I ~ ‘Shell’ ~ keep you in my Heart.

I ~ 'Shell' ~ keep you in my Heart  made by Cobwebs
I ~ ‘Shell’ ~ keep you in my Heart
made by Cobwebs

This brooch pin was completely inspired by that little piece of shell you see ‘stitched’ into the heart, with polymer  ‘thread’.

It was such a beautiful little thing,  which I’d found on a beach some years ago.  I brought it home with me and popped it in my desk draw for safe keeping, and promptly forgot about it.  Never gave it another thought until I found it  years later when I tipped the contents of the draw out to have a darn good clean of all the general flotsam and jetsam which cluttered the draw.  It was full of things which I didn’t have a place for, so everything and anything which I didn’t have a home for all went into that one bottom draw of my desk.

When I came across this little bit of shell the memories came flooding back of that holiday years earlier.  It totally warmed my heart and made me smile.

So I decided that I had to use the shell in a way which gave it the importance it deserved. …  …  and this pretty brooch pin was the thing which was born from the memories, love and warmth the shell brought back to me.

Made from polymer (apart from the shell), and then dusted in three colours of Mica powder to bring about the rich warmth which represented the warm smiles the shell had brought to my heart.  The little roses and leaves are made from polymer too.

Have a great start to your coming week!

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2 thoughts on “I ~ ‘Shell’ ~ keep you in my Heart.

  1. You are incredibly talented this is a beautiful little piece. I loved the post too. It is amazing what a good clear out can produce and to be able to put what you find to such a lovely use. Deeply envious!
    Bright blessings


  2. Ohhh, thank you so much childrenofdemeter, you have lifted my heart and spirits with your words. It is so nice to know someone likes something that I’ve made. I’ve suffered a crisis of confidence over the past couple of years, (due to some neurological health issues which have suddenly got very much worse), and this has left me feeling inadequate and like I can’t do things well anymore.

    Your kindness, both in what you wrote and in taking the time to leave me a comment, is very, very much appreciated. Thank you so very much.
    Brightest Blessings my friend, ~ Cobwebs. x


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