Wednesday has always been a rubbish day.  All through my growing up years it was a day I didn’t like. Horrible lessons on a Wednesday when I was at school – and I think that’s where my feelings about Wednesdays all started.  Besides that . . .  it’s not the start of the week, and it’s not the end of the week.  My Grandmother called it  “Tipping Day – because it tips the beginning of the week towards the end of the week”.

So I’ve decided that to liven up Wednesdays,  we should all wear Fairy Dresses.  Can’t see why I’ve not thought of this before!

Go and take a peep in the Handmade Cards category  and choose yourself a dress to wear. (see the column over to the right?  Well all the categories in the blog are listed there – you can click on any category and it magically takes you to the right page.     ohhhhh!  . . .  I wonder if that’s fairy magic?   WOW!!).

Have a Fairy Good day!  ~

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