Happy Birthday Mummy!

Happy Birthday Mummy 1

I’ve totally lost my mojo.  It’s been missing  for around the last five or so days.  I go into my craft room and tidy it up, mess around, draw, colour, paint, stamp,  … but don’t actually make or create anything worthy.  So I thought I’d share a card I made a couple of weeks ago while I’m waiting for it to return.

A fun little card (6 x 6″), so simple that a child could put it together, but one which instantly brightens even the dullest day.  The moment you look at it, it makes smile.  It’s those googly eyes.

The ‘bandages’ are made from torn paper. which I’ve inked up the edges of and then layered them onto some black card,  making sure to leave a blank space for the googly eyes.

Happy Birthday Mummy 3 copy

Inside the card had to have a smile too – so along with a sentiment I stamped a happy, smiling bear in the bottom right hand corner.

Happy Birthday Mummy 2

And … while I wasn’t looking, look what happened to the envelope!   That rascal bear jumped onto my stamp pad and then hopped, skipped and jumped around, leaving his mucky paw prints all over the envelope – even on the inside of the flap!!  tsk tsk.  What a cheeky little bear he is!

I hope my mojo returns soon. {sigh}  Mojo-less is not a nice way to feel. 😦

Have a truly lovely Tuesday.

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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mummy!

    • Hmm I never thought about the full moon being the reason that my mojo was on holiday. Looking at the other comments here, I’m wondering if maybe it’s true – because it would seem some of us creative folks are a bit ‘lacking’ in the much needed stuff right at the moment.

      I might just go off and google that and see if it comes up with anything which would give me a clue as to when I’m likely to get the darn thing back in working order again! tsk tsk, either it’s faulty or it’s having a holiday and it didn’t ask me for permission before it went! tsk tsk.

      Lovely to see you here Vanesseva, and thank you so much for the comment and kind words. ~ Cobs. x


  1. I love the bandages, they are cute. Very nice little card! I always forget how nice the simple cards are.

    I’m feeling the same way about my craft/craft room. Although Sunday we were brainstorming how to make a magnet to-do list. It is simple, but I don’t want it to look too homemade. Keeping the paper flat is the hardest part.
    Tomorrow I should get the ‘part’ I need and I hope it comes out like it is in my head. 🙂

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    • I always feel as if I’ve cheated when I’ve made an ‘easy’ simple to make card. But like you – I actually like them when they’re made.

      Very good luck with the magnet puzzle. I can see from your recent blog post that you’re trying to come up with an idea. I bet that there is an obvious one which is staring you in the face and you’re so wrapped up mentally that you can’t see it.

      Hmm… actually I’ve just had a thought…. I’ll post it on your blog so that you can find it easily!

      Thanks for the comment, LemonD (… it’s comforting to hear you sometimes feel a little ‘blah’ too. Good to have great company! 😉 )


    • You too?!! Aw heck, we’re falling like autumn leaves in a high wind! I think we need to call in some Doctors to take care of all us crafters who have lost their mojo, feeling tired, or just haven’t got the brain power right now. I’ll take Doctor George Clooney. Who do you want?
      Thanks for the comment Bev. Hope that, other than tired and can’t get going, you’re fine and dandy and everything in your world is groovy. Sending love ~ Cobs.x


  2. Hope you’re feeling ok Cobs – you’re crafting mojo will just be hiding somewhere. I’m sure it will be back soon. Love the card, you’re right, the googly eyes bring it to life. (undead pun there)


    • Hello Tara! I trust you and your bundle of joy, Alea, are well.
      Thank you so much for visiting (I love to see your name here), thank you also for taking the time to comment. I welcome all the inspiration, movitivation and creativity that you send, and in return send you love and creative vibes. love to you both ~ Cobs. x


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