middle of my body, which in turn makes me smile a smile which reaches my eyes and makes them twinkle merrily.

          Thrilled to bits that you like the cards, and as for the ‘noel‘ … I do have to practise it a couple of times on some scrap paper before I commit myself to actually writing it on the card, but it’s really easy to do. (I wouldn’t ‘do’ a long word though because I’d wobble in the middle of it, I know I would). But it’s really not as difficult to do as you might be thinking. Try it. ‘~noel~’ is probably the easiest word to write like that because it flows out of your pen.
          Sending love and crafty hugs ~ Cobs. x


    2. Like them both as well, but I’m more attracted to the tree with the Candi dots. It has a folkiness (that’s not a word) to it, probably because of the brown and tartan. Really enjoy watching you be so creative.


    1. Aw Bev, thank you so much for the comment. Bless your heart. I’m thrilled to pieces that you visited. I always feel a comforting warmth flow through me – like drinking hot chocolate on a really icy cold, winters day, when I see you here. Thank you so much for your kindness. ❤
      Sending love and crafty hugs ~ Cobs. x 💋


  2. Thanks for giving us a week of treasures. Agh…what are we going to do now that it’s all over? 😩

    I agree with Astrid, it’s hard to believe you actually wrote that pretty ‘noel’.

    What a great talent you have! Thank you for sharing your fun and expertise with us.



    1. What are you going to do now? Make some! I would love to see some of your own hand made things Sharon.

      With regard to the hand written ‘noel’ … hand write it I really did … just don’t look too closely at the ‘l’ or you’ll see where I wobbled at little! lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay. Just for you, I will make a Christmas card with my favourite stamp. But you know the pressure’s on right? I’m gonna be like, “Ooh, this has to be so good because it’s for Cobs!” 🙂



        1. Aw, nooo, don’t make it for me! Make it for one of your relatives. For your husband; mother/father/sister/brother-in-law; aunt; neighbour … or even daughters school teacher or a friend of yours.

          I know you’ve mentioned before that you craft and make things, but I don’t think you’ve blogged any of your stuff, so I just wanted to encourage you to make and blog some of your fabulous things.

          Whatever you make … have fun! 😀


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