I Made Flowers – In an enjoyable half an hour of playing with my cauldron!

line of Flowers 1“You made flowers?  What sort flowers?”  I hear you ask.

I did.  I actually heard you ask ‘what sort of flowers’.  (Ok, well maybe I didn’t, but you were thinking it I bet.)

I needed to make some flowers, but I wanted them to be light in weight, and not able to be flattened out by the postal system, like a paper flower would be.  So I got out my Cauldron  aka:  Ranger Melt Pot,  and decided that I’d hubble, bubble some flowers up.  I looked through the silicon moulds I have which I could use and decided upon the one in the photograph above.

But … I didn’t want to just make one line of flowers.  It felt like an extravagance to get the cauldron going if all I was going to do was make that line of flowers at the top of the mould above.  So I got a few moulds out with the thought that I could make a few bits and keep them on one side for another time.

Ranger MELT Pot line of flowers1

There.  That would make it worth while!

Half an hour later the flowers were made and this is what they looked like:

Line of Flowers before wax

Actually … there’s more than the three in that photograph above, but I wanted you to see what they look like before I’d ‘fancied’ them up a tad.  They’re pretty, and I love how the colour turned out.  I used white ultra thick crystals and mixed in some Cosmic Shimmer Crystal Colour Drops, in Azure Blue to obtain that colour – I just added a drop at a time until I felt that I’d reached the colour I had inside my head.

Although the flowers were pretty, I wanted them to have some ‘oomph’ – a bit of a noticeable punch so that they weren’t so ‘flat colour’ looking.

This is how they turned out with some Gilding Wax applied gentlywith my ringer finger. . .

Line of Flowers waxed and unwaxed comparison

The three on the right have had some Gilding wax applied, and the three on the left are exactly how they were when I turned them out of the mould.

What did I want a line of blue flowers for?  Ahh… go and check out the Handmade Cards category on this blog and you’ll see what I did with them!

Love ~

Cobs siggy sml

2 thoughts on “I Made Flowers – In an enjoyable half an hour of playing with my cauldron!

    1. Hello LemonDaisy! What a BEAUTIFUL name. 😀

      I too love Daisies. Very much so. Their such friendly little flowers which (if they’re the long stemmed, cut flower type) kind of bob in the breeze in a way which looks (to me at least) as if they’re sharing a joke with the other daisies in the bunch and they’re all giggling about it.

      How great is it that you have a cat called Daisy! I’ve seen her on your blog and she’s as cute as a button. I love that she’s the Supervisor of the house! Bless her little heart! I had a puss cat called Daisy some years ago. She was a teeny tiny thing and even when fully grown still was only the size of a four/five month old kitten!).

      Your cat, Frankie is adorable and I can picture him carrying his duck around with him!! awww bless his heart. He’s an elegant, handsome looking chap and if he was the ‘dressing up’ type, he’d look incredible in a bow tie. Kind of suave and sophisticated. (unfortunately, the duck crashes that ‘James Bond 007’ image to the ground. 😀 Bless his heart)

      Thrilled you like the flowers, and the card. 🙂 Thank you, both for taking the time to comment (I love comments. Gives me chance to chat to folks.) and thank you also for following me.

      Have a truly fabulous rest of your day! Love ~ Cobs. x


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