Angel Wings ~ in Silver and in Gold

 post 3 – in ‘Polymer Clay’

When I’m making something,  I usallyhave a certain person in mind,  because I find it easier to make the thing if I’m aiming it to appeal to a certain person.   It might not be destined to go to that person,  but if I have someone in mind who I think would like what I’m making, then it seems [to me] easier to pull the project together.  In this instance I had my mother in mind.

I wanted to make some angel wings – and my magical fingers came up with two pairs –  Golden Wings, and Silver Wings.  (It has to be magic in my fingers because I’m not talented at all – so it’s obviously just all in my fingers!)

These two pairs of Angel Wings  were both difficult to photograph.  I’ll freely admit that I’m not the best photographer in the world so photo’s can always be a bit hit and miss when I’m in charge of the camera – but these wings were a REAL challenge to take a picture of.


made by Cobwebs  at  The Cobweborium Emporium
made by Cobwebs
The Cobweborium Emporium

The colour of the Golden Wings  can’t really be seen in the photograph so I’ll try to explain the colour to you;   They’re a sort of  golden sand colour but with the tiniest of dark flecks in the clay  –  almost as if I’d added freshly ground pepper.  (I hadn’t – it was just the way the mixture of colours which I’d used, turned out.)  They’re a much warmer colour than they look, and they make you want to touch them.    They’re so tactile.  Even the metal post which supports the wings has that feeling about it which makes you want to touch it.

Inserted into the clay (before it went into the oven to be cooked) are three metal golden feathers –  which add a little depth and different texture to the wings.

The Silver Wings . . . were more difficult to make as keeping the clay smooth was a nightmare.  Polymer Clay artists will tell you that any piece you make is covered in your fingerprints –  which is fine, you can get rid of those afterwards  – but I wanted to keep the clay as smooth as possible in order to get the flowing curves that I wanted the wings to have.

handmade by Cobwebs at The Cobweborium Emporium
handmade by
The Cobweborium Emporium

The funny thing is that the photograph looks like there are bumps and angles all over the place, – yet when you look at the wings with your naked eye there are no bumps or angles to be seen,  they curve gently and gracefully both out at the bottom and they curve around at the top.  There are no lumps and no holes, yet the flash on the camera has reflected the high shine of the silver wings in such a way that they don’t look smooth at all!

There are 4 metal golden feathers and one silver feather imbedded into the clay of these wings.  I had to be careful about those feathers because they had to be curved in such a way that they matched the curve of the wings perfectly.  I used some jewellery tools to make them bend, as jewellery tools are more ‘gentle’ and give you more control so you can use them to bend things without spoiling them.

Well, that’s me done and dusted for today.  What have you been making lately? 

Have a fabulous Tuesday – whatever you’re doing!

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