Wand Making

There is a lot to learn before embarking on the making of a wand, as I found out some years ago when I was asked to make my very first wand, so I took the time to research it properly and understand the ‘requirements’, both of me as the wand maker, and a wand user.   I also sought help from a wand user of many years, especially so when I came across anything which I wasn’t sure about or questioned to be true.  (There are many things I came across which aren’t strictly a requirement, but merely something that one particular person might want).

Photographing wands is,  I’ve found,  easier when I’m taking pictures of smaller wands, because you can get in closer to a smaller wand but still keep the whole of the wand in view.  Taking a photograph of a 12″wand, or longer, is more difficult as the closer you get to the details, the more you lose of the rest of the wand and so have no perspective of the size of the details being shown to the rest of the wand.
Aw .. you’ll see what I mean when you see some photographs!  I’ll post photographs every now and again, as I get around to taking and editing photographs. I hope you enjoy them, but let me know!  You can leave comments or even click to ‘like’.

Blessings …  

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