*Toadstool Toots* ~ Saturday’s Superduper Sweety! ~

* Toadstool Toots * Saturdays Superduper Sweetie!
* Toadstool Toots *
Saturdays super-duper Sweetie!

Meet  Toadstool Toots.  Isn’t she just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen sitting on a Toadstool?!

To Create:   Die cut a 6 x 6″ card with a Scallop edge on three sides.  I used some polka dot card from a range sold by  Anna Marie Designs  which I again scalloped using a die in my Big Shot machine.    I keep all my dies in die cut folders on magnetic sheets and I can’t quite remember who made this particular set of scallop dies, but looking at it I’m going to guess that it’s  Spellbinders.

*Toadstool Toots* is a little girl from an Art Pad selection of images, from a range by Lili of the Valley .     She isn’t named Toots by LotV – I christened her that, and it seemed to suit her!  

I then die cut Toadstool Toots, again with a scalloped die,  but this time a smaller size,  so that she matt and layered onto the card nicely.

Toadstool Toots Card 2
Toadstool Toots at The Cobweborium Emporium

I wanted to ‘lift’  the picture a little so applied some Anita’s 3-d Clear Gloss to the toadstool which Toots is sat on, to give it a plumpcious look, and also gloss it so that it picked up the light and glinted.  I stamped a tiny tag (a simple hand cut tag from a bit of card) and 3-d Glossed that too.  Once these were dry I finished off the card with a ribbon bow and added some candy dots on each corner.

The die cut vines were made using a Marianne die on some cardstock which I’d got lying around in my ‘leftovers’ draw.  A crafter never throws anything away – especially not cardstock!

It never fails to amaze me how much of these bits of left-over paper and card that I actually do use.  I will frequently poke around the drawer to find a bit of something in the right colour, rather than use a brand new bit of card or paper.

Lili of the Valley do have an angel policy, so if you decide to buy their pads from looking at this card, then please make yourself aware of their policy before buying, so that you know how many cards you’re allowed to make and sell, and also the other guidelines which they have as a company.  They have their Angel Policy on their website (clickable link above – their website will open in a new window).

Their  art pads are great quality and the card stock they’re printed on is excellent.

Anna Marie Designs ~ I’ve bought from Anna Marie several times and always find that she has some quite affordable, different embellishments than I see on the high street.  There is a clickable link in her name above.

*Toadstood Toots* at The Cobweborium Emporium
*Toadstool Toots*
The Cobweborium Emporium

Thanks for visiting and spending a few minutes with Toadstool Toots.   She’s as cute as a button and I love her to pieces.  

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I love comments

8 thoughts on “*Toadstool Toots* ~ Saturday’s Superduper Sweety! ~

    1. Not exactly a new thing but it’s become more common over the last few years. Basically it’s a way of controlling the licence to an artists work. If I explain it in music terms you might get the ‘policy’ easier.

      When you buy a CD you own the CD – or rather, you own the plastic packaging, the stuff the cd is actually made from and the paper insert which comes with it. But you don’t own the music or the song(s). That remains the property of the Artist.

      It’s the same with the art work which you see with regard to crafting. Be it a drawing, painting, sculpture etc or even a crafters rubber stamp. The crafter will own the rubber and the wooden block which the rubber is attached to – but even though the crafter bought the stamp, they don’t own the image which is on the rubber stamp. That image remains the property of the artist who drew it. Likewise any images you buy to make cards or use in any form of artwork yourself.

      The same applies to Digital Images. You’re only buying the limited license to use that or those image personally.

      Normally, with crafting items, the Angel Policy is for around 200 items per year. Companies who sell the artwork will (normally) say that you can produce or use any amount of their images – for your own personal use BUT – they will stipulate a certain number that says you can only use *that* number if you’re making cards/art etc to sell. Even if you’re making cards (or anything) for charity.

      But not all sellers of crafting goods have a policy which states you can only use their ‘stuff’ a certain number of times. Some companies don’t mention their Angel Policy – so if you’re buying something crafty which has a image that you think you’re going to use in order to sell an item then the biggest bit of advice I can give is to go out of your way to actually check the companies Angel Policy. Just to be safe.

      Phew! I hope I’ve explained that one OK. I feel like I’ve just gobbledygooked all over the place! LOL 😀


      1. No, that was very clear. Thank you.

        I suppose as I have made beaded necklaces before and only just gingerly dipped a toe into anything that might be considered ‘arty’ this is very new to me.

        Thank you for your encouragement, it is very much appreciated. I’ve started thinking ‘can’t wait to show Cobs’!


          1. That made me laugh, thank you.

            I’m just about to put up another post and I’d like your opinion. I know you’ll say nice things, you always do, but constructive critisism is welcome.


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